Quarantine relief

redheadnc74   May 20, 2021   | 54233 Views
He was quicker than I expected and I felt his fingers on me spreading my wetness while he unzipped his pants banner1

I had been quarantining at home for about 5 months, it was August and it was hot as it always is in the Carolinas.  I decided I was going to take a little road trip by myself.  Maybe go to the beach, do something to get out of the house.  I’d worn out 2 12 packs of batteries and about all the Pornhub I could take.  I needed air and I needed other people.  I got in the car and started to back out…all of a sudden my car dinged and the replace headlight alert came on.  Are you kidding me?  I’m finally headed somewhere and now I have to get a headlight.  It was early Saturday morning and there’s an auto parts store about a mile away.  I drove over and went in.  There was no air conditioning inside and I was already overheated from the sun beating down.  I went in with my mask on and explained to the tall young man behind the counter that I needed a headlight.  He was about 25 with dark hair and dark eyes.  He was also masked so I could only see half of his face, but my 40 something sex starved eyes liked what I saw.  I gave him my car info and he said he had a bulb for me in the back.  He scurried away behind a door behind the counter.  I looked around and realized there was no one else in the store.  Before I could change my mind I slipped my panties off from under my sundress and slipped around the counter.  I walked along the front of the aisles looking for my young man.  I found him down the last aisle.  He was surprised…”ma’am you’re not allowed back here!”  I walked toward him and let one of my sundress straps slide down over my shoulder revealing my ample breast to him.  “Can’t you make an exception this one time?”….he stuttered “Umm…Ummm…I guess so”.  

I walked up close to him and ran my hand up his chest.  “I really appreciate you helping me today…but…I really need something else…” I let my other hand slide over his crotch and I really liked what I felt and his body was already reacting to me.   His eyes were so wide but his hands had run up over my arms and he was staring at what was now one naked nipple rock hard and he gently ran the back of his fingers over it.  I closed my eyes and put my head back “Yes….yes that’s right”.   I turned around never  losing contact with his body, I pulled up my skirt so he could see my bare ass and then bent over spread my legs and grabbed a shelf.   He was quicker than I expected and I felt his fingers on me spreading my wetness while he unzipped his pants, and then all at once his long hard young cock was slammed into me.  I held on to the shelf and we soon found a rhythm, him holding my hips and pumping and me pushing back.  I used one hand to rub my clit and by the time he was ready to explode I was with him.  I came hard and I felt him pull out and spill hot cum all over my ass.   “Oh my God” he said.  “I can’t believe I just did that”.  I stood, turned around, righted my top and said, “I believe it, you were amazing, just what I needed”.   I walked out to the front, he followed me and together we went out to my car.  He replaced my headlight bulb in silence and then I followed him in and paid him.  As he handed me the receipt he said “Please come again anytime”.  I winked and said I might just do that some time.  And I left.  A few minutes later I was back at home in my PJ’s surfing Netflix.  Who needs a road trip when you can get satisfied a mile from home.  I was still a little sore from the slamming of his cock.  I wonder what else my car needs?

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