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In my life I experienced 4 ex's. One of them was a priest. Yes, a priest fucked me and we kept doing it from time to time. I am sorry but at first I did not realize it. Most of the time we are away but very often we fucked through skype or line. Then when we meet in person we have a very good fuck a heaven fuck I would say. He would do everything...sucking my nipples, licking my bud between my legs after that I will ride him and send him to heaven....However, I also like being with women. I like sucking other women's nipples and the bud below too. I enjoy moaning of myself and others! ...When I'm with a man besides being sucked and licked I also like riding and sitting on him face to that we can hug and kiss while I'm riding. I was once in a hotel room (maybe 10th floor) at night with the curtain up and light on. My ex sat on a chair next to the glass wall and I sat on him face2face riding him and wishing someone to see it from the building nearby. It was so exciting. The next morning I came down for breakfast with a Tshirt on and no bra. I noticed that at least one man noticed my hard nipples!
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  • men and women, I like sucking other woman's nipples. I like licking the button below too! Either men or women, you will like me.
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  • twilight saga (all four)
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  • Thor 2
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  • 1. being finger fucked and button licked at the same time! 2. being nipples sucked in public! 3. anyone is welcomed to lick and suck my nipples! 4. I'd like someone to suck my nipples in public like in a park. Anyone is welcome to watch it.


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groupsex, juicy sex stories profile 6
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groupsex, juicy sex stories profile 6