Volunteering On My Godson’s School Camp [MFM]

DoloresDelCarmen   October 11, 2020   | 30361 Views
My godson swung around behind me, gripped his hard dick, and made a clumsy stab at my perineum. I reached behind myself and guided him to my opening. Now I had the head of his young cock planted between my labia. He shifted his hips in, and the whole length of his rod slipped right inside me. He pulled back out, then slid in again even harder, then harder again - so hard I fell forward over his friend, took his cock in my mouth and began sucking it. cheating My 18-year-old godson had his senior camp at a lakefront retreat last summer, but they were short on volunteers and his mother couldn't make it, so she asked with me to go in her place. I was a bit reluctant, but they were close to cancelling the camp and I owed her a favor so I agreed.

When we all reached the lake and set out find our allotted cabins, I was surprised that I was going to be bunked with my godson and his best friend. When I queried management about the arrangement, they said that usually only male teachers bunk with male students and females with females, but for the last couple of years there had been a drop off in both male teachers and volunteer dads, and this year there just weren't enough to go around. The reason I drew the short straw was because I wasn't at the volunteer meeting in which everything was arranged. But they assured me it would be fine: it was only three nights and our cabin had been divided in two with a screen, and my godson and his best friend would take one half while I took the other.

The ‘screen’ was a bit of a joke – actually it was just a noticeboard on wheels and nowhere tall or wide enough – but to be honest I didn't mind that much. I figured surely a couple of boys would be a lot easier to manage than a cabin full of girls. They weren't a difficult pair either - they always hung around together, so it would be an easy assignment keeping tabs on them.

I was right. It was fine. For the first couple of nights at least. The boys mainly kept to themselves and we were all so exhausted after the day's activities that we crashed at night really quickly and slept like logs. By the third night though… What is it about the last night of a camp that makes everyone a bit silly?

I don't know how long most people can go without privacy. Three days and two nights seems like the limit for virile young men who need to – well - take care of themselves. I was at my limit too, having spent so much time among these attractive youths, watching their lithe bodies on the beach: swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball.

It's not like I didn't try to sleep that night. I just couldn't. By midnight I was quietly caressing myself in the darkness, hoping it would relax me. The problem was, I was hoping to finish myself off and pass out, but I needed to hear signs that both of the boys were asleep first.

The cabin had three bunks, arranged in a U-shape. When we’d arrived, they'd given me first choice, and I’d opted for the top bunk on the right-hand side figuring it would be more appropriate if I slept out of reach and in a position where I could keep an eye on them if needed. My godson had chosen the top bunk on the left, and his friend decided to go underneath him on the bottom bunk.

Because the dividing screen wasn’t high enough to obscure us from each other, I had to sleep in a tank top and some loose-fitting shorts. Lights-out had been a couple of hours ago and I was waiting for the sounds of the boys sleeping so I'd know I was free to touch myself. In fact, I'd already pulled down my shorts and was sliding my fingers around the outside of my knickers, desperate to relieve my tension.

Just as I was growing confident enough to slip my fingers inside my panties, I heard a whisper. I cracked an eyelid and rolled my head to look across the room. My godson had leaned over the edge of the bed and was asking his friend whether he was still awake or not.

And damn. He was.

He replied that he couldn’t get to sleep and asked my godson what he was thinking about.

I was so sexually frustrated that I almost told them to shut-up and go to sleep. But it didn’t seem fair to tell them off, just because I was a little horny. And were whispering anyway. So, I decided to stay silent and pretend to be asleep.

My godson explained what he was thinking about. He said he was wondering whether or not I was asleep.

She has to be asleep, his friend said – quite loudly, as if he was double checking to see if I would stir.

Yeah, she’s totally out to it, my godson said, no longer whispering.

Do you want to jerk it for a while? his friend asked.

Okay, he said.

Suddenly their bunk began to creak. My heart skipped a beat. His friend was climbing up onto the top bunk with him.

I knew girls experimented sexually from time-to-time – I’d done it myself while I was at boarding school. But I guess I’d thought guys were more homophobic or something. Still, this was a different generation; they were a lot more open about the fluidity of sexuality and gender. Their relationship was really none of my business, but I was intrigued and incredibly turned on by the fact I was locked in a room alone with two young men who were going to masturbate together, so I kept my mouth shut and started touching myself again.

There was just enough light from the main hall coming in through the clerestory windows that I could make out what they were doing as they stripped off their clothes and sat cross-legged, face to face.

My body ached, so I slipped my bra and panties right off and put my middle finger down to my slit again.

They began massaging their cocks, up and down, watching each other intently.

I parted my inner curtain, drawing some of my wetness up over my swollen clit.

They were hard now, and I could make out the shape of their erections in the windowlight as they rubbed their cocks up and down, up and down.

I rolled my finger around and around my clit, then slid it back into my wet pussy hole. As I did, it made a little suckling sound, and I froze – worried that they’d heard.

They hadn’t. They were whispering again. My godson’s friend was asking him who he was thinking about as he touched himself. Then my godson was pointing towards me.

Me too, his friend said.

They were thinking about me? That was too much. I found myself wrapping my sleeping bag around my naked body, slipping off the bed, and shoving that ridiculous room divider out of the way.

They heard me and turned to look. They were caught like deer in headlights. There was no point trying to cover up, so they just stared at me.

I spoke to them gently. I told them that it was really none of my business what they were doing, and that they shouldn't be ashamed if they needed some relief, and that if they wanted to sneak off to the forest and fool around, that was fine, but I’d need to know the area, so if they got lost, I’d know where to look.

My godson just nodded his head but said nothing.

I added that I also wouldn’t mind if they preferred to stay in the cabin and do it, but that I was also in need of relief, so I was hoping they’d be gentlemen about it, turn a blind eye, and allow me the same liberties.

They were probably a little shocked by my candidness and weren’t sure how to respond, so I shrugged and began to turn back to my bunk. But then I heard my godson clear his throat.

I think we can all do it here, he mumbled.

I smiled and looked at his friend to see if he agreed.

If you wanted… his friend started. But he was too shy to finish whatever it was, so I had to prompt him gently.

If you wanted to, you could come up here with us, he said.

I acted as if I was thinking about it long and hard. But, in fact, I had totally swooned. Seeing their lithe young bodies up close made heart starting thumping, and the craziest, lustiest, naughtiest feelings began to wash over me. My sexual energy took over, and I found myself acting totally from impulse – dropping my sleeping bag, baring myself to them, and climbing the rungs of the ladder to join them on the top bunk.

They watched the hang of my boobs as I climbed up, then they scooted over, so I could arrange myself between them, leaning back on the wall. I heard my godson intake a deep breath as I spread my legs and put my fingers to my inner thighs. It was possible – even probable - that they were virgins, and neither of them had seen a wet, open vagina in the flesh before. But the thought that they might lose their innocence with me just added to my arousal.

As they took up their cocks again, I kneaded my fingers against my outer labia and began rubbing up and down my slit. They were both staring alternately at my boobs and my open pussy, and I was watching as their hands rubbed up and down, shifting their young foreskins to bunch up between their fingers, then pulling back down to reveal the smooth heads of their cocks.

Soon they were leaning against me on each side. My godson had his head against my neck, and I could feel his breath flowing down my breasts and tingling my nipples. His friend was leaning against at my arm, and I could feel the rhythm of his movements as he rubbed himself up and down.

If what we were doing was wrong, then I thought I should make the most of a bad situation. I decided to whisper to them: You know, you guys can put your hands on me, if you want.

That was all they needed to hear. Their young hands began caressing their way from my arms to my hips. The friend was cupping one of my breasts, gently rubbing a finger around a nipple. My godson though was growing more adventurous and began rubbing the little patch of pubic hair above my pussy.

When I felt his finger go lower, so it was almost toying with the hood of my clit, I spread my legs wider to allow him better access. His finger slipped down, nudging mine out of the way, falling directly onto my clit. That released another leak of wetness from me. It also freed up both of my hands, so I reached over and wrapped my hands around their own to increase the pressure they were applying to their cocks as they rubbed themselves.

My godson's finger started making slow up-and-down motions against my clit, and his friend leaned down and began sucking on my left nipple. A moment later they slipped their fingers away, so my hands were directly on their cocks. It felt incredible: dirty and nice and naughty, all at the same time. I was breathing heavily, and the desire was growing in me, and I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return… when suddenly, my godson’s friend began cumming without warning. He moaned an apology then squeezed his eyes shut. I felt the first hot jet of his cum fly up across my tits. My godson and I looked down to see his friend dousing me with pump after pump of semen, as he apologised between groans.

I must have looked a bit disappointed because godson immediately said don’t worry to me. He told me that his friend would easily be able to get it up again if I didn't want to stop yet. His friend chimed in too, as soon as he could snatch a breath, saying: He's not lying. I can come, like, three or four times in a row sometimes. I just need to see something sexy...

He didn't need to finish. I was pushing him down onto his back and pulling my godson behind me. I leaned back and told my godson that I wanted him inside me while I sucked his friend’s cock.

My godson swung around behind me, gripped his hard dick, and made a clumsy stab at my perineum. I reached behind myself and guided him to my opening. Now I had the head of his young cock planted between my labia. He shifted his hips in, and the whole length of his rod slipped right inside me. He pulled back out, then slid in again even harder, then harder again - so hard I fell forward over his friend, took his cock in my mouth and began sucking it.

They weren’t lying. The boy’s cock grew stiff in my mouth immediately. I began licking and sucking it slowly but forcefully as he looked down at me in amazement.

Guessing they were both new to this experience and wouldn’t last long, I put one of my hands under myself and began touching my clit.

My virgin godson began rubbing my ass and gripping my hips, thrusting into me, rocking back and forth. I started throwing myself back into him to force him deeper and deeper, and taking his friend’s cock right into my mouth, sucking it harder and harder. Soon we were moving faster and faster and I felt the first tingles of an orgasm building. I took the boy’s cock out of my mouth just long enough to say that I was about to cum.

That was all they needed to hear. Both of them were moving their hips now, moaning and ramming their cocks inside of me. As my orgasm began, I felt their bursts of cum begin thudding into my mouth and pussy – spurt after spurt after spurt of virgin sperm slathering my insides. I kept slamming my hips back, enjoying the contractions of my pussy and feeling their young, hot and potent cum flooding my entire body.

There was just one final orgasmic pulse as my body fell lax, and we all lay down in a heap. A moment later, I patted them gently on the legs and went back to bed. And that was it. It was highly immoral - one of the naughtiest moments of my life - but I still think about it whenever I feel the need to remember the joys of youth.
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