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“Wouldn’ t it be nice to fuck the both of you? I’ll take care of the details I offered Anne”, Ramon said. “Mmmmh…Anne caressed the idea, -I don’t know-, she said. This is going a little too far”. stepmom

Anne was very social and participative in community activities with her  friends. Her closest friend’s name was Mally.

Mally and Herman lived a couple of blocks away. Herman worked for a large Mexican corporation nearby, traveled a lot and often, and Mally was involved in church activities all day.

Mally was sometimes annoying with so many religiuos issues in our conversatios. Herman was an older guy, around 50, while Mally was slightly older than Anne, about 32 or 33, also blonde but with a short cut, slightly thinner than Anne and very fit, very fuckable.  Like Anne, she also played tennis.

Ramon also did some handywork for them, but not full time like in our case. Maybe he skipped one day or two now and then, but always told us in advance.

Anne made sure Ramon got full pay. At the begining, I questioned Ann for this, but under the excuse that Ramon and his family were in need I agreed. Later I found the true reason, as you all know.

One afternoon I asked Ramon to unveil the mistery about Mally knowing of his affair with my wife. Anne was out, and he stayed over for a few beers.

“I was in her house and she told me she wanted to do some major modifications taking advantage that Herman was out of town”, Ramon began.

“I had been fucking your wife for some time”, he continued, “and believe me Tom, I didn’t have any need nor had I been a conqueror ever, actually I  had never been unfaithful to Carmen until Anne showed up in my life”.

“So there was a time both of you left for the weekend”, Ramon continued, “and Mally came over to ask me for help with some home improvement plans. I thought I had a good advance and figured I could go over to her house”.

“Mally said her husband was on the States for about a week and wanted to surprise him. They are stingy as you know, and didn’t have the A/C on when I went. It was very hot”.

“I had this feeling of giving Mally a shot, so I went over with just my shorts on. When she opened the door she had that how-dare-you look in her eyes”.

“I knew she is very religious, yet I had this feeling she might be horny. I was as I had been away from your wine for a couple of days”

“So I began taking measurements and notes. It took me some 20-minutes to estimate the work needed”.

“I called Mally and tod her I was all set for the estimate”.

“We both went to the kitchen and she asked me if I wanted a coke or a lemmonade, and I gladly accepted either. I sat in one of her kitchen stools and began giving her the job’s description, but noticed she kept staring at my crotch, but said nothing, just moving her eyes up and down”.

“I looked down and there was my head out the short’s sleeve”.

“I’m sorry Mally” I said and got up, and took care of it.

“I sat down again and pretended nothing serious had happened, cleared my throat, and finished telling her details and estimates”.

“I left and I told her I’d be back the next morning to see if she approved the estimate”.

“Mally simply thanked me. I felt a bit uncomfortable, then again, I was sure Mally would be thinking about that cock of mine”.

“Sould have been around nine that Saturday when I rang Mally’s bell. I thought that if it worked for Anne, it could well work for Mally that short thing. She opened, pulled me in, and started kissing me. Without a doubt, Mally had wild wet dreams”.

“I began undressing her and quickly she went at my cock, kissing it and sucking it, delighted with its size and stiffness…she is a great cocksucker Tom, and did a better job than Anne the first time your wife sucked me”, Ramon admitted.

“Certainly she didn’t get much sex it was clear to me. All she wanted was cock, and nothing but cock”.

“She approved the estimate and said she would talk to Anne to borrow me. I doubted she’d lend me to you I told her, giving her a clue that was also fucking Anne”.

“I fucked her in every hole that morning. All I left untouched were her ears”,  Ramon Laughted.

“I knew that Anne and Mally were very close. She comes here a lot.  When I was leaving, she poped the question: -Are you fucking Anne Ramon?-“

“I just smiled at her and said goodbye, giving her a hint”.

“On Monday, you guys returned. As son as you left Tom, I approached Anne and told her that I had been over at Mally’s on Saturday and described the work she wanted. I asked her if she was willing to lend me to Mally for about a week to complete the job. She jumped in my arms and kissed me madly”.

“That prudish woman wants you away from me?” Anne inquired. “She’s crazy, unless she wants to save my soul from you, litlle devil”, she giggled. “She continued to kiss me and rub my crotch with her hand”.

“I swallowed hard, as I was about to tell her about what happened on Saturday”, Ramon went on.

“I ‘m sure all your wife wants from me is sex, and nothing else Tom, I mean, no loving bond at all. She is madly in love with my cock and the way I do her”, Ramon said.

Ramon stopped for a moment, lit up a cigarette, inhaled deeply, and continued.

“Looks like all your gringas care about is a big cock” Ramon said as he exhaled the smoke.

“Anyway, I told Anne that I believed Mally suspected about our thing. Anne was surprised and kind of concerned if I had said something. I assured her I didn’t say yes…or no for that matter”.

“Mally is not that pruddish Anne, I assured her. I fact, I fucked the living shit out of her Saturday, I slapped her at once, being affraid of her reaction, but she has a lot to lose…like you Anne”. Ramon recalled.

“Huh…that slut”, Anne quietly said. “ I knew it!”.

“I got on her back and began massaging her shoulders and grabbing her titties smoothly”.

“Wouldn’ t it be nice to fuck the both of you? I’ll take care of the details I offered Anne”, Ramon said.

“Mmmmh…Anne caressed the idea, -I don’t know-, she said. This is going a little too far”.

“She suspects”, Ramon said, “and you know. Just think about it. Tom is leaving Thursday he told me. We could get a fantastic time”, Ramon suggested.

“That same afternoon I went to Mally’s and told her that her suspicion was correct: I had been fucking Anne for a long time”, Ramon remembered.

“I told Mally Anne knew now what really happened and that she didn’t dislike the idea of a threesome, but Mally got mad at the begining for my indiscretion, but I sold her the idea well, and in the end, she accepted, so Mally would be at your house Tom,  on Thursday after Anne came back from the airport”.

“It alll went on perfectly”, Ramon said. “You left, Anne came back, got me in the car, and went to pick up Mally. As she got in the car, they greeted each other as usual, yet, the ride back to your house was kind of akward”.

“When we got in, right there in the living room, I pulled Anne and kissed her mouth, then I grabbed Mally with my other hand and kissed her…then kissed them both”, Ramon recalled.

“Great ice-breaker”, I said.

“I undressed Anne first, then Mally. They looked at each other’s naked body as if they were familiar with their nakedness…Anne approached Mally and kissed her mouth!” Ramon said.

“They embraced each other kissing their mouths and caressing their titties…it was one hell of a scene Tom!”.

“I had them sitting on this sofá, pulled down my shorts, and slapped their pretty faces with my hard cock…Anne was the first to take it in her mouth, sucked it wildly, then passed it on to Mally. Mally was hesitant for a few seconds, then she sucked it too….man, as good one as the other. I clasped their heads together, side-by-side, then I started fucking their mouths, one at a time…it was fantastic. Anne pushed me away a Little, then kissed Mally’s drooling mouth for about a mintue while I was demolished by the scene…man, they were so hot!”.

“I joined them and we all three began kissing and licking like animals in heat”, Ramon continued,

“then I asked them to kneel on the sofá and show me their pretty butts. Anne has a nicer, fatter butt Tom. I stood behind their awaiting holes and grabbed Anne’s butt first and fucked her pussy for a minute or two…then jumped at Mally’s”.

I could only imagine how Anne and Mally’s butts got fucked, the view, the smell…it was a shame that smartphones had not been invented yet.

“I asked Mally to get on top of Anne’s butt as she is thinner, and she immediately obeyed. There, in front, had a couple of assholes eager to be penetrated, so I fucked Anne’s first. Mally just waited in anticipation. I pulled my cock out of Anne’s hole, aimed Mally’s and tried to fuck it with the same familiarity as Anne’s, but I couldn’t…Mally’s asshole was a lot tighther than Anne’s”.

“As expected” I laughted.

Ramon laughted too.

“I just rubbed Mally’s asshole for a few seconds with my oozy head, and broke her resistance. I took extra care of going in slowly, unlike with Anne,  given her rarely unused asshole”, Ramon continued. “Maybe Saturday I popped her anal cherry, I don’t know”.

“Mally’s asshole hurted, I’m sure, but being a dirty slut like Anne, the pleasure easily outweighed the pain. She got used in a few minutes, pulled my cock out, and fucked Anne’s…man, it went in with such ease, she just moaned and moaned. Took it off, fucked Mally’s again and round and round we went”, Ramon continued.

“When I had enough of their assholes, I laid on the floor. Anne got up, sat on my face, and began sucking my cock while I ate her pussy.

Mally got up too, approached Anne’s ass, and began licking it and kissing her butt!. She kissed my hair and caressed me, finger-fucked Anne’s asshole, got up, went around, and sucked my cock along with Anne”.

“Anne pushed her away as she raised. Mally backed off while Anne’s pussy wrapped my cock. Mally got up too, and, a little shyly, she sat on my face to have me eating her deliciously wet pussy.

“Anne and Mally embraced each other while sitting on me and kissed for a long time”.

“When I got tired of being trapped by their bodies, I pushed Mally away from my face and moved to my side, dumping Anne’s body to the floor”.

“I ordered Anne to stay on the floor and told Mally to 69 her…I wanted to see them eat each other”.

“While they did, I fucked her assholes and had them licking my balls, and it was then, when I made sure they had came a couple of times each, the t I started feeling my cock’s tickling…”

“Quick!”, I told them, “kneel down”.

“They began to play their tongues in my cock, but I didn’t know who got the first shot: I began to come in their pretty faces, a huge load, spraying them the best I could…they would suck, lick, kiss…you name it Tom, but it was a beautiful mess”.

“I backed away and sat on your favorite chair right there,  just wanted to watch Anne and Mally kiss and lick my cum off their pretty faces until they were spotless”.

“Once cleaned, Mally continued kissing Anne’s neck, and went down on her nipples as your wife arched back, loving Mally’s unexpected move”.

“Anne stretched in the floor and Mally continued kissing her erect nipples, then began licking her down her belly and moved on to lick Anne’s pussy while she twisted in the floor.  And gave it to her”.

“I felt mercy for Mally’s pussy, so I got up, inserted my cummy, semi-flacid cock in her pussy, not caring about the risk of pregnancy…I just gave it all to her. Both reached yet another orgasm, Anne is Mally’s mouth and Mally on my cock”, Ramon finished.

“Exhaused but satisfied, both got up and sat in the sofá…we just stayed there, silent for some 10 minutes”.

“Anne finally got up and went to the kitchen, inviting us some wine. I told your wife I much rather have a beer. She came back with two glasses of chilled white wine, went back for the beer, and sat down again.

“I got up and walked towards them, caressed their heads and faces as they drank their wine. I got my cock and dipped it in both their glasses, and gave it to their mouths to suck….they giggled and licked it. Your whore wife placed the glass asides, and began sucking my cock. Her cool mouth was superb Tom. I dipped it again in Mally’s glass and she was delighted to suck it”.

“I cleaned their saliva in their wines, and ordered to drink it up, bottoms up”, Ramon recalled.

“It was getting late, we spent a couple of unforgettable hours. Self-righteous Mally was urgently needed of this. Anne, well, she’s used to do a lot of crazy things with me. Although very close, Anne asked me to drive Mally home. We kissed goodbye once we made sure nobody was looking”.

“When I got back, I sat a moment in the garage thinking about the new outcome. I was now a custodian of the secrets of two gringas. Carmen knew I might be fooling around, but she was my owner. These two were just my whores”.

“Boy I love you listening Tom”, Ramon broke the silence. “Nothing better than talking to the man about the woman he married”.

“I’m sure you do”, I said. “Unique feeling confessing and listening huh?”

“I absolutely love telling you about your wife and that prudish Mally…..Ah Mally, nothing better than the power of a big cock, huh Tom?”.

“Yep” I said.

“How often do you fuck Mally, Ramon?”, I asked.

“Now and then”, he quickly replied, “ we’ve done a couple of threesomes, but I have her once or twice a week. Anne knows very well, but she is my primary whore”, he assured me.

We philosophized for a few more minutes about women sexuality, specially after Ramon watched Anne and Mally perform lesbic acts. We both agreed that, in the end, a good-sized cock kills everything else for most women.

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