Taking the job seriously

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Both cocks were rigid. I sucked Geoff first and then took Alan's cock in hand and placed it between my hot lips. Luxury

 One of the benefits of having a part time job is that it leaves me with a lot of spare time to  take on some "Model Agency" work in the morning or afternoon. As I was checking out the agency website on Wednesday morning, there was a knock at the kitchen window. it was Joan from next door.   Joan had introduced me to the agency a few weeks ago and we had even serviced a client together.  I don't think I would have had the confidence to do it if Joan hadn't been there to guide me the first time.  Joan asked me if I had selected any clients for today and I told her that I'd just started looking.  "You're too choosy, Sue, you've been doing this for two weeks now, how many have you fucked?   I told Joan that I'd fucked four guys so far and she said, "That's an afternoons' work Sue, Let's have a look and see if we can double up your tally in a day"

  Joan sat down and checked out the website,  "You have a request here, Sue. Mr walker, 2 PM, hes a repeat,  that's one to start with"  Joan clicked accept, it looked like Joan was in charge. I went into the kitchen to make coffee and let Joan do some searching. "All sorted out Sue" said Joan. "There's a double for you in Botanic Avenue, they're regulars of mine, but they want a 12.30  appointment and I'm booked elsewhere" Joan continued looking, I drank my coffee and wondered how I would cope with so many cocks. "Heres one for 7 pm, Tony, University Avenue.  He booked me a few times, but he likes to fuck new models, he's ok and he knows how to use his cock too" So that was it, Joan had signed me  in for three appointments and four cocks.  

 We finished our coffee and Joan left. I checked the website again to see what requirements the clients had. Mr Walker was same as last time and the 12.30 appointment just had a note, (stockings, erotic underwear and heels)  It was now 11.00 am, just time to sort out my clothes and have a shower.

  I drove across town and arrived at Botanic Avenue just after mid day. The address that I had jotted down turned out to be a clothes shop, specialising in used, period, designer clothing.  I decided to have a look around before introducing myself. I spotted a rack with dresses on it, mostly French and with price tags starting at £100.00. I took one off the rack. It was vintage and it was size 12, but with a price tag of £125.00. I was about to put it back when one of the guys in the shop approached me. he said, "hello, I'm Geoff" and asked me if I Would  like to try it on and then showed me to the changing room. The dress fitted me perfectly. I left the changing room.  Geoff was waiting and said, "Wow, that is so you" and then called Alan from the counter to have a look.  Alan said that the dress was perfect for me and got me to do a twirl. They seemed like two nice guys.  As we all seemed to be getting on so well, I decided to introduce myself.  I said, "By the way, I'm Sue and I think you may be expecting me?  Alan looked at his phone and laughed. "I must be slipping, that tattoo on your arm is a give away, we'll close for lunch now if that suits you? and keep that dress on for now.

  Geoff and I went upstairs, to what seemed to be a flat.  There was a king size double bed  and mirrored wardrobes facing it. Geoff got stripped right away and I sat on the bed and watched. He was in his mid 30's, as was Alan and he had a good body and a nice rigid cock. He stood in front of me and like a good whore, I took hold of his cock and placed it between my lips. Alan came into the room and got himself naked too and then stood beside Geoff. I reached for his cock and gave it to the same treatment as Geoff had got.  Both cocks were now fully erect and Alan asked me to stand up. Geoff went behind me,  unfastened the buttons on my dress and let it fall. I could feel that hard cock pressing against me. Alan pealed off my g string and then Geoff lay on the bed on his back and said, "C'mon Sue, jump on" 

 Geoff handed me a condom and I rolled it on to his cock, then I straddled him and guided his cock into my pussy. Alan put a condom on and got on the bed behind me. I started riding Geoff's cock, slowly, for about a minute and then he let himself slip out and Alan  pushed his cock into me from behind and fucked me slowly.  Both guys took turns and I was so relaxed, that I started enjoying  the sensation of having two rigid cocks poking me.  After a while, the fucking got faster. Both of them were breathing heavily and those cocks felt like steel rods in my cunt.  Geoff was the first to cum. I stayed on top of him and milked every last drop from his cock before leaning forward to accept Alan's cock for the finale.  Alan went at it like a wild thing. It was a long time since I'd felt a cock go so deep inside me. Then he moaned and I felt his hot seed inflate the condom.  Alan stayed inside me until he started to soften and then he flopped out of me.  I got up and sat on the bed, while both the guys got dressed. 

  I collected my clothes from the changing room and then dressed in the bathroom. As I was leaving, Alan said, "Sue, we have a proposition for you.  We'll give you the dress as payment,  if you promise to visit us next week for another fuck session"  I told them it was a deal and they packed the dress in a carrier bag and I left.

  Next stop was Mr Walker in his office in Waring Street.  The same women in the office as the last time. I didn't speak. The older of the two told me that Mr Walker was busy and to take a seat.   A few moments later a man left and I was told that Mr Walker would see me now.  I went inside and took off my coat.  Mr Walker looked at me approvingly. He even smiled. "Naked,  starkers, please, c'mon. chop-chop, we haven't all day"  I started to undress. Walker took out his cock and wanked as he watched.  I was soon naked and he told me to sit on the desk, legs wide open.  He put on a condom and faced me,  then shoved his cock into me hard and fucked me as hard as he could. I closed my eyes.  He grabbed my legs and held me to stop me from being pushed back on the desk. The desk was creaking and I could hear sniggers from the women in the other office.  Then he let out a grunt and exploded inside me.  His cock went limp and he withdrew.  He didn't speak, he just returned to his seat and watched me dress.   I left a few minutes later and ignored the sniggering women.  This was just too weird. Mr. walker had fucked me for the second and last time. He was going to be the first client on my block list.

  I drove home, ran a nice warm bath and spent ages soaking in it. I fell asleep for a while. I lay there wondering how my appointment with Tony would go. One thing was for sure, it couldn't be worse than Mr. Walker.  I ate dinner and dressed as required for the meeting. Black skirt, white blouse, fishnet stockings, suspender belt and heels and a very skimpy g string and shelf bra. I checked how I looked in the mirror.  "French tart"  I said out loud. I put on a coat and off I went.

   The trip across town went quickly. Most of the rush hour traffic had gone and I arrived early for my appointment. I thought  that as Tony obviously had a french fetish I would role play the meeting to add some humour and possibly even some fun.  I parked in the Student's Union car park and walked the short distance to Tony's house. Parking was almost impossible in these narrow streets. Tony answered the door and I greeted him.  "Bonjour Tony, je suis Susan et je suis venu ici pour vous rendre visite ce soir à sucer votre pénis et également vous faire foutre mon vagin et mon cul" Tony looked stunned "Are you really French? wow! Come on in, would you like coffee?  I'm not sure if Tony fully understood what I had said, but judging by  the bulge in his trousers, he liked it anyway. Tony made me coffee and led me upstairs to a bedroom. The house was huge and seemed to be getting renovated.  I took off my coat and sat on a chair beside the bed.  "You dressed perfectly Susan, just as I asked" he told me.  I answered "Je suis ici pour te plaire et je veux ta bite pour être difficile et de se sentir tour sperme chaud à l’intérieur de ma chatte"  

Tony sat on the bed and I stood in front of him and started to unbotton his shirt. His hands went straight to my legs and under my short black skirt. He found the exposed flesh at the the top of my stockings and his hands lingered there.  I knelt down and unzipped Tony's jeans and grasped his cock firmly and before taking it between my lips I looked him straight in the eyes and said  "Je veux que vous me baiser plus fort et de remplir mon vagin avec votre sperme chaud" This seemed to be doing the trick. Tony's cock was as stiff as a poker. I did some deep throat and then  licked his cock head, making eye contact all the time with him. Tony said, "Let me fuck you now Susan" and he got up and removed his remaining clothing and lay on the bed.  I started to take off my blouse, but Tony said, "No, just loosen it but take your panties off" I did so and set my g string on the chair beside the bed. I straddled tony and he pulled my skirt right up till it was almost around my waist. I took a condom, which i had placed under the strap of my suspender belt earlier and put it on Tony's cock, before grasping it and guiding it  into my pussy.  I told Tony, Maintenant me baiser dur et faites-moi cum. Je suis juste une pute et doivent être traités comme la salope rien que je suis.  Tony was loving this and I was too. The roll play thing had really turned me on. Tony's cock was hitting all the right spots and I was on the verge of orgasm. HIs hands were grasping my breasts and pinching my nipples as we fucked.  I told him   "mmm    fuck mon chat, fuck-moi cum, cum, cum"  Tony certaily got the message and he shot his load of hot cum deep inside me. At last, I was having an orgasm and it felt good. I stayed on top of Tony until he went limp and then I climbed off and sat on the bedside chair. I handed Tony my skimpy G string and said, "Por vous monsieur"  Time was up, my work was done. Tony was happy. Maybe he would use me again?


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