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‘My God Rose, you have a terrific body. But we are not here to make love. You are here for your punishment,’ he said, caressing my thighs. He slowly bent me over the desk and spread my legs wide apart. He took out the paddle and spanked my white ass. The pain was so excruciating that I screamed, but in a weird way it felt nice. ‘Punish me … please spank me some more. I am a bad girl... rings

I wanted that spanking

I had been working for the company for over two years and enjoyed my job as a secretary. I had lots of chances to meet different people and I enjoyed telling occasional lies for my boss. He was one of the nicest bosses I have ever worked for and I had fantasies about him more than once.

He was a married man and from time to time his wife would walk by me, heading to his office. I knew his wife would come in for a quickie because as she passed by me to leave, she would have a funny grin on her face. Plus, being a woman, I know when a lady has been fucked. 

In the past few months her visits had increased significantly, spiking my curiosity. I wanted to know how my boss did it.

One Saturday at about ten his wife passed by me as usual heading to my boss’s office. Today I had to watch them, I told myself, even if it meant getting caught. I had done my homework and knew that the keyhole in the office door was big enough to give me a wide view of the whole room.

When his wife closed the door behind her I had to wait only for a short time before I heard soft moans. I dragged my seat to the door and peeked through.

My boss was busy undressing his wife, kissing her vigorously. Her body wasn’t that great and her tits sagged a little, but my boss seemed to enjoy sucking and biting her nipples.

I enjoyed watching but I wanted action that would make my nipples hard and my pussy tingle.

Now his wife was on the seat with her legs spread wide and when the seat spiraled around I got a view of her pussy. It was hairy but my boss seemed to enjoy fingering it and licking away the juice that was dripping. He spread her cunts lips and shoved two of his fingers inside. 

This did not seem to register, but when he inserted the third finger she screamed and arched her back.

Now it was getting interesting.

My boss sat on the table where I was used to placing his important documents. His wife approached and removed his trousers, then his boxers, to expose one of the thickest cocks I had ever seen. I felt my pussy getting wet at the sight of his massive shaft. I pushed my miniskirt higher and spread my legs wider. I wanted to masturbate just from watching my boss fuck his wife.

She took his cock in her mouth and sucked but I thought,

‘Damn I can do better with that cock in my mouth’.

After a while my boss flipped her onto her back on his desk and inserted his dick deep inside her pussy. She moaned and scratched his back. As he fucked his wife I was busy fingering my soaking wet pussy and it felt nice. One hand was on my breast while the other was busy stroking my clit.

I wanted to cum all over my pants but it would be too soon, so I started fingering my pussy and sucking my sweet juices off my fingers.

I couldn’t help it, I went back to my clit. I felt like a dirty slut, and I guess that was what I was, a dirty whore. I didn’t realize how close I was to the door as my body gave in to my vigorous rubbing of my clit. As I exploded in a wild orgasm, my head bumped the door and it flung wide open.

My eyes met with my bosses and in a split second my face was filled with embarrassment because my fingers were still buried deep in my pussy. I quickly stood up closed the door and rushed to the washroom. 

All sorts of negative thoughts were running through my head as I freshened up. I knew my two-year career was over and that what I had done was a complete invasion of privacy.

Time was up because on Saturday our office closes at noon, so I picked up my handbag and snuck out of the building. My weekend was spoiled because I didn’t know what fate awaited me back at work.

I woke up early on Monday and got to the office very early before everyone else arrived. I wanted my apology to be the first thing my boss heard before we started the new week.

He arrived as usual but he didn’t greet me as he passed by, which only increased my fears. An hour passed without hearing any word from my boss and I felt bad. Just as I contemplated going into his office, my office phone rang and it was him.

‘Rose can I see you in my office right now?’ he said. His voice was stern and I prayed I wouldn’t be fired.

I slowly walked to his office with my body trembling and knocked twice. When no reply came, I pushed the door open and entered. My boss was seated at his usual seat but he didn’t look up he just pointed to the empty chair. I sat and tried to pull my skirt down to appear more presentable. 

After what seemed like a long time, he looked up a fixed his eyes on mine.

‘Rose, I’m disappointed in you. What you did last Saturday was totally unacceptable. You disrespected me and my wife,’ he began.

I couldn’t face him so I lowered my head to play with my nails as I gazed at the floor.

‘That’s not all Rose,’ he continued.

‘Your performance in this company has deteriorated and your clothing is provocative. Look at yourself right now. Your tits are popping out and your skirt is too short.’

He paused for a while as my eyes stayed fixed on the floor.

‘I have decided to let you go. It’s time for me to look for another secretary,’ he said with finality.

I quickly met his gaze only to find his eyes glued to my bulging breasts.

‘Please, don’t fire me, this job means everything to me. I will change my behavior. I’m sorry for spying on you last Saturday,’ I pleaded.

He didn’t say anything, so I continued.

‘I know I have been a bad girl and I will do anything as a punishment.’

The statement seemed to spark interest in his eyes.

‘You say you will do anything to keep you job and make up for what you did?’ he asked.

I nodded. He stood up and moved behind my seat and whispered into my ear.

‘Go and lock the door. Bad girls get punished,’ he said.

This was what I had been hoping for. I wanted this huge man to fuck me. It would be a punishment and pleasure at the same time. I locked the door but he wouldn’t let me sit down again. In his hand was a black paddle. I instantly knew I would get a spanking and probably a good fuck.

‘Take off your clothes,’ he commanded.

I began with my blouse, which I unbuttoned slowly for suspense and to give him a chance to explore my huge tits before I dropped my bra to the floor.

He pulled me close to him and fondled my breasts.

‘Rose, you have nice breasts,’ he said, without lifting his eyes. He took one nipple into his mouth and gave it a gentle bite. It felt good to have his hands fondling my hardening nipples.

'Rose, you are not supposed to be enjoying this, it’s punishment,’ he said. ‘Now take off your skirt.’

I wanted to savor the moment as I slowly lowered my skirt to the floor to reveal my thong. My boss pulled me closer, flipped me around and started kissing my ass. It felt nice and I felt my thong getting wet.

With force he pulled my thong to the floor and I stood naked in front of him, feeling like a slut, but I wanted to keep my job. He took time to observe my body from every angle.

‘My God Rose, you have a terrific body. But we are not here to make love. You are here for your punishment,’ he said, caressing my thighs.

He slowly bent me over the desk and spread my legs wide apart. I could feel my pussy popping out behind. He took out the paddle and spanked my white ass. The pain was so excruciating that I screamed, but in a weird way it felt nice.

‘Punish me … please spank me some more. I am a bad girl,’ I said, as he spanked my ass.

My tits hit my face as every blow landed on my now red butt. I ignored the pain, it was insignificant compared to the pleasure I was getting.

My juices were overflowing and dripping down my thighs.

‘Your ass is all red so I think that is punishment enough. But don’t move. I want to apply some lotion.'

He took a bottle from a drawer and poured lotion into his hands. This time he was gentle and I felt a soothing sensation on my ass as he applied the cream gently. His trouser was bulging and I knew it was his massive cock begging to taste my pussy.

He then knelt spreading my legs even wider.

‘Oh … Rose, your pussy is all wet. Let me wipe all this sweetness,’ he said.

Using his tongue he licked away the juice from my thighs all the way to my pulsating pussy. I was enjoying every moment of it and as he finished with my clit I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. I closed his head between my thighs as my body shivered in one of the most memorable orgasms.

He watched as I dressed.

When I was finished, he said,

‘That’s enough for now, but I don’t think you have learnt your lesson. On Saturday I want you back in here for more spanking.’

I smiled and left his office.

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