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Hi friends, am ritesh here from delhi.. .today am going to share about my first sexual experience. Which happened in the year 2017.I took admission away from home in delhi. People… cheating

Hi friends, am ritesh here from delhi.. .today am going to share about my first sexual experience. Which happened in the year 2017.
I took admission away from home in delhi. People there in this new college were very friendly, so I made some new good friends immediately, I was liking it here in this new place. After few days a new girl came to our class, her name was Asha. She was really hot, fair skin, and attractive figure, but was appearing shytypes.

As she was new, and sitting alone, I gathered some courage and went and spoke to her, new admission?? She said yes, I asked for few more details, she told her name is Asha, and she is from a small place near Mysore. She was a simple shy girl.

After that day we didn’t speak for few days, she was very shy, so hardly she is used to speak to any guys in the class, she used to busy wid her own work. I secretly started liking her, but wasn’t able to go and speak to her, so daily I used to just see her in class and enjoy watching her.

Then somehow one day I got her number, and sent her a message.. asking about some class and all. She was little confused. Then next day she asked how I got her number and all, I told, I got it from a friend of hers..

Then daily I started chatting with her on phone, and slowly we bacame good friends, we started going to library, canteen and all together. After few months of this friendship, I told her that I have feelings towards her and that I love her. For which she didn’t reply anything at that moment.


She didn’t speak to me for few days, and started avoiding me, one day I confronted her and asked whats wrong, if she doesn’t like me it’s ohk, atleast we can remain friends, for which she told, tat nothing like that, actually even she likes me, but is worried that it will affect our studies, I convinced her that, such thing will not happen.. our studies won’t get affected because of our relationship. So finally she agreed.

Then we started talking on phone daily till late.night, sometimes on call, sometimes on messages. I tried doing sec chat sometimes, but didn’t get any response for that, so I stopped… Once we went for a movie, I tried holding her hand, and kissing her, she moved away, and did let me touch her. I also kept quiet, and did not react much.. like this only days passed.

Then one day, she came to my room, no one was there in my room, I requested her atleast let me kiss on your cheeks, for which she agreed, I kissed her on her cheeks, and slowly hugged her, for which she didn’t say anything, I was hugging her tightly, and slowly started moving my hands ivy her back, tat time she stopped me and got away from me, and told, all this things before marriage is wrong, so we won’t do it..

I tried convincing her a lot, but she didn’t not agree. After sometym, she got angry and she left to her hostel. We were angry and dint speak to each other for 2 days, third day I got a call from her, she said she wants to meet me.
I told, Wil meet in restaurant in the evening, she said, no she will come to my room only to meet. I said ohk, come, am waiting in my room.

She came to room and we started discussing. She was like, you please don’t get angry ritesh, I love you a lot, but I can’t do all this before marriage, but still if you want, you can do some superficial thing, keep it above waist only.
I told, it’s ohk asha, we will wait till we get married, I won’t do anything till then. She got happy listening to this, and hugged me tightly for few minutes.

Time passed. After few days there was a festival time, she did not go to her house. Because of that even I did not go home The college was closed for 5 days and all her friends had gone to their home. Her hostel was almost empty, she was feeling lonely there in the hostel.

I offered her stay in my room, so she said what your landlord would say?
I told her – you don’t worry about him, that’s my problem. I will handle it.

Then I spoke to my landlord and told him that one of my friend she is staying alone in the hostel, because of which she is scared and is feeling bad and lonely.

On hearing this, he allowed her to stay at my room. Then I told her that the landlord has given me permission, so you can come and stay here for few dats. So she moved in with me for few days. She brought her big bag and got settled in my room.

Day time we did some time pass talking, cooking and all, day passed, night came. We had dinner together.. then we were just resting and talking.
While talking she sleptoff as she was tired because of the hectic day, and I kept watching her. I could not sleep . I kept looking at her till two o’clock in the night.

Then suddenly she woke up, she saw me awake and asked – why haven’t I slept till now.
I told her – you were sleeping so I was watching you. You were looking so pretty, so I couldn’t control.

After listening to this, she came over me, and started kissing me, and kept on doing it for some time, I was getting excited every moment, after sometime I gained some courage and asked her, can we have sex today?
So she took a little time and replied yes, but if I have any problem or any pain during the process, you will have to stop immediately.

I agreed, then I slowly started kissing her lips, biting her lips sucking at her soft lips, slowly started pressing her boobs , massaging them. After sometime, I slowly took off her top. Seeing her without top, I became mad.
A milky white girl was in front of me in a black colored bra. I started watching her kissin her. Slowly in the process of kissing her, I unhooked her bra …

She was feeling shy in front of me, and she hid herself in a sheet and said, “Take off your clothes too.”
I started to remove my clothes and just stood in front of her in my underwear.
Then she was staring at my underwear.
I asked her in a witty smile- Where is your attention?

So he started smiling. I too quickly got into her sheets and clung to her. Then I tried lowering her skirt, she also lifted her legs and helped me to take it off. Then I started kissing and licking her neck , and she was also enjoying my touch.
Then, I slowly put my hands over her panty, where her pussy was already hot like a furnace. I went little bit down, I found out that she is already wet below.


I did not delay myself and put my hand in her pants and started to touch her pussy. She started to get really turned on and caught me tightly. Then slowly i started putting a finger in her pussy. As soon as I put a finger in her pussy, she screamed, and scratched my back. I told her, calm down, this is just a beginning, you will experience little more pain initially, blood might also come, but then after sometime she will start enjoying it….For which she nodded and told, still be little gentle.

I kissed her and said that if you dont want me to continue , I can stop it all here.
She told, we love each other, so you have the right to do it. My body belongs to you, if not today, some other day we will have to do it eventually, then why not today itself.I dont know if such a nice chance we will get again in near future, so go ahead.
I was very happy and excited listening to her.
Since the fire was on both sides, I took off my underwear and put it in the side and came over her.

When he saw my cock, she became scared and said – If there is so much pain from one finger, then with this big cock, pain will be too much.
So I said initially it will pain yes, but after sometime you will start enjoying this.then she agreed, but still she was scared of pain.
She told me that when you put this in, please close my mouth. As I might scream to the peak of my voice.
I explained to her again that if she is so scared then we don’t have to do it.
But she did not listen to me and started to tell – now I am ready, do whatever you want to me today.
Then I gave her a T-shirt and told her – press it in your mouth, so that the land lord should nt wake up because of your screams.

She listened to me and put the cloth as much as she could in her mouth.

Then I slowly started rubbing my cock over her pussy.
With this she was feeling little pleasure, and her anxiety was going down. She looked at me and told do it now.

Then I put my cock on her wet pussy and looked at her and gave a slight jerk inside. The tip of my cock went into her pussy. She had a lot of pain and she started pushing me. I looked at her and tears in her eyes. I stopped , pulled out the cloth from her mouth and wiped her tears…
She said it pains a lot.

She put her hand down and saw a little blood, which came out from tearing of her hymen.
Then I told her that we will stop now, when there is so much pain then let it be.
She said – Try it once more. If this happens then again, then will not do it.

I obeyed her and gave her cloth in her mouth and put oil on my cock and put some oil on her pussy too. Then I set my dick on her pussy and this time I gave a hard push, my cock went in about three inches of her pussy. She began to shed tears of pain and started pumming her hands. Then I wiped her tears and explained that cock has gone in now. After some time there will be no pain.

She signalled, to me just wait for two minutes, don’t move.I was stuck in that position.My cock was b inside her. I was feeling like I had put my cock in a hot furnace. But I was enjoying the feeling of her warm pussy on my dick…

After some time I started moving again a little bit and started giving her regular fast jerks inside, she was signalling that it’s very painful and was in tears. I did not pay attention to her this time much, as my dick was enjoying the feel of movement inside her pussy, and was in no mood to stop. After some time, she became normal and started even she started enjoying it, I removed the cloth out of her mouth. She was moaning this tym.. I was enjoying every moan of her.

I stopped for a while and asked her how you are feeling now??
She smiled and said- better..
I told her, am going to increase my speed now and will go little more deep, you will enjoy more.
She agreed and told. Do what you feel like doing, but hold on my mouth and do it.

I did the same, I put my lips on her lips and closed her mouth. Started kissing her passionately. Then after a little pause I started fucking her again deep..
She was in pain again and started to scream, but because of my mouth over her mouth ,her screams were not loud.. After a while. She started feeling great, she started to say – faster faster, don’t stop.. keep fucking. Aah aah ooh.. deeper.. don’t stop please.

After few minutes I was about to cum, so I immediately took out my dick and dropped all the stuff over her tummy around her navel. We both were tired and laid down there only for few minutes.
Then when we got up and saw that part of the bedsheet is stained with the blood, and her pussy and thighs werealso stained with blood and is little swollen also..
She got up and started moving towards the bathroom with a limp to clean herself. Meanwhile I changed the bedsheet and went to sleep on the bed as I was tired after this amazing fucking session.

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