She knows that I know

Haris   September 17, 2020   | 16131 Views
The night she got to know I am aware of her affairs was the night she began cuckolding me. rings The aroma of men's perfume filled the room as she silently walked in.
I was pretending to be asleep as every other night. I felt her looking at me close as she always did and then move away lighting a cigarette. I peaked at her as she sucked in smoke before the mirror. The ritual carried on same as always until she opened up her shirt. This was the very first time I noticed hikkies all over her body. She traced the marks and gasped a little as if it stinged. She then pulled of her trousers and I got taken back by the lipstick marks over her thigh. I was so stunned that I couldn't keep myself covert and by the time, I realized it she was already looking at me. 
I shut my eyes instantly as my heart began beating fast. I felt her come closer and suddenly my cock was in her strong grip.
"Look at me" She hadn't spoken so coldly ever 
I looked at her expressionless face in agonizing pain.
"Now that you know, what shall you do?" She gripped my balls in the same hand and squeezed a bit more "Before you think of something, keep in mind that the house and all our savings are in my name." 
I tried to speak up but she slapped me so hard in the face that my whole body shuddered with pain. 
"Don't you fucking speak!" She pulled me up by pulling my hair, never loosening her grip on my bottom. "You were never enough for me boi. Now that you know I have been fulfilling my needs elsewhere, you listen to me carefully." And she twisted my groin with that
"You will resign from your job tomorrow and you only duty will be to take care of the house, my pleasure, and my boyfriends. Can you do that for me?" 
I nodded with tears running down. 
"Good boi, now I shall tie you to the bedpost so that you can suck my feet until I fall asleep, you will have your briefing in the morning" 
And thus began my life under her toes. 
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