Home Wrecker

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                                            Home Wrecker

               The first time I met my wife Janis I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was in a Denny’s waitress uniform, dark brown skirt, with a light blue print blouse. She had panty hose on with black shoes. Her brown hair was pulled back in a French braid that went just past her neck. She had hazel eyes that where greener than anything else.

               The very second, I saw her, a voice inside me said. You are going to marrie her. Now some people said that is love at first sight. NO, I didn’t fall in love with her tell later. Then they say it is lust at first sight. No, though her large breasts and perfect ass where something to drool over. I didn’t lust after her tell later. Then they say I should go on antipsychotic medication. No. I am not crazy.

               She was in her last year in college and working at Denny’s to help pay the bills. I had just graduated and had a good job.

               I know she thought I must be some sort of stalker because I started going after her right away. even before I found out she was single. We hit it off on our first date. We went to a bar and did some dancing. She wore her Denny’s uniform and danced with a passion that few possess. Other men asked her to dance every time I left her side to get a drink or go potty. However, she didn’t dance with anyone but me that entire night. That was when I started to have feelings for her.

               I was at her house on our second date. When she got a call. I was waiting for her in the front room and overheard her conversation.

               ‘Hi David. I am a little buzzy right now.’ Pause. ‘I am getting ready to go out on a date.’

               I have to tell you listing to her call it a date was music to my ears…

               Laughing. “No, I don’t think so’ pause. ‘No David, I don’t think my date would appreciate my ex showing up. so, no.’ Pause. ‘Hey I have to go. I need to get ready…” click.

               That day we went to dinner and a movie. I took her to a steak house, then to a unique threader. Instead of theater chairs we had sat on a lounge chair. There was a table in front of us. We ordered wine at the table and the waitress brought it to us with two glasses.

               We watched the ‘Big Chill.’ It was a little creepy and farfetched to me. I kept my opinion to myself. Janice was a dream date. She wore a nice blue dress, panty hose again. She was a dream to look at.

               I took her home after that, I walked her to the door and she turned and kissed me. I will remember that kiss for the rest of my life. Her lips where soft and moist. They tasted better than the finest wine one could obtain. She smelled of a perfume that made me salivate. She then smiled a smile that lit up the night and walked into her house.

               I floated home somehow. I have no idea how I got there. It was the best day of my life…

               We continued to date, and thought we where not exclusive she only dated me. I had another date scheduled for the next Thursday night. It was with another of the waitressed Janice worked with. I had extra time that day and Janice was off. I decided to take Janice for a breakfast date before I picked up Wendy.

Janice was a dream again. I took her out we had fascinating conversations with great feelings. After we got done eating I went to pay the bill at the register, the hostess asked “Was everything ok?” I of course said “It was great!!!” Then she asked with a big knowing smile. “Would you have noticed if it wasn’t???”

Janice chimed in with a “No, we wouldn’t have at all…” Her smile lit up the room.

I really didn’t notice that we were all that love-y-dove’y. But I guess we were.

 I had decided to dump Wendy after our date. I wanted to let her off easy. I didn’t ask her out to hurt her or anyone. But me and Janice was just over the top. I decided that we where going to keep going.

When I got to Denny’s, I took a seat and waited for Wendy to come out. She was finishing her side work and needed a few minutes, so I thought. Janice came in and started to go to work. I didn’t know she had to work that day and was surprise she did.

I was afraid that this would get a bit awkward. I was so relived and surprised when Wendy walked out with her girlfriend that hatted me with a passion. Her girlfriend gave me a fuck you look that would have killed me if it could. Wendy gave me a look of I’m sorry but have better things to do. I smiled payed for the coffee I didn’t drink and left felling really good.

We never mentioned exclusivity after that, it became a for gone conclusion. I rented a one-bedroom apartment and Janice moved right in with me. I was in heaven. I wanted her so much.

Janice was a terrible cook; She was the only person I have ever seen burn boiled eggs. but she kept trying which made me fall in love with her even more. I ate things I am sure where not edible. But there was no way I would deprive my girl of the pleasure of watching me eat the fruits of her labor. Even if it did taste like charcoal. 

A month after we moved in together, I was asleep at home in our bed. Janice came home from work at Denny’s and mounted me. I woke with this vision of beauty making love to me riding me like a flee on a dog. (Pardon the cliché.)

I came in her with a vengeance, she laid down on me as I succumb to my own orgasm. “Holly mother of god baby doll. That was great. But tell me please…. did you put your diaphragm in before you did this?”

“Oh… I knew I forgot something.”


She wanted to get pregnant really bad, I woke that way six more times that month. Of course, she missed her period. And the next.

I asked her to marry me three months later. She said “NO. I don’t want anyone to think I trapped you into marriage.” 

I did believe she just wanted to get pregnant. She didn’t want to be married. This was a terrible feeling for me. The first time she had ever made me feel unwanted. She just wanted my seed and not me. I moped for several weeks until she started making love to me five or six times a day. Every day. She told me that being pregnant made her horny as hell. I took her word for it and never turned her down.

She had our daughter and named her Jessica Ann. I had a good job and she graduated collage and got a pretty good job herself. We weren’t swimming in money but had plenty.

I bought us a house on a fifteen-year mortgage. Moved in and had never been happier.   

We brought our daughter up together and lived like life was only lived one time. some days we argued, some days we couldn’t get enough of each other. But every day we loved each other. We never argued dirty. We rarely raised our voices to each other. No mater how heated we always loved each other.

We had a lot of friends. I believed in one good turn deserves another. We took Ken, a friend in and gave him a place to stay for almost a year after he lost his wife, job and home in an awful divorce.

Another good friend Jerry, got laid off his job and I payed his house note for three months until he got another job. When he was back on his feet, he told me he wanted to pay it back. I told him to pay it forward.

Another friend Abdula. He needed a couple of grand to buy an eighteen-wheeler for his business. When he came to me to start payments to get it back to me, I told him to give it to charity. He was from South Africa and I knew his family was in great need there.  

I was working for a company that payed great and was doing a booming business. For some unknown reason my bosses loved me and I moved up quickly. I became the head of the offices in a matter of ten years. My bosses retired and I took over as part owner and partner eighteen years after I started. 

We had three heads I worked with but my main person I leaned on the most was Tina Billings. She her husband Bill, me and Janice would go on nice company trips together. Tina and Bill knew how much in love me and Janice where.

               I believed that nothing would break us up. ever….

               I had a talk with Tina one time, I told her “I think our marriage would survive an affair. That’s how strong it is. But trust me I am not going to test that theory.”

               Tina started crying when I said that. As it turns out, Bill had cheated on her one time when he was out of town on business. I held Tina for a long time.

               Janice had friends of her own. I like that fact that she had people she could confide in. Kathy was her best friend. Kathy and I got along really well. We flirted with each other several times. But only in front of Janice. I let Janice know that it was just for fun. Kathy was a very good looking blond. But she had nothing on my wife Janice.

               Kathy was married to a man named Bryan. Bryan and her divorced about six moths ago.  Janice was all over her holding and conforting her. I stayed on the sidelines. But there were several times Kathy stayed the night with us. I didn’t like it because it ruined our sex life. But Janice supported me and my friends so I would do everything I could for hers.

               Our sex life was great when we got together. Four to six times a day. Then it went to five or six times a week. Then it went to five or six times a month. Then finally maybe twice a month.

               I wanted to go to counseling to pick up our sex life. I thought of other things too. Toys, I bought several toys at the adult book store and on line. Though she loved some of the toys our sex life didn’t change.

               I had dated my wife every since we met. I had never stopped, even when she was pregnant. I had a calendar at work. Tina was the only person alive that new what the stars meant on it. I never dated her on the same day. I didn’t date her every week either. To someone outside or even Janice it would seem very random, but it wasn’t. I had it all drawn out on the calendar. If I dated her every week it would cease being a treat and start to become an expectation. If I did it every Friday, Saturday or something, again becoming an expectation. I also didn’t want it to become mundane or boring. I wanted to keep Janice happy as I could. I failed at this as she quit dressing nice fore our dates the last year or two. But that didn’t dissuade me to keep doing it.

               September 1st 2017 will be embedded in my head for the rest of my life. It was a Friday. The end of the week but I had some things to do on Saturday. I promised the partners I would finish. Partners, that is some what a joke. They are all semi-retired and show up there just to make sure no one cheats them out of there six-digit pay check. They earned it though. They worked there buts off for what they where getting now. But partners, I use that term loosely.

               I came home. It wasn’t a date night; I was sort of glad of that. Janice wore jeans out on our last date. I was so embarrassed; I took her to five-star restaurant that gave me dirty looks the hole time I was there and then a theater. Janice told me she was board all night. No sex needless to say. That was three weeks ago. Now the last two weeks I had gotten sex several times. I couldn’t believe my luck. She came home from work and seduced me. I was hoping that our life was changing for the better. Little did I know….

               I came home that night calling out. “Hello I’m home.”

               “Upstairs in the bathroom.” Janice called out.

               I put on my best fake smile hoping to get laid again and walked into the bathroom. There she was. Dressed in a beautiful midnight blue dress that hung just above the knees. A slit up the side of the dress that showed her entire leg and upper thigh. She had stockings on that stopped below the slit on the dress.

               I about came in my pants looking at her.

               Then she turned and I saw the front of her dress. It wasn’t low cut at all only about four inches below her neck but there were openings in the dress that showed off her cleavage in a way that made my eyes strain to look and see more. I could tell the braw was black and see threw. I had never wanted her more than that moment.

               She was applying makeup when she turned around and said “What do you think?”

               My heart was pounding out of my chest when I drooled out an “I have never seen you more beautiful. Janice I am in love with you.”

               “That’s what I am hoping for, except I don’t want the love part. Just the lust.” She giggled.

               “Is it new?”

               “Yes. I bought it today. I played hooky after lunch a guy I met asked me out tonight.” She said.

               I stood there trying to make sense of what she just said. “Asked you out???”

               “Yea. A man I met at lunch asked me out for tonight. I bought the dress to empress him. I am glad you like it.”

               My throat closed on me. I could see myself in the mirror turn gray. I backed up and sat on the commode. “You… You… You. going… out wi… with… with… another man????” I managed.

               “Yep. Don’t stay up for me. I know I will be late. Then tomorrow we can get some yard work done together.” She said as she put her makeup in her purse and started out the bathroom door.

               I Spun around and fell to my knees. I opened the toilet seat and started to puke. I had nothing in my stomach so nothing but bile came up. never the less I kept puking.

               After I made it down stairs I seen that her car had left and I knew she was gone. I sat at the kitchen table and started to cry. My wife, the only woman that I ever truly loved, the mother of our daughter, my soul mate. She went to another man. I envisioned her with a faceless man kissing him laughing with him, making love to him. I ran to the kitchen sink to puke some more.

               It was over an hour before I pulled off my wedding ring. It was the first time I took it off since she placed it on my finger March 2nd 1994. 23 wonderful years together evaporated in a moment. What the hell did I do wrong….

               I finally started to come to my senses but I didn’t trust them at all. My first thought was to track her phone and find out just what the fuck. Grab the son-of-a-bitch and kick his ass. I worked out three times a week and practiced kick boxing on the weekends for an hour a week, so I wasn’t a fat chump. But that doesn’t change the fact that she wanted someone else.

               We hadn’t argued in several months, so I can’t see that she was mad at me. I started crying again.    

               I finally got up and pulled some suit cases out of the garage. I packed my cloths and loaded them into my pickup. I walked around the house seeing all sorts of reminders of happier days and cried some more. The photo wall of our vacations was in the den. Several cruses to the Bahamas, Mexico, one to Alaska. Trips with our daughter to Disney world, Carlsbad caverns, Washington DC., the Grand Canyon. I ran out of the room as the pain overwhelmed me.

I got into the pickup and drove to a cheap motel not far from where I worked. I checked in and went to room 114.

I called Jessica first.

“Hi dad…” “Did you know?” I asked as my voice cracked. “Know what?”” That your mom has a boyfriend?” “WHAT!!!!” “Your mom has a boyfriend…” “No, she has a boyfriend? No, not mom…. Something is wrong what’s the joke???” “No joke Jess. She got dressed today in a dress that brought me to my knees. She walked out after telling me she had a date with a man she met at lunch. She said don’t wait up for her….” I said with my voice cracking.

There was a long pause.

“Daddy….” She cried out with her voice cracking. “Daddy are you…. are you ok???” she finally asked.

“Don’t worry about your daddy Jess. I love you. I just wanted to know if you knew.”

“No daddy, I didn’t know. I will probably never talk to her again after this…”

“No Jess don’t do that. Mom is going to need you. You are her family. It is me she doesn’t want. Not you…. what ever you do. Don’t stop talking to her and loving her like you do. Please. This may destroy our marriage. Don’t let it destroy our family. I breathed out heavily for a few seconds trying to get my composure back. “Baby please promise me that you will not punish your mom. Give it a couple of days and then call her. Tell her you love her even if you don’t like what she has done. Jess, we never stopped loving you when you where bad. Don’t stop loving mom.”

I could hear Jessica breathing and trying to control the tears.  Finally, she moaned “DADDY… I LOVE YOU…” “I love you too.” Then I hung up. unable to continue.

One more thing I had to do… I picked up the phone and called Tina. But I had to contain myself and pull myself together before I could. I walked out of the motel and to a liquor store. I bought the biggest bottle of Jim Beam I could find and brought it back to my room. I pored me a shot and gunned it with two more behind it.

I then dilled the number for Tina. “Hello boss. What’s wrong???” Tina was smart. I had never called her home unless something was very wrong. “I can’t co….” I caught myself choking on the words. “I need you….” again I choked out. “Tina… My wife is having an….” I cried for a second. “Tina… I can’t…. I cant….”

“Where are you Roy?” she demanded. “Motel by work...” I got out. “What room number.” She demanded again. “114” I got out then she said before I could say anything. “I am on the way…” click.

I knew she would be here in twenty minutes. So, I opened the door so it would stay open. I then laid in the fetal position and cried some more.

I don’t know how long it took before Tina and her husband Bill came into my room. Tina came to my side and tried to comfort me. “Roy, I called Janice. Her phone went to voice mail. So, I called Jessica. She told me what happened. I am sorry Roy. I know what you are going through. and I am not going to let you alone tonight. So, don’t even ask…”

They got me up and into her car. Bill drove my pickup to there house fallowing Tina and I. They brought me to their spare room and put me to bed.

I drank as much of the Jim Beam as I could stomach before I passed out.


 It started about a year ago. Kathy, my best friend in the hole world left her husband. I had her stay at our house for a long time. Roy didn’t mind, they got along very well. I heard them flirting with each other several times. But I trusted Roy implicitly and I knew he would never cheat on me.

The time Kathy was with us was awesome. We became very close to her. She finally got divorced about three months after she moved in with us. She got the house but she had no job. I got her on where I worked so she could afford the utilities and what not. That was another blessing for me. I now had someone to chat with at work and lunch. it was awesome.

Kathy started dating right away. She was a very pretty blond and all the men at work where sniffing at her. Both the single and married men. She dated, but not at work. She said she would find several men at a lounge she started to frequent. She would tell me all the intimate details of her dates.

I would get so damn horny listing to her tell me all the intimate things these men did to her. I actually came a couple of times as she shared about one man or the other.

Three weeks ago: She came in all excited. She and I either one could hardly wait for lunch. The very second the clock struck twelve she grabbed me and we headed to her car, rather than the lunch room, so I knew it would be good.

“My god Janice, I can hardly walk.” She breathed out. “I just spent the weekend in the arms of a god. A sex god… my god Janice it was the most incredible weekend of my life…”

“Ok, Kathy doo tell.”

“Just to make it short, he can eat pussy better than any man alive. I must have cum twenty times before he put a ten-inch dick into me. and it was this thick.” She held her fingers where they wouldn’t close.

My pussy just started to poor juice into the gusset of my panties.

She showed me a photo of him. What a hunk. Then she swiped it to the next one. He was topless. What a chest too. She swiped it again. he was bottomless. His cock was amazing. I became very jealous.

We went back to work again. That nigh I fucked my husband Roy like he had never been fucked before.

Our sex life has been bad to say the least. I thought this might be a way to make it better. The next morning Tuesday, I made love to him again before I went to work.

Two days later Kathy told me she met him again after work on Thursday. Then on Monday she told me again about how she had been fucked raw…

This kept going. I asked her if there where wedding bells in her future. “Hell no… I won’t go down that road ever again. He is just a play toy. That’s all, and he sees other women besides me.”

“That doesn’t bother you?”

“No?” she said smiling. “Why should it? He’s a fuck toy. That’s it. it is like one of your vibrators. I play with it and send it home. I don’t even have to clean it.” she giggles. “Well I do, but I don’t have too.” she smiles. “Shower sex is awesome.”

I laugh. Then I said the thing that ruined my life forever. “Damn girl when can I barrow him?”

Kathy smiled a smile I have never seen on her. it was sort of creepy. “You know you are married?” “You said it was like using a vibrator. Roy doesn’t mind me using my toys, he paid for most of them, and actually loved watching me use them on myself.” I laughed. “I love Roy he is everything to me. this is just something to do. He would never leave me for this.”

We went back to work. I had a very unproductive day and went home. The second Roy came home I fucked him three ways to Sunday. I left him passed out from pleasure in our bed.

Two days later it was Thursday and Kathy told me that she had spoken to Tod and he was willing to meet with me at lunch tomorrow.

I went home and as horny as I was, I didn’t want to have sex with Roy. I figured I wanted to save up for a hot date with this Tod guy.

Friday, I dressed a little bit nicer than I normally do, wanting to make an impression. I walked into work and got with Kathy who complemented how nice I looked. Everything was all arranged we were going to have an extended lunch together.

  Kathy was at my desk at noon and dragged me to The Village Inn. He was already there and boy did he look good. He was younger than my forty-five years old. He was twenty-eight. Roy was in good shape but nothing like Tod here. He had a short sleeve shirt on that was barely containing his strong arms. He stood up as we approached like a real gentleman. I couldn’t believe that my eyes shot to his crotch. The bulge was bigger than I have ever seen.

I don’t remember much of what we talked about but he asked me to dinner that night at about six thirty. He gave me the address of a very nice hotel restaurant and I agreed to go.

I didn’t go back to work; I took a personal day off and headed to the mall. I bought a new dress to go out in. I bought a new bag, new shoos the whole shebang.

               I went home and took a shower. I cleaned my kitty really well knowing he would want to eat me. I shaved my pussy too. I wanted to make this man very happy.

               I had dawned the dress stockings. I left the panties off, but I had a new see threw braw on. at forty-five and one child they sagged too much to go without a bra.

               I heard my husband come home and I called him to the bathroom. He came in and about had a heart attack. ‘YES!!!’ that was the impression I wanted. I smiled.

                I just finished putting on my lipstick, I turned and asked. “So, what do you think?”

               “Janice, I have never seen you more beautiful, I am in love with you.”  

“That’s what I am hoping for, except I don’t want the love part. Just the lust.” I giggled.

               “Is it new?”

               “Yes. I bought it today. I played hooky after lunch, a guy I met asked me out tonight.” I said.

               Roy stood there trying to make sense of what I just said. “Asked you out???”

               “Yea. A man I met at lunch asked me out tonight. I bought the dress to empress him. I am glad you like it.”

               I told Roy not to wait up for me, but he just sat there looking at me. I thought, OK, I can handle the silent treatment. Maybe he'll want to talk when I get back. It will be his choice. He won't stay silent forever. It had never accrued to me that he may be hurt but we'll work our way through it and everything will be just fine. He will know that he's the love of my life and I'll be the perfect wife for the rest of our lives. I turn and walk out the door.

###############THE##############DATE#################BLOND MOMENT###############

As soon as I pull out of the driveway I thought about Tod. The anticipation of what we going to happen hits me. Just like Kathy had said. He'll eat my pussy and fuck me to the most wonderful orgasms possible. My nipples tingle and I can feel my pussy getting moist.

By the time I get to the hotel my pussy is wet and my nipples are hard and tingling. I park and go up to the front desk. I see Tod is standing there, smiling from ear to ear.

"Hi, Janice. You certainly look beautiful tonight."

"Why, thank you, Tod."

He reaches out, takes my hand and leads me into restaurant. The host seats us and the wine steward appears. He orders some champagne.

"I must say, Janet. I've been looking forward to this evening. I'm so glad you agreed to meet with me."

"I have been too. Dinner and dancing are always high on my list of a nice way to spend and evening."

He leans over and kisses me. Of course, I kissed him back.

"It's going to get a lot nicer later. I guarantee it."

We have a nice dinner and the host seats us near the dance floor. Tod doesn't waste any time. The band starts a slow set and he pulls me to the floor. He pulls me into his arms and sweeps me around the floor. He's an excellent dancer and it seems like we're floating on a cloud. He slowly pulls me closer and closer till I feel his cock against my stomach. I can tell it's huge. My pussy tingles and gets a little wetter at the thought of it stretching my pussy out. Three songs later we're back at the table. Another bottle champagne appears and our glasses are filled. We have light conversation punctuated with kisses. I just wanted to go upstairs to his room and really start the date.

"Let's go up to my room and have another drink." He finally asked.

I just smile as he helps me up from the table. He signs for the tab and leads me to the elevators. He stands behind me as the doors close. Immediately his arms go around me and he cups my breasts. He rubs my nipples through my dress and bra. I turn my head and kiss him on the neck. He pulls my dress up and finds no panties.

"I like that.” He said with a big smile as he inserts a finger into my very wet pussy.

We walk arm in arm into his room. The door to the room closes and we are pulling at each other’s clothes. He picks me up and carries me to the bed and falls beside me. Out lips meet, my legs intertwined with his. I finally get a chance to see his cock. It's the biggest I have ever seen. It must be nine inches long the same length of Roy’s cock but it is very thick, at least twice as thick as Roy’s. I grab it with both hands and just look at it.

"Oh my god, Tod."

"It's all yours tonight, Janice. All yours."

"You're going to have to take it easy with me. I've never had anything that big in me."

"Trust me. We'll just go nice and easy. You're gonna love it once we get going."

I move down for a closer look. The big blue veins are pulsing before my eyes and I can feel his heartbeat. I kiss it and lick the little pearl up. I milk it a little and his precum runs down my fingers. I rub it all around the head and kiss it again. It's impossible for me to take it in my mouth so I just lick and kiss it.

He grabs me by my hip bones and rolls me on my back.

"Show me what you have for my dessert."

I slowly open my legs, exposing my soaking pussy. He smiles.

"Mmmm, so beautiful and so eager. I like that in a woman. Eager."

"Take me, Tod. I'm all yours for the night."

He kisses and licks his way down the inside of my thighs to my offering. He pulls my legs up, exposing everything. I hold them up anticipating his mastery of pussy eating.

In just a few minutes I have my first orgasm. He didn't slow down at all. He keeps them coming, one after the other. My legs are waving around in the air and he has taken control of my mind and body.

He moves up and places his cock head against my pussy lips.

"Take it, Janice."

I was definitely eager by then. All I can think of is getting that huge cock buried in my pussy. I hold it with two hands and push my hips up. My pussy lips stretch out as the head slides in. The feelings are so intense I cum immediately. He slowly drops on me, sliding it slowly in. Every nerve in my pussy is touching it. I can feel every bump and vein as he pushes his way in me. About half way in I come again. He takes that as a signal and quickly pushes all the way in. Another orgasm added to the one I'm feeling when he bottoms out. I could feel it against my cervix and his pelvis bone is on my clit. There is one big vein I can feel against my G spot. His big cock fits perfectly in my grasping pussy.

We pick up a rhythm together, slowly stroking in and out. That big vein is rubbing my G spot with every stroke. I lost count of how many times I come for him. He's in complete control and that's just what I want.

I feel him roll me over and I'm on top. He finds my nipples and I go wild. I can't stroke fast enough.

"Make me cum, Janice. Squeeze me and make me cum."
I follow his request and squeeze him as hard as I can. I'm Cumming every few minutes for him. He grabs my hips and holds me down on him, all the way in.

"Now. Janice. Cum with me."

"His cock flares and a shot of hot cum hits my cervix. I scream as shot after shot hits me. He seems to go on forever. I must have passed out, because the next thing I knew I'm lying on his chest. My pussy is still milking his cock and I'm trying to breathe. His strong arms are around me, holding me on him. I keep squeezing him till his cock flops out. He rolls me off to his side and holds me against his chest.

"My god, Janice. I didn't realize you were a screamer."

"Did I scream? All I remember was how hot you’re cum was when it hit me. It was amazing, being stretched out like that, completely full and then the hot cum hitting my cervix. Oh my god that was good."

"Your pussy was amazing. I didn't now a pussy could to things like that. I'm sure what you did is illegal in most states."

"You’re being silly. All I did was squeeze you a little like you asked. It was the least I could do."

"Yeah, right. Squeezed me a little. It felt like the head of my cock blew off."

"Good. You rest up a little and we can try it again. I want you to do me from behind. It's my favorite."

"All you have to do is ask.

We lie together for a while, hugging kissing. I keep my hand on his cock, gently stroking it. I moan as it starts filling with blood.

"It looks like it's all ready for you again. Show me what you can do with it."

I move up over him and quickly slide it up in me. That wonderful feeling of being full hits me again.

"Oh my god. Full of big cock. So, fucking good."

I ride him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then pull him on me. We fuck in the missionary position for a while. It's just as last time, coming all over myself. Then he pulls out and rolls me over. He gets up behind me and pulls my ass up. He makes one stab, impales me and I come again as he hits bottom. He holds me by my hip bones, stroking hard into me. Again, I lose count. I'm just coming all over myself again. I feel him grab a hand full of my hair and pull back. My head comes back and my back arches down. The head of his cock is against the opening of my cervix. It opens slightly from the pressure. I hold him in place ready for his cum.

"Make me cum, Janice. Make me cum again."

"Yes. Yes. Cum in me. Fill me with it'

He holds me with his cock in position and I squeeze him hard. The first blast went straight into my womb. I hear myself scream and shot after shot follows. He howls as he fills me. He gives one last shudder and falls on my back. I can't hold him and I collapse with him on me. He gently rolls off me holding my back against him, his soft wet cock against my twitching ass cheeks. I finally regain my breath and snuggled back against him.

We must have fallen asleep because I woke from a dream that Roy is sucking my nipple. I stretch and hold his head in place. Then I realize it isn't Roy. It's Tod.

I feel the head of his cock touch my pussy lips.

"Oh god, yes. Take me again. Yes. Yes."

His cock slowly slides in and fills me again. I pull my legs up and cross my ankles behind his ass cheeks. My arms go around his chest and I pull him hard against my breasts. His cock touches my cervix and my first orgasm of the morning rocks me. His cock has me so stretched out that its rubbing on my G spot and my clit. I squeeze down on his cock, increasing the pressure on both spots. The orgasms start hitting me, one after the other. They're coming so fast that it seems like one long one. He pulls my legs up till they're against my breasts. I feel his cock head touch the opening in my cervix again. Once again, I hold him in place, ready and wanting for more of his cum in my womb.

"Cum in me. Now!!! Fill me with it."

"Are you ready for it. Tell me you want it. Tell me how eager you are. Ask me for it."

"Oh god yes. Cum in me. Please cum in me."

Without my thinking about it, my pussy muscles start milking him trying to suck the cum out of his cock. I feel it start to swell in me and I know it's coming. I push against him harder, making sure his cock head is at the entrance to my womb. His cock head flares and I clamp down, holding him in place. The first blast hit me and my mind goes on overload. I just do everything to take his cum. Each time his ass cheeks flex another orgasm adds to the one I'm having. His last shot hit's me and a hoarse scream echoes through the room. I milk the last few drops in me and he slowly softens. His cock slides out followed by a deluge of cum running down my ass crack, soaking the sheets.

He rolls off me and pulls me into his embrace. Slowly I drift off to a satisfied sleep.

Tod is walking out of the bathroom drying his hair as my eyes open. It all comes back to me as I see his big cock swaying as he walks.

"Hey. How are you feeling this morning.'

"I don't know yet? I'll tell you in a few minutes."

"Feel good enough for another round?"

'I don't think so. I'd like to be able to walk out of here under my own power."

"We only fucked three times."

"You're right. Only it's the biggest cock I've ever seen. Besides, I have to get out of here and go make sure my marriage is intact."

"I thought you had his permission."

"Well, sort of. I told him I was going to meet you and he didn't say anything."

"Well, good luck with that. I didn't want this to break you two up."

I took a shower, put on a little make up and got dressed. I gave Tod a quick kiss on the cheek and walked out.

#################AFTER###############MATH##################BLOND MOMENT#########

I wasn’t expecting to spend the night with Tod. But I don’t regret it. The sex we had last night was amazing. There is no way I could have any more. I was hoping to make love to Roy today to make up for me going out on him. but there is no way I can do that now. I am a little sore and totally satisfied. Roy is great in bed but he has nothing on Tod. I know I can be a good wife for Roy. I just needed this. I knew it was a one-time thing. And I knew it was now over and I would be totally faithful to my husband from now on. I had been faithful to him for over twenty-four years. They where happy years too. Our sex life had been going downhill but I can get it back now. The last two weeks I have enjoyed Roy very much. like I said he is a great lover.

I pull into the driveway. Get out of the car and walk to the house. It is still early. I hope Roy isn’t up yet, I really don’t want to face him just yet. I walk into the house and it feels different. It feels empty. I brush off the feelings and go to the kitchen where I start some coffee. After I start the coffee, I walk to the kitchen table and start to set down. I see a glint of gold on the table. I look at it…. I stop breathing. It is my husband’s wedding ring…. My husband hasn’t taken the ring off since I put it on his finger twenty-four years ago.

Suddenly. All the insanity of what I had just done the night before left my feeble brain and in washed clean sane thoughts. ‘I just cheated on my husband. I just committed adultery. I am a whore. I am a slut. I cheated on my husband. This wasn’t a toy. It was a man. I had an affair. ‘WHAT IN GODS NAME WAS I THINKING….’

I ran upstairs and see Roy’s dresser drawers are half way pulled out and empty. I look in the closet to find none of his hanging up. I feel the first of many, many, many tears come down my cheeks.

I grabbed the phone. I called Kathy. She answered the second ring. “I hear you had a great time last night.” She started. I wandered how she heard that.  “Kathy. Roy left me. He took all his cloths and left me. What am I going to do?”

“Divorce him.” she said gently.

“I don’t want to divorce him. I just wanted to play one night. That’s all. I fucked up.”

“Yes, you did girl. You should maybe have asked him first. Or just stayed faithful to him. But now it is over isn’t it?”     

“Kathy, we are best friends, why are you saying those things to me like that?”

“I was your best friend Janice. You were never mine.”

“I helped you threw your divorce. You cried on my shoulder?”

“Yea I dumped that looser for one reason. To win your trust. Now that I have and you did what you did. I am going to become someone else’s best friend.”

I heard her and a man laughing. “Are you with Tod now?” She hung up.

I went upstairs and crawled into bed. Then I started to cry.

               My phone went off and I saw it was my daughter. “Hello Jessica.” I say dryly.

               “Mom, What the fuck where you thinking!!!” “Honey, honey please. I lost your dad. I ruined our marriage. I did a stupid thing. I can’t believe I did something so stupid. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

               “Mom? How could you. Dad worships the ground you walk on. He does nothing but brag about how proud he is to have married you. Now you cheat on him. and you tell me you don’t know what you were thinking???”

               “Honey I am so sorry I really don’t know. I was so stupid. I bought a nice new sexy dress for another man not Roy. Why would I ever want to do that. I don’t understand it myself.”    

               “Mom, I am coming home. I got clearance from my professors so I am heading that way. don’t do anything else stupid.

“Oh god Jessica. I don’t know. I don’t know what happened.”

“I will be there tonight mom; can you keep your legs together till then?”

“Oh god Jessica please don’t say that. I did something stupid. I know that. Please come home.” I pleaded.

“I am on the way.” She hung up. I crawl on the bed and cry some more.

Jessica gets home at four that evening. I had fallen asleep for a few hours and was still in bed when she came in the house. I woke and jumped up still in the dress I wore last night for another man. I ran not thinking if it was Roy, I should have changed out of it. maybe even burned it. but it was Jessica. I saw her and started crying again.

After I finally calmed down, I started talking to Jessica. I told her how Kathy made it sound like it was just a night with a toy. How it was so exciting. I kept watching her temper get hotter and hotter. Her face more and more red.

“Mom. You know that Kathy had had the hots for Dad for years now?” Did you know or did you remember that I told you that she told me that and I quote ‘Your mom lets her guard down for even a second I am going to be your next mommy!!!!”

I looked at her in shock. “I thought you where joking. Oh my god. She planned this hole thing out. Holly shit!!!”

#########Kathy##############BLOND MOMENT#########################REVENGE#########


It started almost two years ago. I met Janet. She was ok as far as it goes. But she was somewhat stupid. I remember when I asked her who is buried in grants tomb? She said “I didn’t have any idea.” So, I asked her who was Sammy Davies Jr.’s fathers name. She got that wrong. So, I pushed the envelope and asked her how big a cow’s penis is? She said. and I quote. “A lot bigger than Roy’s I am sure.” She asked me one time if her social security card expired. I of course told her yes. But the ringer. The really big one. She came running back in the living room and asked if I payed the electric bill for the kitchen because the lights went out in the kitchen.

I of course told her I had my room, the bathroom and the living room it was you and Roy that had your room and the kitchen. She called Roy then…. I couldn’t stop laughing. She was always dingy.

Now I called her stupid. That was a lie she isn’t stupid. She works for a really great company and is moving up quickly. She is really book smart and she holds that company together beyond anything I could imagine. She is an awesome mother; there daughter loves her and graduated top of her class in high school. Jessica is a 4.0 student in collage. Janice graduated top of her class in collage too. 

 There was one thing that she had though that I wanted. Her husband Roy…. Yes, he is a catch. He always walked straight. He looked better than Brad Pitt. He made really great money. He has what has to be the best personality in the world. Kind and generous to a fault. He gives away money. What sort of moron gives away money? And not just a buck or two. But I am talking thousands. He payed a mans house note for three moths one time. He never got any of the money back from it. I don’t know whether to kick his ass for being such a putz. Or kiss him for being so wonderful.

But all that isn’t what I want. He loves. The way he looks a Janice, the way he coddles her, the way he just forgives her for the worst and simplest of bad decisions. The way they make love. Ok I peaked in a couple of times. but the way he holds her, molds to her, kisses her. 

I know one thing for certain. I want that, I want him!!!!!

I had this planed out for over two years now. I had tried everything under the sun. I can’t tell you how many miniskirts I bought for Roy to look at my legs. And he didn’t even glance at them. I bought halters, Tube tops, bikinis, I even went around the house in bra and panties. I left the door open when I showered and took baths. I slept nude in the room they let me stay in leaving the door open for him to peek in. NOTHING. ABSOLUTLY NOTHING.

It took a while but I finally planned this whole thing. First, I filed for divorce to get rid of my looser of a husband, and make ready for my new lover.

Janet told me several times just how good Roy is in bed. I was just a few days away from confirming her boasts. I was able to stay in their house for several months. I made sure to study every thing about them. Roy told me one time that the marriage would stand up to an affair. I don’t think he was thinking if she had the affair. But I took no chances. I set it up so that she would rub it in his face. The affair was not enough. I knew he loved her and is probably right now thinking about taking her back. but not with the humiliation attached to it. Now this would hurt Roy beyond any reconciliation.     

I knew where Roy was, I had a tracking devise put on his pickup truck. So, I went to the motel that he went too after Janice left on her date.

By the way her date cost me a bundle. I found Tod on Cragg’s list. I set up a meet and interviewed him and a few others. Some of them left when I told them what I wanted to do. Some of them didn’t, Tod was one that didn’t. I payed him five hundred bucks for the lunch meeting, I payed him in advance another five hundred to meet her in the motel. I told him I would give him two thousand bucks more if he seduced her and another grand if he got her pregnant.  Yea, sort of low of me. I knew Roy had a vasectomy and Janice wasn’t taking birth control. I also knew her minstrel cycle. Another thing that I had been keeping up with. I planed the date at just the right time. like I said Janice is quite dingy.

I made my way to the motel in a dress that rivaled the one Janice bought yesterday. But my heart sank as I watched Roy being carried out of a room by a large man and a woman. I recognized them. They had come to dinner a few times. She was someone Roy worked with. Her name is Tina and her husband’s name Bill.

I fallowed them to her home and watched them carry Roy in. That is when I saw Roy. He was broken beyond what I thought he would be. He couldn’t walk, and didn’t seem drunk either. Bill, the man that was helping Tina carry him into the house was a large man. He had to carry him Roy obviously couldn’t walk. That is when I thought for the first time, maybe I should have left well enough alone.

I didn’t go to the door. I just couldn’t. funny how I planned all this out and when it comes into full fruition and I see the results of my wicked plan, I couldn’t continue it. Yes, I wanted Roy, but I don’t think I could take my prize now.

I quit my job and moved to Portland Oregon. I had a friend there that would put me up till I got on my feet.

#################Janice###############I NEED YOU##########BLOND MOMENT#######


I walk out the front door of my house on Wednesday morning. As I make my way to my car a woman gets out of a car parked on the curve. She walks to me and asked if I was Janice Brown. “Yes.” she hands me a manila envelope and said. “You are served.” She turned and walked away very fast.

I didn’t have to look; I knew it was the divorce petition. I carried it to the car and at work I opened it. Roy was being very generous to me. I kept the house, my car, and half the savings. He walked away with just his pickup truck. He also agreed to pay 70 percent of Jessica’s schooling. I knew I hurt him more than I ever thought I would. I don’t know why I didn’t think of the consequences. The fact that it would hurt him. I never thought for one second what if Roy had an affair on me. if Roy did this to me. I thought it was just a new sex toy. Damn it I am so stupid.

I call Jessica. She answers the phone. I tell her that her dad had filed divorce.

“Mom, I am going to tell you this one time and one time only. Get a lawyer, fight the divorce, get into consoling, and get your head on straight.

I did what she suggested just because I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

The lawyer that I found told me that to fight the divorce would cost me a bundle. Especially after the adultery. But he could do it. If I didn’t fight the divorce, he could do it for free because Roy had agreed to pay my lawyer fees. I asked how much, when he said six grand, I about fainted but I pulled out my debit card. It was going to nearly bankrupt me. but I was still in obedient mode right now.

I made an appointment with a Candis S. She promised to help me with whatever I needed. And I needed a lot. I made an appointment with my GP. Dr. He prescribed some anti-depressant medication. And then he told me I was pregnant….

I didn’t even think about the fact that I was not on birth control. Roy had a vasectomy after Jessica was born so I had never had to think about it.

I talked to Candis about what to do. She told me I had three choices. Terminate the pregnancy, take the child to full term, give it up for adoption, or keep and raise it. After several sessions with Candis I decided to have the baby and though I may give it to a loving home. I wasn’t sure at this point. I only knew that I could not kill something so innocent growing inside of me. How I conceived him or her was discussing and vial. But the child isn’t. So, I put off the adoption decision for much later. 

It took three weeks after that that my lawyer called me and told me I had an appointment with a marriage councilor he gave me the name and address of the councilor.

I showed up early and waited in the waiting room. A man called me in and I started to shed tears as I saw my husband for the first time in almost two months as I walked into a small room. I stood there with tears flowing down my cheeks and wined out, my voice cracking. “I. am so, sorry Roy. god I am so sorry.” I didn’t go to him; I didn’t know if he would ever want to touch me again.

Roy didn’t say or do anything, he just sat there in the seat glaring at me. the man that got me from the waiting room pointed me to a seat. I sat and stared at my husband. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“My name is Matt Hennery. I am not a doctor. I am a licensed family counselor. I am not your friend. I am not your bank either. I expect payment in full at the beginning of each session. Roy has paid for this week. I am here to moderate the grievance between you two and that is it. I have already read the court orders and consulted both your attorneys and understand that one of you wishes this and the other dose not. This is normal in these cases. I am not going to go to dinner with either one of you, or show up for your barbeques. You can say what ever you need to. The more you say and the more honest you are with me and each other the better things can be with all the above.     

Mrs. Brown. Would you like to start by telling us why we are here today?

I felt myself flush then I said. “I made the stupidest mistake of my life. I cheated on my husband, but that wasn’t the worst of it.” I told him in front of my husband how I was convinced that Tod was nothing more than a sex toy. I told him that I never thought that Roy would leave me. I never thought he would even be hurt beyond the fist shock of it. I never thought of what I was doing beyond getting a good lay. I didn’t think it was cheating until I saw the ring on the kitchen table. That is when everything came crashing down on my head. I was stupid. I was selfish. And I didn’t think. I have been faithful to a fault to my husband for twenty-four years. We have a twenty-three-year-old daughter together.” The tears didn’t stop coming.

“Why are you fighting the divorce?” my husband asked. “If you let the divorce go threw you can have him anytime you want.”

“I don’t want him or anyone else but you Roy. I don’t know why I did it. I am sorry.”

“Jessica told me that Kathy had set you up with him. and talked you into going out with him too, now is that true?” Roy asked.

I nodded but I didn’t look at Roy while I did it.

“I am going to ask you another question, and I need the truth. Do not lye to me. If you lye to me I will walk out of here and not come back ever. I also will know you are lying. Now with that. If you tell me the truth. And don’t try to sugar cote it to spar me or my feelings. I will stay and try to work on our marriage. This is a one-time opportunity here Janice. One time, one chance that is all I am giving you.”

I looked at Roy then. He had just given me hope. “I will tell you what ever you need to know Roy.”

He looked at me. then he spoke the question. “Was he everything Kathy told you he was. Did he give you everything you wanted?”

Roy told me he wanted the truth. I dint want to tell him the truth. I wanted to lye and spare his feelings. I wanted to save our marriage. I cleared my throat. “Roy. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Do not lye to me Janice. I want the truth.”

I lowered my gaze and closed my eyes I felt the tears start to fall. All I wanted was to get back to my husband. But after I did what I did. I couldn’t lye to him. “Yes Roy. he was phenomenal in bed. He was the best fuck of my life. I am sorry. but he was. I know I should have never gone there. But I did and I can’t take it back. you told me not to lye to you. I didn’t. but I know I hurt you. and I am sorry.”

“Did you get it out of your system or do you want to go back to him. I understand he is very costly. Five hundred bucks for lunch and a thousand bucks for the night. He also got payed three grand to get you pregnant.”

I listened to what Roy said. “I didn’t pay him anything.” I looked up to face Roy.

“I know. Kathy did… she set you up. She had been working on it for several months.”

“How do you know all this?” I asked him.

“Do you remember Ken? Well he is a detective and a private investigator. So, after you did what you did, I asked him to find out why. He did. he refused to send me a bill. But I found out everything about him, Kathy and you. 

“Ok, why are you talking to me like this Roy. you should be furious still?”

“I told people that our marriage was strong enough to stand up to an affair. I don’t want to be a liar and I need to try.”

This was music to my ears like I have never heard. 

“But there is going to be a lot of work. First, I can’t do this again. ever. Second, I need to know why and if you got it out of your system. Third I need to know that you want me, that you are not having sex with me and pretending I am him…”

“Roy…. I have never pretended with you, I always made love to you and I never thought of someone else.

“Now, I told you we need to be honest. Now that was the first lye you told me.”

“No Roy. I am not lying. I never thought of anyone but you when we are together.”

“Then why after almost ten years of one or two times a month, did we finally start making love again. What drove you to that?”

 “Roy, Kathy started telling me all her sex stories. It would get me horny. But it would get me horny for you. Then when she told me about Tod, and the way he did her. I needed you. And well, you made it tolerable, but Roy, I never thought about Tod win I was with you. I never thought of anyone but you. When I started thinking that it would be ok for me to have him for a night. It got me so horny I used you for relief. I didn’t think of him wile we did it. but I did use you because I was so hot. I am sorry I ever touched him. I am sorry I ever got cot up in it like I did.”


It took several months of counseling before I moved back home. I was very sheepish. Janet said she burned the dress and accessory’s so I would never see them. I believed her. I don’t think it will ever be the same with us. For one I don’t trust her like I once did. but as the counselor said. “She didn’t lie to you. she just fucked up. She told you what she was going to do and didn’t leave anything out.”

It didn’t really make me feel much better. The pain I felt that night returned but this time Janet held and tried to comfort me instead of walking out on me.

I am going to try to make it. I can’t see twenty years of marriage being wasted over a FOBAR. If I can’t forgive, I certainly am not much of a man now am I.

Thank you for reading...

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