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I rubbed her butt. It was firm and round. My cock pulsed. I lifted her skirt up over her cheeks. I reached around and touched and her naked flesh feeling her cheeks and legs and inner thighs, my arm running down the length of her pussy as I felt my way. The touch of my arm made her squirm for more… she wanted more… banner1

The preparations were done. Three days of cleaning and moving all my man toys elsewhere turned my man cave into party central for my now 18-year-old daughters big birthday party.

 They arrived and yep they had all grown up. Kids I would see running around, playing and skipping were now young firm, tight, sexy women. Some were still growing into their skins, others complete with high heels and skintight dresses were making most of the people stopping and looking.

 Drinking started at 8. There was plenty of party food around but alcohol was the main thing being consumed. Jaya bombs started by 8:30 and by 9:00 we had at least three people sitting on the sofa looking confused and swaying… just add water…

 I completed a swoop of the place and headed to the bathroom to make sure all was well there.

 The door was locked and I turned and started to walk away… then stopped when I heard two voices from inside. I listened to ensure all was well.

 “I can’t stop… I’m cumming.” I heard a male voice say in muffled sounds.

 “Don’t stop! No! I haven’t finished.” begged a girl.  The voice I recognized, but couldn’t put a face to.

I knocked on the door and walked back to my living room. It was a good spot where I could see out  to the garden, through to the party area and the exits to the kitchen and bathroom without moving around too much.

The bathroom door opened and ‘Fish’, as he was known walked out. I didn’t really know him but I was pretty annoyed he just used my house as his bordello. I saw Heather sitting on the loo as the door closed.

 Moments later the door opened and Heather walked out. She looked directly at me, knowing or thinking that I knew something. I shook my head and looked away. There was a taste of distain in my mouth but I wasn’t going to wreck the party just because of two horny kids. Truth be told I had done it myself a few times. But this time it was my house, my domain, my fuck den.

The night went on and each pass I did I would see Heather look at me and turn away. Fish drank himself stupid and by 11:30 pm some sober friends offered to drive him home.

Heather stayed as her mother was picking her up at midnight and she didn’t want to change the arrangements.

The dancing continued and more people joined the floor. I was making a fruit platter to put out when Heather walk into the kitchen.

“Would you like any help Mr. B?” she asked her voice meek and full of interpretation.

“No it’s just about done,” I replied “But you can take it out if you like.”

“Please don’t tell my Mum” were her next words. Here eyes were pleading as much as her words. She walked forward and touched my arm.

“Please, it would kill her is she knew I was having sex.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be having sex then. Well at least it should be with someone that cares about you.” I stated.

 “You’re right just please don’t tell my Mum. I will do anything.  Please.” again she pleaded.

 I knew that my girl was leaving about 10am to go to beach with her friends and there was going to be quite a clean up.

 “Well I personally think that you deserve a good spanking. So how about you come over tomorrow and help me clean the house, then when we are done we will speak about it.” I said no hesitation in my words.

 “Yes, yes, anything! What time do you want me here?” Her words were now excited.

 “10:30 am sounds good to me.” I said happy to have help cleaning the mess. 

 The following day the sun was up and the kids were out at 10 as planed. At 10:30 there was a knock at the door. Heather had turned up wearing a short skirt and singlet. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her C-cup breasts stood firm. Her little brown nipples just showed through enough to make your mouth water.

 “Good morning Mr. B I’m here to help as promised.” She said looking me in the eyes.

 “That’s nice, thank you. I did most of it last night, just a few things to do in the party room.”

I opened the door and she walked in. She smelled spectacular and I just wanted to eat her then and there. She walked into the party room and started pull down balloons and party left overs. the bent over in front of me as often as possible allowing me glimpses of her shapely legs and rounded ass. She wore a white silk stockings and a g-string and I wanted to pull them off her so bad.

I tossed the last bag in the bin and went to the bathroom to wash-up.

Heather was already in there. I waited for her to finish handing her a towel to wipe her hands with.

“Thanks for the help, I guess we are now even.” I said

“It was my pleasure, thanks for not telling my Mum. But Mr. B I was thinking about it and you are right. I am naughty and I do need to be spanked.” She said.

I finished washing my hands she handed me the towel.

“Well I guess you’re right. I think you should follow me to the living room.” I said

I walked to my favorite sofa and sat down. Heather stood looking at me standing in the doorway. I think she was weighing up if she should go through with it or not.

“Well please come here and lay over my lap.” I said as I patted my legs.

Her eye gaze dropped and I could see that the reality of all of this was now weighing in her mind. Slowly she walked over step by step. My will grew stronger. Sure today she was helpful and nice and sure I watched her grow. But she used my house as a fuck place and she needed to be taught a lesson.

Heather reached my legs and stood there.

“Now lay over and position your body so your breasts are not squashed.” I instructed

She followed each word correctly.

I rubbed her butt. It was firm and round. My cock pulsed. I lifted her skirt up over her cheeks. I reached around and touched and her naked flesh feeling her cheeks and legs and inner thighs, my arm running down the length of her pussy as I felt my way. The touch of my arm made her squirm for more… she wanted more…

As I pulled my hand out I touched her outer lips gently. Her silk g-string was wet already. It encouraged me and I then felt her up properly running my fingers from clit to her ass hole and back again.

“Oh fuck Mr. B that is nice. So nice.” She moaned

I wasn’t here to be nice but I did want her to know there was good in this.

“Heather you have been a very good girl today but that not why we are here. Yesterday you were very bad. You showed me no respect. Letting yourself get fucked in my house.”

“Yes Mr B I am sorry I did as I was told. My boyfriend wanted sex and I was…”

“I don’t want to hear excuses. Get a room somewhere else. Don’t use my house to give others pleasure.”  My words were now harder.

“I am sorry Mr B.” she said her words meeker.

I raised my hand and sent it down with part pressure to her cheeks three to each side, then three more to each side. Heather wiggled under me and let out little moans of pain as each spank landed directly where I wanted them.

“I am sorry Mr B.” she called out between spanks.

But I didn’t stop. She was being taught a lesson and just sorry was not enough. I rubbed her pussy as I felt the heat radiate from her glowing cheeks. She was soaked; her pussy juice was running down each of her legs.

Smack smack I increased the pace and strength until I had rained down 20 firm full handed spanks. Heather moved and wiggled but stayed in place. Once I was finished I rubbed her back and hair.

“That’s a good girl. You can stand.” I told her.

Heather slid off my lap and stood in front of me. She reached around and felt her cheeks they were red and I am sure they were stinging 

“Thank you Mr B I will never disrespect your house or anyone’s house ever again. But mr B I want to do something for you. I want to suck your cock. I can see it’s hard. Can I please? Can I suck you as my way of showing you I appreciate all you have already done for me? she asked.

How could I refuse? My cock throbbed. I wanted it so bad.

She kneeled in front of me. As I pulled my pants down my cock sprung out. Slowly she lowered her mouth down on my throbbing member. She begun to suck and slurp up and down fast.

I let her go for a bit then I stopped her.

“Do you like cock in your mouth?”

“Yes Mr B and your cock is so much bigger then Fish’s.” she replied.

“Well slow down and enjoy it suck it slow enjoy it kiss it lick it love it.” I instructed

Heather took hold of my shaft and started to rub my head all over her lips. Licking the very tip with the tip of her tongue. Sliding it in her mouth. Closing her lips firm as she slid her mouth down the shaft as far as she could go.

I took hold of her head and pulled her up and let her slide down again. She pulled away and smiled at me.

“Teach me more Mr B, show me what you like.” She begged

I moved and kicked of my pants and opened my legs.

“Ok then suck my balls. Remember they are much more tender, like little jewels. Roll them around in your mouth and then rub your face over them and my cock at the same time. Then close your eyes and enjoy. Use your hand and pull the shaft hard and suck the head.” I told her.

She did as I said. She sucked and licked and bit and rubbed her face all over me. I felt my cum start to bubble in my balls and I held her head in place.

“Heather suck me up and down hard and fast I need to cum I need to cum.” I instructed.

“Ok Mr B as you want.” she replied and started to do as I said.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock stiffen.

“I’m cumming. Oh fuck I cumming I tapped her head. I am going to cum.” I told her.

She didn’t stop she sucked me harder. I exploded. Cum shot out of the end of my hard shaft straight into her mouth and she continued to suck and as her hand pulled to get all of the last bits out.

“Oh Heather that was so good sooo fucking good.” I said rubbing her head.

She looked at me and smiled. Then with one big gulp she swallowed all of my cum she had just collected in her mouth.

“Wow Mr B. That was so fucking hot, wow you taste so good.” She said still licking her lips .

“Yes wow is a good word for it.” I said still feeling pleasure run through me.

“Well I have to go Mr B. Thank you, maybe I can come back some time and you can teach me more. All I ever get is like 5 minutes of bend over and take it stuff.” 

“Maybe if you’re a good girl.” I said with a smile on my face.

We stood and I walked her to the front door. 

"Hope to see you soon." Mr B she said.

“I am sure you will.” I said.

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