A Hairy Tale

Khaled   October 11, 2020   | 1486 Views
The story of my relationship with my aunt rings

My name is Khalid. I'm from Syria and 33 years old. My story is about my relationship with my aunt Zeinab which began in 2005, when I was 18 and had just graduated from high school.

But First, I should explain about the background of our relationship a little. I was born in a big family in Aleppo. I had 4 brothers and sisters. Back when I was a child, my aunt Zeinab lived very close to us and was with us most of the times. When we were children, she was like a second mother for us. Aunt Zeinab took care of us whenever my parents (who were both working) weren't home.

I should also add that our family was very religious back then. The women in our family always wore Hijab in public places, but at home, we were very comfortable with each other. Nudity wasn't a big deal. When our father wasn't home, aunt Zeinab comfortably changed her clothes in front of us and sometimes walked around in underwear. During the summers, when schools were closed and our aunt stayed with us most of the day, the children mostly just wore underwear and she wore open and comfortable clothes as well. Despite that, there was never any sexual desire. She was like a mother and never stimulated us. We were always polite to her as well.

I had a wonderful childhood. I can tell you that our aunt raised all of us quite well and as a result of her education and parenting, all of us became successful people when we grew up. Things were like that until I was 12. After that my aunt got married and moved to Damascus. Since then we rarely saw her. At first it was hard for me to lose my second mother, but I came to terms with it. Sadly, she didn't have a happy marriage and her husband died 4 years later in a car accident.

I had almost forgotten about my time with my aunt in my childhood until I finished the high school and got accepted to a university in Damascus. When my family learned about it, we all thought of aunt Zeinab. When she phoned us that day and we told her the news, she congratulated me and suggested that I move to her house. She told us she feels lonely and is sometimes afraid to live alone since the crime rates were high in her neighbourhood. I accepted her invitation and moved to live with her.

She welcomed me warmly. University registration was in a few days, so we spent that time to tour the city, visit its attractions and have fun together.

Perhaps I should physically describe my aunt a little. She is 23 years older than me and a little chubby. Her physical beauty is quite average. There is nothing extreme about her. She didn't stimulate me at first. I never even thought of having sex with her. But in a strange afternoon suddenly everything changed!

It was late in summer. The weather was extremely hot and there were constant power cuts. That afternoon the power was out and the cooling system went out with it. We were sweating badly. Then a conversation followed:

"Khaled, dear, I can't take this heat anymore! My clothes are all wet and stuck to my skin!"

"Me too."

"Do you remember the summers when you were kid? Back then you and your siblings ran and played all day long in your underwear without sweating or becoming tired."

"Yes, it was as if we couldn't feel the temperature."

"My dear, we are not strangers. Are you comfortable if I dress like back then?"

I remembered seeing her in a top and short trouser. That was no big deal. Back when I was a child, sometimes she walked around in just underwear and even that was a normal sight. So, I answered:

"Of course, this is your house. Why do you even ask for my permission? If I ever get the feeling that I'm making you uncomfortable I will leave immediately!"

"Thanks. Please, you be more comfortable too. You are overdressing. We are going to live together for several years. You shouldn't be so formal."

After that I went to the kitchen to drink some water. When I came back I was shocked! My aunt was sitting in just bra and panty! One of her legs was on top of the other and she was fanning herself with a folding fan. Her face was completely normal. As if it's not a big deal. But I was staring at her with a surprised face. She asked:

"What? Are you uncomfortable?"

"NO, NO … I just … I mean nothing!"

I felt ashamed, not because of seeing her, but because how I had reacted. She was family, she had assumed I'm close and relative enough to undress in front of me, but I had looked at her as if she is a stranger. She said:

"My dear, if you keep overdressing like that while I'm comfortable, that is going to make me very embarrassed. It's no big deal. I bathed you when you were a child. I have already seen you naked. So don't be shy. Go change."

I went to my bedroom. I Undressed to my shorts and thought: This is how I walked around in front of her when I was a child. If she is comfortable enough to be in her underwear, why shouldn't I be?

I should explain that my body was completely unshaved except my armpits. My body is more hairy than most men. The hair on my chest and legs was bushy. Perhaps most people will disagree, but I like my body this way because I believe this is how a man should look like. Shaving everything turns a man's body into a boy's body.

I went back to my aunt. This time she was surprised! She stared at me for few seconds and then commented:

"Wow! Khaled, you are a man! I don't know why I assumed your body still looks like a child! Come and sit with me! Let's use this opportunity to talk about all things which have happened when I was away." Then she pointed to the place next to her on the sofa.

I sat by her side. We talked for a long time about different subjects. It was nice. Getting rid of television's noise and electric stuff gave us peace and allowed us to focus on each other. Then suddenly the conversation took a turn:

"Khaled, can I ask you a private question?"


"Why don't you shave your body?"

She began rubbing my hairy leg gently. I explained my reasons which I mentioned above. She smiled and said:

"I never thought about it that way, but I think you are right. You look manly and handsome like that."

I blushed at that moment. She moved her other hand on my chest and rubbed and played with its hair. That was when I first realized that I'm getting aroused by her. I tried to fight it, but it was useless. I was getting an erection which was embarrassing because I was in shorts and sitting next to her. She could easily see it, which I think she did! She stretched the side tip of my shorts (which was a little tight) and saw it had left a mark on my thigh. She asked:

"Khaled, dear, why do you wear such a tight shorts? Doesn't it hurt?"

She didn't wait for my response.

"Please stand in front of me for a minute dear."

I did what she asked. Then she grabbed the side tips of my shorts and pulled it down to my knees. I was shocked and at the same time excited. My naked body was exposed to a woman who I had mixed emotions about her. On one hand she was like a mother for me, on the other hand she was the first woman who had touched and aroused me.

She smiled and held the top of my erected cock in her hand.

"Mashallah [Praise the lord]! Khaled, this is so big! But I shouldn't be surprised. Back when I changed your dipper I realized that your dick is bigger than other babies! Your body is a work of art!"

She rubbed my cock a little more and kissed the tip while I was frozen in my place. Then she stood up and put her hands on my shoulders and said:

"Khaled, I have been thinking about you since you arrived. I can't pretend that I don't have feelings for you. I made a mistake and married a wrong man once. I have been paying the price of my mistake. I love you and I know that you love me too. We can't pretend that we are like a mother and child. Lets accept how thing are. There is nothing wrong with it."

She hugged and kissed me and I kissed her back. Then she took my hand and guided me to her bed which I sat on it. She stood in front of me.

"My dear, I raised you like my child. I'm proud to see the outcome."

She leaned and kissed my cheek. Then she opened her bra and continued:

"But you are too grown to be my child anymore, yet I can't give you away. So, be my man, for any time we have together."

She leaned and kissed my cheek again. This time she dropped her panty and stood completely naked.

"Take me, my body and soul is yours."

This time she pushed me back on bed and kissed my lips. Our lips were locked together for several minutes while we were caressing each other. Then we stared into each other's eyes while I pushed her hair behind her ear. It was the first time I was seeing her face this close.

To be completely honest, I realized that I don't find her physically attractive. Her face showed clear signs of aging. This was not what I had in my mind whenever I thought of relationship and sex. I always thought of young and attractive girls. But something inside me was craving for her. What was it?

Perhaps our love already existed for years when I moved to her house, it had merely changed its shape. It was like a love between a mother and child, but now, it had changed its form to a love between a man and a woman.

At that moment realizing that the reason for her attraction was not physical eased me. This was not a momentary lust. This was our old love growing to a new level.

I held and sucked her breasts for a minute, after that I went down on her planting kisses as I went. I reached her clean pussy and started licking gently. Her moaning encouraged me and I slowly increased my speed. I moved my hands up and grabbed her breasts while I was licking her pussy. After several minutes, she reached an orgasm with a loud moan. I was proud to know I had made a woman who I love feel this good!

I kissed her lips again. Her body was sweaty and slippery as a result of heat and excitement.

"It's your turn dear, let me return the favor."

She almost copied what I had done to her. She stopped on my chest to play with its hair and nipples, then went down to my cock. She held and caressed it a little, then began sucking it. It felt so good. I don't think I ever had an erection like that in my life! After few minutes she stopped.

"My dear, it's too soon to cum, I don't want to spoil the main thing."

"But I don't have a condom."

"It's okay, I'm Infertile and we are both healthy."

That explained why she never had a baby. She laid down on the bed and put a pillow behind her. I put her legs on my shoulders and gently penetrated her.

"Don't worry, I don't expect you to be perfect my dear. You are not the only one who is a virgin, what I had before was not actually sex. I used to lie down like a doll and my so called husband did what he wanted. I never wanted or enjoyed it. But this is different. This is what we both want."

Her words encouraged me. I began moving my cock back and forward. I was patient and waited long enough to get use to the situation and familiarize myself with her body. Then I increased my speed. Her moaning meant that I was doing okay. My aunt reclined on her elbow and helped me by moving her body up and down. Since she had already reached one orgasm, I knew that bringing her to the second one was a hard job. Although she didn't expected me to satisfy her again, I was determined to do so, like I felt a need to do it!

It lasted about ten minutes (during which the pleasure was immeasurable) until she reached another orgasm and I cummed shortly after. Her pussy was oozing, which made a beautiful sight. We knew this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

That night we took a shower together and went to bed cuddling. It was like we couldn't get our hands off each other.

Our relationship wasn't just based on sex. We were like a happily married couple. During the years which I spent with her I never considered other women. After graduating I found a job in Damascus and stayed with her.

Shortly after the civil war began, my family (including Zeinab) sold all its assets in Syria and legally moved abroad. We got separated in Europe. I tried to get back to her, but she insisted that it's time to move forward. She argued that the age difference between us is huge and continuing the relationship will result in a crisis in our family. Zeinab expressed her desire to be with me, but also explained that she loves me and for that reason she can't disrupt my life. Sadly, she was right. So we got separated.

A few years later, I got married. The experiences which I had gained during my time with Zeinab helped me a lot in my new life. I knew how to be a good husband since I had the perfect teacher! She still provides guidance for me whenever I need it.

There is just one secret I want to tell you: When we agreed to end our relationship, we also agreed that we can have sex once every year on the condition that none of us can allow it to change our lives. Aside from that day (which is usually near my birthday) nothing of that sort will happen between us. We both remained loyal to our promise and are currently living happily.

My love for Zeinab changed its shape during time. At first, I loved her like a mother, then a woman and now, a close friend. Our love matured during time, that's why it had to change its shape to allow both of us to grow and live happily.
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