An extra marital affair

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Sharmishta my junior in school who had crushed on me. We fucked first time after her marriage banner2

Her name is sharmishtha she was my junior in my school but we didn’t communicate in school time but after long time one day on my facebook one request pinged and that was her request as a casual I accept her request and message pinged “hi” I replied to her message and after long chatting session  we exchanged our numbers and then started calling each other in all that she got interest in me but I was not looking her in that way but out friendship went a long though 

After year one day again she called me and said I am getting married I was happy and congratulated her but didn’t attend her wedding but after that I didn’t contacted her my life was on my way with my problems and struggles and after that one more mess came infront of me that was sharmishta she called me after a year long of her marriage i greeted her on call and after some conversation she told me to meet me i said okay lets meet 

And after that meeting we started meeting on regular basis she shared her marital problems with me and i was giving her hope that everything will be alright but her problems were no ending and one day we were in garden and during same session of sharing problem she start crying and suddenly she hugged me, I was shocked but didn’t panic. And then after she usually start hugging me giving kisses on my chick

Opps i forgot to tell you about sharmishta. She was an average looking short heighted (5ft approx) woman nice curly hairs fair complexion but the best part of her body was her 32D cup size tight boobs and her 34” bubble butt that drive me crazy all time but I controlled it 

Our incident of sex was so certain which changed everything after that day. One i was chilling at my sisters home and no one was there at home because her family went on picnic and i was there to relax myself she called me where are you?

 i told her at my sisters home 

She replied what are you doing 

I replied chilling and having fun 

Then she said can i join you 

I said of course you can, come here then 

Then i send her address which was nearby to her place after an hour she came I greeted her and served water to get relax and i sat along with her on sofa i was just wearing jacket and 3/4th and she was wearing a punjabi suit we started conversation then she asked me you didn’t feel anything about me jn recent years ? I was shocked why she is asking me such questions now I said nothing like that you are nice woman you look beautiful but... 

that silence gave her a sign that i was hiding something from her she forced me to tell what but??? Then I told her that I was liking her in that time but didn’t express that she glad hearing that and she hugged me tightly and said ohhh sweetheart I knew it you liked me then i said but you are married now and she replied me that it doesn’t matters to me because you are my first love ever since from school time. After that she sat in my arms and we were confessing our feelings towards each other and certainly she moved towards me and grabbed my face in her hand and smooched me 

Even I didn’t oppose for that and responded her in positive manner and then i start roaming my hands towards her neck and back it was so horny that my penis arose after a long kiss she sat on my lap and continued smooching me passionately she licked my tongue so such a sexy way that I didn’t deny her in any manner while roaming my fingers on her back finally i moved on her suit zip and i unzipped it and now my hands were roaming on her bare back she was passionately kissing me on my whole face and then she moved on my neck side her essence was so sweet that She drove me crazy at that time i removed my hands and start sliding up her punjabi suit so i can access her boobs and after some struggle finally i reached on my mark her boobs was so tight and erected that i was feeling them like a stiffed peace of flesh then she said remove it i am not feeling comfortable in it and i followed her instruction and now she was having only bra on her upper body and that also didn’t servive on her body for long time 

I dragged her on sofa and then start licking her boobs like a child sucks mother nipples her body was so fair inside than her visible body part her pinkish nipples and cleaned hairless body was just like a butter as an experienced i was pleasuring her body and then she whispered lets get into bedroom i said okay and i lift her in my hand and moved towards bedroom she wrapped her arms towards my neck and smiled then said i thought you would not possible to lift me in your hands and i replied so now what are you thinking 

I put her on bed slowly and then she grabbed my jacket and said why are you hiding yourself from me??? I answered who is hiding and what is hiding I am all yours do whatever you want she smiled yesss you are mine and then without wasting a moment she pulled out my jacket and after seeing me half naked she said you have nice chest. I said not better than your breast you have sexy boobs babes and she said then why your a not grabbing them now 

Without wasting a moment again i started kissing her boobs with one hand i was massaging her boobs my mouth was grabbing her other boob and i left hand fingers in her mouth to lick them she got my point and she started licking my fingers like penis she was grabbing my hairs so tightly that i can feel her horny mood and her other grabbed my bare back her nails were hurting my back and drilling it inside in same motion i moved my hand which was grabbing her boob towards the naught of her paijama and opened it so i can enter inside it now she was completely naked and my hands were roaming near her soft pubic hairs she was moaning softly yess vishu take that pussy and i put my finger inside her she moaned softly and i slowly started fingering in her pussy she was so wet and I finally found her g-spot it was little rough but i start rubbing it softly and gently and then i insert one more finger in it she was like eat me come on eat me then i moved towards her pussy it was pinkish and wet. She said just lick it harder enjoy the heaven i started licking the upper area of her vagina and kept rubbing her g-spot she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my head more deeply inside her vagina then while giving her oral my mind turned for 69 i loosen up her legs and came on her now i sat on her boobs my ass was touching her nipples and my penis was directing towards her mouth she got that and she took it inside her mouth. That was the best ever oral I recieved. She was licking it like a pornstar and i was intimidating so much and i turned agained towards her pussy but this time in 69 position she was licking me and i was licking her. In all that i saw her asshole which was all virgin yet(i will write that story in next part) i lift her legs again and started rubbing her butt which was tight and beautiful now i was licking her lower pussy part which was dripping and finally i moved on her butthole. She was little shocked and hesitated but I didn’t stop on that i was just enjoying her asshole now. Her intimacy is now on seventh sky she was liking fuck me now drill that pussy 

Now it was the time to hunt that wet pussy. I came up in missionary position and she showed the way of her pussy to my penis by keeping it on her opening. My big black dick is now inside in her hole in the first attempt it drove completely inside it she screamed and held me tightly slowly vishu you have huge weapon and don’t cum inside me i want to swallow your cum and i started motion slowly and within a minute i was in my full speed the whole room was now in sound of yeesssss yessss yessss and striking of our bodies faaat faat faaaaat her nails were hurting my back so deeply and she smooched me so hard and then i told her turn around i want to do in doggie style and there she was already i kept her both legs near by and started in motion and in that i slapped on her ass so many times really brutally and she was like hit them harder keep your bitch fucking in all that i changed 3-4 positions and now it was a time to ejaculate the load 

I removed my weapon and let her sit on her knees and put it in her mouth. My penis was now fucking her mouth so deeply that her eyes were full of tears but I didn’t stopped on that because i was about to ejaculate i increased my speed and finally my whole load dropped in her mouth it was completely filled with it. She swirled it so many times and finally swallowed it.

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