The executive VIP company guest

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As the public relations officer, I was taking the VIP guest on a tour, he ended up fucking me at a "Viewpoint" outdoors banner2 By Dina Petro

The boss, our GM was busy in his office with the company executive VIP guest Mr. Williams, I was in my office when the boss called me in, as soon as I walked in his office, the boss said to the guest, “Sir, you know that our gorgeous Cindy performs two jobs at the same time, don’t you?”

Mr. Williams smiled saying, “Yes of course I do, I know she is the public relations officer over and above being the executive secretary at the office, she took care of all of my accommodation and transportation already, which is really sweet of her”

I bowed and the boss said, “Cindy, Guess what? Our precious guest here, Mr. Williams seemed to be fed up with nonstop working, he is having a fit, finding it hard to comprehend anymore, would you be sweet enough to accompany him in a nice tour around the city, try to concentrate on a nice, quiet place to cool him down and recharge his energy?”

I answered with a smile, “of course I can boss, it would be my utmost pleasure, in fact, I know the exact right place which is not too far from here”

The boss said, “then drop everything in your hands, both of you and hit the road, meanwhile I will attend that meeting on behalf of both of us Mr. Williams, sorry I will not be with you guys”

A few minutes after returning to my office to prepare myself to go out, the boss walked in my office after closing his office door in between our offices, he got closer to me, slapped and pinched my ass playfully, gave me a quick kiss on the lips whispering, “Cindy, please do whatever it takes to make sure the guest is comfortable and happy”

I smiled saying, “Sure thing boss, shall I suck his dick and fuck him if I have to?”

He pushed his hand up my dress, pinched my ass tight saying, “Yes, if you have to, although I seriously doubt it, he is not that type of a man, he is a very serious man by the way, so don’t push your luck sweet cock loving whore”

Needless to mention that my boss has an unconditional and continuous access under my panties, he fucks me anytime he likes to, we have been having sexual relations for a long time, that is why I am a rotten spoiled brat at work doing whatever I want to do.

In just a few minutes Mr. Williams and I were out of the office and on the road to a place I had in mind, it was a very nice “View Point” almost by the top of the mountain, looking over the sea, the city port and almost most of the city at the same time. Mr. Williams our VIP guest happened to be a very handsome black man in his mid to late forties of age, he was over 6ft tall, and in very good shape, he must work out a lot.

The weather was warm that day, actually more than warm, it was a hot summer day but the place I had in mind was always at least 5-7 degrees Celsius colder than the rest of the city temperature with a nice wind breeze that makes it very nice, cool and comfortable in such hot weather, the place is mostly uninhabited at that time of the day and of the year, not easy to reach, that is why I took one of the company’s off road, four-wheel drive cars to get there.

At the “View Point” almost the top of the high mountain, Mr. Williams seemed to have loved the place very much, he was making all kinds of positive comments about it, I wasn’t prepared to go out on a tour, I was wearing a summer loose, light material, sleeveless, short floral dress, I was very much comfortable in it, except it wasn’t suitable to accompany a VIP in it, simply because it was very much revealing, very short, sleeveless and very low cut showing my cleavage and most of my big sized tits, on the other hand, it wasn’t hiding much of the areas it was supposed to be covering, with the light material of the dress and the stronger wind around, the dress was outlining most of my curvy body and hidden assets.

Trying to keep pushing my dress down in place, I smiled apologizing to Mr. Williams about not being prepared for this sudden tour, he looked me straight in the eyes with a wide smile saying, “Mam, you look gorgeous in anything g you wear, and that dress in specific is making you so hot and sexy”

I felt flattered in a way and thanked him for the sweet words he said about me, I smiled saying, “really Mr. Williams, although it is a casual summer dress, do you mean it by saying I look hot and sexy wearing it?”

He said, “Of course you do Cindy, I would be blind or ignorant if I said anything other than that, it is the truth I feel honestly”

He noticed my embarrassment by trying to keep pushing my dress down to keep it in place against the strong wind, but he was smart enough to help me avoid spending the time holding my dress down, he said, “Cindy, this is a lovely cool place that would cool us both down, let us not waste the time in nonsense of keeping your dress in place”

He held my hand, pulled me towards him till I was standing right in front of him, he turned me around with my back to his face, he was much taller than me of course, he placed his hands over my shoulders whispering in my ear, “we seem to be the only two people here, I can’t see anything in this position, so relax and enjoy the scene with me miss cutie, will you?”

I nodded smiling, there was silence for a few minutes, both of us enjoying the fantastic scene in front of us, then as of a sudden Mr. Williams placed his hands over my waist instead of my shoulders, pulled me towards him till he was almost fully hugging me from the back whispering in my ears:

“do you know something Cindy? I have spent most of my life busy and concerned about business matters, I have just realized how wrong I was, and it was all a waist of my life”

I giggled saying, “really, do you like it that much Mr. Williams”

He said, “yes I think it is a very romantic place and moments as well, and please call me John instead of Mr. Williams if you want me to call you Cindy”

I giggled saying, “OK John, you really seem to love the place and it is relaxing you dropping all of the tension you had earlier at the office”

John, hugged me much closer that I almost felt his crotch glued to my ass, his hands started wondering, moving around my body feeling more places like my belly, my thighs and so on, and he lowered his head till he was almost whispering into my ear, “Yes Cindy, you bet it is and I am as well, I just hope I am not overdoing it or bothering you by being loose and naughty?”

I turned my face around till my eyes met with his, I looked him straight in the eyes with the widest, naughtiest smile saying, “No John, you are not bothering me at all, I will be honest, frank and direct forward saying, I really love it if Ok with you?”

That seemed to have been the trigger that had ignited the fire, true there were a few minutes of silence afterwards, but John was gluing his body to mine much further, almost humping my butt and I started feeling a limb growing bigger and bigger trying to push itself in between my ass cheeks, he seemed to be having an uncontrollable hard-on which could not be contained in his pants, my light material dress made it very easy to notice and feel it growing up so fast and so large.

John didn’t say a word, neither did I, but he tried to stop moving and pulling back from me just a little trying to create a gap to hide his sudden hard-on. That kind of hard-on I was clearly feeling had told me a couple of things from my own previous experiences, he was getting turned on by holding me that way, and the second conclusion was, he must be well endowed with a huge cock.

I clearly had noticed how embarrassed John was, trying to find a way out of that embarrassing situation, but the next step I took was very brave and needed lots of courage. I didn’t think about it, simply because if I did, I would not have done it, first, I turned my head again facing him, looked him in the eyes with a very wide smile, he tried to avoid looking into my eyes, but I waited till he did, then I just winked and eye, nodded with another wide, naughty smile.

The next step was, I got loose from his arms, I turned around, got on my knees in front of him, tried avoiding looking him in the eyes while unbuckling his belt, undoing his pants, pulling them down along with his boxers, I pulled his heavy, long and thick cock out, looked at it with a big, happy surprise face look first, then I passed my tongue along its length before wrapping my lips around it and started sucking on it.

He said in a shocked voice and look on his face, “are you sure it is ok to do this in here Cindy? It is a public place isn’t it?”

I nodded naughtily saying, “Of course it is John, look around you, do you see anybody else other than us in here?”

He said, “but someone might come, what about the police, what if they see us?”

I pulled his cock out of my mouth, giggled saying, “the police in specific, you should not worry about them, they would know you are a foreigner and I am a local girl by looking at us, and they would not say a word because they will think you are paying me and they consider it a national income to the country”

We both laughed very loud and he shook his head while laughing and saying, “damn, you are one hell of a naughty slut Cindy, aren’t you?”

As of a sudden, he forgot all about the worries he had and started moaning louder and louder, enjoying the blow job I was giving his monster cock, which I happen to be very good at giving blow jobs by the way, and I tried to show him all of my expertise in that department, I think I was doing good, simply because he was moaning very loud, then he pulled me up pulling his dick out of my mouth, hugged me and started kissing me on the lips while feeling my body all over, he stripped me in no time, it wasn’t hard because I wasn’t wearing much clothes anyway.

While playing, hugging kissing and feeling each other, we were stripping slowly till we were both fully nude, he bent me over, I held a tree branch while he was pushing his almost a foot long and very thick cock into my pussy, it was gliding in me slowly and easily for many reasons, first of all I was so horny by then and my pussy was slippery wet, secondly, I happen to be a cock loving slut who is fully experienced in handling such huge cocks like his.

I was screaming loud, enjoying every stroke of his cock in me so was he, true we were having our eyes browsing the area once in a while looking for any intruders or strange comers, but I knew the area very well, it is my city and my country after all, besides, I got fucked in that place many times before, that is why I wasn’t worried at all.

We switched positions and he fucked me in a face to face standing missionary which I loved very much, such position requires long cock and his was very long anyway, he was very good at it as well, I was Cumming nonstop, one orgasm after another throughout all the fuck positions he was using while fucking me.

The final position was missionary on a blanket that I had brought with me in the car from the office, he was fucking me pleasing me and enjoying it till he was ready to cum, I took his cock in my mouth, sucked on it, trying to milk it till he was shooting his cum, load after another in my mouth, over my face, over my tits and all over my body.

We cleaned up with some paper towels in the car, then we put our clothes back on, jumped in the car and drove back, once John was in the office, he was totally changed to a new, happy, fully energized businessman who was doing a great job after that lovely fuck session we had.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]
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