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Shooting Sam's Wife

libcef   February 06, 2020   | 23795 Views
Sam and Beth were a young couple that moved into one of the units in the same Body Corporate Association as me. They hadn't been married long and had no children as of yet and both… stepmom Sam and Beth were a young couple that moved into one of the units in the same Body Corporate Association as me. They hadn't been married long and had no children as of yet and both of them worked. Beth was a nice young woman. She had a good figure and a friendly personality and got on well with everyone, although she did tend to fade into the background a little when Sam was around. She was also not the sharpest pencil in the box. Not that she was stupid, but just a little slow to catch on to what was going on around her.

Sam was a glad-handing extrovert, always smiling and chatting to people. He had the politician's trick of making you feel that he was genuinely happy to see you and valued your opinion on whatever the subject under discussion was.

Now while Sam was a tenant and had no voting rights at the BC meetings he had managed to inveigle the owner to give proxy rights, allowing him to come to meetings and vote. No-one objected because Sam was such a nice guy.

Sam always seemed to have suggestions of things we could do to improve our surroundings. It didn't take me long to work out that his suggestions required one of two things, sometimes both. Money and our time. He apparently felt free to vote for us spending money on things we didn't need which was understandable. It wasn't his money. The other thing was that he'd suggest things that would require us to make up a working bee to do the work. Oddly enough on the few times we actually went ahead with a working bee Sam was missing, although Beth would be there with his excuses.

In my opinion Sam was a very superficial character. He might have some bright ideas but there was nothing there to back up those ideas except a fast talking mouth. He hadn't yet learned that you have to be willing to do the work if you wanted to achieve something.

Sammy boy was also a bit of a sleaze. I'd noticed him hitting on a few of the women in the complex but whether he scored or not I didn't know.

I managed to front up to Sam one fine Saturday afternoon with a suggestion. He'd been stooging around outside while Beth was doing some gardening. A very attractive figure she made with tight shorts and a tight abbreviated top. She'd gone inside just as I was approaching.

"Sam," I said, acknowledging his presence.

"Colin," he replied, all smiles and apparently thrilled to be seeing me.

"I just noticed that Beth had been doing some gardening," I observed. "Quite an attractive young thing."

"On her behalf, I thank you," Sam said, waiting to see where this led.

"You know I'm a photographer?" I asked.

"Yeah. I've seen some of your work," he replied, giving a nod.

"I'd like to take a few photos of Beth," I told him. "I think she'll make a great subject."

"We'd get copies?"

"Of course."

"Then I see no reason why not. When do you want to do it?"

"I don't want you to get the wrong impression. I'll be wanting to take some, ah, artistic photos as part of the shoot."

Sam considered this with a slight frown.

"Um, by artistic I take it you mean nude?"

"Yes, but in a very artistic manner," I assured him.

"Yes, well as long as I'm there I see no harm in that," he decided.

I was already shaking my head.

"Sorry, but I don't want you there," I told him. "With you there she can't be her natural self. She'll always be looking to you for approval. No, I need you to go gave a drink or something and come back in an hour or so."

I'll give him credit. He did seem a little doubtful as to the wisdom of doing this.

"Um, that would leave you alone with my wife and her, um, undressed. How do I know that you wouldn't, ah, you know what I mean."

"I do indeed, but it's nothing to worry about. Really, even if we did you'd never know so you can tell yourself nothing happened in good conscious. While you're gone why don't you have a drink on me?"

I tucked a fifty into his shirt pocket and he brightened up immensely. If there was one thing Sam liked doing it was spending someone else's money.

"Why don't you tell Beth that I'll be taking a couple of photos and then you can head out for a break and a beer?"

"Right. You're a good chap and I know you wouldn't take advantage of me," he said. Not a word about how I might take advantage of Beth.

He stuck his head in the front door and yelled to Beth and then he nodded to me and headed for his car. The way he drove off he was eager for a drink.

I strolled into the house looking for Beth. I could hear the shower running and guessed that was where she was so I opened the bathroom door and walked in. Beth was standing in the shower, eyes wide as she looked at me. I opened the door to the shower cubicle, checking her out as I did so.

"What are you doing here?" she asked indignantly. "You've got no right to be here."

"Didn't you hear what Sam said? He gave me permission to take a few photos of you as long as he gets a copy."

"I heard him yell something. Where is he? Anyway, I'm naked."

"Yes, I can see that," I admitted. "Beautifully naked. Wonderfully naked. You'll come up a real treat in a photo looking like that."

"But you can't go taking nude pictures of me."

"Not nude. Artistic. And Sam said I could."

She gave me an irritated look.

"Just where is Sam? Why isn't he here?"

"Sam's not here because I told him you'd feel all inhibited and unable to relax in front of him. He decided that he'd go and get a drink while I do the photos."

"This is ridiculous. He's just letting you wander in and take nude photos while he's off having a drink? Sorry, artistic photos. What's to stop you from, ah, you know what I mean."

It's amazing how often people can't just come out and say what they mean.

"If you mean that I might want to have sex with you," I said, "Sam brought up the possibility. I assured him that if we did we wouldn't tell him and so he could quite happily assume that we didn't. He seemed to think that was reasonable. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"Maybe not, but I might," she said with some irritation. "Anyway, where'd he get the money for a few drinks? He was broke."

She promptly interpreted the look on my face.

"You gave him money to go away and leave me with you, didn't you."

Certainly not," I denied. "I just gave him some money so he could enjoy a drink or two while I took a couple of photos. Now smile."

I took a couple of shots while she glowered at me. I sighed and reached into the shower to turn off the water.

"Smile," I prompted her. "I want Sam to see you happy and smiling in the pictures."

"How can I smile when I know you're likely to jump me and rape me at any moment?"

"Oh, relax. For a start, I'm not going to rape you at any moment. I'm certainly not going to rape you in the bathroom. Why don't you hop out of the shower and get dried and then we can adjourn to the bedroom, a much more fitting place for a little rape. Once there we can decide how this rape will take place."

"I'd have thought," she said, sounding a bit put upon, "that you'd wait until the end of the photos before raping me."

"That would be silly," I responded. "Knowing Sam he'll have his couple of drinks and then rush back here early hoping to catch me in the act. That way he'll get to act all self-righteous, hinting that an injection of funds might soothe his injured feelings. His alternative scenario will be to get back early enough that I won't have had a chance to jump you, meaning he got his drinking money and I miss out on my fun and he still gets some photos. So you can understand that jumping you is a matter of priority."

Beth had been nodding as I mentioned how Sam would try to cheat me. She totally agreed with me. Maybe a bit smarter than I thought.

"Has it occurred to you that I don't want you to jump me?" she asked, her voice sounding sweet and reasonable.

"What's that got to do with anything?" I asked, holding out a towel for her as she stepped out of the shower.

She didn't answer, just letting me wrap the towel around her. Hand on her back I encouraged her to leave the bathroom and walk down the hall. Opening the first door I came to I could see it was a spare bedroom with a single bed. Good enough as far as I was concerned and I directed her inside, deftly removing the towel as I did so. Once inside the room I stood back and admired my prize.

"You are very lovely," I said softly. "Just made for a man to hold."

"Look, you're not really going to, um, to. . ."

"Going to fuck you just as long and as hard as I can? Of course. I'd be a fool not to." I flicked the towel out so it spread over the bed.

"What are the chances that you'll just do as I say?" I asked.

"Not good," she admitted.

"That's okay. Your choice, after all. Are you going to struggle and try to fight me off?"


"Okay, but no scratching and no biting."

"And what happens if I do scratch and bite?"

"I put you across my knee and spank your bottom. Trust me, it won't be worth it. Of course, if you want to be spanked that's a different matter."

The look she gave indicated that a spanking was not desired. I just smiled in return and indicated the bed.

"Hop up. I'll be with you in a moment. Don't be difficult," I added when it looked as though she was going to protest. "Picking you up and tossing you onto the bed would be easy, and you know it."

She had a mutinous look on her face but she climbed up onto the bed. Silly of her, really. Now that she'd obeyed one instruction she could easily fall into the habit of obeying others.

I dropped my trousers and my interest in her was plain to see. She was studiously not looking at my erection, but I saw several quick peeks, and her breathing was a little heavier. I sat down on the bed next to her and smiled as I saw her tense up.

"No need to panic. You can relax for a while. I'm only going to touch you a little, see how responsive you are."

"I'm not panicking," she snapped.

"That's okay then," I said, reaching for and stroking her breast.

I started talking softly as I touched her, telling her how wonderful she looked and felt. Her breasts tightened, swelling a little, her nipples standing out, and from the little gasp she gave when I sucked on one they were rather sensitive.

She tensed up again when my hand slipped between her legs, her legs trying to close tighter. I gave a little sigh.

"No. Just relax. I'll tell you what. You hold this and that way you'll know that it's not sneaking up on you."

I moved her hand over to my erection and she took hold, holding it firmly. It wasn't long before I could feel her trying to measure it, her hand moving over me.

For my part I was exploring her rather intimately. I touched and petted, rubbed and stroked, fingers sliding between her lips to tease her tender internal flesh. She was hot and wet and twisting about slowly under my touch, ready to go, whether she knew it or not. I did make one small mistake. I brushed too close to her clitoris and she gave a small scream, and I had to choke back my own scream as her hand had tightened rather convulsively on my erection.

I extracted my cock from her grasp and she gasped.

"Does this mean. . .?"

"Yes, indeed it does."

"I'll have to fight you off, you know," she said, almost sounding apologetic.

"Quite understandable," I agreed. "Now if you'll excuse me. . ."

I stood up, reached over, and took hold of her ankles. Then I simply lifted them high, bending her right over. She was now looking at her own vulva, with my cock very close to it. Good luck fighting from this position, I thought. The look on her face said she was having the same thought.

I leaned against her legs, holding them high, while my cock moved closer to her passage. Her lips were pursed and pouting waiting for me. I didn't keep them waiting long, pressing forward and seeing them part to let me in.

"Son of a bitch, you're really doing it," she gasped, watching helplessly as I descended.

"That I am. Are you going to tell me to stop?"

She glared at me. No way was she going to cry stop and we both knew it.

I kept pushing until I was fully inside her, then I relaxed a little.

"Move your legs down a little and wrap them around my waist," I told her. "You'll feel more comfortable."

She did as told and I started bouncing against her, with Beth responding quite brilliantly. She certainly didn't need moment to moment instructions, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

After a pleasurable interlude I stopped bouncing and rolled over, taking Beth with me so she was now on top.

"Your turn," I told her. "Sit up and do what you want."

"No," I said quickly, grabbing hold of her waist. "That does not mean dismount. Now get to work."

The rotten bitch was sniggering as she started to rock, my cock once more sliding in and out as she went. That little break had brought me down from where I'd been and now Beth was slowly building me back up again. The way she was breathing I'd have to say that she was also building up to her own climax in short order.

She actually fooled me there. She managed to get in a couple more short breaks, letting things die down a little before resuming. I wanted to swear at her but I had told her to do what she wanted (except stop) so I couldn't really complain. (Well I could complain but she'd have just sniggered and made it even worse. Don't give a woman control. They abuse it.)

Fortunately it couldn't go on for much longer as Beth was too near the edge herself. She started giving a bit extra in her bouncing so I reciprocated, thrusting in hard when she sank down onto me. I climaxed and then she climaxed, and as far as I was concerned a great time was had by all.

Beth had another quick shower and then I dragged her into the front room.

"I'm going to take a series of anime nudes," I told her. At her puzzled look I explained. "In proper anime any naked girl is drawn in such a way that nothing intimate ever shows. There's always something that blocks that vital spot. The person is standing at the wrong angle, a lock of hair covers a nipple, the flower in a vase that falls just so and hides a vulva. Always something. Now sit on the couch the way I direct."

In the next few minutes I took a series of photos, some of which would be quite good. I figure a dozen or so good photos from a hundred shot is good going. Thank god you don't have to worry about film and printing.

That's when Sam came bustling into the house. I gave him a sour look. He gave me a smug one.

"I figured you'd be away for another half hour or so," I said pointedly.

"Yes, well I just felt that I'd better come home. Wouldn't want to cause any talk in the neighbourhood, would we."

"Okay. Try to stay out of the way while I finish these shots," I grumbled.

"You're finished now," Beth said. "I'm sorry. I just feel uncomfortable being naked in front of you with Sam standing right there."

"Told you that would happen," I said rather pointedly to Sam. "Still, I'll see what I've got and send you copies of the best ones."

Sam escorted me to the front door, grinning like the Cheshire cat the entire way. He was of the impression that he'd won. I wondered if Beth would confess what had happened. I strongly suspected not. He'd effectively rented her out to me and she knew it. I suspected that she'd do something to make life miserable for him for a while.
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