A walk on the wild side (A cheating wife story)

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Jim then led me to the bed and removed his dressing gown. he was naked below and had a very solid looking erection. I reached for it and stroked it. He told me to suck it and he sat on the bed. "Condom time" I told him. Luxury

 Roger, who works in the drawing office in the same company  where I work is 29 and fifteen years younger than me, had recently offered to pay me to spend a night with him in a hotel.  I had accepted, after he agreed to pay me £1000.00.  He had given me half the money up front and I had shown my appreciation by treating him to a blow job in my car on Friday evening.  

 Back at work on Monday morning, Roger was hovering about all morning. It was obvious that he wanted to talk to me and at 10 am break he came into the office when I was alone. Roger took a small brown envelope from his pocket and set it on my desk, "That's £250.00 Sue, I'll get you the rest tomorrow, any chance of some more fun tonight?   "No Roger, no chance at all" I informed him "And this arrangment is between you and me and if any word of it ever gets back to me, I'll make sure that your wife is the next one to know, so no bragging to your nurdy mates in The Duke Of York, understand? Roger agreed and I said, "Shoo" and he left my office.  True to his word, Roger gave me the final instalment on Tuesday morning and we had no farther contact for the rest of the week.

  I don't work on Friday, so I had lots of time to prepare. I packed a case with a selection of  g strings, hold up stockings, quarter cup bras, a suspender belt and a few short skirts. I  tried a couple of the outfits on and looked in the mirror. I looked like a cheap whore.   Perfect.   John arrived home at 6.30 pm, ate his dinner and headed off to the golf club. He would probably come home at about 3 am, drunk and crash out on the sofa.  I object to him coming to bed when he's drunk and sleeping on the sofa is an easier option than me kicking him out of bed. 

  At 8 PM I drove into town, parked in a street off Sandy Row and walked the Short distance to jury's Hotel to meet Roger. I sat on a stool at the bar and waited to be served. Eventually a very flustered man in his late 40's arrived and said, "Sorry, we're short staffed. I'm the manager, barman and Night porter tonight, what can I get you"  I ordered iced water and lime and he handed me a pint glass.  "No charge, because you had to wait, oh and my name is Roger" I laughed and told him that I am meeting a guy called Roger here tonight. "May I ask you something? said Roger. "What in earth do you see in him to make you want to spend a night with him?   "You've met him? I asked.  "Yes, that's the guy who's a cross between Miami Vice and Coco the clown.  I laughed out loud, "You described him perfectly, we call him Tin Tin at work. So I told Roger the barman the whole story about why I was meeting my Roger. "He's waiting for you, room 416, I'll show you where it is. So we made our way to the lift and to the 4th floor. I got out and Roger told me "8th door on the right and good luck"

  Roger opened the door, a glass of Champagne in his right hand.  Now I understood the other Roger's description of him. He was wearing a purple shirt and a lime  green suit, with a mustard coloured waistcoat and even worse, shiny patent winkle picker shoes and white spats.  "Have a drink Sue" he said. I told him  I wasn't there for drink and walked into the bathroom. I told him I'm getting changed, get ready for action.   I emerged from the bathroom wearing a micro mini leather skirt and black hold up stockings,a  g string and a quarter cup black bra. Thankfully Roger had got stripped  down to his passion killer Y fronts and was standing beside the bed. I pushed him and he fell backwards on to the bed, I whipped off those awful underpants and went straight to work on his cock with my lips. I have to admit that Roger had a good body, pity about his choice of clothes.  Roger was moaning and thrashing around as I sucked and licked his cock. He was now rigid and I told him to move up the bed a little and when he did so, I leapt on him and impaled myself on his cock. He grasped at my exposed boobs and I rode him as hard and fast as I could.  Just for a moment, I thought I may even achieve an orgasm, but I was deluding myself.  Roger started to cum, I felt his cock pulse and then jets of warm sperm inside me. I stayed on top till they stopped and then dismounted.  I went back to the bathroom and freshened up. I re emerged, wearing a suspender belt and stockings and a fresh quarter cup bra, no panties this time. Roger was sipping another glass of Champagne. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking it gently. he was soon ready for action again. I got up and stood with my back to him and facing a large mirror, "Doggy me and make me cum this time, I demanded. Roger got behind me and shoved his cock into my pussy. I leant forward to support myself on the dressing table. This was better, He was going deep and the pace of his thrusts was increasing by the second.  I felt my orgasm building and then Roger's hot cum filling me up for the second time.   After a quick shower, I was back for more. This time I returned wearing just  my stockings and treated Roger to a nice long blowjob and some deepthroat. It took ages to make him cum this time. Roger was tiring.  he had consumed most of the bottle of Champagne by this stage and it was taking it's effect. I was however sober and had been well paid to be Roger's slut.  I gave Roger a few minutes to recover and then returned. His cock was limp, so I gently licked the gland and he eventually started to stiffen. I jerked him slowly and rubbed his cock head on my boobs. I told him, "Shoot a big load on my tits Roger and watch me give myself a cum massage"  That seemed to work, because he stiffened nicely, but I had to work hard and talk dirty to maintain his erection. After about half an hour, of pumping and licking, Roger let out a deep moan and a jet of hot cum shot on to my right boob. I aimed  his cock to my left boob and another jet hit it too. I jerked him slowly until I had pumped every last drip out of him and then placed both of my hands on my boobs and massaged the cum all over my upper body in a very seductive way.  Roger lay back and watched without saying anything. He poured another glass of  Champagne and I had a shower. 

  When I returned, Roger was fast asleep, the bottle was empty. I didn't really mind, i'd done my best up to now and I was running out of ideas. I decided to go down to the bar and leave Roger to sleep it off for a while. It was 0nly 1.00 am.        The other Roger was busy, some guests had just arrived and he was doing his night porter thing. I sat at the bar and waited. Roger returned and served me a glass of iced water and lime. He asked me how things had gone with Tin tin  and I told him that I'd exhausted Roger and he was asleep.  We sat and chatted for a while and then Roger told me that sometimes he gets asked by guests to arrange for women to join them in their rooms.  "So you're a pimp too? I joked.  Roger said, "Not really, but I do get a cut for arranging things, I'll get to the point Sue. We have a regular here tonight who has asked to be supplied and I can't get anyone, he likes brunettes"   "How much and how long" I asked. Roger told  £150.00 and for one hour.  I told him I'd do it but the guy would have to use a condom, because I'm sure he was probably a regular whore user. Roger phoned the guy and told me to go to room 312, he was called Jim and he'd be waiting.

 I arrived at Jim's room and knocked the door, he opened it, wearing a bath robe and greeted me with a smile.  Jim wasn't much for talking. He asked me to stand in front of the mirrored wardrobes and stood behind me.  He removed my jacket first and ran his hands over my boobs, then he loosened  my white blouse and removed it. My boobs were now fully exposed as I was wearing a quarter cup bra. He touched my boobs again and tweaked my nipples, which were hard.  Jim then loosened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I felt his hand touch my ass and go between my legs. He pulled my thong to the side, slipped a finger into my pussy and massaged my clit.   Jim then led me to the bed and removed his dressing gown. he was naked below it and had a very solid looking erection. I reached for it and stroked it. He told me to suck it and he sat on the bed.  "Condom time" I told him. He pointed to the dressing table. I  took one from the packet and rolled it on to his cock and went to work on it. He lay back and moaned as I went down deep on him.  I think he was surprised when I deep throated him. Most men are.  I knew Jim was close to cumming by his moans. He asked me to lay on  the bed and he mounted me and rode me missionary style. I closed my eyes and urged him on by telling him to fuck me hard. That did the trick and after a few minutes, he shot his hot cum into the condom. He withdrew and sat beside me. He removed the condom and walked to the bathroom. I started to dress, but Jim said, "Hang on, I haven't finished yet"  He returned from the bathroom and put on another condom. "Now be a good dog Sue" he commanded. I got down on all fours and Jim entered my dripping cunt from behind. He fucked me really hard for about ten minutes and then pumped his seed into me for the second time. He stayed inside me for ages. His cock didn't soften and then, after a few minutes he went at it again, fucking me really fast and soon I felt him cumming again.  Jim seemed satisfied now and withdrew. He said, "You can dress now" I did so and left without speaking.

 I returned to room 416, to find Roger, still fast asleep. I left him there and returned to the bar. Roger the Night porter handed me £150.00 as he'd promised and asked me if i'd had fun."No" was my reply. "I'll give you my share if you want to do a trick for me" said Roger. I thought it over and thought, why not. "Where can we go? I asked. Roger led me to a room which he used during his night porter duties, to sleep between guest arrivals. It was a small, sparse room with a single bed. He said, "This has to be quick Just bend over" I did so and placed my hands on the bed to support myself. Roger put on a condom, pulled my skirt up and pulled my g string right down to my ankles. I was wet and ready for more cock. Roger slipped right in and fucked me hard. he felf big and thick, but I hadn't even had a glimpse of his cock. I squeezed it with my vaginal muscles in an attempt to make him cum faster and it did the trick. Roger shot off inside me and I reached an orgasm, my knees gave way and I fell forwards on to the bed with Roger on top of me and still pumping his seed into me.  At that point the phone in Roger's room rang and he pulled out of me to answer it. "Guests in reception Sue, I'm off" He handed me the £50.00 which he'd taken as his cut and he left.

  I returned to 416 again to check on my Roger. he was still fast asleep.     It was 7 .00 AM.  I decided to leave and walked to Sandy Row to retrieve my car. I drove home and opened the back door quietly. John was asleep on the sofa. I slipped past him, unnoticed and went upstairs, got into bed and fell fast asleep.


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