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Cheating wife got fucked 8 times in one night.. Part 1

Han   July 29, 2017   | 654735 Views
It was the 1st time when I cheated my husband and got fucked 8 times in one night. rings Hey There, I am Hannah! This is the 1st time im writing a story here. 

I would kike to share my experience when I got fucked 12 times in one night. This happened 2 years back when I was only married for 6 months and my husband was out of town for some work for more than 2 weeks and I that time I saw on my facebook wall that one of my ex was in town and he texted me a day that we wanted to meet me see who my life is now and whats happening. We both were seperated with mutual understanding and thing were great between us we were good friends now and He ( Chris) was of very flirty nature so he always used to flirt with me. 

We had gone with 2nd base but never got the chance of fully doing it so he always used to joke me about he wanted to finish the job.

So one evening I invited him over for dinner. I never had any sexual intention and I wasnt expecting anything from his side as well.

At 7:30 pm the door bell rang and he was there with a bottle of red wine and wearing black. He was looking very sexy and he knows that how much I want to ripe his clothes apart when he wears balck it really suits him. He was 6 ft and 5 inch tall, and way muscular now than he had been when I was dating him ( It was more like a summer fling than actually dating). He handed me the wine bottle and gave me a soft kiss on my cheeks and I welcomed him inside by now I expected that intentions were got clean. So we sat and talked about whats happening and how's life treating us and blah blah but i noticed that we has contiously starting at my breats. I have a perky 36D and my lean waist thanks to my yoga instructor I really her ( in a non sexual way) ;) and an ass to grab for. He asked some questions to gain his attention towards my face and by this time even i was enjoying it a bit him looking at me in this way. 

By 8:15, I went to the kitchen did the last preps for dinner and invited him to the dinner table. We both sat down starting to eat and by then I felt something on my legs he was trying to caress me with his feet but from my experation he stopped and apologiesed and he broke the ice with a joke and we both laughed. 

After the dinner we both were in Kitchen he poured himself and me some wine and i was just cleaning some dishes and he started talking about the time when we were about to do it but got intterupted by friends and that was the last summer he saw me. And man that time was wild and thinking of it that time made me a little wet and i knew what was going to happen and his intention of finishing his job.

After cleaning we sat in the living room on the sofa and I dont know what just happened and I asked if we would want to watch a movie. He siad sure why not and we began to watch a rom com on netflex. I got a blanky and we both shared the sofa and we was shifting towards me slowly slowly I got his signals and didnt say anything. He was now sitting very close to me and I could feel his hearting pumping and he was smelling my hear and tryin to keep him animal in control but it was not I could see the bulge in his pants. He asked me if he could share my blanket and threw a part of blankt on him he came now to close his body starting to touch mine. He slowly moved his hand and put it on my thighs this gave me shivers down to spine. I jumped in a bit alarming way but I loved the way he touched it aroused me. I was hot and wet by than he asked him if he could kiss me. Just by the time he uttered this words I jumped on him and started kissing me and he starting kissing me back. His one hand grabed my ass and other on my waist his tongue was in  my mouth and He began to kiss as wild as it can get he starting bitting my lips. My started sucking his tongue it was so wild we continued for a good 10 mins and then he told me that he didnt like the dress which I am wearing. I was wearing a navy blue dress fully covered till knee. He told me to change and wear something more arousing. I asked him like what and he said wear somthing that You would have wore for your husband to arouse him. 

I obeyed! I took him to our bedroom upstairs and I told him to make himself comfortable and I'll be right back. I went to the bathroom and change it to the sexiest nighty which husband gifted me 1 week after our wedding . It was a black lacy night with a gstring. It was totally see through. It was like I was barely wearing anything. 

I was very shy after wearing it and came out a light hestited .I saw him sitting in the arm chair with a glass of wine he saw me and his jaw just dropped. He kept the glass on the side and came to me and started kissing me again and now I was against the wall and he was kissing me licking my neck pressing my boobs. He was uncontrolable. 

He than pushed to sit on my knees he unbuckled his belt and told me to unbutton his pants and take the beast out of the cage and to my horrible his penis was huge like around 10 inch with a width of a tin can. It was to thick and long for me. he soved his penis in my mouth and he controlled the motion by grabbing my hair and started to stroke in my month. My eyes watered and I choked twice but it didnt stop him to fuck my mouth. He moaned and moaned and after a bit even I started to enjoy sucking his giant cock. 

He than hold me and threw me on the bed. He opened my legs and began to play with my cunt. His fingers were playing with my clit and he doved his tongue in my cunt. and starting tongue fucking me I could not explain how much pleasure it gave me I started moaning out load and he enjoyed it. than he told me to turn around and I obeyed Like a good girl. He entered me from back and i screamed because it was hurting me His cock was to big for my cunt. but he kept fucking me and he fucked me hard for like a good 30 mins in different positions but when we was about to jack off he told me to turn again in the doggy style. But I refused so he pulled my hair and made me do it I told him not to cum in my vigina but he was not listening at all he has more in to finishing it. He loaded my vagina with his thick hot cum and we both loosed on the bed in exhaustion. this was the 1st time he fucked me I thought the night is done here but I didnt know he had other plans. he wanted to stay with me for the whole night and I didnt refuse because sure he did cummed but my orgasm was yet to come and I wanted him to give me that. After the 1st round we both bathed and slept to gether. He made me wore that nighty again and slept on the bed with me. 

Only after half an hour I felt something hard on my bum and my eyes opened wide. He was horny again and he started to playing with me nipples at 1st I didnt responded and only enjoyed him playing with me. But slowly he started caressing my whole body gently. His hands started to move from my neck till my clit and than to my toes. He than started sucking my toes and I moaned in Pleasure " Oh Chirs!! where were you all these years" He replied " I was also waiting for this moment and tonight You are mine and I will whatever I do with you" I said " Your wish is my command".

He riped my nighty off and started sucking my boobs. He said they are so big and juicy now from the last time He saw it. He admired my husband's work and told me if I had been with me He would have made them 38D. ad I giggled. He started motorboating and we both laughed hard. I said " you still have that kid in you" he replied " For you, Always!" 

He than kissed me on my lips a very gentle one and I got confused of his mix signals. I just replied back by kissing me deeper and he kissed me more. And I felt him squeezing my boobs to hard that I almost screamed and than again started sucking them and I just made me forget the whole world and even I started to push my boob in his mouth. He than started playing with my nipples. One by one. bitting them licking them pressing them between his thumb and index fingure and this just made me wet and wetter. 

he went crasy and pulled both my nipples together to put it in his month at once and starting to suck it. 

He was sucking me like a small baby with loud gulping voice it was too cute and too hot for me at the same time and I kept playing with his hair while he was sucking me. These all stuff went for a good half an hour and I was so wet by then that I left a huge mark on my bedsheet.

I was his puppet I was doing whatever he said. He than touched my clit and saw that I was fully wet he didnt wasted a sec and starting drinking juice OMG!!! it was just to much for me to handle and screamed and screamed his name in pleasure the more I screamed the harder he started sucking my cunt lips. I didnt even realized when he tore my g strings. 

He than kissed me and gave me a taste of my own juice he made me suck his fingers which where wet with my juice and I did what he said.

at this time I was soo ready to get fucked but he didnt give it to me. He wanted to fuck my mouth instead. My cunt was pounding for his meat but he refused to give it to me. He on the other hand shoved his giant cock in my month and began to mouth fuck me. I was all blank cox of his giant cock and kept sucking and atlast he cummed in my mouth. I drank all of his cum and licked his cock and cleaned it very nicely. He was tired and went to the bathroom to wash himself and he also cleaned me but He fucking aroused my pussy and did not fuck me there he was teasing me and told me that" One hole at a time" and laugh I was so desperated that I could have used a hand shower hand have fucked my self with it. 

He again came inside the bedroom and slept on the bed. This time I could not sleep I was only thinking about how to fuck his cock. 

after 15 mins or so. I began to demand. I woke him up and sat on his facing towards his dick and ordered him to fuck my pussy with his tongue and he did it, He fucked me not only with his tongue but also with his four fingers and at the same time I started to suck his cock and made it hard again, His cock was like a clock tower for dwarfs. He finger fucked so bad that I cummed on his face he loved it and licked all of it. 

I now stood up from his face and sat on his dick. His dick was to huge. It took me 3 tries to sit on it compeletly and he his dick was dirctly touching my Gspot in this positioned. The minute I sat on his dick and began to move I cummed again. I came like thrice in that round. he got to knew that h was touching my G spot and he spoilted it totally. By fucking me harder than ever and I was screaming out loud. " Oh fuck me you Son of A bitch ..... Fuck the shit out of me... Fuck it ,, Fuck FUckkk" I kept shooting and he grabbed my boobs the moment he was about to cum. He moaned in pleasure and I again I felt his Hot cum inside my vigina. I told him that why he didnt brought any condoms if he had intentions to fuck me this much, and he replied " Condoms are for kids, Man knows ther way."

By this time I was done for the night. Now I just wanted a hot shower and a goodnight sleep. 

I went in to the shower and he joined me in. I soaped him and he soaped me. He both took the shower together and in between that he got hard again. And started to entered me with any foreplay or anything. My pussy wasnt wet at that time and his dick hurted me so bad I screamed but he covered my mouth with his hand and said you wont the princess treatment all the time. I will enter and you just fucking have to deal with it. 

He started stroking and I in all the pain just stood there with my legs with opened bent on the bathroom table. and he started fucking me, First few minutes were painfully but than my body began to enjoy it and i was all wet and than even I started to enjoy it. he fucked me and kept on fucking me with his juciy cock for a while and he jacked off on my buttcheecks and spanked me hard. he cleaned himself and left the bathroom. I cleaned my self wore a decent sheer white nightgown. I thought he would have left the room but I saw him sleeping on the bed. 

Now even I walked to the bed and slept It was almost 3 am in the night...

I was very sleepy and dosy and left that someone is sucking my nipple I was so sleepy and didnt care, I knew It was his again wanting more and more of me. I saw the clock It was some 5 am in the morning. I told him arnt you exhausted after all this sex? he replied " I finally got to Fuck you, I was dreaming this for almost 4 years now since the day you left and now when I have got the chance I dont want to waste it. I want to destory all your holes today."

When he said " all Holes" I got terrifed because I was a virgin at anal. I aksed what to you mean " all holes?" He replied, " You know very well what i want, Now be a good girl and gimme that whore ass of yours." I refused . I told him that I am a virgin there and wont let him do anything as my husband will know. He said "if your husband would want to fuck your ass he would have by now. look at those booties. Who wont fuck that ass." I still refused. but I knew my fate if he said he wants to fuck it he will there was no way I could have stopped him. 

I grabbed me by my waist and made me sit on my knee and he started liking my ass he started licking my hole. He spanked my cheeks and I must admit I looked it. I never got my asshole licked and sucked. The feeling was amazing. 

He than lube one of his finger and started to put it in I moved in discomfort but he didnt care. He 1st started moving it slowly and made me enjoy it and than he fucked me roughly with his middle finger. Than he put his other finger in, It pained. I was screaming but he just told me to shut up and enjoy. from 2 it increased to 3 and I was now so much in pain that I could not even say anything. by this point he took out all his fingers and told me to be prepared as his cock is the next thing which will go in. 

He made me suck his cock he told me to lube it as it will fuck my ass. he than turned m around. put his cock on the opening of my whole and began to push it in my tight ass. He assured me its not going to hurt if I let him fuck it. He said open your hole. DOnt tighten it. Loose it up and you are going to enjoy it. I did what he said and he was right it started to hurt less. In 1st push the top of his cock was inside me and in the other push he was halfway through and in two more pushes my ass ate his whole 10 inch cock. I was surprised and in pain.

than he began to stroke slowly slowly and asked me if I am enjoying. I said I feel like I am on top of the world and told him to fuck me hard now. He increased his pace. His hand on my boobs and pinching my nipple he increased hi movements and I started scream " Fuck Chris! fuck this dirty whore, fuck all the whole..... You completed me chris ,,, Fuck you boy.. Marry me" I didnt even know what was i saying in this pleasure. He laughed and replied " You are my dirty little whore my bitch and I will fuck you whenever I am in town and you have to be a good girl and come to me." I replied "Always!" and that point he was about to finish and so did I. My eyes rolled up and curled my toes and he grabbed my waist tightly. He started to pound it harder and I loved it I was on the urge of cum and he was to. We loaded his cum in my ass and me too. My hole literally over flowed with both of our cum.

We showerd and it was almost morning and we both slept arms in arms naked. as he didnt let me wear anything.

The next day he was with me and fucked me the whole morning. 

I will tell that story in the next part.

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