My best sex story ever

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Then, to my surprise, she grabbed pink flesh-like dildo and proceeded to shove it in her hungry gash. I slowly pumped my cock into her mouth as her moans filled the room. Her sex toy’s strokes matched the pace of my cock entering her mouth as she sucked like a woman on a mission. banner2

I was back in Sydney with time to kill, as I wasn’t meeting with friends until tomorrow evening. I have always liked the coast and have a room at the Grand in Manly. The concierge recommended I head to the Seafront Hotel when I asked where would be a good place to get a drink and catch a band.

The hotel was crowded when I walked in at about 8.00pm. I ordered a drink from a smiling blonde behind the bar and scanned the room. In the corner a guy was strumming his guitar. 

Although he was being drowned out by the hum of constant chatter of people sharing their worlds and words with the company they choose to keep, every now and then people would tune into his song for a chorus or a melody that caught a nuance of remembrance as his words rolled out.

The local band was setting up in the back section of the hotel, which was surrounded by a small but adequate dance floor. There were tables and chairs and some dark corners where unseen things might just take place. There was a small but well-equipped betting area and heaps of room to sit and eat or just soak up the entertainment.

My writer’s block was starting to affect my work, so I needed to find someone to write about – perhaps my best sex story ever?

‘Maybe she would be here tonight?’

The bar was well-stocked and the mix of business people and local surfers made the place feel really homely.

That’s when I noticed her, sitting amongst a group of people, but detached from them, half gazing up and then falling back to the book she was intent on reading.

I saw that she had a single glass of champagne, so I decided to have a better look. As I moved closer, I saw that she was wearing a black trench coat, which I though a bit odd as it was warm and safe from the elements in the bar.

‘Was she waiting for someone? Was this place just a stop before heading off into her night and the journey home?’

I was now intent on finding out if this woman might become part of the next adult story I was to tell to my readers. I ordered a bottle of champagne and headed over. I introduced myself and asked what she was reading.

She smiled and said her name was Lily and showed me the cover of her book. It sparked my interest straight away as I read the cover, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a novel full of erotic stories about a woman finding herself in her own sexuality.

She told me she was a local and when she said she was here to find herself a good evening, the first pulse of pleasure ran straight to the head of my cock. On closer inspection I knew what she was after and why she wore an overcoat. She was wearing little if anything underneath.

A flash of red lace caught my eye as she leaned forward and allowed me to see her breasts. They were round and well shaped, with nipples already protruding as if they needed to break out and be free.

We chatted for a while and I discovered that she was from London but had decided to settle in Australia. Lily told me she came here to pick up guys at random times for uncomplicated, good fucking. 

Marriage and being someone’s everything wasn’t in this lady’s dictionary, which suited me just fine. Her outfit was complemented by an amazing pair of ‘come fuck me’ boots, over sexy of fishnet stockings that I’m sure were designed to catch and hold the attention of a very lucky guy.

After a few glasses of champers the conversation flowed easily and I explained that I was only here for the weekend to catch up with friends the next day and fly out again on Sunday evening. I said I had to get my arse back into gear as my publisher was getting antsy about the manuscript of my new book.

I told her that I write non-fiction about real experiences, to share with others. My job, if that’s what you call it, was to live and seek out pleasure and write about it.

I explained that the characters in my stories are real, the pleasure, the journey, the orgasms and the flow of cum are all real. Only the names and places have been changed. Her eyes started to light up, and I knew that she would be the next passage in my book.

Lily was a living character with a sexual aura about her that most men, even attached ones, just couldn’t help but pick up on. She was wearing almost nothing and reveling in it.

She looked me in the eyes and asked,

‘So are you a good fuck?’

I laughed, as I have never had any complaints, but explained that what is good for one might put others to sleep. I told her that I find women’s boundaries and smash them to smithereens, leaving them open, devoured and satisfied but wanting more. I said that I unlock the chains that bind them to the confines of the little box, whether to their parents, previous partners or religious teachings that have shaped them.

I leaned over and now my hand was lightly touching her leg. She didn’t flinch as I whispered in her ear.

‘I intend to take you and fuck every last inch of you. I’m going to spread you wide and fill you with loads and loads of cum.’

My hand now reached Lily’s thigh, where her stockings ended and her flesh became available under the table, for my hand only. I slowly explored further between her thighs until my hand brushed over her womanhood. As Lily began losing sight and sense of everyone and everything in the room, I continued to softly feel her guarded pussy through her silky panties.

Claire, the happy blonde from behind the bar, appeared to collect our used glasses and the empty bottle, stopping to chat and suggesting we head down to the Event Club later as that’s where she was going after work.

An invitation, hmm…

‘Maybe’ I said, my hand still slightly rubbing Lily’s now moistening undies as we spoke.

As Claire left, I asked Lily if she had ever had a threesome and to my surprise this confident go-getting sexual goddess replied,

‘No… I’ve played with another girl’s breasts before and enjoyed massaging another girl, feeling her firm arse, all in the name of massage.’

Although the prospects were good in the bar with hot, well-built guys that could also take a ride through pleasure town with us, tonight wasn’t about others. That night I intended to discover Lily myself. She was my story, my journey and I intended to follow it to the end.

As I topped up Lily’s glass, our second bottle ran out. My leg was now splitting hers for the first time as the folds of her coat opened enough so I could see that her panties matched her bra. This lady knew her stuff and didn’t need a guide.

But even with all that confidence, she also needed to be taken. I knew she wanted to be used for a man’s pleasure; to be fucked hard, to be fucked completely until she screamed and begged for her red swollen cunt to be shown some mercy, all the while giving it up again and again with full body enthusiasm, spreading herself for his and ultimately her own fulfillment.

Heading back to the bar, I noticed the band was doing its pre-show sound check.

A table in the dark corner section had been taken up by a group of young rowdy girls, out on the town for some fun. So this was the next best place and an easy jump into a secluded nook, if the chance arose. I dragged two chairs over and placed them strategically so Lily had to face me with her legs open around the table, showing herself to me if she dared.

Meeting Lily back at the bar after a pit stop, I noticed the betting section again and asked her to pick a horse for me. When she selected a horse called ‘The Knobster’, it wasn’t hard to know where her mind was heading.

Collecting fresh glasses and a new bottle, we headed to the table I had set up for us. Noticing the race had just started we put the drinks down and watched. Unfortunately ‘The Knobster’ didn’t do too well… in fact it might still be running now.

The room was much darker than the open bar area. The guitars and drums were being tuned in final readiness for the band’s chance to shine.

I filled Lily’s glass again, telling her it was making my cock pulse knowing she was sitting there with little on. In turn Lily opened her handbag to show me the panties that held her lady’s treasure away from the world.

‘I took them off when I went to the bathroom’ she smiled.

My cock went from pulsing to rock hard in seconds. I told her to sit around and face me and show me. There were 30-odd people around, but without a second’s hesitation, Lily lifted her coat just enough so that I could see a beautiful bald pussy. I could feel my pre-cum oozing out of the head of my cock and the thought of Lily licking that was almost driving me insane. As my attention locked on this obviously horny woman, the music began to play.

The band was great, playing covers of my favorite current songs as if I had written the playlist. I led Lily by the hand to the dance floor. We sang and smiled as her moves became more seductive. When they played the Divinyls’ ‘I touch myself’, Lily let go, touching herself and grinding down as if lowing herself on a big, fat, hard cock.

That was enough for me. I had to fuck this girl. My cock needed pleasing and inside her was where it was going to happen. Lily grabbed her bag as I suggested we head to her place and we were off.

Out on the main road, the cool air helped the alcohol to become more prevalent. We waited for a taxi to take us to her place for the night. Seeing a kebab shop, Lily urged me to by some food. But all my mind wanted now was cunt.

We stood on the footpath about 50 meters from the hotel’s main doors and as I kissed her I felt she was already putty in my hand, waiting to fill my every desire and request. Her tongue danced in my mouth as reached up under her coat and between her thighs. My fingers worked their way inside her, fingering her pleasure hole right there on the main road for the passing traffic to see.

Her cunt dripped and the ecstasy rode straight through her body. She had to grab hold of me to steady herself when I found her G -spot and worked it hard with instant effect.

A taxi came into view. I opened the door for Lily, letting her into the back seat, she crawled across the seat, giving me the sight of a beautiful pussy and arse, begging, needing and wanting to be fucked. 

She gave the driver her address and we set off. Leaning close to her I whispered into her ear to lean back and open her legs. As if each word was a command, she did it with all her heart.

Her legs opened in an instant my fingers one then two entered her again and I finger fucked her right there in the cab until she drenched my hand with her juices bucking back as hard as I was thrusting them into her.

The cab driver was watching us in his rear vision mirror as I chatted to him about his night, all the while exploring the inside of Lily with my fingers.

She was starting to cum again and lost all inhibitions and the reality of where she was. All she knew that she was being explored, her fucking horny, soaked hole was being opened and she was loving it. Her moans and breathing got so heavy that there was nothing left to the imagination.

I’m not sure if the cab driver was happy or sad that we had arrived at our destination but the one thing I did know is that the next customer that sat in the back was going to find a pool of pussy juice left by a fucking horny bitch who by then would have a cock deep somewhere inside her.

Walking into the foyer and starting up the stairs behind her, smelling her woman scent, I stopped her and bent her on the stairs sliding three fingers into her pussy in a doggy like position. I pumped her ever-spreading wet hole until she started to squeal, then stopped and moved up to her apartment.

She opened the door and I followed. Grabbing her, throwing her bag and keys to the floor, I kissed her until I heard the door lock behind me. I was so hot, I needed some, so I slid out of my jeans as my tongue entwined with hers. My teeth found the spot on her neck that sends the impulse to the brain that I’m about to be fucked.

Pushing her down, she took my cock in her mouth in one gulp and sucked furiously. My hands grabbed the top of her head, forcing her to take more and more down her throat. I lifted my balls so she could suck them into her mouth and make them come alive.

Everything about this lady was hot - she was incredible. She got to her feet and two of my fingers were now fingering the inside of her again making her cum again in the hallway, not even two steps into her apartment.

Lily shuddered again as her juice ran down my hand. After guiding me to her lounge room, she left me alone for a minute or so, returning with the ‘come fuck me’ boots replaced with sexy black high heels.

After moving across the room to put on some music, she stared me straight in the eyes and stripped. First she removed the red scarf that matched her nail polish, then her coat, finally revealing for the first time, the matching red and black lingerie.

Then, to my surprise, she grabbed pink flesh-like dildo and proceeded to shove it in her hungry gash. I grab my cock, hard and rigid, pulling it from shaft to head as she got to her knees without losing a stroke, free and living her journey with me riding the wave.

Then laying on her back sliding the dildo in and out faster and much harder than before she came again, her body writhing on the ground as her eyes pleaded for me to take her. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Crawling towards her open mouth, I climbed over and her lips encircled my cock as her tongue darted out and licked the pre-cum that was now flowing freely. I slowly pumped my cock into her mouth as her moans filled the room. Her pussy’s strokes matched the pace of my cock entering her mouth as she sucked like a woman on a mission.

The pace of her dildo quickened she begged me to fuck her face hard and cum down her throat. Her body was now writhing in pleasure and her mouth was sucking hard and fast as I pumped my cock in.

I could feel it rising and I knew it was on.

I told her so and she started screaming for me to shoot my cum load into her mouth. I grabbed hold of her head and fulfilled her first wish as load after load of cum gushed out of my cock straight into her mouth and throat. She came so hard that the dildo shot across the room, her fingers continuing the job as I continued to shoot every last drop into her.

Like a perfect host she licked every drop ensuring I was clean for what lay ahead.

I took my time as Lily walked to the bedroom, stopping for a rest break of sorts. Her room was not cluttered with trinkets, in fact it only had a bed, a lamp on top of bedside drawers and a small heater connected that was keeping the whole apartment warm.

The room’s main feature was its mirrored wardrobe doors, which no doubt would come in handy as I watched myself fuck this beautiful woman.

She pulled out a buzzer from the side of the bed and collected the dildo her cunt had feverously squeezed out earlier. I watched as she put the buzzer on her clit and started to rub the outer wall of her sodden hole. Slowly at first bit by bit she slid it into her until I could only see the base where you turn on the vibration.

She held it in there as the buzzer went to work on her bud.

Feeling life return to my manhood already, I positioned myself so that while on her side she could suck me again while I held her legs apart in the air allowing her to continue to work her pussy over with the sex toy. I could feel my cock getting harder as she continued to suck and fuck herself, her eyes now closed lost in a world of lust in pursuit of the ultimate mind-blowing orgasm.

My free hand was now teasing her nipples already standing to attention begging to be squeezed and handled. She came again and then again, each time stronger and longer than the last. The feelings went deep into her pleasure pit, through her soul to her mouth and into my cock as if it was inside her pussy.

As I grabbed the dildo and start to pump, her eyes widened as she started to breathe hard, moaning and cursing as I now pound this fake cock into her already well-fucked hole. She came, shuddering loosing speech in the process. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she screamed out for rest.

To no avail I spread her legs wider and used her pussy juice as lube, pulling it out to the tip and shoving it back in to the base, not pretty or slow. I proceeded to jam her harder and faster.

With each stroke her cries of ‘stop now’ turned to ‘that’s it, fuck that cunt’ and ‘fuck that fucking cunt spread me wide.’

She came again, passing what she thought was a wall too intense to pass, she now flowed freely past it, begging for more.

I slid the toy out of her well-fucked cunt and slid three fingers inside to explore this gashed hole, not pumping, just moving my fingers running up and back on her inner walls and to the very base of her cunt.

‘Where my cum will be later as I fill her full of it.’ I thought.

I took my time exploring her. I felt every bit of her every nook every bump every bit of her inner being.  Already finding and pushing past one boundary in open pasture and exploring for more.

I tell her she is such a good girl and my cock pulses as she shows me a smile, knowing I have found another key to opening more than her legs.

I have opened her mind.

Moving her onto her back I held her legs up high and closed slid the toy back inside fucked her slowly with long strokes until she came again, thanking me for the pleasure she had just received. I played with her hole, short, long, fast, slow and she loved it.

‘It’s time’, I told her finally and moved her into doggy position in front of the mirrors.

One hand guided my cock into her soaked pussy as she slid her way back grinding it until the base of the shaft hit the opening of her hole. I started to thrust my hips but this wasn’t to be quickly over.

I rode her slowly at first, feeling each and every bump in her now swollen pussy. My hands were gripping her hips like reins of a horse being ridden in the First at Randwick. She thrust back with each pump, sending wave after wave of pleasure deep inside her and straight through my soul.

She had told me that she had never been completely fucked to her full potential so I intended to see where she would go.

My movements became rhythmic as I went deeper and deeper inside, quickening as I felt the need well up in me to climb inside her, balls deep. I grabbed her long hair and pulled her head up telling her to be a proud fucking bitch, telling her to keep her head up and then telling her how good she was, doing as she was asked.

Putting my hands on the base of her back I used her body to fuck my cock as I stood still. She groaned with pleasure, she has always needed to be a pleasure tool, always wanted to be used for fucking and now she is getting just that.

Her cunt churned and came around my cock. Each and every time I grab stronger hold of her hips, harder and more furious than before squeezing tight as I pound as hard as humanly possible thinking that at any time I am going to split her in half and fuck straight through her.

My hand came down slapping her right butt cheek. feeling the sting she sat up and took notice, her cunt muscles going into instant overdrive and grasping my cock harder than ever before. I slapped her left cheek then the right another and another and another all the while fucking her hole and telling her how special she was and how much she was making me feel great.

Her arse was now a glow with red fire and I stopped spanking, grabbing her hips again with my left hand as my right pushed down on the middle of her back. I heard her cum as she screamed out and felt her hole try to control the situation then it gave in to the intense feeling and embraced its fate.

‘Spank me more,’ she cried

I make her beg. ‘Do you want it?’

‘Yes’ she cries again, ‘spank me, hit me I want it’ and crash after crash reins down on the hot spots of her arse cheeks until her thighs and cheeks are again glowing red.

I had lost count of the times she had cum, believing they are now all just rolling into constant pleasure through each and every part of her and me as our connection is now one.

She lifts her head and looks at me through the mirror and lets out a soft whimper

‘Thank you,’ she says again ‘thank you, oh thank you, thank you, thank you’.

I knew we had cut chains that had been in place forever, allowing Lily to be free, to be who she really wanted to be.

But I hadn’t finished.

Her last reward for treating me so well with her body was going to be another load of my juice. And it was on its way.

The message came as a pleasure wave riding my system until it overtook my body and took away my control.

I grabbed her tight and hard with every pump I pulled her into me, my balls slapped her clit as pound after pound rammed into her. Her face was now buried in a pillow as she allowed her body to succumb to my need she was totally at my will and I was fucking her right.

‘Aaaarrrrgggg,’ I screamed, ‘take that, oh fuck yeah, get that in you. Ohhhhh that is so good, so fucking good.’

I pulled her into me so my cock went in deep using the walls of her still convulsing pussy to clean off every drop every last drop. We collapsed onto the bed her body shaking. The waves of pleasure ran through me over and over.

She turned and looked at me, with

‘Wow’, being all she could muster.

My cock was still pulsing. I told her to ensure it was all clean. She cleaned me licking my cock and balls one last time.

The sunlight started to peek through the blinds and I could hear birds singing and I knew it was time to go.

As I stood and started to dress Lily offered for me to stay, but we both knew that wasn’t part of this journey. Maybe that was a different path on a different day. I walked to the door collecting my scattered belongings from the hall along the way.

Lily walked to the door and kissed me one last time. I will remember that kiss. It was filled with thanks for finding and breaking boundaries; thanks for pushing new limits, but most of all, thanks for taking the journey.

I opened the door and left.

As I walked to the kerb I noticed Lily standing on her balcony. She called out,

‘By the way, yes… you are a good fuck’

With a kiss blown in the air I was gone.

‘Yep I think this is my best sex story ever…’

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