A female-female quickie at the beauty Shop

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I wanted to change my hair color & style at the beauty shop, but i was literally seduced by the young assistant whom I was in total lust for, she liked me to two full orgasms. cheating By Dina Petro

I wanted to change my hair style and color, I wasn’t so happy with my regular beauty shop, I wanted to try a different stylist, I was recommended to a beauty shop by my close friend, Sally, she gave me a phone number saying, this is Lisa’s, she is the owner and master beautician, just call her, tell her you were recommended by me and book an appointment that suits your time, she will personally take a good care of you.

I called Lisa, she was so nice, sweet too, she sounded so welcoming after hearing I was recommended by Sally, I told her I wanted to be there at 5:00pm Monday, she smiled saying, “We close at 5:00pm sharp, but, on a second thought, I will book you up and wait for you personally, I will ask one of the girls to stay late with me, even if it is after closing time”

I said, “Are you sure? I don’t want it to be a burden on you, you may have other attachments at home or somewhere else?”

She said, “No dear, it is totally fine, we have a deal, I will be waiting for you”

At the exact appointment time, I pushed the door of the shop, it was locked, I wrang the door bell, Lisa opened up for me saying, “I am sorry for locking the door, we usually lock it up after our last customer to avoid commers after closing time”

I smiled saying, “I am sorry to make you stay later than your working hours”

She gave me a hug and a little kiss on the cheek welcoming me saying, “what are you talking about honey, it is my utmost pleasure, you are a new customer and that pleases us anyway”

A minute later, a young, good looking black girl walked in the room, Lisa said, “Oh, let me introduce you to Mary, she is a new assistant from the neighborhood, Mary asked what would we like to drink and disappeared to get the drinks, I asked Lisa, “isn’t she too young to work here, she looks so young to me?”

Lisa said, “well, she had just turned 18, she just wanted to be trained to learn the profession, she is helping me prepare the customers and do some house work, same time she would be watching to be able to learn”

I said, “Don’t get me wrong, she is gorgeous, I love her constant smiles too”

Lisa said, “not only that Tammy, but you will like her so much, she has a great sense of humor and a very fast socializer as well”

She was right after all, Mary was helping me get seated on the special beautician seat while Lisa was busy doing other things in and out, Mary helped me put on a black covering rope used to protect my body and clothes from falling hairs, she was a constant smiler with great manners and she is a big flirt as well, a very courageous and brave young girl in many things, she was very lightly dressed in a light short summer dress, low cut, suspended to her shoulders by a pair of strings, showing most of her cleavage and most parts of her upper relatively big tits, barely covering her nipples, she is an attractive young girl by all means with super sexy body as well.

Mary kept complimenting my body looks, saying I looked great, gorgeous and sexy, I thanked her a lot, she made it clear to me how much she liked me and my looks feeling comfortable around me, I told her I had felt exactly the same about her. Lisa was ready to do me when she asked, “So tell me Tammy, how can I serve and help you today, what do you have on mind?”

I said, “I want to trim my hair, change its style and color” I explained to her the style I had on mind, which I know was kind of rarely used, and very much new style, and I had asked if she had done such a thing before?

Lisa said, “I know exactly what you are talking about and I have seen it on some women, but I personally have never done it so far, to be able to do it, I have to look up the style on my computer in the office room and check how it is done, but this might take 10-15 minutes, are you willing to wait?”

I said, “Yes of course, go ahead and take your time please”

She looked at Marry saying, “Mary, I want you to look after Tammy and take real good care of her while I am gone, I want her to feel comfortable and very much at home, do you hear me?”

Mary was sitting on a chair near by mine, I had to look side ways to see her, she said, “Yes boss, I sure will take good care of her, I may make her feel better than at home too” we all laughed as Lisa walked out of the room.
I looked at Marry saying, “so tell me cutie, how do you plan to make me feel better than being at home?”

She was crossing her sexy legs, she tried to straighten up on the chair, she put her upper leg down, spreading legs wider which had put her pantie less pussy in full display to my eyesight, true I was shocked, but in an accepting, liking manner, I opened my mouth wide, then smiled with a happy grin on my face, winked an eye at her and looked down as if I was shy, but being a bisexual woman myself, it is easy to know when a woman likes what she sees when she sees parts of other woman’s assets, other wise some women would be grossed and clearly upset, but I sure wasn’t, and she was smart enough to know I liked her naughty act.

When I looked back at Mary, she had glued her legs together, but when she saw my smile again, she spread wider this time, not only I smiled this time, but I giggled and I was staring at her great looking, silky soft, hairless, young pussy up her dress, I said laughingly, “Shame on you, kiddo, how dare you work pantie less?”

She giggled, pushing her top down a little, revealing her hard, gorgeous nipples saying, “Braless too”

I was staring at her body eyeing her gorgeous nude assets with a wide smile and clear interest, feeling my whole body itching and tickling everywhere, I sure loved what I was seeing by all means, I said, “Doesn’t Lisa mind having you working like this? What would her customers say?”

She smiled saying, “Lisa personally doesn’t mind, I bet she would love it, but I don’t usually work like this, to be honest, I just took my panties and bra off after your arrival”

I said, “what? Did you do that to show me?”

She nodded saying, “Yes, and I was hoping you would like it, do you like what you see Tammy?”

I looked her eye to eye trying to look serious, but I could not cover my wide smiles saying, “NO, I do not like what I see, but you could say, I am madly in love with what I see”

She loved my statement, got up walked towards me, bent over and placed a long, passionate kiss over my lips while holding my face cheeks with both hands, I did not hesitate to kiss her back. When we broke the kiss, she said, “this is the way I had on mind to entertain you while my boss is gone, I hope you like it?”

I looked down, red face all over saying, “Well, I cannot complain at all, how could I?”

She got on her knees in front of me, lifted the covering rope up, spread my legs apart and started feeling my pussy over my panties while looking me straight in the eyes, asking, “what about this?” before I answer, she bent closer with her face between my legs and placed a quick kiss on my pussy over my panties and kept rubbing my pussy with her sweet, young fingers and looking at me waiting for my answer.

I said, “Wait kiddo, Lisa might walk in any minute”

She giggled saying, “I know she won’t, my boss likes to go deeply reading when trying to do a new style, she will give me enough time to make you cum in my mouth, I bet it would make you happy wouldn’t it?”

Again, Mary did not wait for my answer, she moved my panties aside, rubbed my bare pussy a little, complimenting it saying she loved it, and she leaned forward and started passing her lovely tongue over my pussy lips and clit, making me close my eyes and start moaning.

Deep inside I was dying to have this cutie eat my pussy making me cum nonstop, hoping I would get the chance to stick my tongue and fingers deep in her cute cunt as well, but again, I was afraid Lisa would walk in, but Mary didn’t seem to care as much, she was so busy licking my already soaking wet cunt, finger fucking my ass same time, instead of rebelling or objecting, I was spreading my legs wider, lifted one leg up and rested it over the adjacent counter, giving her a better access to my horny pussy and she sure was doing a great job of it.

It did not take long for me to start shaking and trembling with an intensive orgasm building up in my body, so close to bursting, filling her mouth with my pussy juices and it sure did, I was shaking like I had an electrified body, she seemed so happy to receive my pussy juices, trying to lick it all up.

Making my cunt dry clean again, Mary got up, kissed me again on the lips for a super long, passionate kiss, trying to feed me my own pussy juices and taste, which I loved sharing with her, same time, she pushed her hand over my top till she was feeling my bare tits, pinching my rock-hard nipples one at a time.

Mary went back between my legs again and started another round over my cunt lips, clit, slit and asshole, assaulting, finger fucking and licking till she managed to squeeze another happy orgasm out of my horny body. When she kissed me on the lips again, in her ears, I whispered my hunger to feel and eat her lovely cunt, she said, “we had consumed all the given time already, the boss is due any minute now” but she continued saying, “that is not it Tammy, we should meet again, don’t you think so?”

I nodded happily, got to my purse and handed her a card with all my calling information’s on it saying, “I expect hearing your voice full of lust very soon, the sooner the better babe, I can’t wait to eat you all over”

Marry nodded as she helped me straighten up, Lisa was walking in with a wide smile saying, “Sorry for taking that long, but I got it Tammy, now I know exactly how to make you happy and look prettier than any woman in town”

Looking at Marry while answering Lisa saying, “No dear, it was fine, I was happy waiting for you” both Mary and I laughed as she looked aside to hide from Lisa, then I got the hair style I wanted, leaving the place seeing Mary off with a wide smile and an anxious look, she looked me in the eyes, nodding as if assuring me she will feed me her pussy as soon as possible.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
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