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Neighbor gone wild part-2

Stevenaj   April 18, 2020   | 15840 Views
Wild has got me wilder! rings

Hello guys, I am back yes to continue with my lunch story, most of you guys have read the story of the coffee, hope you guys liked it.Just in one word of the story"A wink"So Mona insisted that coffee is not enough her and needed me to serve her lunch a well prepared lunch for the next day, so I went cleaned myself and went to the door to leave, she whispered in my ears, do remember to come back for lunch 2maro in her husky voice I turned back and she planted a kiss, damn so hot kiss so smooth. I went back and started to watch some porns as a preparation for the lunch.

Wasn able to sleep my dreams were filled with the saree she wore, damn I had masturbated 3 times so to get some sleep lol. Finally the time I woke up I see the sun was almost on my head, I ran down and got ready in like 20mins, trimmed my pubic hair and was almost waiting for the time to ring. The curiousness was making me more hornier and buldging in my pants.

I reached Mona's place and their she was in the kitchen preparing lunch, I peaked from the window, ufff she was so hot and her hair was loosened. God damn rubbed my cock in my pants, and rang the bell, she opened the door and giggled and made "A Wink" again. She was wearing a black crank top and a bra with a matching shorts, looking at her legs my eyes went crazy and was stalking between her thighs, Lukily it was a weekday and her husband won't disturb us for atleast 5hrs, so I took my time. 

Sat on the sofa as she was moving around comfortable and there she came with a glass of juice, offered me and sat next to me, I whispered into her ears I am so thristy and hungry Mona, she said take the juice and make it dry, damn that made me start to buldge in my pants, jucie made me calm and I held her face grabbed her close played with her hair and lips with my fingers and planted a soft gentle kiss, that kiss made us breath heavy and started kissing deeper, moaning inside the mouth, we broke the kiss and she held my hand guided me to the master room and there was the king size bed again, we started to kiss again and was feeling the body, she took my shirt down while I took her crank top, and saw her cleavage, my face just went between them and started to kiss them, kissed and bites placed love bited on them as I was squeezing between my face. She guided my head to go deeper as I unbuttoned her bra, holded them on my hands squeezing gently I removed and dropped her titties, those gorgeous titties so good 34 D's I grabbed them and sucked them good, making her nipples swollen, pinched them twisted them as she was moaning for more and more.I dropped my hand inside her shorts, felt her pussy it was so warm and wet my fingers were filled with her juices she was hornier them ever, started rubbing her pussy as I was sucking her nipples out.

Pushed her on the bed removed her inners and stretched her legs wide, she was feeling my breath near her pussy as she held my head and said fuck go deeper and harder, I started teasing her pussy with kisses and placed my tongue started to lick up and down cleaned her juices out fuck so tasty and slided my tongue inside her pussy she was literally holding my head to make it deeper and I did that. Was so thirsty I started licking her pussy lips bited abit to make her moan harder, she came at that moment and I cleaned it up.

Shetook me to the bathroom, to clean herself but she turned on the shower, the water was on chilled but our body was fumed, she got down and dropped my pants holding my balls she said it's my tuen, she licked the balls and started to play while I was playing with her hair, she licked my cock from balls to my tip making it warmer, she was winking at me again, she bited abit and I did moan loud, lol more then her, she kissed the tip with her open mouth sucked it gently fuck I was high and asking for her more, she sucked inch by inch to get my cock inside her, fuck it was such a blowjob I couldn't get from anyone, she said to cum for her and I don't resist I came hard on her face and she liked it, she licked me completely and made my cock ready for lunch.

Westood in the bathroom pushed her to the wall, she clapped her legs on my hip while my hands was on her ass squeezing them as I kissing her neck, I placed my cock near her pussy teasing it rubbing it against mine, as the things happening. She whispered "fuck me like never again" I bite her hard and I pushed my cock inside her she was tight literally she was and pushed her harder she gave a moan "fuckkk yeahhhh it needs harder" so I thrusted my cock harder each time then before. Making her moan louder as she was in the air and my mouth working on her neck she was grabbing my head. The position was so good we stood their for 15 solid minutes, and dropped her she wanted more harder and turned towards the wall and bent and was teasing my cock, I grabbed her hair tilting her head up, spanked her ass while inserting my cock I thrusted it harder and harder and deeper each time. She was begging for more, so grabbed her throat and fucked like never again. She came again but I did not stop I fucked her again and again harder until she came for the 3rd time. She was happy and was giggling with breathtaking voice and told me "you'll be my fuck buddy whenever I need one, she dropped down again and took my cock sucked me better then the first and made me cum. She told me this was the better lunch ever she had! And we kissed and got dressed and was time for me to leave.

I said I will come for dinner and we are waiting for the dinner time! Hope it happens soon. I kissed her like I am never gonna see her again. And squeeze ed her titties and ass cheeks and I left! Came out with happiness and went directly to have a smoke made me think for a week and I masturbated thinking about moments! 

A neighbour gone wild by a wink!

Email me if you had like the experience I got, I  Aj from Bangalore. [email protected]!! 

Thank you!

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