Indecent proposal (A cheating wife story)

sue1973   September 18, 2018   | 75993 Views
One Monday morning Roger came into my office, just after 10 am break and asked me if I had ever seen a film called Indecent Proposal. I told him that I hadn't seen it, but I'd seen some trailers and knew what it was about. "Well" said Roger, "What would you say if I offered you £500.00 to spend a night with me? stepmom

 After the party at Andy's house, I decided that it would be wiser  not to involve Les in any further liaisons for the mean time. After all he was meant to be my hubby, John's best friend and I knew that he was feeling guilty about our two fuck sessions. Things fell back into our usual routine, Saturday nights at the Rotterdam to see live bands and John continued to drink a lot and ignore me even more. His only sexual demand from me in almost two months was for me to suck him off in bed on a Sunday morning while he read The Sunday Sport. I knew that our marriage was doomed, but I wanted to come out of it as a winner, financially. 

I work part time in an office in an engineering company where John is contracts manager. He is quite well paid, although most of his money goes on booze and his obsession for flash cars. He is seldom in the office and I am constantly pestered by a younger guy called Roger from the drawing office, who flirts with me and has even asked me out on a few occasions, although I have always declined his advances.  One Monday morning Roger came into my office, just after 10 am break and asked me if I had ever seen a film called Indecent Proposal. I told him that I hadn't seen it, but I'd seen some trailers and knew what it was about. "Well" said Roger, "What would you say if I offered you £500.00 to spend a night with me?  "Would your pretty little wife approve, Roger?  I asked.  Roger crumbled, he didn't expect that reply.  "Err, she's going away for a week to see her sister in Wales" "Not getting enough at home, are you, Roger"  He didn't answer. "That's enough for now Roger, be a good boy and close the door on your way out"  As Roger left, I called his name, he turned  to face me and I said, "Make it a grand and it's a deal"  Roger left my office without replying. A grand may seem like a lot, but Roger was foolish with money. He was even worse than my Husband, John at disposing of money.  Roger had recently paid 27 K for a porche and never driven it. Six months later he traded it in against an even more expensive Porche and seemed very pleased that the dealer had allowed him 19 K for it. Fools and their money are easily parted and I intended to cash in on this fool.                   

The week passed without any farther contact from Roger and then on Friday, after lunch he appeared again in my office. "Ok Sue, it's a deal, next weekend, if that's all right with you?   I agreed and asked where we would be spending the night.  "Jury's hotel, is that ok? oh, and how do I pay you?  I had given the payment thing a bit of thought.  It had to be cash, as I didn't want any records of the event.  I explained this to Roger and he agreed to get me half the amount from the ATM and meet me later.  I told him that I'd be in Pat's bar at 9 pm and to meet me there.

  Pat's bar was in an area of Belfast called Sailortown and was frequented by bikers and musicians, an odd mix, but the regulars were friendly and it was a safe place to be. I arrived at 8.30 pm and waited on Roger. Shortly afterwards, Roger arrived, wearing a burgandy suit and a mustard coloured waistcoat. I cringed. He got the attention of everyone in the bar. The band even stopped playing for a few seconds. I just didn't think that this was such a good place for a cash exchange any more. Roger hadn't spotted me, I was wearing my bike jacket and jeans and blended in with the crowd. He sat at a table near the door, Roger was more used to wine bars in the University district than places like this. I left my seat and walked towards him.  I could see a look of relief on his face when he spotted me. I sat down at his table and said, Gonna buy a lady a drink? I called Charlie over from the bar and asked for my usual, which is water and lime cordial with ice cubes. I never drink and drive.  Roger asked if they had a wine list, Charlie said, "Are you fuckin takin the piss sonny" I told Charlie to bring him a red wine.  "I have your money, Sue"  I told Roger to hang on to it for now and when we finish our drinks we'd leave.  Shortly afterwards we left and Roger followed my car. I drove to nearby Jennymount street, which is unoccupied and has a secluded turning area at the far end of the street.  Roger joined me in my car and handed me a brown envelope, which I placed  below the seat.  "I'll get you the rest next week Sue, is that ok?    I told him it was fine and he said, "Thanks" and got out of my car.  As he walked off, I made a snap decision. I called him back and said, "Get in the back, I think you deserve a sample"  To be honest, I wanted to have a look at the cock  that I would have to endure a week from tonight and if It was a total turn off, I could hand Roger back his envelope and call the deal off. 

  We sat on the back seat of my car, Roger looked nervous. I reached over and loosened the zip on his trousers.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was a fair sized cock, almost eight inches and in a semi aroused state. I got Roger to lift himself up a little, so that I could pull his trousers down a bit to give me better access, not to mention a clearer view. A few strokes and Roger was rigid. I moved my hand slowly up and down his shaft. He moaned  and I continued my slow hand action for a while and then jerked his cock harder and faster. Roger was squirming around now and nearing his orgasm. I went down hard on him and raked his exposed gland with my teeth.  It was all too much for him and he shot his  hot cum off in spurts into my mouth. I held on until the spurts ceased, my mouth was full of his cum. I  withdrew carefully, making sure that I didn't drip cum over myself or my leather seats. I opened my car window and spat the cum out, then looked Roger in the face and asked, "Do you want a kiss?   Roger said, "Ugh, no way, see you on Monday" and left.  Roger's cock was his best feature, maybe my night as his slut could be fun after all?.  I would have to wait to find out.

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