Late Again

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Susan retorted as tears flowed down her face; "You fucking pervert, what's the idea of spanking me?" "You call that a spanking?" David shouted back. banner1

David muttered to himself, as he paced the platform, “this was the third time this week she has kept me waiting.”

We have only been together for three weeks, but this was going to be a special weekend away; our first alone.

David glanced at his watch again it was 2.25. We had agreed to be here at 2pm, the train leaves at 2.30.

The last few passengers started to board the train, 2.29.

Muttering to himself, “you have the tickets for a weekend in Paris and you are not here,£300 it has cost me.”

David turned angrily and left the station as the train pulled away from the platform heading to Paris.

One hour later came a knock on the door. Opening the door, Susan stood there; in her hands were the tickets.

David turned around, walking back into the room, Susan Followed. "Well, what is the excuse this time?"

Susan knew her excuse was feeble, but it was the truth.

"I'm sorry baby, my mum came round and got chatting; I didn't realize the time." That was it. David's anger took over.

He grabbed Susan roughly by the arm. Pulling her off-balance and over his knee. His hand came smartly down on her ass, repeating it over and over again. He could feel his hand begin to hurt but continued out of frustration.

Susan, during all of this, was screaming and wriggling to try to getaway. David stood up, she fell to the floor, crying.

Looking down at her David asked her; "What is up with you, why can't you plan your day as others do? if you don't want to be with me just say."

Susan retorted as tears flowed down her face; "You fucking pervert, what's the idea of spanking me?"

"You call that a spanking?" David shouted back.

He grabbed her arm and dragged her into the bedroom. "Get undressed now," he said quietly but firmly.

Susan knew he meant business, she cowered into the corner. David had not seen her naked before, and this was all new to her too. David walked up to Susan, holding her two arms; he helped her to her feet. Susan thought he had calmed down and relaxed a bit.

David spoke quietly, "now you have a choice, get undressed or I will strip you my way" He watched as Susan reached for the button on her jeans. Undoing them. They slide down and pooled at her feet, she stepped out of them.

She looked again at David. His face gave no hint of what he was thinking. "And now the rest" Susan removed her blouse, her hands went behind and undid the clip on her bra.

Letting it sink to the floor, David looked on saying nothing. Her thumbs lowered her panties, leaving her naked and vulnerable. Her hands trying to cover her nakedness.

David walked to the bed, getting four pillows he placed them in the centre of the bed. "Get on the bed face down now."

Susan moved quickly and lay there looking scared. As David approached the bed he saw her ass red from the previous spanking.

Opening his wardrobe he took out four ties. Moving quickly; he tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

Pushing the pillows under her belly bringing her ass away from the bed.

Suddenly David's hand descended; striking Susan's ass. A red hand-print formed as he raised it, Susan gasped, her breath taken away.

Giving Susan no chance to recover, another descends marking the other cheek. "I will teach you to be on time.”

His hand came down, again and again, Susan's ass is covered in a red hue. She struggles, but David knows she is secure.

He could feel his hand getting sore, he paused to get his breath.

"You think this changes anything you damn pervert?" Susan screamed at him.

David turned her head to look at him, "I know you are sore but I will not have you mess my life up."

He knew Susan had a stubborn streak but was surprised at her resilience. He then reached for the slipper beneath the bed, gripping it hard; He raised his arm.

Susan glared at him, daring him to hurt her any-more.

His arm came down, bringing the slipper hard across her ass. Her breathe is taken away with the force of the blow

David repeated it several times, noticing Susan had gone quiet. Instead of cowering away; Susan raised her ass for the next one.

Sobbing quietly she gasped, "Beat me baby beat me harder, I need it, baby". David looked in shock, he noticed she was pushing her pussy against the pillows. Susan sobbing hard now screamed at David; "More, more,"

David brought it down harder and faster, Susan was humping the bed now in earnest Susan's ass has the imprint of the slipper all over it. Suddenly on the last stroke, she raised her hips and shuddered.

David stopped, watching her body take her through to a climax, "Spank my pussy, do it now," she said, her hips wriggling all over the pillows.

Cupping his hand, he aimed for her soaked pussy, bringing it down sharply. Hitting her lips and clit together, Susan shuddered as the final climax rushes through her body.

David undid her arms and legs, turning her over onto her back. Standing up he removed his clothing, he was hard and ready.

Laying next to Susan he slipped his arms around her, kissing her and holding her tight. Whispering "I love you" he slowly slides deep inside her.

David pulled Susan on top of him, her hips dancing as his hard cock moved inside of her. He felt her grip his cock with her pussy, he felt himself spurting deep inside of her they lay together.

They lay silent as they regained their breath David kissed her and smiled. Looking at her he said. "I warn you that if you are ever late again I would repeat it."

Susan smiled to herself, knowing it could be sooner than you think


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