Add Salt to Taste

janus - April 13, 2021 | 59084 Views
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Denny gave a gasp of surprise and then a deeper near pant as I seized the moment and spread her white bikini top outwards, then down, revealing her comely eye-catching boobs.


chloejackson1995 - September 02, 2020 | 36741 Views
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Priestess Fiona knelt on the bed and thrust her fingers deep into the two girls’ privates. Her lovers lay on their backs convulsing and moaning as they clutched at the bedsheets. Their long silky hair was splayed out over the bed as their voices echoed off the walls. The priestess gazed at their lean, supple bodies, their tender breasts. Only the smallest tufts of hair sprouted above their vaginas. Warms fluids seeped over her fingers while they writhed helplessly. They panted and shouted the priestess’ name over and over. The girl on her left was Mirelle, a young woman with a porcelain complexion and wavy red hair. She thrust her large breasts up at the canopy, her pink nipples engorged as she cried out in ecstasy. On her right was Diane, a pretty brunette with small tits and fair skin. Her eyes were clamped shut with the bedsheets balled up in her fist while she mewed. Both of them were about nineteen summers old...

Mum and Daughter Get Closer

Sparkle99 - June 23, 2020 | 67518 Views
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The two women giggled and swapped tales of life over the last years. Alex looked at her Mum. Kirsty’s eyes were still a little puffy from crying but her stunning beauty was there to see. Her high cheek bones, soft eyes, full lips, curved chin and slim neck. Her long, brown hair that seemed lighter when the sun caught it, was tied back in a pony-tail that fell half way down her back

the Breaking of Belle

MissTaken - June 14, 2020 | 18663 Views
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She looked up at Me, her voice shaking and finally asked in a wavering voice “ M-M-May I please, please kiss your foot like Sammie is?” Her relief was palpable as she managed to put voice to her desires .
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The clammy hands and palpitations have nothing to do with the fear I just felt, but have everything to do with Sofia. She is so close to me that I can almost feel the warmth of her body. Is she secret with the lurid psychopathic traits? With all my senses sharp, I wait with closed eyes for the denouement. Sofia does nothing and I eagerly take the initiative with a kiss.
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