Watching Rachel

DavidN   April 23, 2018   | 72439 Views
My fantasy of watching other men take on my hot wife comes true Luxury

From my life and relationships in my 20's and 30's I never thought I would end up in the voyeur status. 

I was married in my mid 20's and for a few years had a decent sex life. By the time my now ex-wife and I turned 30 our sex life ranged from dull to puritanical. I longed for a sex partner that was exciting and divorced my wife. 

The only good thing about a dull marriage was I built a successful company and enjoyed the wealth it brought me. 

I dated for the first time in years and although I'm not exactly a stud, my wealth did bring some attention from women I only fantasized about. I had a number of relationships but none stuck until I met her.

 Rachel was 5'10 a former model and at 34 still had her model body, Long legs, tight ass, perfect 34C tits and a beautiful face.  I enjoyed her company socially but even more so in the bedroom. She had no boundaries and after my dull marriage I lived the sexual lifestyle I always dreamed of. 

 When we went out for dinner or drinks Rachel would never go out unless she looked her best. Short tight dresses and high heels. Every man would turn and give her an admiring look. Instead of feeling jealous I enjoyed seeing other men look her over and want her.

 Rachel moved in with me and life was pretty sweet. a big house, business success and a hot girlfriend.

 The more times she would get the once over by men the more I liked it and triggered some sexual fantasies I never thought I was capable of. I openly fantasized about Rachel fucking some of the men that drooled over her. 

I wasn't stupid I knew my sexy girlfriend had a long history of lovers and knew I had no real chance she would be faithful to me.

 I would take business trip for 3 or 4 days twice a month and was certain she was not at home watching TV.

 On these trips I would masturbate thinking about Rachel fucking other men.

Now I wanted to be able to see her in action. 

I wondered if she brought men back to our house or not. We had a guest bedroom in the basement which I never set foot in but one day alone somehow I had an inkling I needed to check it out.

 I found she wasn't very good at cleaning up any evidence. My first discovery was packages of condoms in the night stand. Opening up the closet I found it full of kinky outfits, lingerie, stilettos and thigh high boots. I was thrilled to know she entertained her lovers here and that it would give me the opportunity to see her in action.  

One day when I knew she would be out I installed some hidden video equipment so I could see and hear her in action without her knowing. Now I just needed to give her the opportunity to use her playroom. 

I faked a trip and followed her from a distance when she went out. Seeing how she was dressed I knew she was on the prowl for a partner. I was somewhat surprised when she parked in front of a club more known for 18-25 year olds.

 I went in a few minutes after her and took a corner table where I could see her sitting at the bar. For 40-45 minutes she had a number of young studs try to gain her favor. I was disappointed to see them all apparently strike out with Rachel.

As she sipped her wine two men or closer to boys sat on each side of her, They looked to be 19-20. I was sure they would be sent packing as the earlier attempts. I was wrong as the 3 seemed deep in conversation. I saw Rachel's hand move to one of the guys crotches and seem to start rubbing. She leaned over and gave him a short kiss. She then turned to the other and repeated the rub and kiss only this one kiss was longer and more passionate. The other had has hand on her leg and seemed to place move up and under her short skirt. She turned to him and smiled before giving him a long kiss.

 I couldn't believe my eyes as she seemed to be ready to "entertain" them both.

I was rock hard and wanted to see what came next. She rose and the three headed out the door. I carefully went after and thought they'd have driven away but they had her on her car hood alternating kissing and groping. Finally the 3 got in her car and drove back to our house.

 I very carefully entered through the back door. I could hear voices from the basement and knew Rachel had them both in the play nest.

 I knew the cameras would be recording and I could see it all later but I couldn't resist going downstairs to see what I could hear. I heard Rachel say patience boys. The door was open and I hid behind some furniture to catch a preview of what would be on the video. Rachel was on her knees with one of the studs cocks in her mouth. The 2nd was kneeling behind her, his hands on her perfect tits, kissing her neck. After a couple minutes she took on the 2nd studs cock deep throttling him as he grunted. I couldn't take anymore from my hiding place, I already shot my load watching them, so I retreated upstairs. Even with the distance between me and what was going on I heard grunts, groans and the nastiest of sex talk. I wasn't even remotely jealous but couldn't wait to watch the video. I left and spent the night at a hotel I knew with her thinking I was away I couldn't just show up. 

The next day I finally got to watch. I knew Rachel had great sexual prowess and skill but the way she handled these two young studs was amazing. For over and hour she took on all they had. I wasn't sure if I was more impressed with the guys sexual stamina or Rachel's ability to satisfy these studs. They took turns fucking her in multiple positions. She was insatiable and never seemed to need even a moment to catch her breath. Finally the two seemed all but spent. One pulled out of her as the other stroked his cock and ejaculated on her tits, The other needed a little coaxing and Rachel grabbed his cock and pumped it for about 30 seconds before he sprayed her with his hot cum. She rose from the bed and gave each a long deep kiss before they dressed and left. Rachel headed to the shower to clean the massive amount of cum on the body.

 Later when she returned home she came over to me kissed me and rubbed my cock through my pants. She purred "I take it you enjoyed the show" I just stammered not thinking she was aware of the cameras. Rachel told me she discovered a camera the day I had it installed and she knew I wanted a good show. She decided she was going to give me the best, the hottest, the kinkiest show she could to really find out if I was into watching her. 

I told her I loved every second and wanted more. She kissed me and said good because she had no intention of not taking on other lovers. 

That's how my fantasy came true, Having a beautiful sexy girlfriend and a great sex life as well as being able to indulge my fantasy of watching her fuck other men.     


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