Wrong hotel room changed my lifestyle (Part 1)

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In her thirties, by mistake while drunk, Natalie got into her young colleagues hotel room who was traveling with her on a mission, she was drunk and that got her fucked by him and changed her life style ever since, she spread her legs wide after that for many men to fuck her. Lesbian Wrong hotel room changed my lifestyle
(Part 1)

By Dina Petro

Writer’s Note:

This is a fully true story which happened to a close friend of mine, not of my own personal life, all names of characters and places were changed to fake ones to protect personalities.

Natalie, was in her early thirties when the events of this story happened, she was an exceptionally good looking woman with a sexy, hot body, she had been divorced from her ex-husband, one year before the events happened, Natalie had lived very classic conservative life, even after her divorce, she would wear good, stylish outfits at work, but never revealing or slutty, the shortest dress or skirt she would ever wear would not be higher than her knee length, very polite and conservative in talking to her colleagues or dealing with them.

She had never gone out with any one at her job, may be tempted or had some fantasies only about one guy that she liked very much, William, who was younger than her, he was in his mid-twenties and a super handsome man with athlete-built body, she could not help but notice him, follow him without being noticed. She had fantasies about having sex with William, she had masturbated to the idea a few times, but her lifestyle had reminded her always to stay foot and keep a distance as much as she could.

One sudden event had changed all her life and flipped it all over, I will not talk about it now, I simply do not want to spoil reading the story events which will follow.

The rest of the story will be narrated in Natalie’s own words which will be more interesting and more erotic than the third person style.

I was called to the general manager’s office as of a sudden, I had no idea what he wanted from me, the secretary had let me in when it was my time with him, he smiled asking me to have a seat saying:

“Natalie, I know you are a good employee and you are a great asset to our company, I have chosen you and one of your colleagues, William, to represent our company on a very important event abroad, the trip will be around a week, more or less, but our company will cover all of your expenses, some pocket money along with a full board stay in two rooms in a famous five star hotel, I hope you are ok with that?”

Deep inside, I was unable to hide the smile drawn on my face, I was about to fly of joy, it is something I was hoping for, all my life, I heard about the event and knew the management were thinking of some nominees, but I thought I had a zero percent chance to be one of them, I took a deep breath saying, “Thank you Mr. Johnson for the trust you put in me and my colleague, of course I would love to do that, hoping I would be in a position of meeting the trust you had put in me”

He said, “I know you will, please prepare yourself for traveling, the Schule and all needed paperwork and information will be handed to you by my secretary”

I thanked him again and left his office, got all the needed information’s and paperwork, and went back to my house that day with utmost pleasure. Getting home, I started thinking about my partner on that trip, William, forgetting about him while receiving the great news, being busy and happy, but choosing us both for such a mission by itself, was some kind of a reward to me, I was spaced, thinking about it, without knowing it I started touching myself, rubbing my tits and pussy which was all wet by then, I went on with my fantasy thinking about Billy accompanying me on that trip till I came.

As of a sudden some thought had struck my head saying to myself, ‘what the fuck are you thinking about Natalie, I will not be a slut at all, I should keep the image I had all my life, and I should keep distance from him at all times, just the way he knew me and I had always been’ based on that, was my final decision about William and me on that trip, nothing but formality and treating him like a formal colleague.

Everything was working according to preplanned schedule, we flew together, arrived at the airport, got picked up to our fancy hotel which I loved very much, work had started, and a couple of days had passed already. William knew me very well, he did not pressure me into anything he wanted to do, as a young man with lots of energy partying and going to clubs and strippers and so on, he let me chose what I wanted to do alone without any interruptions or suggestion from his end, it was nice of him although the evil part of me was hoping for some kind of situations that had forced me to loosen up a bit and try to enjoy life the way he did, but I would never suggest it or even mention it to him, it was just a fantasy or a day dream.

One day, we had finished working early and had the next day off, William came to me in my room, he told me he will be going out to a club and will be late, asking if I needed anything before his departure, I thanked him saying I would be fine. I ended up alone with nothing to do when an evil thought had struck my mind saying, ‘I should loosen up a bit, go out and try to enjoy myself to the best I could, after all, nobody knows me in this city or the whole country’.

I took a shower and put on some loose slutty outfit and went to a nearby club, had a few drinks and danced too with some strangers, I admit feeling some hands touching my butt or feeling my hips and tits, but nothing further than that, when I came back to the hotel, I was a little drunk almost losing balance while walking because I am not used to drinking that much, at my room’s door I slid the card in but the door would not open, giving me a red light.

I looked around and there was one of the housekeeping girls, a woman of late thirties or early forties came to me asking what the problem was, I told her my room won’t open, noticing I was partially drunk not being able to walk steady, she smiled saying “you seem to have had some fun tonight miss?”

I smiled back saying, “I did, but to a limit” winking an eye at her.

She just pulled her master key card out of her pocket, pushed it in the door slot and it swung open for me, she took me in between her arms walking me slowly and helped me in, she was sweet enough to provide all the help I needed in the room, she started helping me taking my clothes off without any objections from my end, I noticed that touching and feeling my body were overdone by her, one way or another, especially with vocal words about how sexy and hot I was.

When she took my bra off, she felt my tits, rubbed them with a wide smile saying, “No man had noticed these lovely boobs of yours, how blind men are now a days”
I giggled saying, “nob, they are stupid, aren’t they?”

She placed her fingers under the rubber band of my panties pulling them down saying, “I don’t think you need to keep those on either, you need to have a free body of any garment to relax tonight don’t you agree?”

I giggled saying, “you seem to be the expert woman miss…”

She said, “Cindy is my name, I am off work now, all I have to do is go to my room and relax, would you like me to stay longer with you to make sure you are fine and maybe we can have a little chat about your night out?”

I said, “sure if it is ok with you, I need the company, besides, nothing really happened during my first night out”

I was totally naked in front of her, she helped me lay down on my back on bed and she lay right next to me with her hands over my body, she did not stop feeling my assets, her hand went direct over my silky soft, fully waxed pussy which I keep like that all the time even after my divorce, I did not feel embarrassed, I guess due to alcohol in my system, otherwise I would not be fully nude in front of a totally stranger woman, she had noticed my courage and went further in her naughty advances.

We had a long naughty chat that included lots of erotic subjects, but she had never stopped Feeling my pussy, rubbing it softly, looking me in the eyes with some lust, I had noticed, and saying, “how blind and stupid men are, had I been a man at that club or bar you were in, I would never let you go home alone without tasting that lovely pussy of yours”

I giggled looking her in the eyes, then looking at my own pussy saying, “you seem to like my pussy don’t you, to be honest, I wish you were a man reaching that far with me”

She shocked me by lowering her face to my crotch, placing a quick kiss right over my pussy lips and clit, lifting her head up so fast saying, “I don’t have to be a man to kiss your pussy and please you honey, a pussy would not differentiate between man’s lips and tongue or woman’s, don’t you agree, did that kiss of mine feel bad down there?”

My face turned all red as of a sudden, I covered my face with my hands laughing loud, she asked again, “tell me, how did it feel, would your pussy differentiate a kiss between my lips or a man’s?”

I said in between loud laughter, “I don’t know, I have never had a woman’s lips or tongue down there before, but you are right, it didn’t feel that bad”

As if she was teasing me, testing my abilities to react to her naughty sexual advancements on me, without saying a word, Cindy re-situated herself in between my spread legs, she lowered her face to my pussy and started licking my cunt, yes actually licking and fingering my pussy which felt good for my own surprise, I was getting so wet, moaning louder, shaking and moving right and left, she placed both of her hands over my tits, rubbing and pinching my nipples while licking my pussy, she did not stop until I was fully electrified, shaking and screaming of an outrageous, strange orgasm, the strongest I had ever had so far.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, she moved upwards, over me, placed her lips over mine and kissed me a series of long passionate kisses that felt great indeed, I shocked myself by kissing her back, liking that first experience of a strange sex with a woman for the first time in my life, without any further word or action, she got up, handed me a little paper with her phone number on it saying, “honey, I am leaving now, that is more than enough for you for the first time, but, if you think you liked it enough to try it again, more thoroughly, please give me a call anytime and I would be more than happy to please you in anyway you like it, please remember, I like you very much.

She placed a soft passionate kiss over my lips, got up and walked out of the room closing the door behind her, I guess I went through a lot that night, all new to me, the night club, getting drunk, acting loose and slutty, topped with the female sexual experience I had just had with that woman, I was sure I was so tired and ready to fall asleep.

To be continued in Part 2 of same story

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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