Pregnant and Humilated

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a bad night in Mexico. rings

Pregnant and Humiliated.
i would like to thank Maria for her help with this stoie. 

               As I set watching the football game on television, I can’t help but look over at my wife’s enlarged stomach. I see it getting bigger by the second. I can see her kicking as one part or the other part of her stomach raises or falls. My wife of five years smiling at each kick. Full of joy for what is growing inside her. Me I am full of anger about it.

               I have not made love to my wife in over eight and a half months. I have not touched her in almost as long. She is mooching off me and I know it.

               Kicking a pregnant woman out of your home is not politicly correct. It is something I would have complained about in the past myself. But I never would have thought that this would happen in real life. I set and pretend to watch the game, but I just stare at the naked belly of my wife. She looks at me, “Oh, shit that was a big one.” She said as she woke suddenly from one of the baby’s kicks.

               “Yea, I saw it.” I said coldly.

               “You want to feel it kick me?” She asked again. She asks this several times a day. I refuse each time.

               “Maybe later.”

               She tries to look unblemished but I can see I hurt her when I look deep into her eyes. She doesn’t know she has that tell. I look back to the television.

               “OHHHHH SHITT!!” She calls out.

               I look her direction. She is holding her belly and struggling. “Oh shit. I think it is time.” She said breathlessly.

               I glance up at her and say “Let me know when you know it is time. You herd the doctor and the Lamaze teacher. No guessing.”

               She glared at me. I only seen it with my peripheral vision, but I knew she glared at me but good. There is no secret, she knows what was going on. I knew too. She didn’t think I did. But I was there. And I am not about to forget.

               We where on a vacation in Mexico. All was right in the world. We where on our second honeymoon. I got it for our four-year anniversary.

               She wanted to go into town and experience what the locals did. She spoke Spanish very well and I did too, somewhat. I understood more than I could speak though.    

               We went into town against our tourist guides recommendation. We found a small Cantina that looked somewhat inviting. We walked in and I immediately wanted to run out. But I couldn’t because she stopped me. For some unknown reason she felt comfortable there. I really for the first time wanted to slap some since into her. The people in the cantina treated us like royalty as we walked in the front door.

               The bartender quickly asked “Que puedo conseguirte?” ‘What can I get you.’

               My wife Tamie said. “Tequila con qusano por favor.” ‘Tequila with a worm please.’ Witch got a lot of woops form the local men that were setting all about.

               I nudge my wife. “If you eat that worm you won’t be able to walk out of here.” I pleaded. “I will be fine Roy.” She insists. I shake my head but I feel us getting in over our head really quickly.

               The bar tender hands two glasses of Tequila, both with worms in the bottom of the glass. There is no way I am going to go there. So, I try to politely refuse my drink. Did I mention I understand more Spanish than I speak? Well this got me a few bad looks from several of the locals and the Barkeep. I paid for both the drinks though. I told him Gracias. And handed him a ten-dollar bill. Then I told him to “Quedese con el combio. ‘keep the change’. I was hoping my nice tip was enough to smooth over any repercussions of me refusing my drink.

               Tammie downed both shots of Tequila. The place cheered with each. I couldn’t believe it. She danced in celebration of her downing both worms without throwing up. But the night was young. There where plenty of time to puke, which she was going to do by the stomach full I was sure of it.

               One of the men brought me a Corona Bear and offered it to me. I wish I would have seen him open it. But I trusted him for some stupid reason. I took it and said. “gracias” I offered to pay but he held his hands up and said. “no amigo en la casa” ‘no friend on the house’.

               I said ok, I felt a little thirsty and drank a long pull on the bottle. It was cold and refreshing. I was thankful at that moment. I should have known something was up when I offered Tammie a drink of my bear and someone stopped me. “ninguin amigo que sea para ti le conseguire algo.” ‘no friend that is for you, I will get her something.’

               But I was a dumb ass. And I thought he was just being nice. They brought her a Corona too. Mine wasn’t good enough for her. I took another long pull on mine and suddenly I felt a little funny. Now I can drink a twelve pack of corona’s without slurring my words. But one half of one bear has me feeling funny? That made me feel like I was missing something here.

               Is started to get a bad and I mean really bad feeling. I went to Tammie and told her we have to get back to the motel. She said. “Don’t be such a kill joy Roy. We just got here. Let’s have some fun.”

               Almost on que someone turned on some dancing music and off she went.           

               I don’t know exactly what they gave me, but I remember everything. I just wasn’t able to do anything. It was if I were paralyzed.

               I watched my wife dance with one man after the other. She was a little drunk, but she never seemed out of control. Their hands where all over her.

               I had been brought to a very comfortable chair and sat with several men around me. They kept trying to distract my attention form the dance floor and my wife.

               The first signs of trouble started with my wife’s bra being flung across the dance floor and landed not too far from me and the other men. The place erupted with cheers, and Tammie eat it up.

               I sat in horror as I watched a man put his arms around Tammie’s middle and feel her breasts up. I tried to get up but was stopped not just from what ever they drugged me with but the men around wouldn’t let me up either.

               Then I watched as another man pushed the first man that was feeling my wife up out of the way and put his hands under her blouse and felt her up with no shirt in-between. Tammie raised her hands above her head and seemed to lead the cheer as the man fondled her breasts. Every man in the place could easily see his hands kneading my wife’s breasts under her shirt. I have to admit, it was the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed.  

               “Mira la ereccion” a man called out next to me. ‘look at the hard-on. or erection.’

               I was humiliated. I was watching my wife dancing with several men and being felt up by two men so far, and I had a hard on that could be easily seen threw my pants. I had no fight in me. Whatever was in the beer had pretty much zapped all my energy.

               A man slid down in front of my wife on his knees about this time. Wile the other man was still busy feeling her up. The man on his knees reached up her skirt and pulled down her panties.

               I about had a stroke when Tammie lifted her feet one at a time to voluntarily step out of her panties, leaving nothing between the men on the dance floor and her pussy.    

               The panties where tossed around a bit before they where brought to me and I was told. “Mira como lo que ellos” ‘see how wet they are.’ Then he put them in my mouth. I was flabbergasted to find them soaked with pussy juice.

               The next ten to twenty minutes where all about Tammie. She would be smiling ear to ear and looking at me too as man after man felt her up. A few of them tried to go up her skirt too. But after a few bungled attempts to get to her pussy she finally pushed them all away and I was absolutely aghast when she unzipped her skirt and pushed it off her revealing her bear ass and bush.

She twirled her skirt over her head a few times before she threw it at me.

At that time. I had never seen one until this day, but I saw my fist ever group grope. Every man in the bar had their hands all over my wife’s titts ass belly hips, where ever.  

They all made sure that Tammie was within my line of sight. She looked at me with lust in her face and eyes.

I was thinking that I had to stop this. But I was having a hard time working through the drug they gave me. Then I stopped all efforts as I watched a man withdrew his hands from my wife’s titts and saw Tammie grab his hand and put it back on her breasts. She was obviously enjoying the men’s hands all over her body.

She continued to do this with all the hands as they would stop feeling her up out and everywhere. She kept putting them back on her ass. To her pussy, to her stomach. It didn’t matter.

Then someone brought in a massage table. I have no idea where it came from. But the second she was propped on it one of the biggest men I had ever seen jumped between her legs. He dropped his pants and showed me his cock. He wasn’t longer than me, but he was twice as thick. I knew Tammie would be loving this for some reason.

She didn’t fight, squirm or even resist a bit, she opened her legs and grabbed him pulling him to her. every man in the room heard her moan as he put his cock into her. “Chico, es humedo!!!” The man yelled. ‘Boy is she wet.’

I watched him fuck in and out of my wife relentlessly. Each stroke causing her to moan and gasp with pleasure.

Watching the man fuck my wife I dint notice at first that my wife had two cocks in each of her hands, stroking them as she continued to be fucked.

“EEAAYYYAA.” The man screamed as I knew he emptied his balls into my wife. He fell forward and almost laid on her completely as his hips continued to spasm into her.

The men laughed and pointed at me as they pointed to my hard cock. Though I was far above average length wise, I did suffer from width problems. I could easily reach places none of these men could in my wife. But I could never stretch her out like the first man did. For what I could see the next two had fatter cocks than me too. So far no one could compare to the nine inches that where sticking up between my legs.     

As the first man subsided to his orgasm, the second man waisted no time to put his six inches into my wife.

My wife started saying “OH, fuck me, Fuck me good. Make me cum!!” over and over again. “Come on you horny Mexicans give this white girl what she wants!!”

That was the point that I started thinking. My wife has never been uncontrollably drunk before. She could easily drink me and ten other men under the table. Was she really drunk? Because she didn’t act like she was right now. In fact, she acted like she did several times when we went at it hot and heavy.

I started watching her closely, she was probably as sober as anyone here. I had some sort of paralyzing roofie but her. I don’t think those worms even phased her.

She rolled over for the third man after the second filled her with another load of Mexican sperm. She hung her legs over the table and spread them wide as the third man slammed his seven inches into her depts.

She raised her body up so that the men could fondle her breasts and one of them even managed to get his six and a half inches into her mouth. “COMO UN CACIO!!” the man screamed. ‘like a vacuum.’

Both men came at about the same time a moment or three later. Tammie looked at me and opened her mouth, showing the Mexicans load slowly starting to drip out her mouth and over her lips. Then she did something that nearly stopped all life support in my body. She swallowed it, and opened her mouth again to show me that it was all gone.

Before her little show I had already had precum dancing on the top of my enraged hard on. As I watched her swallow the man’s cum, my cock started to prematurely erupt. It wasn’t a full all out orgasm. It was like a half an orgasm. Though it felt pretty good. It was most definitely lacking.

The men around started laughing as they watched my cock spurt cum out the top. At this point it didn’t matter. I was able to start moving my arms, though my legs still didn’t want to move much, I could feel that they were coming into their own too. Whatever they had given me was wearing off.

I had made a decision. I just sat and watched as Tammie took all seven of the men in the bar. Each man took his turn and fucked her pussy. A few fucked her mouth. And there where several that fucked her more than once.

The whole experience lasted only about an hour, before my cum covered wife was let up and stretched out. She walked to me then and dropped to her knees and took my cock and put it into her mouth. I only lasted but a very few seconds before I erupted with the strongest orgasm I had ever felt in my life, shooting cum down my wife’s throat.

They gave my wife some cloths that didn’t fit really well but worked till we could get back to the motel. We showered for a long time and then we both fell asleep.

“AAAAHHHAARRRRA!!!” Tammie screamed as she felt another contraction hit. “Its time, its time it is really time…” She insisted.

I rose from my seat and pulled her up. I guided her to the car that I had already placed her over night bag, the insurance papers and the other things the Lamaze teacher told us to bring.

I took her to the hospital that was not to far form our home. I walked in and because they had not been expecting her dew to the fact that she seemed to be a little premature. It took a wile to get her registered. I had paid no attention to the doctor after I told them when she had conceived during her Mexican gang bang.

I took her into the delivery room and reluctantly coached her threw each contraction.

When the nurse announced that the baby was crowning. I would not look at it. I pretended to watch Tammie as she continued to fight the pain of each contraction.

Then came the time to push. I took my time making sure he had a good focal point and I encouraged her threw as she pushed her daughter out of her womb and into the world.

I was prepared to be humiliated beyond anything that I had ever felt in my life just as the nurse said. “Now that is the prettiest little girl I had seen in years.”

I still refused to look at the child.

Tamie held out her arms for them to put her in and as soon as the cord was cut, they handed her to Tamie. Tammie brought it to her chest and said. “She looks just like her father doesn’t she. Rubbing it in my face.  

I had had enough… I was going to announce what a slutty little whore my wife was and she demanded to give birth to the Mexican spawn. When for some reason I looked down.

All my words got caught in my throat as I looked at the fairest blond hared blue-eyed child in my wife’s arms. What stood out the most though was on her left leg. She had a strawberry birth mark that matched mine exactly. She was perfect, I thought as I felt tears starting to flow down my cheeks.

I reached for my daughter and took her from my wife. Where I brought her to me, held and kissed her. She was very wet and sticky but I didn’t care a bit. She was mine… She was ours.

I looked at my wife and saw her eyes overflowing with tears themselves. There where no words needed. No apology. Somehow by some miracle I had fathered my daughter. I then kissed my wife. She wrapped her arms around both me and our daughter.

We where a family again.

My wife should be sainted. I had treated her like shit for the last 38 weeks. But she was full of forgiveness now.

Thank you for reading

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