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Hot, mean and full of steam

Besideyou   May 29, 2017   | 71431 Views
she moved her strings to the side grabbin her pussy from behind "Rub your cock please, rub it right here yeah right here please" she said as she looked back at me with puppy eyes. I took my cock and... banner1 I Just got accepted to this great university to study for my masters degree. After a break of 2 years. I anyways, i got to class and sat there looking at the board and super bored to be honest. Another class i had to go through that i totally hated. People were coming in to class, one after the other. i'd come early cause i was smart like that. Moment after the professor made her way to class. closed the door behind her and sat at her desk. three minutes later the most beautiful girl walked in. Super tiny slim white jeans, and i swear she had nothing underneath cus i could see through. she looked so neat and fresh. Blonde hair and a shiny smile. a fit green TShirt with her shown belly button pierced with a shiny diamond. time stopped for a sec as she made her way and sat in front of me. She s got the looks, the body of a model and the perfume let's say it's the kind you can only get from a factory in france where that shit is made. i immediately melted in my place, i couldnt focuse but i knew that i had to make my move soon and get her to my place. It is time for my charm if i had any, to put to good use because it doesn't get any better than this. As she sat there all quiet, she pulled out her phone on snapchat and the moment she turned the camera to selfie, there was my fucking face showing behind her. we both froze for a second then i let out my smile and then she followed with a full smile. we ended up taking pictures and posting them. Let's just say we became buddies for a sec, but i never accepted the fact that a chick like that would trap me into a friendzone disaster so i did what i do best, and this is an advise to all my sucker guys out there. Dont do SHIT that friends do. dont compliment her like a friend, be rough and straight. so that is what i did and kept on doing. A week later we got an assignment from our professor. A group of two. We already agreed that we re gonna do it together. it was my shot if i ever wanted to get her to my flat and run butt naked with her or whatever satisfies you. Look! This chick was IT. and i mean the SHIt the 10 10 of all tens.The day after i was sitting home just had diner and i opened youtube looking at clips and stuff, until i hear a gentle knock on my door, i knew something was up cuz usually the homies break the door. so i tip toed to the door and piped through the hole and there she was "Serena" with her goodies in front of my door. I opened the door "Hello" i suddently couldnt take the smile off my face. She was smiling as well. She then just got in with no invitation whatsoever. i was thinking "a girl after my own heart". we made our way to the living room where my comfy sofe is at. She sat down looking around "So this is where you live hein?" laughing lightly. "Would you care for a tour?" i said and she replied "Maybe later" laughing like it was a joke while i was thinking "Okay, Test me again i ll pick you up and take you to my bedroom and fuck the shit outta you" We sat there laughing and touching like the world aint a thing. we were glued to eachother like a sandwish. sitting there while the music was playing and the ambiance was beautiful. i put a hand on her thigh and rubbed it just enough so i could get a reaction then she touched my hand lightly. it was awkward for a second but it happend i could swear like five times until i pulled her from her hand and she immediatly was close to my face, her red naturel lips looked like candy, and i was a boy looking for a sweet thing. I kissed her at first closed mouth then i pulled out and looked at her, she looked at me with them puppy eyes and suddently i could feel her tongue down my throat. i grabbed her face and ran my finger through her hair and started to make out propertly. The Beast in my couldn't resist, my hands were all over her body. I reached down her top and felt her gracious tits as she let the sweetest moan i ve ever heard. Something just grew in my pants, she then grabbed my thigh harder as i pinched her nipple. she started licking my neck and kissing as hard as she could. i took her top off and there they were. Perky tits with pink nipples. i started kissing on them and sucking and with every suck she moaned like a motherfucker. I tried to open her pants, first button, second, third, the fourth was hard for me to open in my position but i could see her black lace thong showing. that immediately made my cock hard. She removed my hand and got up "Stay right there" She said "Yes, yes whats happening?" i replied "Shhh. just shut up dont ruin it" she addedI sat there like an idiot, as she pulled down her pants to her knees and got down in between my legs opening my pants. "Lets see what we have here" she said as she moved her hair from her face She pulled out my dick and held it in her hands i could tell she is a keeper, she kept touching it softly, her thumb was squeezing the tip of my cock as she stroked my shaft. She started licking the shaft up and down moaning softly. then she took the tip in her soft wet mouth and sucked on it, licking it as she pulls it out on and on and on. suddently she opened her mouth and took half of me in her mouth again and again. sucking and sucking so crazy that i let my head rest on the top of the sofa. i couldnt resist i had to fuck her before she made me cum. i stood up with my cokc in her mouth looking down on her as she sucked my thick hard throbin cock the way she wanted. i took her hand and stood her up and bent her oven, i slapped her tight ass one slap after the other till she moved her strings to the side grabbin her pussy from behind "Rub your cock please, rub it right here yeah right here please" she said as she looked back at me with puppy eyes. I took my cock and rubbed it as she requested. her pussy started dripping on my cock as i started rubbing and she started wiggling on my cock. She turned around and took her pants off all the way, as she did i pushed her on the sofa. she fell legs closed. i moved towards her with a smile on both our faces. she opened her legs wiiide as i leaned down and started kissing her. i looked down and her g strings were still on. i moved back and sat down holding her legs, there it was the most beautiful pussy, red-ish lips, delicious. so wet. i took her g strings off and went down on her for a minute. she tasted like apples i could swear. i started kissing on her clit and forcing my tongue to go it but it wont. she was so tight. I kept licking her pussy as she cried and screamed and moaned like crazy, i sat back suddently and she kept rubbing her pussy as i took my hard cock and started hitting her pussy with it so gently. with every slap she would hold it down against her clit. i looked at her and then down her pussy and just slid my cock so deeep inside of her little clean shaved pussy, my hand on her stomach pressing as i went so deep. she moved back with the motion and then still she was there taking all of me the first time. i started fucking her with no mercy, hard thrusting inside of her little pussy as she moaned loudly grabbing her tits harder and harder. we continued on fucking for a whole ten minutes like that until i jumped beside her spooning with here with my cock still inside of her. i grabbed her tits and buried my face in her neck licking and kissing as i fucked her harder and harder. the moans and screams i couldnt help but think that this is more than what i imagined. as i was there fucking her and she was there taking my cock like a champ, i showed no mercy my thrusts were hard and deep, her pussy was tight and wet, my cock got creamy from the tightness of her cunt pushing out the juices. i held her ass cheek in my hand holding it up to get a clear shot of her pussy and the juices drooling down the sofa. We stood up, i bent her over and with no question, i slid my cock back again, going slow on her as she let her face down and let me perform on her ass the way she wanted. i kept fucking her tight pussy slowly so she could feel what im feeling. we went like that for several moment, nothing but moans and happy time. "Fuck me Harder" she moaned i started to rise my game up "Hardeeeer" she said looking back bitting her lower lip"Like that?" i said, as i pushed my cock inside her pussy until my balls hit her clit "Yes yes" she said softly I kept on fucking her so hard, thrusting roughly. Holding her waist and smacking her ASS...i couldnt bear the feeling it was great, the best pussy ive ever had in my entire life. As i was building up a tornado of cum i slowed down and kept fucking her slowly, moaning softly "Are u cumming" she said "Yesss" i replied She then reached back with both hands and opened her ass cheek"Come on my ass please" she said moaning I kept fucking her after what i ve heard to be the most amazing thing, i couldnt resist i pulled out my hard cock and just let all my cum reach where she wanted. i leaned and gave her ass cheek a kiss and went to the shower and she followed, then round 2 and 3 came after that. i couldnt tell you how heavenly she was, that girl was a 10, Period.
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