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My stories are based on fact and mostly about recent events. They are short and to the point. Rambling stories can cause the reader to loose interest. I will also write about true events from the past. I was very promiscuous as a teenager and in my 20's. I was also a cheating wife in my short marriage. Oh yes, If you're ever in Belfast and you want to fuck me, just write to me and we can work something out...£100.00. no offers lol xx
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  • Interests
  • I ride motorcycles for fun. I have a 1958 Ariel huntmaster and a 1976 Suzuki Charger, T 500. I do a lot of cycling too,including club racing,in order to keep fit
  • Favorite Books
  • For whom the bell tolls
  • Favorite Movies
  • When they make the Peaky Blinders movie, that will be my favourite
  • Favorite Music
  • Southern rock and also modern blues music. Samantha Fish, Carolyn Wonderland, Kara Grainger and Danielle Nicole in particular.
  • Favorite Quote
  • Spike Milligan. when I die, I will have the following words inscribed on my head stone. "I told you I wasn't well"
  • Dreams
  • This isn't really about dreams... It's more about myself or perhaps a diary of sorts. I am now divorced and free to do and meet whoever I choose to. I don't date or have long relationships. If I meet a guy and he turns me on, I have sex with him. I have had sex with some men for money. I don't consider myself to be a prostitute. The opportunity arose and I accepted payment. An example follows. I was to meet a guy one night in the Europa Hotel in Belfast. He didn't show. A man who was alone was sitting at a table near me. He assumed that I was a hooker and sat at my table. He asked me how much to have sex with him and I said £300.00 I was shocked when he agreed, but, I had come to meet the guy who stood me up for sex and I was ready for it, so I took his offer. I stayed with him for 4 hours and we had sex 5 times. He got value for money. Things have changed a little lately and I am now working part time for a "Model Agency" It's not really prostitution, honest lol.


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straight, juicy sex stories 39 Making ends meet. February 18, 2024
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