Satisfying mature women as a gigolo for first time

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First time experience of how I satisfied a sexually deprived women as a gigolo cheating Hi, my name is Ayush and I live in Bangalore, India. I am 26 years old and 5" 10 in height with a muscular gym toned body, I visit gym Every day and workout atleast 2 times a day. I have a decent 7.5 inch cock to satisfy women of all age groups. I work in a mnc in bangalore and in part time i am a professional gigolo and I a member of one of the top male escort club in India and mostly I have served and satisfied the needs of women of all age groups and provide services as they wish.

Today I am going to share my wonderful real life First time experience of how I satisfied a sexually deprived women as a gigolo.

Please do give me your valuable feedback on my mail id - [email protected]

So, coming to the story, after registering with the agency, I had the first call on my mobile it was from a lady she asked for my details and told me to come to a shopping mall the next day morning to see me and the next day morning at the stipulated time I went to the mall and waited for her I had told her what dress I was wearing and the vehicle no in which I went and I waited for her to come but she did not turn up so I got frustrated and wanted to go back just then the phone rang and it was her voice again she told me that she has seen me and was satisfied that I am a gentleman and gave me the address of her house and asked me to come the same night at 8 pm.
I was exited and a bit nervous because this was my first time I am providing gigolo service to someone... So I reached there on time and the said address was a villa type bungalow. So when I reached I called her on her mobile and informed that I have already reached and I am waiting outside. I rang the doorbell and after sometime she opened the door and after seeing her I was just awestruck. She was too sexy.
She was of average built and wore a saree. She had draped the saree tightly around her body and was looking hot! She had pulled her hair back tightly and tied into a knot. She had a white blouse which was tight and with low cleavage. She did not wear a bra because she was at home (she told me this later). She had wearing a cream colored saree with flower patterns on it. It was also tight and I could make out her flat stomach and curves of her hips. She was looking sexy and I wanted to lick her then & there. She had nice full lips and they were lightly red. Maybe she had lipstick on the previous day. Her boobs were average size, but the blouse was tight and I could make out their shape. I imagined myself sucking on those boobs and they becoming hard & bigger.
her deep navel were visible from her sari.. her cleavage was visible from her black bra… We sat on the sofa and were talking and she Said me that she is 42 years old and was divorced 12 years ago...
She was a mothers to a daughter and her daughter was 19 years old...
She stayed with her daughter and parents...
And everyone had gone to a temple trip for 3 days.. I said her that she looks too youn and could not believe that she has a daughter also.. I was continuously praising her beauty.. and in the meanwhile I held her hand and was playing with her fingers.. I brought her fingers to my lips and slowly put it in my mouth and sucked it..and I took her finger completely in my mouth and sucker her fingers …she pulled her finger and patted on my face and i held her hand and was caressing her arms slowly.. and said “ur skin is like butter so smoth, am felling like licking you: and I started to lick her arms… and reached her neck and was sliding my tounge over her neck …… man she was smelling so errotic… I held her face and kissed n sucked her neck.. she held my head and moaned slightly… Ayush you are very naughty hoooooo aaahhhhhhhhhh…. I was caressing her ears and also biting her earsssss… she was maoning… and as she was holding me… he sari pallu dropped and I was llicking her neckkkkkkkk.. and slide my tounge to lick her .. she was pressing my head to her sexy boobs.. I held her left boobs in my hand was squizzing it slowly….and now sucking her lips we bothe were sucking each other lips. and my fingers were opening her blouse hooks….i opened her blouse and was licking her… cleavge…. She was pressing my head on her boobs and was maoning… As I was licking and biting her boobs over her bra.. I with my hands I was removing her blouse she helped me to remove her blouse and with my teeth I held her bra strap and pulled it down frm her right shoulders….. and was sucking her right boobs now… and at the same time removed her left strap frm and was sucking her naked boobs now as I took her nipples in my mouth.. she held held her boobs and was showing it in my mouth as I was sucking her boobs.. I started to caress her thighs.. and was raising her sari… I knelt in front of her and she was still sitting on the sofa and I took her boobs in my mouth and was sucking it.. and my hands were raising her sari..i inserted my hand in her sari. I could feel her warm thighs…… as I took one nipple in my mouth.. I put pressure to part her legss.. she parted her legs and My fingers were moving up wards… I bit herrl nipple softly and felt her pussy.. this bitch was not wearing any panty inside I could feel her wet pussy on my fingers….i started to finger her pussy lips….. she was moaning aahhhhhhhhhhh aryush…….aaahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I lefted her left leg and kept it at the edge of the sofa… and lifted her rite leg and kept it at the edge of the sofa tooo…… I cud see her wett pussy.. her juices were glisting on her pussy lipsssssi bend down and took her pussy in my mouthhhhhhhhh….she grabbed my head and moaneddddd aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. and as I was licking her pussyyyy.. I parted her pussy lips and was licking both her pussy lips turn by turn… I took both her pussy lips in my mouthhhhh and sucked it hardddddddd.. she was pressing my head on her pussy and pussing her pussy in my mouth.. she was wriggling her waisttttttttt and she was sliding downwards frm the sofa.. she was writhing her waistttttt and pushing her hips upp and moaning aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… uuuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I stopped licking herr.. and saw her in her eyessssss.. and my face was all wet with her juicesss… she was pushing my head.. and saying Ayush and pointed her pussysyyyy.. I asked he whereeeee.. she pointed her pussy hereeeeeee.. and she was pulling my head down.. I held myself and she pulled my head on her pussy… I again like a hungry dog started to eat her pussy.. I was holding her clit between my lips and was nibbling it.. she was squirting below me… I she was half lying on the sofa and half dangling.. I pulled her sari and undid her petticoat and made her stay… naked I pulled her on top of meee.. and made her sit on my face… and she was pushing her pussy on my face.. I took her pussy in my mouth and w as sucking n eating her wet pussyyyyy.. she might have cum I don’t know how many times.. as my face was all wetttttttt the floor was all wetttttttt…. She was rubbing herself on my faceeee and she arched back wards and w as rubbing my dick on my tracksssssssss.. I was also not wearing any under wear.. with her sitting on my face .. I removed my pant.. And I made her fall down and we came in 69 pose…I spread her ass cheeks and again started to lick n eat her p[ussy.. she was also sucking my dickkkkkkkkk.. and was taking my dick deeper n deepr in her mouth.

Then I made her lie down and rubbed my Dick on the pussy.

I put my dick on her pussy and was going to insert in. she asked me to stop and asked me to do it slow since it was her first time taking in a huge cock. I pushed my dick inside her pussy very slowly and she moaned. I started slowly and then increased the speed.

She was moaning very loudly I kissed her to stop her moan and stroked very fast inside. Then we changed position, she was on top of me riding me hard. She was riding I spanked her ass when she tried to stop. I then turned her in the doggy position and stroked in very fast.

I said to her that I was going to cum she said not inside me, cum in my face. I cum all over her face. We cuddled for some time. Then we both took a bath together and went to bed naked. In the morning also I fucked her. I got a heafty amount as my tip and from then on I am satisfying women of all age groups..
Thanks for reading my story...

Please do give me your valuable feedback on my mail id - [email protected]

I will be back with my real life experiences very soon...
Till then bye guys..
Take care....

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