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Lelo Gigi show over Skype

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Lisa lay on the bed and pulled out her Lelo Gigi 2 buzzer, always her favorite, she had the laptop placed between her legs on pillows giving me an awesome view. Buzzing her clit she started to moan and raise her hips slowly and just a bit at first then more as the buzzer worked its magic on her heavenly pleasure spot. Lesbian

I had dated Joanna throughout high school into college where life took over and we took separate routes. Apart from anything else she was an amazing person with an incredible body. We had oral sex a few times and come close to the real deal once before her parents come home. But I never got to home base.

This weekend brought a work conference out of town. I packed, kissed my wife of 18 years and left. The plane ride took an hour so I had a few drinks and relaxed listing to the in-flight movie.

Once I reached the hotel I checked in dumped my bags and went to the conference hall to register. The room was half full with many people standing around talking. This was first conference for this company so I didn’t really know anyone. I grabbed glass of bubbly and headed off to join the conversation.

I talked for a while and felt a hand go over my eyes. The hand was soft and warm with a smell I knew but couldn’t place it. Then she spoke into my ear.

“Pinkie promise we will always be friends.” she whispered softly.

I knew in an instant it was Jo. I turned around. It was her for sure and she looked magnificent. Her eyes were still sultry and her lips were full and firm. She was wearing her trade mark shimmer lipstick, which always made me want to kiss her.

“That’s not fair,” I said    

“Fair?” Jo inquired.

“It’s OK, it’s just that you look as beautiful as ever.” I replied.

I leaned in and pulled her close to me and held her for a while.

“Wow it’s so good to see you, it must be 20 years,” I said breaking the embrace and looking at her up and down.

“22 James. You have never been good with dates have you?” She quipped jokingly.

“You look incredible, how have you been?” I inquired.

“Really great - I’m married with 2 kids and I own my own motivational business. I’m one of the guest speakers over the weekend.” she said

“Wow seriously. That is so awesome. I am here for work,” I replied smiling, amazed that I was speaking to Jo again. “I am married too and we and have 2 kids.”

“I heard you got married, it made me so sad yet happy for you at the same time. Anyways we will have to catch up tomorrow night - say for dinner or drinks.”

“How about both? It would be great to see you again. It would nice to meet the man who won your heart.”

“Here’s my number.” said Jo handing me her card. “See you tomorrow. I have to run and meet up with the organizer of the conference.”

I talked and drank some more and then headed to my room. My head was spinning. ‘Wow Joanna - here.’ My laptop started to ping it was Lisa my wife Skyping me. I connected and lay on the bed. Lisa’s naked body came into frame.

“Hi Daddy.” she said in a sexy voice. “Are you missing me already?” She continued... “The kids are at Nanas and I’m all alone. I am all yours, would you like to watch.”

The thought of Jo and the conference left me as I lay back on the pillows and undid my pants kicking them over the end of the bed somewhere.

“I am so horny Daddy, I want to give you a live fuck show.” she said lust dripping off every word.

“Oh baby, that would be so nice you know I love your shows.” I said as my hand reached for my now pulsing love meat.

Lisa lay on the bed and pulled out her Lelo Gigi 2 buzzer, always her favorite, she had the laptop placed between her legs on pillows giving me an awesome view.

Buzzing her clit she started to moan and raise her hips slowly - just a bit at first then more as the buzzer worked it’s magic on her heavenly pleasure spot.

“Oh Daddy can I come?” she said her words trembling and soft. “Can I come for you Daddy?”

“No baby, not yet.” I said. My hard cock filled my hand and I pumped it with a tightly closed fist.

“I don’t think you’re ready.”

“Oh Daddy I am ready I so need to cum Daddy can I, can I cum for you?” her words were forced as she was trying to hold a tidal wave with a bamboo wall and using all her might to do it.

“NO baby you are NOT ready.” I said again much sterner this time.

Her hips rose of the bed and I could see her body moving on the bed. She writhed for another minute or two.

“Please baby please.” she begged.

“Yes my beautiful you can cum.” I said finally.

With this she unleashed a massive clitoral orgasm, her body arched as she drove her Gigi into her clit, her body thrashed about and her moans filled the air.

“DADDY DADDDDDYYY OH FUCK DAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYY” she screamed again and again until the wave have crashed through what resistance there was and washed over her. Gradually she came down to earth.

“Now your other toy baby, the new one” I said.

Lisa was well prepared. She grabbed her new dildo from under her pillow. It was soft, flesh colored and around 10 inches long. She took her time lubing it up, pulling on it like it was a real cock.

Then she slid it down to her pleasure hole and left it sitting on the edge as she took to her clit with her buzzer again.

Before long she found her groove, grabbed the dildo she slid it into her sweet love tunnel. In and out she worked it all the time using her Gigi on her clit. She started to moan.

“Oh baby its nice baby, I want you to do it baby fuck me with my toys please baby.” her cries came through.

“Do it for me baby I want you to fuck for sweet tunnel good and hard for me.” I said.

“Yes baby I will for you, I will fuck it good for you.” she said, her voice now soft and willing.

My pace increased as I pulled my cock harder with each thrust. I could feel my climax sitting inside me - I just needed more to get there.

“That’s it baby fuck it good. Fuck it like I do.”

Each word I said was a command she obeyed. She jammed the dildo into her soft, love tunnel harder and harder with every thrust. Her words were gone, taken over by relentless moaning and unrecognizable words spoken in lust. Then she made sense

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she screamed.

“Yes baby cum, cum good for me.” I called my vice not measured any more as the action had started my trip to ecstasy and there was no stopping or any other reality at that moment that mattered.

“Do it, do it baby fuck it. Fuck it good.” I called.

“I’m fucking it Daddy. I fuck it goooooooood for you baby aggrrhh yes yes Daaaaaaddy.” she screamed as her whole body curled in on itself then exploded out as wide as possible.

Her buzzer got lost in the explosion of pleasure but her hand was still working the dildo in and out of her reddened well-fucked lips.

“That’s a good girl, baby good girl.” I said as the streams of joy shot from the end of my cock all over my stomach. “Good girl. You are such a good girl.”

I bucked in the air as I pumped the last few drops of my cum out of me – all the time keeping an eye on the screen and watching her pull out her dildo and rub her clit and hole slowing with each motion.

“Thank you Daddy,” she said, “I love you”.

I laid still for a moment and let it all sink in and over me. ‘Fuck I love my wife.’ was all I kept thinking. Little pulses of joy flicked through my cock as the worm glows of ecstasy washed over me.

“I love you too baby. I’ll catch you when I’ve clean up.” I said pleasure seeping through my words.

“I wish I was there Daddy to lick it all up for you. Just like your good girl always does.” she purred.

“Me too baby, me too. I need to go and clean up, love you. Talk soon.” I said.

“Bye Daddy THANK YOU I love you with all I am.” she yelled sending me a kiss as the screen went to black.

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