In the shower room with a stranger

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I was taking a shower, the stranger walked in and saw me masturbating in the shower, we ended up fucking like crazy. cheating By Dina Petro

My boss was outside the office, he called me saying, “Lucy, would you be sweet enough to do me a favor?”

“Of course, what is it? “

“My Friend Mark and his wife are out of town now, a couple living at the same country where Mark is now have talked to him about his house, the couple is arriving now and interested in a look at the house, I am too busy now to meet them, all you should do is go there, wait for them to arrive and show them the house please”

I giggled saying, “How can I show them a house I will be seeing for the first time?”

He said, “you do not have to do anything, they already have all the information they needed, they just want to tour the house and leave, and the main gate is already open by the way, a guy is doing some planning and measurements taking, I will call him to inform him of your arrival, so just get the keys to the house off my desk and I will send you the GPS location and exact address now, will you do that please?”

I said, “that sounds easy, consider it done, when shall I leave?”

He said, “right now please, they are due any minute”

I drove there, it wasn’t hard to find, I parked the car and walked into the main gate, I saw a big black man with decent casual clothing taking some measurements, a few yards away from the gate, I waved at him, he waved back, and I walked into the house after I unlocked the door.

Only a couple of minutes after my arrival to the house, the boss called me back saying, “Lucy, I am really sorry, I don’t know what to say, the couple just called me now telling me they could not make it to their flight, and they cancelled their tour to the house”

I said, “what a bummer, this is more like a palace than a house, it was my chance to look at it, but I guess I should be on my way back to the office now”

He said, “No, wait please, the guy just called me saying he is almost finishing up, he needs less than an hour, would you be kind enough to wait there, so he could give you the keys to the main gate, to bring back to me”

He continued giggling, “There is your chance to check that house and wonder around, please feel free to use anything in the house, drinks, food or whatever makes you comfortable during your waiting, if you check the master bedroom it has a dressing room full of clothes, please feel free to use anything from there if you feel you need to change your clothes and get comfortable, may be you want to take a shower, if you do, you will know exactly what I am talking about, it is an abnormal shower place that you don’t see that often”

I said, “It sounds good to me, I feel I would like to check this palace out and enjoy looking at it”

He said, “Yes, enjoy it all you can, do not worry about getting back to work soon, I have already called the guy outside, gave him your number to call you when he is finished to hand you the keys and some paperwork”

I was wondering around the house, when I was in the master bedroom, I checked the dressing room closets, I liked the idea of getting comfortable, I took my clothes off and used a simple nice rope which felt so comfortable to move around with, once I was in the bathroom, which was so spacy it looked like a master bedroom by itself, I remembered my boss’s notes about the shower, which was there at one of the corners of the room, very spacy too, I was checking it out, it was spectacular with all the strange buttons and leavers in there, one of the spots said ‘massage’, I was wondering about it.

I said to myself, I would never find out the meaning of the buttons in that shower room unless I try it myself as my boss said, I got rid of my rope, walked under the shower, I started the shower water, adjusted the temperature to suit me, it had a digital temperature scale to give you the clear readings, anyway, right after that I started trying the shower arm positions that I saw earlier, when I moved it towards the massage one, I was shocked, feeling a strong multi stream of water coming out of nozzles everywhere, almost in all directions of my body, it felt real good massaging my body with its high intensity of water hitting every inch of my body, when I stood straight spreading my arms and legs, I felt the water jets hitting my nipples directly and others where pointing at my pussy massaging outer and inner parts of my pussy which was a huge turn on by the way, I was getting so horny till I finally was rubbing my pussy and my clit, without noticing I was moaning and screaming loud while masturbating under that shower.

As of a sudden, I turned around on the sight of a strange looking, over 6ft tall, very big man standing right there watching me, only a few feet away from me at the entrance of the bathroom, I placed a hand over my tits, the other one covering my pussy screaming so loud, “what the fuck, what the hell are you doing here?”

He did not move, he stayed as is where is, he said, “I am s-sorry mam, I tried calling you, but you did not answer, wanted to tell you I am finished, I knocked at the door and rang the bell but no answer, I was worried about you, I knew you were still here, the door was open when I pushed it, and I just walked in, wondering till I saw you like this”

I screamed with some anger, “Why didn’t you go away, or at least say something instead of watching me naked like this?”

He said, “well, I am sorry again, but to be honest with you, I kind of lost control over my body and feelings when I saw how gorgeous you are, and any man would be stupid to move a way seeing an angle like you masturbating in front of him”

Deep inside, I felt kind of flattered from what the man said, besides, he was a good looking one, I had a quick glance at his crotch area, there was a huge limp which was hard to miss building up over his crotch trying to push his pants outwards almost tearing them, he must have been a well hung, big black man as I have expected, I just said, in a less of anger tune of voice, “I bet you have been there for a while haven’t you?”

He said, “y-yes, I am sorry, I felt I was glued to the ground, I could not leave even when I wanted to”

I smiled for the first time since he walked in, I said, “I can tell by the huge bulge I could clearly see under your pants”

He felt embarrassed somehow, he tried to cover his crotch with both hands apologizing about it, by then, I had already relaxed, let go of my hands allowing the guy to have a clear look at all my nude body, which he had already seen anyway, besides, I was so horny, my pussy still leaking wet, and it was my chance to get fucked, the guy seemed to have a huge cock which I like very much, I said, “why don’t you show me what you have, to make it fair, you already saw all my assets, don’t you think so?”

He did not seem to believe what he had just heard, but he reacted so fast, started unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants while saying, “are you sure mam?”

I nodded saying “yes” while pointing to him with my finger to get closer, he did, once his pants and boxers slipped down together, I saw what looked like an unreal thing, I was totally shocked to be honest, the guy had a cock that was so long, so thick that I don’t think I had ever seen a cock that big till that moment, I thought such cocks are only available at porn sites or only in porn clips, not in real life, but I guess I was wrong, there was one right in front of my own eyes, my mouth was wide open, my lower jaw almost dropped to the floor, I got closer, felt it with my hand first, then grabbed it trying to wrap my fingers around his cock, they barely could.

I tried sucking on it, which felt like ‘mission impossible’ but I managed to wrap my lips around its huge helmet at least and was sucking on it, trying to take it deeper into my mouth little by little till I ended up taking a good deal of it, I guess it comes with practice, trial, and error sort of. His cock was getting harder and longer, hence bigger than I saw it first, but he seemed to be obviously enjoying my work on it, meaning I was doing a good job of it.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth and hands, he got on his knees in between my legs, got closer to my cunt and started licking it, eating me, doing one hell of a great job that he made me cum so fast the first time, he held my hand, helped me up on my feet, turned me around, I leaned on the wall spreading my legs wide apart, he licked my pussy and ass a little, then held that monster cock of his and started rubbing it’s head to my outer pussy lips, then inner pair, and started pushing it in me, it popped into my pussy stretching its slit, lips and inner pussy walls to the utmost they could, but again, I happen to be a sex loving, very experienced woman who managed to suck his cock into my cunt easily, he was pushing it slowly into my pussy till his balls touched my body announcing the balls deep insertion of his cock in me.

He started speeding up the paste little by little till he was slamming his cock in me fucking me like a dream comes true, I loved every inch of that cock in me, we switched positions a couple of times, he got me on the floor fucked me dogy then missionary till he was ready to cum, he came in my mouth and all over my body.

To be honest, during that fucking process of that abnormally big cock, I was tempted to try it in my ass, I happen to be an anal sex loving woman, but since he didn’t ask, I thought it was enough to get fucked in my pussy at least by then.

He cleaned up, handed me the keys and some papers, and left right away, while I showered clean, put my clothes back on, locked the house and started driving back to the office with a well fucked pussy, a well, sexually satisfied body.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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