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Happily married to the most amazing Lady. We share everything and we are able to live the life we choose without condemnation with honesty and love. We are both here as we enjoy reading erotica and making new friends.
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  • motor bike riding speed boats sport
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  • to kill a mocking bird.
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  • to kill a mocking bird war of the worlds (original)
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  • Adel she is amazing
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  • Do you want fries with that.
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  • To have the time to enjoy my many fun toys bikes boat and work a lot less.


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First time on camera

Aussie 1969 - May 26, 2014 | 43205 Views
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“I am going to fuck your ass now babe. I want you back on your knees.” He moved and I fell off him as he had commanded and crawled to the side of the bed my ass open and twitching knowing what was coming. Jason tossed the camera on video record on the bed, focusing it directly on my face. He wanted to capture every moment. I grimaced as I feel his hard rod enter me. Although I was ready, open and totally willing, the start is always a task for me, but as usual once he was in oh I felt so good.

Dreams do come true

Aussie 1969 - April 18, 2014 | 164368 Views
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I slid my cock into her slowly, enjoying how the head of my cock spread the inner hole of her moist love pit. Her pussy lips closed around me, grabbing hold of my shaft as it inched inside her. I started to pump finding a perfect rhythm as Iris and I joined as one. “Oh you feel so good! Wow you wrap yourself around me. It’s so tight in there. So tight.” I said as I worked inside her.

Lelo Gigi show over Skype

Aussie 1969 - April 06, 2014 | 40840 Views
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Lisa lay on the bed and pulled out her Lelo Gigi 2 buzzer, always her favorite, she had the laptop placed between her legs on pillows giving me an awesome view. Buzzing her clit she started to moan and raise her hips slowly and just a bit at first then more as the buzzer worked its magic on her heavenly pleasure spot.
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I kissed her face from above, kissing it all over as her body squirmed in front of me. My hands wandered down her face and neck until they reached her nipples, still kissing her my fingers teased her breasts. Her hips started to buck ever so slightly. Moving around the table I pulled a chair up to the left of her and started to suck her nipples. Kneeling on the chair I leant over her and softly bit and sucked as my hand massaged her ample breasts.

Gang bang with Jackie

Aussie 1969 - February 25, 2014 | 67068 Views
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I unzipped my pants and allowed them to fall to the floor. She ripped away my jocks and my half-hard cock sprung up into her face. I was born well endowed. My cock measures a good 10 inches. The problem with it is that many women can’t accommodate me - not given the thrashing I want to give them anyway.