Sex with my Stepbrother for the first time

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In the dark, I was secretly sneaking looks at my parents having sex when my step brother joined me and we ended up having sex in his room. Lesbian By Dina Petro

I am the middle among my family, one older stepbrother and one younger sister.

I did not feel sleepy, it was getting late, but I heard some noises coming out of my mom and dad’s room. I tried to listen, it was more of moans and very low sounds. I opened my bedroom door; it was dark outside in the hall. I was in my bra and panties only, so I put on a long shirt and walked out on the tips of my toes trying to figure out what was going on.

My parent’s room door was slightly open for a glow of light through it, so I sneaked and stood sideways trying to look inside, I saw mom and dad having sex.

I knew it was wrong to look, but I was so curious, so I looked inside and saw daddy fully naked standing up with fully erected cock, his dick looked so big while mom was fully naked too sat on bedside sucking his dick, the scene and the idea had turned me on, I felt some dampness between my legs.

Mom laid back on her back as dad spread her legs where I had a full view of mom’s pussy which was fully bold and looked so nice to me, clean of hair and silky soft, which was a big turn on for me, making me leaking wet by then, especially when dad started licking her pussy.

While I was watching and enjoying the live porn show by my parents, I was suddenly distracted by the sight of my stepbrother, mike, walking slowly towards me, I was embarrassed, I tried to run a way, but he gave me a sign to stay foot. He came closer and put his hand on my mouth as a sign not to make noise, he stood next to me, put his hand on my shoulder and leaned forward to take a look from the door crack, on the first view he saw, he grinned and smiled.

I was so scared he would tell on me; I was not supposed to be sneaking and peaking, but he looked back at me, smiled and looked as if he was interested to watch as much as I was.

Deep inside of me, I figured if he is interested and watching, so why not watch with him and enjoy it, I squeezed my head between him and the door trying to see more, that was when I saw dad right between mom’s legs with her legs on his shoulders, fucking her missionary, so hard and deep while mom was moaning louder and louder.

I felt my stepbrother’s hand falling off my shoulder to my waist, pulling my body closer to him, I did nothing, then I felt his hand on my ass under the shirt, I ignored the whole thing acting like nothing was happening, I guess he took it as a sign of approval to whatever was going on his head by then. He rubbed my ass over my cotton panties, at the same time; he put his hand on my tit and rubbed it too.

I wasn’t stupid I knew what was going on, he must have gotten turned on by the show he was enjoying watching with me, but I acted as if II was in control of my feelings, I did not react neither did I do anything to stop mike for the sexual advancements he was making on me. That seemed to have encouraged him to go much further and much faster, I felt his hand being inserted under my bra feeling, touching, and rubbing my bare tit, then he was pinching my rock-hard nipple by then.

His next step was much braver though, his other hand went through the upper rubber band of my panties, feeling and touching my bare ass skin, in a split second he went further down till I felt his finger touching my pussy lips which were running wet by then, my lower jaw dropped, my eyes wide opened looking him straight in the eyes wondering what the hell was he doing.

He looked me back straight in the eyes with a wondering smile as if waiting for my input reaction by then, but before any reaction from me, his finger was sinking deeper into my boiling cunt, feeling as if an electrical current has gone through my whole body, I shivered, closed my eyes and almost let out a moan, he placed his hand over my mouth to prevent me from making any noises to alert our busy parents by then, and he pulled me by hand walking me to his room.

We got inside and he locked the door behind us, without a single word he hugged and kissed me on the lips with a long and very passionate kiss, I was frozen of any movements by then, after all he is my older brother, but only a moment later, without thinking about it, I loosened up, opened my mouth and kissed him back, both of our tongues were into each other mouth, I felt his hand undoing my bra letting it fall to the floor, he touched and rubbed my tits, then lowered his head to my tit and started sucking on my nipple.

I could not help moaning and breathing harder as his other hand was already under my panties rubbing my ass, then pulling my panties down I lifted my legs one by one to help him getting rid of them, he spread my legs and started feeling my already wet pussy.

He moaned saying, “you are so wet sis, you must like what we are doing”.
I said, “But?”

He said, “Nothing wrong with it, we both saw a nice show of dad fucking mom there”.

“Yes”, I said.

Before allowing me to say anything further, he kissed me harder and deeper on the lips again, then got on his knees and started licking my pussy without any prior notice, my pussy being licked is the weakest point of mine, I love it and cannot give any negative reaction to it no matter who is doing it, I was literally melting, moaning, breathing harder and harder till my whole body was so tense, and I let go and had my first orgasm with my brother for the first time.

He got up took me by the hand to his bed sat me on it, he took off his shorts, revealing a big, very hard cock which was in a full view to my cock hungry eyesight by then, Mike held my head with his hands lightly pushing it, in an inviting manner, towards his dick; I wasted no time accepting his offer, after all, it was only fair to return the favor, he had just made me cum, why shouldn’t I give him the blow job of his life by his own stepsister.

I lowered my smiling face towards his lovely cock, stuck my tongue out first, barely touching its shiny red helmet, passing my tongue over its length from underneath, going back up over its top side, I opened my mouth making and wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking on it slowly and passionately.

I was using my cock sucking expertise to please my own brother without any shame of him knowing I was fully experienced in cock sucking as his little sister, but he was smart and open minded enough to know, it sure was not the first time I suck a man’s cock, but sure was the first time sucking my own brother’s cock.

He clearly seemed to be enjoying the excellent blow job his stepsister was giving him, winding, and moaning louder, only a few moments later he said, “Sister, it is time to fuck you, May I fuck you baby?”

“But do you think we should do this, I think we have gone much further than we are supposed to so far, you are my stepbrother Mike, remember?” I spoke.

He said, “Yes, I think we should, nothing would stop us, let’s do it baby, we both want it, Don’t we?”

I said, “Yes, I do want your cock in me, stepbrother”.

He pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs, lifting them up guiding his cock towards my pussy, rubbed its shiny head to my outer pussy lips and in one push his dick head entered my slit, my pussy was fully swelled, hot and wet, I had a clean shaved pussy too. My stepbrother was pushing his dick deeper and deeper till he was balls deep inside my pussy.

He pulled out of me all the way except for his cock head, then back in, he started fucking me in and out faster and harder and it was giving me pleasure I have never felt before, I admit, by then I had been fucked a few times by a few guys, but nothing like this one, It must have been the feeling of my own brother’s cock fucking me, which made me so horny; I was enjoying every inch of his dick in me till I came again around and over his cock.

A couple of minutes later he was screaming and breathing harder announcing being ready to cum, he pulled out of my pussy and pushed his cock into my mouth, I started sucking on it, milking it deep and hard till I was rewarded with his cum, load after load into my mouth.

It sure was a huge load of thick and sticky cock cream, I tried my best to take it all, trying to swallow as much as I could instantly, I love the taste of cum in general and enjoy swallowing it, he pulled his still hard cock out of my mouth and I was using my fingers to collect the escaping drops of cum from both corners of my mouth, pushing them back into my mouth but I deliberately avoided looking him in the eyes.

The room went into a total silence, no words were said at all, we also avoided looking each other in the eyes, as we both felt it was wrong, but neither of us could deny, deep inside, how good it felt, we sure seemed to regret it, I got up, put my clothes on, left the room without a word, I ran to my room, locked my door, lay on my bed, tears came out of my eyes without crying.

I could not sleep easily, but I sure have thought it over, recalling each part of what had happened between my stepbrother and I, remembering how I had caught him glancing at my body occasionally, I did not think much of it by then, but I sure started thinking it was totally interest type of looks.

I had imagined having sex with my stepbrother a few times, I even masturbated on some of such thoughts, I am sure he did too, I remember talking dirty with one of his girlfriend’s one time, and she was balled enough to till me all about the sex she had with my stepbrother, which turned me on at that time.

While in my deep thinking, I heard my room door handle being turned, someone was trying to open it, but it was locked, he knocked at the door, I knew it was my stepbrother, I got up, opened it for him, he said “I could not sleep, can I come in please?” I let him in, and went back to lie on my bed, he sat on my bedside, looking me in the eyes; I looked back, this time we both smiled.

He said, “do you want to talk?”

I answered “sure, why not, it might help.”

He said “Look, it did not come from outer space; I admit I have been thinking about it for a long time, I wanted you so bad, you know you are a hot girl, with a very sexy body.”

I admit his words made me feel better, I was flattered by my own stepbrother, but I was a woman after all, we all like being flattered and sweet talked to, I said “you are saying that because I am your stepsister, you do not mean it do you?”

He said, “I sure do by all means, honey, I have masturbated thinking of you, imagining you naked many times, would you forgive me if I told you I stole your dirty panties to masturbate to their smell?”

My lower jaw dropped almost to the floor of shock, I laughed loud saying “Really? Did you do that Mike?”

He nodded saying “I sure did, and would still do it, but I would rather do it while you wore them now.”

We both laughed loud, he came closer, hugged me, gave me a few short kisses on the lips saying “honey, we did it already, why cry over spilled milk, it will be our secret, no one has to know about it, why don’t we enjoy it instead of feeling guilty.”

I said, “did you feel guilty about it?”

He said, “a little, only because I felt I pushed you to do it, otherwise it was my dream comes true in fact.”

I laughed saying “you did not push me, I wanted to do it as much as you did, I did feel guilty about it, but I do not regret it now.”

We hugged closer and started kissing passionately on the lips again, we both got turned on again so fast, we ended up making love one more time, in my bedroom this time.

Ever since, my stepbrother and I got so close, we were not only having sex, but we shared many things in life ever after.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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