First time through the scars

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My hand run down to her womanhood as my mouth found her nipples. I rolled them around in my mouth and tenderly sucked on each of them. I entered her soft pussy with two fingers and worked then gently in and out of her. With my thumb I stroked her clit bringing it to attention and ready for action. “Scott.” she said pulling my face up. “I love you. Please make love to me.” she pleaded gently. Lesbian

To start this story you must know about the truth about me - what happened to me and how it shaped my life.

As a child I mixed freely and had many friends. I was popular and sporty… until the night. The night that has defined my life every day until now.

I was 17 when the heat and smoke filled my room. I didn’t see the flames or even feel the sizzling of my skin as the flames burned my flesh cerise, like the roast crackling for some poor unfortunate pig.

When I woke and came to my senses many months later 65% of my body was burned, mainly down the left hand side. From the top of my head to the sole of my foot I was burnt.

I spent years dealing with operations, dressings and tight compression suits.

When I walked past kids they would run behind their parents, mothers and fathers would look and grab hold of their young.

The people I knew growing now walked past me or crossed the road to avoid me.

The only people in my life that even looked at me as a person were the nurses and doctors, but I wondered if that was because it was their job.  

When I went out I covered myself from head to toe, always wearing a hoody, making my scars invisible for that time anyway. I gave up on friendship so the thought of love or sex although a constant thought was never a real expectation.

That was until I met Elena. I was sitting in the waiting room for my turn to see Dr Miller.

I could see Elena had been burned as well - a compression hood covered her face, clothes covered the rest of her.

She walked out of Dr Miller’s office and smiled at me.

In an instant I felt a beat in my chest, my heart had started to do more then just beat to keep me alive. She noticed me… she did… I was sure.

I put the magazine I was reading down and rushed out to see where she went. I almost run into her by the elevator.

“A oh sorry.” I said, as I did my best to slide past her.

“It’s ok. Where are you going? Is there a fire or something?” she said with a laugh.

I couldn’t believe it she had spoke to me and she had a sense of humour.

“I’m… well… to be honest I was looking for you.” I blurted out.

“Me? Why me?” she asked.

“Well it was your smile. I don’t even know if it was me you smiled at but I just wanted to see it again.”

Elena’s eyes glistened and she smiled once again.

“Well where are you off to? I guess sun bathing is out so how about we grab a coffee and have a chat.” she said.

Coffee! I couldn’t believe I what I was hearing… she wanted to have a coffee with me!

“I know a nice place where it’s so busy, you just blend in.” I told her.

“Well let’s go, but only if sells chocolate cake.” Elena said with a smile

We sat and talked for ages - she was so light hearted so philosophical about her injuries and mine. I found myself laughing more than I could remember in a long, long time.

Over the coming weeks we shared a lot of time together. As we grew closer it became clear that Elena saw me for me, and that was more then I ever wish for.

Friday was a big day. If Dr Miller was happy Elena would finally be able to take off her compression hood. I had got to know her with the hood on. Seeing her with the hood off was a sight I looked forward to and had no intention of running from.

“Are you coming today?” she asked.

“If you would like me there, I would love to be there.” I smiled.

“I would. I’m sick scared.” Elena confessed. “I haven’t let anyone see me without the hood yet.” she said with nerves in her voice for the first time since we had been together.

I picked her up and we headed to Dr Miller’s office. Luckily no waiting – we went straight in.

“Are you ready Elena?” asked Dr Miller.

“Yep lets do it.” she said.

The Velcro strap at the back pulled apart and Elena slid the hood off her head.”

She sat for a while I guess fear had hold of her. She didn’t turn to face me.

I got up and slowly walked around in front of her. Her hair was very short - some of the right side was gone where the burn scars were.

Her face partially covered in burn scars, as were her neck, shoulder and right arm.

I walked all around and looked at her.

“Wow! You are even more beautiful then I imagined.” I said meaning every word.

She smiled, tears welling in her eyes.

I was lost in her. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She leaned over and grabbed a bag she had brought with her.

“So do you prefer blondes or redheads?” she asked.

“Oh either. Blondes have more fun they say.” I smiled.

“They sure do.” Elena smiled back. With that she pulled out a long blonde wig. And put it on.

I smiled and gave her a hug. She held tight to me.

“Don’t let me go, please.” she said. This confident woman was still soft inside - a little girl needing love like the rest of us.

“I never will.” I said holding her even tighter.

Dr Miller coughed. We’d forgotten about him. He was smiling at us from ear to ear.

He spoke to Elena about the dangers, caring for her skin and what she needed to do. She hugged and thanked him and made an appointment for six months time.

We jumped into my car and drove back to my place.

“Come on.” I said, “Let me rub some cream on you. I knew how to rub cream into burns – I’d done it a thousand times for myself. It’s in my room.

She followed me into the room, I grabbed the jar and looked at her.

Our eyes met and they said everything our words still hid.

Elena undid her top and let it fall to the floor. She unclipped her bra and it also fell away.

I walked close to her and I started to rub the cream into her softly and gently. I coated all the spots that needed my tenderness then kissed her lips for the first time.

She lay on the bed and pulled her skirt off. I took off my shirt and unbuckled my jeans. Slowly she wiggled herself up the bed until she was on the pillows.

Naked, beautiful and complete.

I climbed on to the bed and started to kiss her slowly working up her body landing kisses tender and soft wherever my lips touched.

Until I reached her face.

“Elena you are so beautiful, but I need to do something.” I said.

I reached up and took off her wig and tossed it onto the vanity beside the bed.

“Now you are real, we are real and this is real. I have fallen for you from your head to your toes Elena and I want to love you with all of me.”

She smiled again tears, welling up and spilling out of her eyes.

“Yes I would like that. I would like that a lot.” she said.

We fell into a kiss. Not hard or fast but slow and rhythmic, our mouths connected and our lips and tongues danced in unison.

My hands rubbed down her body feeling her, touching her, loving her.

She pushed me back and started to kiss my body. I lay back but felt tension rise in me. I was scared she would find my scars repulsive.

The opposite was true. She kiss them and healed them and me with every touch. She kissed my body and my member reacted to every touch of love that soaked through from her lips, through my skin and into my soul.

Soon she sucked my hard man tool. She licked it and looked at it - as if there was a test and she had to remember every detail. She sucked around the head as she pulled on the shaft. And I loved it all.

Her lips reached my balls and slowly one at a time she sucked them into her mouth rolling them around, closing her teeth gently and giving each a small tug. It felt incredible.

She made her way back up and lay next to me.

My hand run down to her womanhood as my mouth found her nipples. I rolled them around in my mouth and tenderly sucked on each of them. I entered her soft pussy with two fingers and worked then gently in and out of her. With my thumb I stroked her clit bringing it to attention and ready for action.

“Scott.” she said pulling my face up. “I love you. Please make love to me.” she pleaded gently.

I kissed her lips and moved my body into position above her. She opened her legs wide ready to accommodate me.

“Please be slow… don’t hurt me.”

I had no intentions of hurting her. I intended to love her forever and show her she is the most beautiful person in the world to me.

I continued to kiss her as I moved in closer to her. The head of my shaft was at the entry point to her love nest.

“Please.” she said.

Slowly I worked my way inside feeling every part of her move the deeper I went. I felt her hands wander over my back, caressing my scars and I felt her kisses like butterflies on my neck and body.

She pulled me down and I lay on her body - connected as one.

Slowly and purposefully I slid in and out of her, my back arching as I pulled out and thrust back in again. Her hips bucked meeting my inward thrusts as she went.

I put my arms around her back and held her head from behind as I continued to explore deep inside her.

“I love you Elena.” I whispered into her ear.“I want to hold you forever. Make love to you every day and wake up next to you for the rest of my life. I want to be inside you and share what I have and who I am only with you.”

My words touched her deep inside and I felt it through her pulsing love tunnel.

“Oh Scott, I love you Scott.”

Our lips kissed again

I felt her pussy muscles tighten around me as I continued to enjoy the beautiful present and the love her body offered me. The intensity gradually rose until Elena cried out.

“I’m cumming” she said. Her words were stunted muffled almost it was like she was scared to let herself go as she didn’t know what would happen.

“Oh Elena that is incredible. I love you.” I said.

My words were like magic making her cum again. Her hands ran freely in my hair and over my back.

That was enough. It sent me over. I couldn’t control nor wanted to anymore and I came deep inside my beautiful woman. I pumped with a passion I thought I had lost until I found it again inside her.  

She bucked and accepted me inside her squeezing my manhood as she came ensuring she took every last drop out and holding me tight as she did.

I slid off her puling her into my arms and wrapping us both up into a cocoon that I could have stayed in forever.

“Scott,” she asked as we lay together enjoying the pleasure aftershocks still spreading through us.

“That first smile in Dr Miller’s office. Well it was for you. I just wanted you to know.”

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