My Friend’s Husband

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My friend allowed me to use her house for a quick shower, but her husband shocked me by fucking me behind her back. banner2

By Dina Petro

We had a very busy day at the office, being the Executive secretary and the office manager, I was doing most of the work, feeling very tired, I needed to take a shower and refresh, but we had a meeting in two hours, and I would not have enough time to go home and come back.

Lisa, one of my friends and colleagues at work lived in an apartment next door to our office building, she handed me her house key saying “Anna, why don’t you go to my house, next door, take a shower, have a drink, relax and come back to work, it would be much easier and faster than going home”

I said, “But you are married, what if your husband showed up?”

She said, “No, he is out of town on a business trip, he is not due back till tomorrow night”

I said, “Are you sure it is ok to do that at your house?”

She smiled saying “of course it is honey, just go now and I will cover up for you at the office till you come back”

I needed it so bad, so I just grabbed my purse and walked to her house, got in, walked to her master bedroom, got rid of my clothes, took a quick shower, dried my body, and put back only my light top without the bra and my thin, transparent pair of pink thongs, I lay on her bed and started having a drink while checking my messages on my phone.

Without knowing it, I seem to have been watched closely all the time and being peeped on while taking the shower and changing my clothes, by whom, by her husband who walked into the house while I was in the shower, I did not feel or notice him getting in.

As of a sudden, Damien, her husband showed up in front of me with only his top on, bare bottomed, his huge, hard cock was pointing at me, before I knew it, he jumped on bed with me, pulled my panties off and was between my legs pushing his cock in my pussy, I was shocked looking him straight in the eyes, he asked me to cool down and he will explain the situation.

The first thing that came to my mind was, maybe he had an arrangement with his wife to let him fuck me that way in their house, it was hard to think of it any other way, I might have approved of it if she told me so, that is what I was telling myself of course.

By the time I stopped daydreaming and thinking his cock was already sliding into my pussy balls deep, he had me on bed in the missionary position with my legs widespread and up over his shoulders, I wasn’t sure why I let him fuck me that easy without my refusal in anyway.

I Knew Damien before, I had always fancied him, he was a super-hot, great looking young man, with nice manners, I must admit I had fantasies of being fucked by him, and I knew his wife Lisa was a classic thinking woman who would never approve of such thing.

 I was totally shocked of how easy he got to fuck me in his own house and over his wife’s bed, but upon hearing his side of the story later, I totally understood how lucky we both were for things to arrange themselves that way and that easy.

He said he had finished his work mission one day ahead and managed to fly home the same day without telling his wife, he wanted to surprise her, but as he claimed, when he walked in and saw me in her place, the way I was dressed or semi-nude had drove him crazy and out of his mind, he admitted losing control over himself and was determined that he had to fuck me one way or another.

All of that explaining was done while his cock was balls deep inside my pussy and he froze there as is where is, being kind enough, he gave me the opportunity and the choice to say no to sex and he would stop right away as he promised. Being the sex loving slut I am, already feeling his lovely huge, hard cock in me, it would have been so stupid of me to stop him.

I wanted him to fuck me as much as he did, I smiled saying “Damien, did you do all of these brave quick actions just to store your cock inside my cunt and freeze it there? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

He was happy to know I had decided to let him have my body, so he pulled his cock out of my pussy saying, “it is not the proper way to fuck a genuine hot woman like you”.

He replaced his cock with his tongue and started eating me, licking my pussy and ass while rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples all same time which made me so horny, it did not take long to have my first orgasm between his arms.

He kept at it till I came for the second time, then he got up again, held his gorgeous cock in hand and started rubbing it to my pussy lips, pushing it in me until it started sliding into my cunt making me feel like the real whore I am, enjoying the best cock ever, which was my best friend’s husband’s cock enjoying it in her house over her bed behind her back, but all of that was adding points to my becoming hornier than ever.

He started slamming his dick in me, fucking me like there was no tomorrow, I was screaming to the top of my head asking him literally and openly to fuck me deeper and harder, after some good ten minutes or so of great fucking he pulled out of my pussy, turned me around, face down, lifting my ass up, he started licking my pussy and ass again that way.

He pushed his cock again into my pussy in that lovely position, which I happen to love so much, while fucking me that way, rubbing my tits from under and kissing my back and my shoulders almost biting on them, he whispered in my ears “where do you want me to cum when I am ready?”

Without thinking about it I said, “In my ass”

He seemed to be so happy to hear it asking, “you mean…?”

I screamed, “Yes fuck my ass and cum inside me please”

He was very happy, I discovered later, that he was deprived of anal sex, because his wife would not let him fuck her in the ass, he pulled his slippery, well lubed cock out of my pussy, licked my ass hole a little, then held his giant cock rubbing its slippery head to my ass hole and started pushing it in slowly and carefully, but it did not matter that much to me, I was well experienced in that department, I just adore anal sex and love it so much.

Finally, his cock was sliding into my ass inch after another, being shocked himself that I could easily take all his huge, thick, and long cock up my ass balls deep, he relaxed a few seconds, then started pushing out slowly, then back in, speeding up the ass fucking process till he was slamming his cock in and out of my rear fuck hole.

I started feeling his cockhead engorging more than it was, his cock was getting harder as well, then I started feeling streams of hot, sticky cum pumping deep into my ass, one load after another, till my ass milked his cock to the last drip, he relaxed over my body for a few as per my request, I happen to like feeling a man’s cock start shrinking inside my fuck hole.

Finally, I felt his cock popping out of my rear fuck hole, I looked at my watch and started rushing things, I told him to keep it between us as our own secret, and told him not to tell his wife he had already arrived to the house till later on, he agreed and promised, I took another quick shower, put my clothes back on and rushed back to the office, handed my friend her house key just like nothing happened at all.

Wishing you all the best



Dina Petro

Dina.[email protected]

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