Losing our virginity together

BalaRoxx   November 26, 2019   | 13633 Views
Hi all this is Bala from Banglore, kindly post your feedback to I'm a software engineer in Bnaglore working for a small company average height,25 years old, avergare… banner2 Hi all this is Bala from Banglore, kindly post your feedback to I'm a software engineer in Bnaglore working for a small company average height,25 years old, avergare looking and fun loving. I stayed in a rented room, where I meet the horoine of the story Fathima(obviiously fake name). It was a muslim family and she was my neighbour and I fell for her on the first look. she was like an angel with long hair, which is my weakness. I used to take glances then and there when she was around and I admired her structure. She was very thin litreally with very small boobs, and that made me crazy.

I was mad for her to get a chance to speak with her and after a month I got the chance. Her mother was ill and she needed my help for taking her to hospital. I spent the entire day helping her in hospital and she was thankful. We became friends and exchanged our numbers. I felt like I shouldn't jump into her immediately. One day on call, I told her how cute she was and she told me that I'm lying as she felt that she is thin and note cute. Then I explained her how I felt the day I first met her and how she looks like an angel. she was surprised that I even remembered her dress that she wore the day we met. She became so close that we almost shared everything.

One day when she was on the terrace and I got the chance to be with her alone. I was speaking with her about the way she looked and she was blushing like anything. when she was blushing I took a risk and grabbed her hands and kissed her in the lips so soft like berries MY GOD, what a feeling. then I realised she was very upset and left immediately. I was worried about the consequences about my action. Then her mother was on my door and I thought I'm done, but she told me that her daughter has some doubts in eng.maths and needs my help. God, I was so relieved and went to their home to help her. she was in her balck chudi, I tried to look at her but she never looked at me.

I tried to apologize for the early incident but she didn't give me a chance. I was so desperate and asked her to say something and after a long pause she said that she never expected me to behave like that and very disappointed in me. Then it was quite normal and we started focusing on maths. While studying I tried to touch her hands casually for which she was neve hesitant, then I told her how beautiful she was in that black chuddi. She started blushing and asked me to stop. I saw in her eyes that she liked me and used that situation to kiss her again, feeling those lovely lips again. She didn't kiss me back or push me aside, so the kiss continued for few seconds. Then there was a big silence and her mother said that she needs to go for some shopping and will be back soon.

Once her mom left, I grabbed her again and staretd kissing her hard and my hands were all over her body and she started moaning. I told her the way I felt about her and she kissed me back. I started removing her dress, soon she was in her inners and I stood frozed by her beautiful body. I wasted no time and removed my shorts and we were kissing like mad animals. I staretd sucking her boobs and slowly I reached below. She was hesitant initially then I started making her to adjust to my moves. I reached her beautiful pussy lips and started kissing it slowly, but she was shy and started moaning hard. She tried to close her legs and I was very persistant started licking her at a huge speed, she was in heaven moaning, finally she came a lot and I loved her scent and taste.

I wasted no time as my cock was hard for her and started moving her legs aside, quickly on top of her. I can't believe myself that the women of my dreams was lying naked aroused for me to take her. I have an average size cock and slowly inserted in her pussy, she was so tight I hurt a bit by kept pushing. I almost entered and she shouted in pain, I closed her mouth from making noise and witha final thrust I was inside her. GOD what a feeling it was she was so tight and her face was so sexy that I was moving like a machine to fuck her. I asked her how she felt she didn't answer but moaned often, which was clear that she liked what I was doing.

We changed the position, she was on top of me sitting on my cock, I would it was the best moment of my life, she was full and fell on my chest like a doll and I was pumping her good. I felt her insides squeezing me, which me to fuck her like a piston. I wanted this feeling to never end and  finally came but not inside her. We were very careful that we changed our clothes quickly and I went to my room before her mother returned. I was really unlucky that they moved from there and couldn't meet her after that. Hope you guys liked my story, feel free to comment and send your feedback to
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