Long and maybe a bit different

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“Stand up, take down your trousers, no take them off completely”. I did as she told me and stood in front of her dressed in a t shirt, underpants and socks. “So you… Lesbian

“Stand up, take down your trousers, no take them off completely”.

I did as she told me and stood in front of her dressed in a t shirt, underpants and socks.

“So you think it is a good idea to read filthy books and abuse yourself with your mothers underwear?

This was the hot summer of the west of Scotland in 1977.

I replied, “it wasn’t like that, I was just looking..”

“Be quiet!” “I know how it was, you were left alone with a bit of responsibility to behave as an adult and act as a decent human being but instead of that you take the first opportunity to invade your mum’s privacy all for your scummy pleasure. When did that become a good idea?”

“You’re not listening, I didn’t do anything wrong I’m over 16 and I was in private.”

It was my cousin Marie who was speaking to me, she was about 10 years older than me and she had been asked by mum to make sure that there was some shopping in and do some general housework whilst my mother was working away for two weeks during the school holidays. That generation of my family was heavily female influenced. I think there was a general need for them to prove they were at least the equal of the men and often, that they were more superior to the weak-willed men they had ended up with. I think I was 17 at the time and usually during the day I would be working at a farm but the weather had prevented some jobs going ahead and I had time to kill at home. At the time I thought my biggest problem in life was that I was a virgin.

I was bored and looked for things to entertain myself, I rooted round the house including my mum’s knicker drawer and found my dads magazine collection under his bed, I looked at the pictures and read some of the stories. I got aroused looking at the pictures but it only seemed to make my boredom worse.

I had done this a number of times and each time I read a story, fondled some of the lingerie and put it back where I had found it.

My current situation had arisen because my reading had been interrupted by the phone ringing, I had immediately gone to answer the phone which was located downstairs in the hallway near the front door. As I was talking to the caller, I was astounded as the front door lock was operated and the door swung open towards me and Marie came in.

I finished the call and told Marie that I was surprised to see her, she told me that she wanted to make sure everything was ready for Mum’s return in a few days and was going to wash the bedding on her bed.

I froze, knowing what I had left on view up there. “I’ll go and get it for you.” I stuttered.

“No, you can put the kettle on first and then go upstairs to your room and make sure you’ve got no dirty clothes up there, if you have, bring them down so I can wash them too.”

As she spoke, she took off her jacket and hung it on the bottom stair post. She began to climb the stairs, she was still talking but I couldn’t process what she was saying as I knew I was seconds away from an embarrassing disaster.

I heard her footsteps on the floor above as she entered the front bedroom, she stopped, there was a long pause and then she shouted, “Get up here now!”

I went upstairs and stood in the doorway, she was standing at the far side of the bed over the magazines and panties which were lying on the bedcovers where I had been looking at them. The pointed her finger at me and beckoned me to come towards her. I walked over to her and she looked down towards the floor. There was a bunch of tissues lying on the carpet next to the bed.

She said, “What have you been doing here then?”

I shrugged and looked away. She raised her voice, “Go on then, tell me.”

I couldn’t bring myself to say in words what I had been doing, one because I was ashamed at being caught and two because I had fancied her myself for a long while as she was my youngest older relative and although she was of mum’s generation she was closer to mine in age, I thought she must have had also a pretty reasonable attitude to sex too, as she had become pregnant before she was married and I had heard her and her husband going at it in the next room on a regular basis when I had stayed in the same house as them after they were married.

She told me to go downstairs and wait for her there.

I went into the front room and sat on the couch.

About 10 or 15 minutes later she came into the room but passed through to the kitchen with a bundle of the bedclothes in her arms. I heard the washing machine start up and she came back into the room, stood directly in front of me, it was then she told me to stand up and undress.

“Take your pants off, turn them inside out and show me them.” I was humiliated but also turned on by her dominance and the thought of being undressed in front of her.

I hesitated so she said, you can either do this here and now and we’ll maybe get it sorted out before your mother gets back or we will pack you a bag and you will come and stay in my house until she gets back because you cant be trusted to behave properly on your own. What’s it to be?”

My mother was a loving and caring mother but she had strict rules and standards, her moral standards were rooted way behind the times and if she deemed a punishment was required then you could be sure it would be painful, humiliating and enduring.

I kept looking at the floor but slid my hands into the waistband and lowered my underpants to the floor, I the picked them up and turned them inside out and held them out for her to see. She said, “Spread them so I can see clearly.”

 I pulled the material to stretch it, there was a visible damp stain. She took the garment from me, using her fingers to make the stained area bulge outwards and held them out about six inches from my face.

She said, “What is that?”

I said, “You know what it is.”

She said, “Look, if you keep giving me attitude I will stop this, ring your mum, tell her what has been going an and find out what she wants to do about it so think again before you speak your next word.”

I said, “It is probably cock juice Marie.”

She said, “Cock juice? Do you mean semen?”

I said, “No, I had not got to that bit when the phone rang.”

She said, “Well I saw that the tissues were dry but the inside of your pants is damp, so tell me what you were doing.”

I replied, “Do I have to? It’s obvious what I was doing, you know that. That’s why you shouted to me to go upstairs and it’s why you made me take my pants off.”

She gestured with both hands in a dismissive manner and said, “No, I can’t and won’t make you say anything but if you won’t deal with it now with honesty then I will ring your mum. So if that’s your choice put your clothes back on and I’ll ring her now.” She started to walk out into the hall.

I said, “I was playing with myself.”

She stopped, turned towards me saying, “What, you were playing cards, dominoes, football?”

I said no, “You know, I was having a wank.”

She said, “Right then, you were masturbating, is that right?

I nodded.

She said,”And where were you masturbating?”

“In mum’s bedroom.”

She said, “Right this is like pulling teeth, tell me what you were doing, what you were using, where you got it from and how often you have done it.”

I said, “Today I went into the bedroom, I was bored and wanted to do something fun. I knew that dad had some spunk mags under the bed so I was looking at the pictures and reading the stories. As well as that, I had found where mum kept her pants and bras, I found a pair that had a split front and I thought they were exciting because they were meant to be used for sex so I had them out as well.

I got some paper tissue and took my trousers and pants down to my knees and knelt down on the carpet next to the bed and opened the mags to pictures I had seen before and knew that I liked, some of the pictures are nicer than others. As I looked, my willy got harder and I felt horny, I pulled the skin back from my helmet and was rubbing it with my hand. I stopped a couple of times because I didn’t want to shoot my load too soon, I wanted it to last.”

I looked at her but not directly at her because as I was talking I had got another erection and I knew that would not be good in the circumstances. She didn’t say anything so I had to look at her. Her face had become a darker shade of pink, I thought she was going to go into a rage and hit me but she didn’t, she said, “What were the split crotch panties for?” As she said these words my cock jumped and twitched. She looked at it and then she did shout, “Do you think this is all something of a perverted turn-on for you? Well it isn’t, turn around and face that wall. Do not touch yourself.”

I turned as she had told me to do.

She said, “Then what happened?”

I said, “ I was rubbing my cock and looking at the pictures, I was starting to go for it by pumping it harder but the phone rang so I stopped, pulled up my pants and trousers and ran down stairs to answer it. I had just finished telling some guy from mum’s work that she wouldn’t be back until Tuesday when you arrived”.

Although I couldn’t see her any longer, I hound hear her breathing fast. I knew she was angry and half expected her to spank my bottom. I tried to turn my head slightly to see what she was doing or going to do but without her realising. She was just standing about two to three feet behind me, she was still holding my pants and was staring at them.

“Right” she said, ”First things first, get upstairs and put that things back where they should be.” I held out my hand to take my pants back from her but she snatched them out of reach, “What do you say?” I said, “Please can I have my pants back Marie?” She said, “What pants?” “I said, “Okay, please can I have my dirty pants back Marie?”

She handed them to me and I pulled them on, they snagged over my still erect penis and felt uncomfortably tight, the tip of my knob wanted to poke above the waistband so I then went to get my trousers. She pulled the from me and said, “No, you wanted to play with your trousers off so your wish is my command, come on.”

She was wearing a red skirt and a cream coloured top, I hadn’t noticed before but I was now sure I could see her nipples protruding against the yellow material of her top. She waited in the doorway and gestured for me to pass her to lead the way but I would have had to squeeze past and didn’t want to cause further offence by touching her accidentally so she shrugged her shoulders, huffed a bit and left the room ahead of her. As she went up the stairs ahead of me I could see that she had nylons on and shoes with a bit of a heel, I let her go a couple of steps further ahead before following, this gave me a better view further up her skirt. I knew I’d been busted but I was as horny as a toad.

In the bedroom she picked one of the magazines up and told me to show her a picture I liked, I showed he a spread of images with a curvy brunette, she was shown in a number of poses wearing a bra and knickers, some had the cups of the bra pulled down or the side to expose her nipple. Some pictures showed her bushy pussy. She held up another magazine, it was opened at a page showing pictures taken by amateur photographers of amateur models, these were mainly Polaroid’s and some were a bit blurry but they had been taken in ordinary settings rather than a studio. I hoped to see someone I recognised one day.

She said, “Why these ones and not these?”

I said, “I don’t know, they are just nice and look natural.”

She told me to put the magazines and knickers back where I had taken them from. I did so and then she told me to go to my own bedroom.

I went into my room and she followed a few minutes later, I started trying to tidy up, spreading the bedcovers and picking up items of clothes from the floor. 

She said, “This place is a mess, so let’s get to it then. Show me anything you’ve got in here which is pornography. I hesitated and she said, “Also, find anything with semen on it that will need to be cleaned or removed.”

I stretched across the bed and took out a magazine, there was also a sock and a used tissue there and I brought that out too. I then went under the bed at the front because I was sure there was another magazine there with a condom hidden between the pages. I had pinched it out of my mates wallet one day and hoped to have an occasion to use it soon.

As I was doing that she was taking the first magazine off the bed, as I was working my way out from beneath the bed she was standing directly above me, I could see up her legs all the way to  her panties, the nylons were tights and covered the panties as well. I wanted to rub myself, the knickers were red and shiny and bulged over her puffy mound. I got out from under the bed and sat on the bed. Marie sat next to me and said, “Right, how often do you wank?”

I said,”Twice or three times a day, sometimes maybe more.”

“Where do you do it?”

I told her, most often in my room but sometimes the toilet, the shower or anywhere with a bit of privacy.

She asked if I had been with a girl, I told her I hadn’t, she asked if I had been with a boy, again I told her I hadn’t. She asked if I preferred boys or girls. I made a face and told her that I liked girls.

She asked if I had ever seen a real woman undressed.

I told her that a few years ago a girl at school had done a ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ routine in her dads garage. I said I had also had glimpses of some of our relatives. I didn’t tell her I had once seen her tits through a gap in the bathroom door at her mum’s house

She asked me if I thought it would help if I could get a girlfriend. I told her I didn’t know.

She accused me of not cooperating again and asked what I thought should happen. I told her that I would probably get some punishment.

She asked me what punishments were usually given out by my mother.

I told her that when mum caught me wanking about 2 years ago, I had been made to have a cold bath and stand naked outside at the back door until I was dry and not in a condition to masturbate any longer, I was then brought in and given a spanking over her knee.

She asked my if I knew why I had been punished. I told her it was to make me stop playing with myself. 

She said, “ Have you thought about the women in the pictures and stories? Not about how they look but about what in their life’s makes them think taking off their clothes and posing for men to masturbate over?”

I said, “It is well paid and they want to be famous and earn lots of money.”

She told me that some of the women in the magazines may have been forced to pose by men who exercised control over them that not all of the amateur models would have consented to being shown randy teenage boys, she said that the women may have allowed photographs to be taken to be shared privately with her partner but sometimes men published these same photographs to embarrass and shame the women.

She told me that when she and her other cousins had been caught doing disgusting things they had been given a leathering. She said it happened to both boys and girls, the only difference was that the girls got to keep their bras on and their pants if it was that time of the month.

She told me that I needed to be punished and that she didn’t fancy standing at the back door forever while I got dry so she said I could choose to have a leathering, I could still choose for the information to be passed to mum though. I said I would take her punishment. She said, “Fine but there are some conditions, If you opt for this and then change your mind after it has started, it will be referred to your mum with the full details, secondly, the punishment will not happen straight away, I have got to be somewhere else, I wasn’t intending to be here this long and lastly, I will want a witness to be present to protect me from any accusations of unfairness.

I said she didn’t need a witness, I pointed out that I was hardly likely  to complain given the circumstances. She told me to tidy up the house in general and my room in particular, she said that she would return at six o clock after her husband had returned home from work and her daughter had got ready for bed.

I gathered up the clothes scattered around my room and got some cleaning spray, to dust the furniture in my room, I took the hoover up there and cleaned the carpets. I was optimistic that with things having turned out the way they had then I may have got off lightly and may even have a bit of an erotic experience if I was lucky. But I was nervous too.

Six O Clock came and went, I thought I may have got away with it so I started to watch TV. About half an hour later I heard a key in the lock of the front door and then the sound of the door closing afterwards.

Marie appeared in the doorway carrying a hold-all bag, she leaned against the doorframe and said, “I bet you thought I wasn’t coming. Were you getting your hopes up?”

I got up from my seat and said, “ No, would you like a cup of tea or something Marie?”

She said, “No I think it would be best if we got on with what I’m here to do, don’t you?”

I nodded and said, “If you think that’s best.”

She asked where mum normally strapped me, I told her it depends, sometimes over the arm of the settee, once over a kitchen stool and sometimes in bed.

She said, “Well I’ll need room to swing the belt so let’s go into the hallway but go and get a dining room chair first.

I went and brought a chair, I placed it where she told me to.

She said, “Right, take your shirt and trousers off. I did as she asked and turned to face her, I could feel my cock stiffening inside my pants again. She said, “Take your socks off too, it looks ridiculous.” 

I was once again stood facing her dressed in only my underpants.

She took me by surprise when she said, “Where is the belt?”

I said, “I thought you would bring it.”

She said, “I thought I would let you choose what you are to be strapped with. Do you have a leather belt?”

I told her I did, she said, “Go and bring it to me then.”

I went upstairs to my cupboard, I had two belts. The first was about 2 inches wide and quite thick, this was what I wore at the farm, the other was about half as wide and was very supple, this one I wore for school and everything else. I took the thinner one down to Marie and gave it to her. She made a face and said, “Is this it. Have you nothing more sturdy?” I shrugged to indicate “No” she told me it would have to do. 

She shocked me again when she produced a condom, it was the one I kept between the pages of the magazine under my bed, she said, “Put this on.” I started to ask why but she stopped me, saying “if you thought this was going to be some little bit of exotic excitement to stoke your hard on then you thought wrong. Put the Jonny on and then toss yourself off into it, that way there’ll be no mess or misunderstanding when we get to the main course.”

I tried to protest but she just kept pointing and gesturing for me to get on with it. The trouble was I had never put one on before, I had only seen the trophy’s that some of the guys showed to prove they had fucked their girlfriends.

I opened the packet and held the circular slippy disc between my fingers. Marie said, “Take your pants down first or it will be awfully difficult.”

I used my empty hand to push the waistband down at one side, then passed the Durex into my other hand to push the other side down, they fell just below my balls before catching on my legs.

I tried pushing the condom on to the tip of my cock but it wouldn’t go, I tried a couple of times but could not get it to fit over the head of my penis. I said, “Maybe it is too big?”

She gave a short laugh and said, “No, you are just trying to put it on the wrong way round, turn it over and try again.”

I did what she said and this time it began to unroll over my knob but still kept slipping off as I tried to go further on to the shaft. She said, “For fucks sake!”

She stepped up to me took the condom in one hand,  held my cock in the other and rolled the condo on to the full length of the shaft. She stepped back and said, “ I think you may even have room to spare in there.””

She told me to get on with it. Although I was fully hard and had been for most of the day I rubbed furiously but still I couldn’t cum, after about 10 minutes my arm was numb and I could feel my strokes were losing their effect. I said, “I don’t think I can, I’m sorry it has never happened before.”

She said, “What’s the matter, can’t you get off without mummies panties to sniff on?” 

As she said this she lifted her skirt above her waist showing me she was now wearing black stockings held up by black suspenders and black lacy panties, I could see the dark patch of her hair through the lacy material. I felt myself go very warm and my cock felt as if it had doubled in thickness, my balls tightened and I felt myself cum more intensely than I had ever experienced. The ejaculate just pumped and pumped, filling the bulb at the end of the condom and further back so the tip of my cock was still dipping into it. I hadn’t noticed but Marie had lowered he skirt back into place. She told me to remove the condom, go to the bathroom and clean up and then return to her.

I went into the bathroom and held the condom up to the light, the amount of jizz looked impressive to me. I reluctantly put it into the toilet bowl, went to the sink and washed my cock, I dried it with some toilet paper and pulled my pants back up. I flushed the toilet and went back to Marie, she asked what I had done with the condom, I told her. 

She said I was an idiot and the toilet would get blocked.

She said, “Right, stand behind the chair, bend over at the waist and take hold of the front of the seat pad with both hands. Stay in that position until I tell you otherwise, do you understand?” I told her I understood and then did as she instructed, at my height I had to raise my feet slightly on my toes to comfortably bend over the chair back I could feel my thighs stretch and felt very exposed as my buttocks were thrust upwards.

Marie told me to spread my legs apart until they were shoulder width apart, she kicked my feet apart until she was satisfied. She then put her hands into the waistband of my pants and jerked them downwards to my ankles.

She told me that I would be strapped for five minutes, the time to be monitored by me. She explained that I was to tell her when I thought five minutes had expired and she would stop, she said she was also using a stopwatch, if my call came at 5 minutes or later, then the process would stop. If my call was made too early or if I moved or tried to avoid any strokes then time or further strokes would be added.

The first stroke landed with a sharp crack at the top of my buttocks, it hurt a bit but I was confident I could endure and maybe even enjoy this, I was still a bit high from my impressive orgasm.

The second, third and fourth strokes walked their way downwards across my buttocks, then she stopped.

Marie realised that the punishment she was awarding her cousin was not having the desired effect, the soft calfskin belt he had supplied was soft and flexible she may as well have been pulling a silk ribbon across his balls than carry on with this. She had wanted to provide a deterrent for him to prevent him raiding anyone else’s panty drawer, hers included. She suspected he had raided her drawer and her laundry bin to examine her knickers when he had stayed with her some years ago, she hadn’t been able to prove it then and had thought to challenge him then may have led to her giving him more of a thrill than anything else as she had thought about taking his ‘cherry’ back then.

She stopped and stopped the watch, she said “This belt isn’t up to the job, do you have another one which might be better?” She knew about the farm belt but wanted him to volunteer the information.

I said that this was the only belt I could find and told her that the blows really did sting.

Disappointed but not surprised she said, “Oh well, that’s a pity, I was hoping to save you some pain in the long run. The reason I was a bit late in arriving here was that I asked my sister to bring me a school belt, as you know she is a teacher and has the tawse for use there.”

She went to the hold-all she had brought with her and took out a a thick length of leather which was divided into two tails at one end, these devices were famously made at Lochgelly in Scotland for the express purpose of hitting children. They were mainly used on the outstretched hands of offenders but occasionally they were used on the buttocks or the backs of legs.

I looked up and saw her fondling a proper school belt, I knew what it was like to be strapped by one of these things across the hand, I was now in fear about having it applied to my bum, I said “ I think I’ve remembered where there may be another belt, I can go and get that.”

She said, “Oh really, like inside your bedroom cupboard where this one was earlier today, that’s why I gave you the chance to do the right thing, twice! It seems to me that when you have a choice to to the right thing or something which serves your selfishness you will always make the selfish choice. So shall we say that for lying and trying to avoid fair punishment we will add another 10 strokes at the end of the time.”

Marie tested the weight and flex of the new belt although she had experienced being on the receiving end of one at school a few times he had never been the belter, only the belted.

She raised her arm and brought it down again so that the belt landed across the most fleshy part of his buttocks, she saw a broad red welt immediately appear, his whole body  spasmed and he let out a high pitched squeak. She repeated the strokes at quite a slow rhythm, each time he uttered a squawk or cry, after about 10, he cried out loudly. She told him of the requirement to remain quiet and delivered two more blows, she was sweating slightly and she was very aroused. She had never thought this would be her thing but  she recognised she was fully turned on and was thinking about whether she could orgasm during this leathering or whether she would have to masturbate later.

Thwack, another blow landed, by now his whole bottom was a deep shade of red with dappled bluish patches of bruising within. There only about 10 seconds of the time to go, she thought if she slowed it down this would mean one or two more strokes before the additional 10 for defaulting on truthfulness.

“For fucks sake Marie, I can’t take this!” I shouted.

From my point of view, I felt the first blow like a red hot poker, the sting on my skin was only the beginning, a burning sensation spread through my buttocks and thighs. I felt an urge to urinate and tried to clamp everything closed tight. The strokes continued until I could only feel pain, i had forgotten the need to call ‘time’. Another blow landed and I couldn’t help but cry out, she told me I  had to be quiet or I  would get extra, I gritted my teeth but when another blow landed I thought he might lose control and wet myself so I cried out, “For fucks sake Marie!”

She told me there were only 10 strokes to go and to be brave, she said she couldn’t have me calling out though, she laid the belt on my sweat soaked back and reached under her skirt. Her hands came out and she pushed something into my mouth so that it was now full of some soft pliable thing, it felt like a cloth, he realised she had shoved her knickers into my mouth to keek me quiet, they were soaked before she put them in my mouth and he could taste the muskiness of her moistness.

She delivered the remaining strokes and told me to stand up.

As I tried to stand up the pain in my arse spread throughout my loins and thighs, I felt my legs wobble and grabbed the chair to steady myself. Marie stepped in front of me, reached out with her hand towards my face, she pulled the bunched panties out of my mouth and said, “Try to breathe steadily and walk around taking small steps until your legs feel normal again.” 

I was still breathing heavily and was sweating all over my body, I tried couple of baby steps towards the toilet as I still felt the need to urinate. As each step caused the muscles in my buttocks to contract and expand, so the pain formed in waves, rising and falling.

I got to the toilet and began to pee, I held my limp penis in my right hand to direct the stream. Marie had come into the bathroom with him and watched me as I peed.

She said, “Do you want to take a cool shower, that will help reduce the heat in your skin?” I  nodded, she turned towards the bath and reached to operate the shower controls above the bath, she adjusted the water so the flow was a more gentle cascade rather than a forceful jet, she adjusted the temperature so it was cool rather than hot or cold.  I stepped under the flow of water, at first it seemed to only add to the pain but gradually the cooler water began to take effect.

After 15 minutes or so I  felt more normal although my skin still smarted a bit. I got out and began to towel dry, as I rubbed the towel over my bum, it hurt

Marie said, “Well I’ve done what I said I would do so I will go and leave you in peace unless there is anything you want me to do to make you more comfortable.” 

I asked, “Like what?”

She told me that she had brought baby lotions with her and she witch hazel to help with any bruising. She said that we could talk too so that she could understand what i was thinking when I  was making choices and she could offer a woman’s perspective to help me understand.

I asked if she would put some lotion on to my  sore bum, she agreed and asked me where in the house I would like to have the lotion applied.

I said, can we go in the front room please, I could lean over the arm on the chair or something.”

She rummaged in her bag and brought out two containers and some cotton pads, I went to the settee and took up a kneeling position on the seat then leaned over the arm so my buttocks were in the air. Marie knelt beside me and soaked one of the pads in fluid, she began to apply it in light strokes starting it the centre of his right buttock and stroke alternatively upwards and downwards.

She asked if it was making me feel any better, I  replied, “I think so.” I wasn’t sure but I wanted it to continue.

After a short while she said, “I can’t reach your left side without crushing you, what about if you were to lie across my knees, I might have better access and control then?”

I  got up from the settee and stood while Marie sat in the centre section, I stood next to her and then lay across her thighs. She recommenced applying the lotions and asked me to tell her how it was making me feel. I told her that it felt good, pleasant even but I asked her to stop because I could feel myself stirring as her hands went between my buttocks and thought there may be consequences if she continued.

She said, “That’s brilliant, you see that was a good choice and shows respect. Okay I’ll stop, do you want to go and get dressed then while I pack up my stuff?”

I went upstairs and although each step was still tender, I did feel a bit aroused and that made me feel better. It was a bit uncomfortable pulling my pants over my bum but I got them on, then put on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. I went back downstairs and into the front room where Marie was sitting on an armchair. She saw me and leaned back into the chair, she asked, “What will you do this evening?” I said something like, “Watch a bit of TV or something.”

She said, “Well okay, as long as you don’t want me to stay on a bit to talk, I told my husband that you weren’t feeling so good and I might be late but I won’t stay if it makes you uncomfortable.”

I said, “It’s not that, I like you Marie otherwise I would have taken my chances on you telling mum and dad, it’s just kind of difficult. The truth is since I have been old enough, you have had more effect on me than any pictures or knickers, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to give offence but you’ve made me understand how I could have even without intending to.”

She crossed her legs as she repositioned herself in the chair, as she did so, her skirt which had risen so the hem was sitting on her knees opened and presented a view along her thighs, she had not replaced her underwear and I could see her full bush. She said, “It is a bit of a fight against nature. Your body is telling you it is time to go and reproduce, find yourself a mate, mate with her and produce the next generation, that is the animal instinct. But we have evolved beyond that, into a more intelligent animal where there are rules of respect for each other and conducting ourselves with decency in the company of other people.”

I said, “I understand what you are saying but it is difficult to understand that there are different rules that apply depending on who you are.”

She interrupted me saying, “I’m not sure what you are saying, can you explain or give me an example of what you mean?”

I said, “I will try and try not to offend you. Take today for example, I see pictures of women wearing sexy clothes, some of them in the magazines you caught me looking at, then if you reach down beside the chair you are sitting on you will find Littlewoods catalogue if you open it you will find a huge section on women’s underwear with pictures of boobs, bums and fannies, none of the women look like potatoes so they have been chosen to be attractive. If you look at the men’s underwear section you will see pants fitted over a plastic model and you will have passed completely through it in a couple of pages. Then take real people,  you dress to impress, years ago when you were pregnant, you wore tops which showed your breasts, when I was around you you said things like, ‘I’ll need to change my knickers because I’m so hot.” You would then disappear into your room and come out a few minutes later, saying, ‘That’s better but I’ll need to do a washing later to deal with the great pile of damp panties I am creating.’ What were you trying to do there Marie? 

She said,”I can’t remember if I did that. If I did, I’m sorry.”

I knew she wasn’t telling the truth, I realised she had probably been teasing me for years  but I had only noticed on a few occasions and on those occasions I had been rebuked or chastised.

I said, “I’m sure if you think about it honestly Marie, you will be able to come up with some occasions where you did or said something with if not the primary intention of either teasing or humiliating me can’t you?”

Her face turned red and she replied, “No, if there was anything like you are suggesting it must all be in your imagination which understandably for the reasons I gave earlier would be quite active.”

She pulled her legs closer together and sat forwards in the chair, she crossed her arms across her front and said she would have to be going soon.

I took my courage in both hands even though I knew it was the wrong thing to do and said,

“Really Marie? Is that your best, it is all in my imagination. Okay you can argue about all of the previous times but what about today? You made me strip and stand naked in front of you while you asked me about my sex life, you described a humiliating punishment and threatened to have it witnessed by someone else, you went home and changed your clothes including your knickers, suspenders and stockings. Is that not true?”

She said, “I usually get changed, there you go again, it’s your imagination.”

I stopped her, saying “Did I imagine you holding my penis and fitting a condom to it, instructing me to toss myself off and when it looked like I wouldn’t be able to orgasm, I imagined you lifting your skirt to flash your panties at me and make a belittling comment to me. Did I imagine you taking the same soaking wet pants off and forcing them into my mouth to stop me crying out when you were belting me?

Did I imagine your fingers running down the crack of my arse as you put the lotion on? Encouraging me to lie across your knee, your fingers touching my balls, my willy squashed against your nylons.

Did I imagine you crossing your legs a minute ago so I could see your hairy fud, what knickers are you wearing now? Tell me so I can understand how forceful my imagination is.”

She didn’t say anything, she held my eye for a while, then gave her head a half-shake and looked away.

I knew I had gone too far but I couldn’t do much as I was as hard as steel inside my pants and I didn’t want her to see so I too sat still.

After what seemed an age she said, “I’ll go now unless there is anything else then.”

She stood up and smoothed her skirt over her thighs but she didn’t move.

I said, “is this what you pictured when you started all this off earlier on Marie or did you have a different ending in mind?”

She said, “What do you mean, you were caught wanking over your mum’s knickers, she is my cousin and she deserves more respect than that, all women deserve more respect than men give them that’s what today was about.”

I said, “What you say is right Marie, I am rightly ashamed. I knew I shouldn’t have been looking at mum’s knickers and I thought the pictures was harmless. You have shown me today that it is not and I will have to think about how I deal with my urges from now on. But Marie for women to get more respect from men I think they have to earn it more. You can’t deliberately or carelessly flash your fanny at a virgin by and then cry foul when he looks or tries to taste the fruit. Maybe before you go you could do two things. The first being to explain to me how you deal with your urges and second, maybe you could put your pants back on before you go back to your family.

She took a deep breath and said, “First, I am not going to describe my private life to you and second, I will put my knickers on at a time of my choosing, it was my intention to visit the bathroom before I go. I suppose you were hoping I would put them back on in front of you so you could wank yourself silly after I go?”

I said, “I thought you would say something along those lines, until today I never had you down as a hypocrite. I wasn’t expecting you to dress in front of me but again it is interesting that you were present as I dressed and undressed today. Yes, I am sexually stimulated and I will deal with that when you’ve gone, if that means ‘wanking myself silly’ then that’s what I’ll do. I may use my fertile imagination to imagine you returning home tonight to your family and getting into bed. Will you have to take your wet knickers off first or will you not have put them on in the first place. In my version, your husband may reach for you and discover your wet fanny or he will find your sopping panties and ask for an explanation, so yes honestly, I can’t wait to get started. I will probably be filling a tissue or a sock before you have reached the garden gate.”

I felt embarrassed and emotional after my outburst, I hadn’t meant to confess  my feelings about her to anyone, let alone her. I had never spoken to anyone of my older generation in that manner and definitely not that content. I could feel my lip trembling and was afraid I would cry so I fled the room and ran to my room. I was hoping she would leave.

I dropped onto my bed and thought about how I had got into this mess, did everyone have to go through something like this? None of the other people of my age seemed to have done so, they confidently described how they had girls begging for them to pleasure them.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at my bedroom door, I said, “Yes come in.”

Marie stood in the doorway, she said “Can we be friends please?”

I said “I don’t know Marie, what do you think?”

She said, “I would like us to be friends, I realise I haven’t been very fair to you and I would like to make it up to you.”

I said “ We are friends Marie, don’t worry about it there’s nothing to make up for. Thanks for coming up to tell me.”

I sat on the side of the bed and smiled at her. 

She came and stood in front of me, she said “Can I sit next to you?”

I nodded and she sat alongside me but not touching.

She started talking, “You are right when you say I was teasing you over the years, I’m sorry it wasn’t fair then and it isn’t fair now. I hope you might forgive me. I admit flashing my breasts at you, talking dirty in your hearing, hoping that you would get excited and might try something so I could stop you and have power over you. After my daughter was born I felt that nobody noticed me anymore, everything was about the baby, quite rightly! You were different, you still seemed interested in what I had to say and of course I spotted your erections in your trousers and shorts and it reassured me that I could still have an effect on someone else. I know you think I’m a hypocrite so I have to tell you it turned me on to think of your state of excitement.”

I said, “You don’t have to say or do this this Marie.”

She said “No you’re wrong. I wanted to see how far I could push you, back then and today. Can I ask you when you were first physically attracted by me and what it was about me that caused the attraction?”

I said, “That’s a big one, I don’t know. It may have been watching you pegging out your undies on the washing line, seeing your brassieres, pants and your clothes hanging there in public when they are worn against such private places. It could have been when you got pregnant, ever since we had those crappy sessions at school which explained what went where and what it did to make a baby. You had a baby in you, I imagined you getting it. Was it in your mum’s house? Was it in the car? 

I saw you and your husband all over each other when he came in from work when you lived in your mum’s house. How you would both go into the bedroom and then I could hear the bed squeaking faster and faster. I was confused because you were already pregnant, it was only much later that I realised that sex isn’t just to get pregnant.

I wished you were my mum or not my mum but had responsibilities for looking after me. I was fourteen before mum stopped pulling my foreskin back to check if my willy was clean. After that, I had to pull it back and show her it was clean, I also had to bend over and spread my bum cheeks so she could see my bum was clean. I used to wish it was you.” My mates also liked you, I remember somebody saying “Your cousin knows it’s not just for pissing through!”

She said ”Wow! In the spirit of honesty, I’m a bit turned on by you telling me that. I suppose I’ve always liked being the one with a bit of power over my cousins’ kids. I admit I have played with myself thinking about you and some of your friends. I got turned on today when I saw the magazines you had been looking at and what with the knickers and the tissues, it was like being a voyeur. I wanted to watch you as you did it but I also wanted to be involved not just a spectator. One part of me was going to pull you down on your mum’s bed and let you have me but just because my husband is screwing anything with a hole. I decided that punishment was a way for me to legitimately see you  naked and vulnerable, I’m sorry I deceived and abused you. It is only fair that you should at least get the opportunity to do the same to me.”

I said “I am not going to hit you or humiliate you Marie, I have always liked maybe loved you, certainly lusted for you and I am not looking to even any scores, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve had a unique experience today and may even have learned some important lessons too so its job done.”

She said, “There has to be some payback, it has all been about me taking today and I want to give something back. Do you want me to take my clothes off for you? It would only be fair as I’ve been looking at your naked body today. Do you want me to fellate you or do you want to fuck me, for me to be your first?  Or maybe I have disgusted you and you want to push me away as fast as you can?”

I said,”I’m not disgusted and don’t want to push you away but 12 hours ago before all this started you would never have dreamed of letting me catch a glimpse of your bits never mind offering to strip in front of me, I told you how I have felt about you, none of that has changed or needs to changed except that you will know that sometimes when I am bashing the bishop, I might be thinking of you while I am doing it.” “Don’t get complacent or cocky though because Stevie Nicks is still my first choice of  a wank companion.”

She said, “I want to do something to rebalance things and I also want to have an orgasm!

I thought I would cum when I was belting you, I came close, I’ve never been so wet! I swear when I took my panties off and pushed them in your mouth, they were the wettest ever, I was sure I would cum there and then but somehow I didn’t. I want to be spanked, to be punished and humiliated like I did to you. Will you put me over your knee, pull my panties down and thrash my bottom?

I said, “Are you wearing panties because you took them off earlier didn’t you?”

She said, “ I brought a fresh pair because I thought I might need them, I also brought a pair of satin French knickers in case you needed to have something soft and gentle against your skin.”

I said, “How about you show me how you make yourself cum?”

She said, “Okay that’s an idea but I don’t to it very often so I’m not sure how good it will be, also with you watching it might make it a non-starter for my orgasm, perhaps we should just get close to each other and see what happens.”

I said, “Yeah let’s do that.”

She shuffled sideways so our bodies were touching each other from the knee to the shoulder, we turned in towards each other, my hands rose to come up on either side of her, she leaned her head forward until our faces were almost touching, her breath was warm against my face, her mouth was almost touching mine, I didn’t know if I should kiss her, I didn’t know if I could kiss her. The only kisses I had given or received were of the chaste family variety. It didn’t matter, her hand reached around my neck and pulled me towards her, our lips didn’t so much touch as collide, her tongue played along the front of my teeth and I opened up, it then pushed further in and rubbed my own tongue. I grew an instant erection, it felt as if it was throbbing in my pants which stretched but couldn’t stretch far enough and it was trapped . We broke the kiss and my lips travelled down her neck to somewhere below her ear, I kissed the soft taut skin, licked it gently and nibbled it with my front teeth.

She bucked then, her body spasming and writhing, she pulled my head further down until it was in contact with her left breast. Her top had a. Protrusion from the nipple below, she pulled my head tightly into her breast, I could do nothing except try to keep breathing but I felt the material of her bra beneath her shirt, I kissed, sucked and nibbled. She was like some sort of perpetual motion machine. She suddenly straightened up and pulled her shirt over her head exposing her black shiny and lacy bra. Her nipples were visible beneath the lacy material. She pulled my head back on to her tit, I could feel the nipple standing erect, I flicked it with my tongue, scraped it with my teeth and then clamped the whole teat in my mouth and sucked. She bucked again and reached behind her with both hands. She pulled the bra away and I was sucking her bare nipples. During all this time not much if anything was said until she said, “I want you to fuck me!”

All of sudden I was back in the room from the fantasy trip I had just been on. 

I said, “I don’t want you to break your vows for me, we can finish this another way.”

She almost shouted, “What are you talking about? David has been fucking anything and everything since before we were married. I kept quiet even at the ante natal clinic when the other mum’s were loudly whispering about how many were in clinic today because of David Murdie. For years I have eaten that shit for the sake of my daughter and my mum but now it’s my turn, I want to be fucked by someone who wants to fuck me not someone who is thinking of who they would rather be fucking while we go through the motions. So don’t fuck about, get inside me now!”

She was now lying on her back sideways on the bed, she had replaced the knickers she had stuffed in my mouth with a pair of white cotton briefs, her skirt was rucked to her waist and I could see a broad damp spot in the gusset of her panties. Buffoon to the end, I muttered something about finding a condom. She almost yelled, “I am on the pill, you are not exactly a big risk for ‘Clap Central’ so stop fucking around, get your cock ready and ride me till you make me cum, you can then do what you like.”

I took the pants off her revealing her hairy fanny  and undid my trousers and pulled them and my pants off together and crawled over her, she grabbed my penis and rubbed it a couple of times before pulling the knob down to her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit, as she did so, she skinned my foreskin back. I had never felt anything so intense on my cock and I was afraid I would blow my wad there and then. I tried to think of anything except what was going on here and now to stop myself from ejaculating too soon.”

I wanted to eat her, to taste her pussy but she was having none of it, her arms were under my arms and she hauled me upwards away from her midrift reaching at the same time for my prick and guided it towards her pussy entrance. I felt the warm dampness and some sort of  animal instinct took over, I covered her body with mine, my face nuzzled her neck, my trunk obscured hers and my penis lined up with her vagina. She said, “Fuck me hard!”

I wanted to be gentle but her hands grabbed my buttocks and pulled me into her.

My hips started thrusting at her almost with a will of their own, she planted her feet on the bed and bent her knees up thrusting her pelvis up against mine to meet each downward thrust of my cock. It was never going to last long, thankfully she she muttered, “Oh fuck, I’m coming.” She then sank her teeth into the skin on my right shoulder and bit down. I felt my own climax coming and the incredible sensation of my cum jetting into her, whether this sensation was boosted or diminished because of the pain where she was biting me, I still don’t know to this day.

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