A Trip To France We Will Never Forget

EddieM41   November 14, 2017   | 24998 Views
Finally a chance to get away from the day to day... the kids, the job, the stress with her sister. An unexpected invitation to visit the playground of the rich and famous... cheating My wife has been under a great deal of stress at the office. We often talk about the need for some adult time and away from it all. This past spring a SMS and then phone call by her sister changed it all. "Hey do you want to visit the south of France with me?" he sister had asked. Looking at me with her big blue eyes, blonde hair and smile... I told her "you should go"... she immediately started looking for tickets online, comparing with her sister´s travel plans. 

The phone then rang again...her sister "hey umm... I am going to meet Kevin" (her sometimes lover and a master of yoga) a few days before is that ok if you wait to come till say Monday?"... my wife nodded yeah that is ok and I could see her smiling on the phone. 

The day of the trip I could see the excitement in her eyes. She would be picked up at the airport by her sister. Finally able to leave it all behind. 

Well the trip went about as expected although I noticed from her suddenly absent texts to me about how the kids were doing etc... and she was short on the phone. Annoyed I left it at that she wanted to let go for a few days. Not until a few months later and reading a horoscope (sexscope) did I summon up the "balls" to ask her what really happened down there. 

When I approached her it took some serious balls I kind of gently persuaded her that it was ok to have flirted etc... while away. Well we had a couple of glasses of wine and I asked again. Bits and pieces of her story came out. Finally she admitted after I told her of my sexscope and yes/no tarot experiences that something "little" did happen and it was not what I thought it was. Going into some "light" detail...

When she arrived at the hotel with her sister Kevin was still there. They had not gotten enough of each other and he decided to stay around for a few more days. My wife was thinking um ok.. but I thought this was a girls trip. Anyway... they agreed to move to another hotel and head of for dinner in Nice´s old town. A nice dinner, the two love birds flirting, my wife feeling awkward when Kevin sensed this and began charming her. Flirting and making her feel well... comfortable. 

A second and third bottle of wine followed and they agreed to hit a cocktail bar before heading back. At the bar her sister became a little tipsy as did Kevin and my wife. He mentioned about having a threesome in which her sister laughingly asked my wife is she ever..."um no..." her sister said... "yeah it could be fun you know...!" and my wife responded " could be..." but they left it at that. 

Back at the hotel room her sister laid down as a bottle of champagne opened , each sharing a glass. My wife said she went to the bathroom to get some water when Kevin followed her in. He did his best to charm her up. Buzzed and enjoying the light flirting she returned to the room. Her sister was passed out on the master bed, hair over her eyes. Kevin noticed how tense her neck and shoulders seemed to be. He offered and gave her a light massage. He came up behind her, talking softly and continued to massage her neck and shoulders. His hands gently touched her sides and nicked her breasts. She was turned on. His face came closer to her shoulder and neck and she could feel his breath. His hands gently moved back to her shoulders and neck not before glancing the side of her breasts. He then proceeded to kiss her lightly when suddenly my wife jumped up and headed to the bathroom. He followed ... they both stood in the bathroom, she looking at the mirror and he behind her. He began massaging her again which she loved. He then started kissing her neck and slowly started pushing down her top exposing her bra. She grabbed from behind his hips and pushed them closer to her as he kept massaging and kissing her. 

His hands slid down her sides to her skirt pushing it slowly down to massage her rear and hips. She called out "no... my sister..." and "no I am marr..." as he kept enjoying himself. He spoke softly to her and finally turned her head kissing her on the lips. She at first refused but then gave in as he grabbed some champagne and offered her a taste. He then faced her kissing her chest and undoing her bra while watching himself in the mirror. She moaned in pleasure, then pushed away again and again only to enjoy his return. She then pushed off trying to get a look at if her sister was awake... and she was not. He then opened his white shirt exposing his chest and pushing against her now bare chest. His shirt fell off and he guided her hands to his pants where he helped her undo the buckle, his pants fell down leaving only tight Pierre Roberts. 

He guided her hand over her underpants and he then moved closer and slowly down her chest to her stomach and the top of her pant line pushing her skirt and pants down in one kissing her thighs as she moaned. He then started to expose himself when she pulled his underpants down grabbing his hard cock like a lifeline. He continued to speak softly finally pushing her panties down to the ground. He kissed her thighs now and then put his tongue right on her clit teasing it ... she said "oh my god..." as he moved up and down. Finally he took his cock and inserted it deep into her driving her crazy. She had not had another cock before me since she was 19. He thrusted in and out. He stopped and turned her around telling her to look into the mirror... as he mounted her from behind pushing in and out. He pushed and pushed... not saying a word until "I am gonna cum"... and my wife said "yes..." as he filled her pussy from behind with his cum. 

Afterward he held her tightly from behind all that had happened in a few minutes... he had been fucking her sister all weekend and now had her and he told her "I have always liked are very sexual"... and they retired to bed.

As they slept my wife could not... the emotions had filled her head and as she was about to send a good nite sms to me she could feel his cum run out of her pussy. Her sister had not moved all night when Kevin came over to chat with my wife. He pulled his pants down again from behind and inserted his cock into her wet pussy pushing and pushing as they quietly fucked next to her sister. My wife pounding her fist in the bed and telling him... "quiet fuck me.. and fill me with your stuff... I want your seed in me..." as he fucked and again came deep inside her.

The night ended and the morning came. Their little secret was kept in a safe place till now...

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