My Date with Mr. Fantasy

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“On the other side of this door, I am in control, as we agreed. When you pass through the threshold of my sanctuary, you leave the world outside. You will be perfectly safe while in my home, of course. I only ask that you leave your inhibitions at the door, and trust me to give you what you want most.” He studied her face, looking for any hint of fear. “This is your last chance to change your mind, my dear. I need to know, do you still want me to give you this fantasy? If not, my driver can take you home immediately.” He squeezed her hand gently. “The choice is completely yours.” She smiled. “No. No. I want this!” “Then allow me to escort you inside, my dear. Your perfect sensual fantasy awaits.” stepmom

The limo approached her building and came to a stop. A handsome driver stepped out and opened the back door for her. “Miss Marie, your chariot awaits.” he said with a wink.

She couldn’t help but giggle when she got in. “Thank you, Sir.”

He closed the door with a smile and off they were.

She ignored the stares of the people on the sidewalk and looked around the limo. The interior was done in all white. There was a bucket of ice with a bottle of champagne in it, and some grapes, crackers and cheese on a real silver platter. There driver’s voice came over an intercom. “Mr. Fantasy wishes for you to have a complete experience. Pour yourself some bubbly and partake of a small snack.”

She reached forward and took a clump of ice-cold red grapes. She chose to pass on the champagne. Mr. Fantasy had required her to safe call at least three friends, so that one of them could be sure to be available to come pick her up, should she decide to cut their encounter short. She had checked out all twelve of his glowing references, and for the most part felt safe meeting the man who went by Mr. Fantasy. Still, she wanted to keep her mind clear for the evening.

The closer the limo got to the destination, the more nervous she got, yet it was the kind of excited nervous that made her heart beat a little faster with each mile. Her friend Chloe had given her his private number, and insisted she give him a call. Desperate, she finally broke down and called. They had talked nearly every night since.

            A week later, she was on her way to meet the elusive Mr. Fantasy in person. No, she was already here. The driver had turned down a private road, and then turned to gravel, winding through several cedar, oak and fur trees lining the long driveway. Several minutes later the limo pulled up to a large red brick Victorian with a wrap around porch.

            “Wow,” She murmured to herself. “Impressive.”

            The limo drive opened her door and she stepped out into the white gravel drive. The double doors of the entry were done in polished wood, carved into a large oak tree with scantily clad women sitting against the trunk. One of the women was combing her hair, smiling, while the other was reading a book in a slightly provocative position.

            She stood on the porch, studying the carving, when the door swung open slowly.

            “Marie.” The voice on the phone greeted her.

            She stared at the man in front of her. He was Eros incarnate. He had thick dark hair, shoulder length and luxurious, but cut to accentuate his powerful jaw, high cheekbones and variegated blue-gray eyes. His eyes were framed with long black lashes. He was dressed in simple dark wash jeans, and a crisp white button down shirt, with the sleeves rolled up.

            “Marie.” He said again, he took her hand. She gulped. “I’m glad you came.” He smiled easily.

            “I…uh…I’m glad I came.” She was clearly flustered. He almost laughed, but didn’t want to make her even more uncomfortable. She was wearing a simple black skirt, with a bright red blouse that accentuated her thick hourglass figure and lavishly endowed breasts. The caveman part of his brain wanted nothing more than to stuff his face between them and motorboat them. Instead, he cleared his throat.

            “On the other side of this door, I am in control, as we agreed. When you pass through the threshold of my sanctuary, you leave the world outside. You will be perfectly safe while in my home, of course. I only ask that you leave your inhibitions at the door, and trust me to give you what you want most.”

            He studied her face, looking for any hint of fear. “This is your last chance to change your mind, my dear. I need to know, do you still want me to give you this fantasy? If not, my driver can take you home immediately.”

            He squeezed her hand gently. “The choice is completely yours.”

            She smiled. “No. No. I want this!” She nodded her head. Her blonde hair was cut into an adorable bob, bouncing against her cheek as she spoke. “Are we…will we be alone here?”

            “There is no one here at the moment. My cleaning staff does not live on sight, and my driver has his own residence on the property. No one will overhear anything, if that is what you are worried about.”

            She smiled. “Okay.”

            “Then allow me to escort you inside, my dear. Your perfect sensual fantasy awaits.”

            He swung the door open and pulled her inside.



            She gasped when she saw the luxurious marble floors of the rotunda and the extravagant décor. Tasteful artwork hung on the walls that she instinctively knew were not copies. There was a large glass statue of an African lion possessively taking his lioness in the center of the foyer. Beyond it she could see the focal point of the massive living room, with a floor to ceiling wall of granite making up the old world fire place. He loved watching women study the mating pair of lions. The way they responded revealed quite a lot about how they would embrace his role in their most intimate fantasies.

            Marie stared at the ferocious teeth of the lion as he bit down on his lioness neck, clearly marking his territory and holding her in place. She knew she should be frightened, but the lioness had an expression that gave her pause. She looked as if she was purring, enjoying being dominated. Marie glanced at the man standing next to her. “That’s…intense.”

            “Yes…they are.” He smiled. He could see her cheeks flush, and her eyes dilate just slightly and knew the sight was arousing to her. “Come, let’s begin.”

            He gently pulled her arm and led her around the mating lions to the massive spiral staircase.

            “Where are we going?” She asked.

            “My playroom.” He said shortly. “Now, Marie, no more questions until after our session, yes?”

            “Okay.” She stayed silent while he led her up the stairs and across a wide balcony to a room with double French doors. She could see through the glass that they were heavily curtained in a dark maroon.

            A silk cloth dropped over her eyes, and was quickly tied. “Trust me.” He whispered into her ear. His warm breath tickled against her skin, causing her to shiver. She opened her mouth to speak, but remembered what he had said. Instead she just nodded. “Good girl.”

            “I don’t allow clothing in my playroom, Marie. I will be waiting inside. You will strip down, and enter completely nude. Do I make myself clear?”

            She hesitated, heart in her throat. She hadn’t been naked in front of a man ever in her life. What had she just gotten herself into? She shouldn’t do this!

            Just then, he came up behind her, and moved her blouse off her shoulder just enough to kiss that spot on her collarbone, the one that sent a shiver of sensation through her whole body and made her pussy swell. How was it possible that one simple gesture could make her ache to be touched? “I already think you are gorgeous Marie.” It was as if he knew all her insecurity and fears. “Every woman is beautiful, but you my dear, are simply stunning.”

            He touched her arm, running his hands down while the other wrapped around her waist, pulling him tight against her. Heat pulsed from his hands on her hips as he pulled her bottom closer to the front of his jeans. She gasped. “Can you feel how much I already want you?”

            She could. His hands roamed, gently caressing over her ribs, cupping and lifting her breasts. He tweaked a nipple gently and just as quickly, moving down to toy with the edge of her skirt, moving down her thigh and trailing his fingers up the tender skin of her inner thigh slowly, and then frustratingly back down again. “I’m going to savor every inch of your delicate skin, Marie, just the way you have always wanted a man to worship you. But first you have to undress for me.” He teased.

            With that, he stepped away from her, opened the door and walked into the playroom, leaving blindfolded, breathless and wanting in the hallway.

            She stood there, gathering her wits, and calming her breathing. Then, as if someone else were the one doing it, she began to strip in a stranger’s hallway. She had worn the skirt and blouse simply because they were comfortable and stylish, but she wore the black lingerie because it made her feel sexy. The edged of the blindfold tickled her neck and shoulders as she glanced around, listening. There were no sounds in the entire house, save for her rather rapid breathing. Before she lost her nerve, she unhooked the bra and pushed down the lace panties. There was something so very naughty about being so exposed in someone else’s house in the full light of day. Still she wasn’t quite ready to walk into the room. Her heart beat a staccato rhythm in her chest. Was she really going to do this?


            He watched her on the monitor, standing there with an adorable little frown on her face. She bit her lip and he groaned aloud. Secretly watching women undress was always erotic for him. She has surprised him. Some girls never got naked in the hallway. Instead they would rip the blindfold off, run out the door and never be heard from again. Marie wanted this fantasy bad enough to get completely naked. It was just a matter of time before the door opened. He would be patient and wait.

            He laughed when she began to fold all the clothing neatly and set it off to the side in a little pile. She was stalling. He was tempted to go out and get her, but she had to take this step without coaxing. She had to know in her own mind, just how badly she wanted the fantasy to become a reality. He smiled when he saw her take a deep breath, reach for the doorknob and walk through the door.


            She felt her feet sink into the plush carpeting. The room was warm, she noticed right away. Warm enough to be naked in and not get too chilled. She thought.

            “Kneel.” His voice had changed, was more abrupt, gruff. Sexy.

            She felt a little thrill as she nodded and did as she was told. She didn’t hear him walk up to her.

            “You will address me as Sir, while we are in this room, simply as a matter of respect. You will not question an order, or speak unless I ask you a direct question or I tell you to respond.”

            She gulped.

            “You will tell me your safe word now.”

            “Purple.” She swallowed. “It is my favorite color.”

            “Good.” He smiled. He couldn’t resist running his fingers through her silky hair.

            He helped her to stand. “Turn around and place your hands behind your back.” He ordered.

            She swallowed. For an instant she wanted to tell him no, but then something in her sort of snapped, almost like a rubber band, and she felt a rush of liquid at her core. This was exactly what she need.

            She turned and presented her arms to him. She felt him place two soft cuffs around her wrists. He pulled on the straps enough to push her shoulders and make her arch her back.

            He led her carefully, walking her backward until she bumped into something against her thigh. “The bed.” His voice was authoritative, calm, reassuring.

            She was silent as he pushed her onto the bed and back onto what seemed like an entire mountain of pillows. The cool silk felt decedent against her naked skin, and she wondered if he was as naked as she was.

            “Before I tie you, I want to hear you say the words.” He said. “I want you to tell me what you asked of me over the phone. Tell me your fantasy.”

            She felt a blush creep through her entire body.

            He watched in rapt attention as the blush crept from her flushed cheeks down to her chest. Her little pink nipples hardened under his gaze. He licked his lips, wanting so badly to devour them. Her sex was bare, as most girls her age kept their pussies. He found he rather enjoyed the look, as it made his favorite pastime much more enjoyable.

            “Tell me what you asked me to do to you.” He demanded again.

            “I want you to…um, kiss me and make love to me like you really are in love with me.” She said.

            “And?” She felt him sit on the bed and begin to caress her skin, barely roaming his fingertips up her leg, playing at her hip, gliding over her midsection and up to her breasts. He tweaked a nipple, hard. She gasped and couldn’t resist arching into his touch.

            “I’ve never orgasmed. I want to know what that feels like.”

            “There was something specific you said you wanted, Marie. Tell me.” He trailed his fingernail across her chest to her other breast and circled her areola, not quite touching her nipple. Her breathing hitched.

            “I want to orgasm until I can’t stand it anymore.” She moaned.

            “Until what?” He asked, his other hand began to trail down her stomach, teasing her bellybutton, circling, and then edging down a bit farther, until his fingertips rested on the fleshy mound just above her clit.

            “Until…ugh…” She gasped.


            “You make me pass out!” She cried.

            “Good girl.” He murmured. He delved one finger down through her mound. He had barely touched her and she was already soaking. He gathering her wetness and pulling it up toward her clit. He circled it gently, barely grazing it. Simultaneously, he pinched the nipple he had been teasing. She moaned.

            “I’m going to tie you down now, Marie.” He said, pulling one of the straps up to the bolt he had in the wall above the short headboard and threading it through. “Because as some point you are going to start thrashing around, and I can’t have that.”

            She felt him move to the other side of the bed, and gasped when he pulled her other arm tight. He tested the bonds by yanking on them. She couldn’t move her arms more than an inch or so. “Are you comfortable?” He asked.

            “Yes.” She whispered.

            He reached over and grabbed her head and pulled it back, “Yes what?” He growled into her ear.

            “Yes, Sir!” She gasped.

            He released her without a word and testing the Velcro straps around her wrists. They were too tight for the duration of the session he was going to have with this one. He wanted to make sure that not only would she have an orgasm, but also that he would give her such a series of them that nobody else would ever be able to give her what he could. He readjusted the straps and stepped back from her. She lay like a delicious offering for him, ready and waiting to be devoured by him. He was going to thoroughly enjoy this feast.

            “One more thing, Marie.” He said gruffly. “You are not allowed to climax until I tell you to.”




            “Please, Sir, may I come?” Marie shook with the force to hold back the orgasm.

            “Not yet, lovely.” His voice rasped. He kissed the flesh of her mound, and breathed deeply. He loved her sweet scent, like spicy vanilla cream. He had a delicious view of her thick waist and large breasts. A fine sheen of sweat made her skin glisten in the candle’s light. He went back to his task, holding her hips still under his strong hands. She would have bruises in the shape of his fingertips by the time the sun came up, a reminder of their passion she would wear with pride until they faded.

            “Please!” She begged, squirming against him. “I need…”

            “You need more.” He interrupted. His lips hovered over her feminine lips, barely teasing. “More of me.” But he held back, letting her body cool, until the shudders passed and she settled into his arms again. Without warning, he dipped his tongue and tasted, tongue fucking her, stabbing deep and going back to her clit again. When she thrashed and let out a long wail of pleasure, he stopped again. He had kept her on the edge of orgasms for several hours now, touching and teasing every inch of her soft skin.

            “Oh God!”

            “No…my name is Mr. Fantasy my dear.”

            “Mr. Fantasy! Please, make me come. Please!”

            “No.” She gave a sharp cry when he slapped the side of her ass. He raised an eyebrow. Had he known she enjoyed a good spanking, he would have made it part of their play. Ah well, she will be back.  Next time. He went back to his feast, licking and sucking her clit, slowly alternating between the two, building her up again until her loud cries filled the room.

Just when she thought he was going to let her come, he simply stopped again. She sobbed her need, begging and pleaded to do anything for him. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she squirmed, offering herself up to him again, begging him to finish her. After being teased and put on edge over and over again for what seemed like an eternity, she was finally at her breaking point. If she didn’t come, and come right the fuck now, she was going to lose her mind.

Marie had admitted she had never been able to bring herself to climax, and neither of her two inexperienced lovers had either. Like so many deprived women he met, Marie just wanted an oral fucking. For some reason he couldn’t fathom, a lot of men refuse to please their women. Either they didn’t like it, or they didn’t know how to do it properly. Whatever the case, Mr. Fantasy was happy to partake. For him, going down on a woman was one of his most favorite things and his enthusiasm brought him many hopeful customers. Marie was no different. So there they were, in a bed of rumpled sheets, her completely naked while he remained fully clothed. For him, that measure of control was necessary, but for the women, it only heightened their desires and made the experience all the more satisfying.

            “Marie, are you ready to come for me darling?” He rasped. “Because this time, I’m not going to stop until you pass out. I want you to be as vocal as you wish, and come as many times as it takes to give you want you asked me for.”

            “Oh…please! Do it! Do it!” She shouted, lifting her hips up as high as she could.

            “As you wish.” He pushed a button and the little toy nestled up against her most sensitive spot came alive, buzzing deep inside her. He’d placed it there at the beginning of their session together. Slowly he pushed two fingers just inside her, sliding them in and out into a rhythm that had her moaning continuously.

            She was already coming when he put his mouth to her again and sucked hard on her clit, driving her higher and higher while the toy and his fingers danced inside her. He held one arm across her hips, pinning her ass to the pillow, and licked and sucked like a starving man. One climax after another rolled together while she moaned and screamed her pleasure. Eventually, her cries became desperate and she squirmed to get away. He only pulled her back to his mouth, and kept licking.

            “Oh…too much! Stop…oh…NO!!!” The orgasm ripped through her body as she moaned again. He just turned the toy up to the highest setting. She screamed and thrashed in another orgasm before the last one even faded. “I can’t take more.” She finally cried. Her whole body was on fire and she couldn’t stop shaking. The little toy inside her only made it worse, because every time she thought it would stop, she felt another one building. “Please stop now. I can’t come again.” She whimpered. Yet he noticed she had not used her safe word.

“Yes you can, sweetheart. I will make you come until you pass out. That is what you said you wanted, and that is what you will get.” He vowed. He sat up and lifted her legs over his shoulders, so that her ass was hanging in the air. He lifted her completely exposed pussy to his mouth, holding her still. Her pussy was swollen from all the attention, and her clit protruding and exposed to his wicked tongue. He flicked his tongue as fast as he could over her clit, side-to-side, up and down, and side-to-side again, forcing another strong orgasm from her. He growled his pleasure at her wanton response. She squealed loud and long, gushing over his face. Only then did he suck her into his mouth, holding the pressure. Very gently he scraped his teeth over her swollen clit. She bucked once, and screamed again, this time silently, as her whole body shuddered in pleasure. He used the edge of his teeth against her again, flicking his tongue. She gave one loud gasp, went completely stiff, and finally succumbed to the pleasure of his mouth. He watched her eyes roll back in her head as he felt her go limp under him. He gently licked up the last offering her body would give him.

            When the pulses of her last orgasm stopped, he gently unwound her legs and rested her bottom onto the raised pillow. Her head lolled off to one side of the pillows holding her up, her breathing slowing.

            “Mission accomplished.” He said smugly. He released her arms from the soft bonds, tearing the Velcro straps. He rubbed her hands in his, helping to ease any pins and needles that the lack of circulation from her struggles may have caused. When he was satisfied with the pink color of her hands, he moved to take the toy from her, easing it out gently. He switched off the buzzing egg and placed it on the waiting table.

            He took the soft baby washcloth washed her gently, and patted her dry with an equally soft towel. No matter what his girls asked of him, he always made sure they were well taken care of after. He checked her pulse, satisfied that she was just asleep. For the time being, he ignored his rock hard cock, pulled the covers up over her, and let her sleep. The next time she came to him, and he knew she would, he would take her in every way possible.

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