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I didn't fuck thousands of women but for sure several of them have been penetrated by me or penetrated me in some way...
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We had never played like this before, so even though she knew very well what I looked like, I felt uncomfortable for a while that my hard cock was expanding from above and I was standing straddling her head. But soon the strange feeling passed when I felt her hands on my buttocks and she started to press lightly so that I could drive my long cock into her mouth. I started to like it. I was even more surprised when, while licking her pussy and pushing my cock from above into her mouth, I felt her suddenly slip her finger into my anus. Each time I drove into her mouth her finger slid into my ass, to which I was not indebted as I also moistened my finger and started doing the same to her asshole. Unfortunately I got so caught up that she suddenly grabbed my scrotum and pulled me upwards until my cock was out of her mouth
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My cock was already standing at attention from the sight and smell of her pussy. I unzipped my trousers and quickly pulled them down along with my panties, then I rose from my semi-reclining position and began to massage from the outside and insert my fingers into her pussy. My fingers went into her without any problem, the mucus was thick and there was a lot of it, so I quickly pulled my fingers out and lubed my cock with them. It was already stiff and ready to be basically inserted deep into the bitch, but I decided to lick her a while longer. It didn’t take long, because I hadn’t fucked in a long time, and Monika was also very eager to have my cock inserted into her.
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I stood in front of her ready, my cock standing rigid. She took the vibrator in her mouth, lubricated it, then slid it into her pussy. I moved closer to her mouth, she took the cock in her hand, pulled down the foreskin and sucked it greedily, drooling heavily, and in a moment she took it out of her mouth and said: now shake it off, while I watch.
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When I knelt in front of your erect cock, just looking at it, taking it in my mouth, licking it and sucking it turned me on. Plus, grabbing your slightly dangling balls was always a good patent to keep you from shoving your cock down my throat, because you fucked me often in my throat as if you were driving into my ass without resistance. I liked to lie on my back and you would get me from the top in a reversed 69

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Metalhorsie - June 24, 2022 | 5433 Views
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When we were together in one place it wasn’t big problem and everything was all right. She had tits after some correction from big A into middle C and she was hot. She could even suck my dick and nail her cunt on my cock in the car when she was waiting for a plane...