Forbidden Fruits

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The first time for an angelic country girl cheating Lacey looked around the room - being a country gal, but with a love for the far-flung ocean, she'd decided to take advantage of coming to University in the "big smoke" and join its sailing club.  She could see all the instructors at the back, being easy to identify as they were all well-tanned and equally well-muscled.  She shrank back into the milling crowd of first-timers, not sure if this had been such a good idea.  Jocks such as these were the ones who had made high school hell for her.  Tall and slim, Lacey was positively waif-like, including having essentially zero ability at sports.  She was hoping sailing would be different - relaxing and not too physically demanding - when she finally spotted an instructor who himself was very different to the rest.

Darren stood with the rest of the sailing instructors, but not really part of their clique.  Whereas they were all die-hard sports nuts who sailed to win, he loved skimming the ocean for the pure joy of being amongst the wind, waves and soaring sea-birds.  He was even known to troll a fishing lure now and then!  Knowing he'd be partnered with a beginner shortly, while scanning their ranks with glazed eyes he noticed one particular stand-out.  Long straight blonde hair, extraordinarily pretty face, very trim build and bright blue eyes ... looking right at him!  Darren smiled and headed over.

After quick introductions and heading off for their first outing together on his Hobie Cat, Darren and Lacey found they got on like a house on fire.  Their weekly sailing lessons together rapidly increased to every second day.  To Darren, nothing could have been more perfect - superb spring weather, the bright blue ocean, and a gorgeous girl with whom he could chat for hours and share this wonderful experience.  Demure Lacey always covered up, wearing a long sun-shirt and of course a life-jacket over her black one-piece swimming costume, so there was little of her figure for Darren to properly check out besides her lovely long legs.  But she was as pretty as a picture as well as being an utterly charming, caring girl, so by the short time later they began dating, she was his "Angel".

Lacey similarly thought the world of Darren.  Besides being intelligent and funny, he was a true gentleman.  Even though they were both wearing swimmers when sailing and often well out-of-sight, he never "put the moves" on her for something more physical.  Although she admired his fit, toned body, her previous complete lack of experience with the opposite sex left her quite nervous on that front.  Darren was obviously sensitive enough to have picked up her cues, as even when they moved to dating he limited himself to putting his arm around her shoulders and kissing her on the cheek.  Lacey felt loved and protected with these gestures of his adoration, returning the same to Darren.

Eventually the Uni holidays came, and neither could bear to be apart.  To save on college fees, Lacey took the train back to her little country town as soon as her exams finished, with Darren driving the three hours a week later when his were also over.  That week apart had seemed oh-so-long to them both!  Darren had called when he was leaving so Lacey would know when to expect him, and she was ecstatic!  Darren was all she'd talked about that entire week after returning home to her mother and elder sister, and his absence had eroded her nervousness about physical contact - she NEEDED to fold herself into his strong arms and warm chest!  And that she did, leaping into them as soon as Darren stepped out of the car at her farm gate.  With both of them hugging the other tightly, Lacey finally raised her head and their eyes locked ... and so did their lips!  Their first proper kiss seemed to go on forever, with them both revelling in this new dimension of their loving relationship.  With her mind spinning in passion, Lacey didn't even notice how hard her nipples had become.  But Darren did, as they pushed wonderfully into his chest.  He'd guessed that Lacey wasn't very well endowed, and with a bra unnecessary, her rock-hard nipples seemed to almost cut through the soft cotton of her summer dress.

When they could both finally bear to disengage from their tight embrace, they drove along the winding dirt track to the farmhouse for Darren to finally meet Lacey's family.  Her elder sister Jane came bounding out first - she had the same colour blonde hair as Lacey, but cropped short.  She was shorter in stature than Lacey, but definitely curvier.  Darren was sure that she had especially chosen the very short, tight outfit she was wearing to meet him, as it left little to the imagination.  It exposed the wonderful cleavage of her huge E-cup breasts, with her bare tummy and thighs only interrupted by the tight denim shorts that clung to her round ass cheeks.  Any guy would be lucky to have Jane, thought Darren, but his amazing "Angel" Lacey was still undeniably the apple of his eye.

Next was the girls' mother, and Darren could see where they both got their looks from.  That same blonde hair, but tied back into a pigtail.  Although she had covered up more than Jane, given the way her clothes stretched tightly over her chest and hips, Darren could tell that her taller stature also held some very womanly curves.  With introductions completed, the three attractive women standing together were quite a sight to behold!! But his beautiful Angel was of course the stand-out among them.

That evening, Lacey surprised Darren by cooking for them all - she was a gourmet!  Later that night, her mother surprised him even more.  Not used to having visitors, the only double bed in the house had been swapped into Lacey's room for her to share with Darren!!  Both she and Darren were a little nervous about this, but after showers and the house went dark, they quickly returned in bed to where they'd left off at the front gate with a long, torrid kissing session.

Wrapped in Darren's arms and their tongues wetly tantalising each other's, Lacey's passion began to take on a will of its own.  Not only had her nipples become rock-hard again, but this time an unfamiliar but very pleasurable pulsing had begun between her legs.  She squeezed her thighs together, but that only made things worse ... her desire to press her naked body against Darren's was now overwhelming!  

Darren looked surprised when Lacey broke their kiss and sat up in bed ... until she shrugged her loose-fitting nightie off her shoulders.  Framed in the moonlight streaming through the window behind her, no word but "Angel" was more appropriate for her stunning beauty.  Her long blonde hair cascaded down over her slim shoulders to swish over the tops of her lovely breasts.  Although small at A-cup size, they were absolutely, perfectly round!  It was clear that neither gravity nor sunlight had ever tarnished these pale, wonderful hemispheres that now captivated Darren.  Surprisingly for the small size of her breasts, the aureolas and nipples which topped them were so large and aroused that they looked like ripe strawberries!  Rapidly discarding his own pyjama top, Darren's hands began to gently explore & caress these most inviting but no longer forbidden fruits ...

Lacey moaned, all control now slipping from her as Darren lovingly massaged her breasts which had been desperately aching for his touch.  She shut her eyes to concentrate on the pleasure shooting deeply into her as Darren rolled her nipples between his fingers, while kissing her tight tit-flesh.  With her breathing becoming more rapid, Lacey's moans turned into even louder groans as Darren took each nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, lapping his tongue over & around its thick, aroused length.  Opening his mouth wide, Darren next placed his lips right over one of her entire breasts, slowly working his lips back up its wonderful roundness while lapping her sensitive tit-flesh with his tongue.  Circling the tip of his tongue around her aureola brought Lacey to a state of ecstasy, until with the flicking of his tongue over her nipple, she could take no more.  Her pussy was throbbing, dripping streams of her arousal over Darren's legs upon which she now lay back.

Gently spreading her legs with his hands, Darren knew that for Lacey's first time, her own pleasure was paramount.  He kissed slowly up both her legs, alternating, from her knees to the top of her inner thighs.  By this time Lacey had lost any vestige of control and her pelvis was thrusting up & down of its own accord, seeking Darren's mouth without delay.  With a huge groan, Lacey signified when his tongue began to slide up and down her engorged pussy lips.  Her juices covering them were sweet and musky, Darren relishing the taste and aroma of her ever-increasing arousal of which he was the architect.  Desperate for still more, Lacey placed both her hands on the back of Darren's head, pushing his face firmly into her sopping, needy pussy.  Her body bucked when his tongue slid up the length of her slit, and she cried out in lust when it dived into her pussy hole.  Darren tongue-fucked her needy, dripping hole again & again, each time Lacey pushing his lapping tongue deep into her.  

When Lacey's loud cries of arousal became even more desperate, Darren knew what she needed.  His tongue flicked up her slit to wrap itself around her protruding clit, flicking over it again & again.  Every time his tongue lashed over her clit, Lacey's whole body would shudder .... until while doing this, he slid two fingers into her now-gaping pussy.  Flexing them upwards to caress her G-spot as he sucked hard on her clit, Lacey lost it, screaming over and over in lust in time with his erotic ministrations!  Even better, each thrust of his fingers into her silken pussy was met with a strong jet of her love juices in response!!  As Darren continued sucking on her clit, his face became rapidly covered in Lacey's squirting lust.  Turned on so incredibly by his pretty but usually oh-so-demure Angel bucking under him and bathing him in her raw, sexual desire, Darren's thick cock shot forth load after load of hot, sticky man-cum, bathing her ankles.  His own resultant groans vibrated Lacey's clit through his mouth, the resultant extra stimulation causing her entire body to thrash uncontrollably as wave after wave after wave of huge orgasms rippling through her showed just how special her Darren was.

When their combined gasping finally subsided, Lacey and Darren fell asleep in a passionate embrace, both well and truly satisfied after keeping their desires in check for so long.  What neither of them knew was that even the solid walls of the farmhouse had no chance of blocking Lacey's loud cries and groans of pure lust.  That night, two other desperate, needy pussies had also been well pleasured, wishing the fingers diving into them were instead the ministrations that had so clearly rocked Lacey's world ;-)

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