I'm sure my wife is psychic

sparky   September 02, 2019   | 17288 Views
Her short skirt rode up revealing a tantalising glimpse of her red panties, the question was, were they pvc, or ordinary cotton? banner2 I've been with my wife for 20 years this year, I was a bit of a player before I met her, once I even had 3 women on the go at the same time, I was with someone else when I met her, but since we got together, apart from groping a girls tits at work, I've been 100% faithfull, even when it's been offered on a plate so to speak.
Standing at the bar in my local one night, beer in hand, I glanced upwards as I heard the door bang, and there she was. A tall woman, mid 20's, long blonde hair, red shiney PVC top, short pvc skirt, and a pair of long shiney red boots, judging by the way they disappeared beneath the short skirt, they had to be crotch length, wow!
I watched as she stood leaning against one of the tables by the door and decided to make a move, well, nothing ventured nothing gained, as my old mum used to say.
I placed my beer on the table, it was one of those modern high types, with bar stools for seats. "high, fancy a drink"? I asked, she smiled, "go on then, I'll have a lager, since you're offering"she replied with a smile. I headed back to the bar, bought her a pint and headed back to the table, she was sitting on one of the stools, one leg crossed over the other, her skirt had rode up a little revealing a tantalising glimpse of a pair of red panties beneath, were they ordinary ones, or were they PVC, or even leather, to match the rest of the outfit she was wearing? I hoped I'd get the chance to find out!
A couple of drinks later and she was still sat with one leg over the other, she knew I was admiring her long legs and every so often would move her booted foot in the air, as if she was drawing little circles, the squeak of PVC on PVC was driving me crazy.
We had another drink, then, just as I was about to ask if she wanted another, she asked me if I fancied going somewhere else. I was more than happy to agree to this and, pretty soon we were walking along the street arm in arm.
A couple of young lads wolf whistled as we passed them, she just smiled, "ooh, I think I should have had a wee before we left" she giggled, I laughed slightly, "well, I'm sure nobody would know if you did wet your panties with all that PVC on" I replied, "who says I haven't" ? she giggled, squirming slightly.
All this talk of her wetting herself was really getting me going, I have two fetishes, girls in leather or PVC, and girls wetting themselves, now, combine the two and well, it's a dream come true.
"lets go to my house" she said, turning down a side street, it isn't far and my feet are starting to get a bit wet! I was a little confused for a second, it wasn't raining, so how were her feet getting wet? I looked down at her long slim booted legs, she was squirming slightly and I thought I could hear a slight hissing, "sounds like it's not only your feet that's getting wet" I giggled, "I bet those panties are wet too, I was wondering about them, whether they matched the rest of your outfit".
She smiled, tapped the heel of her pointy boot on the pavement, "what, colour you mean"? she giggled, rather suggestively, "well, that and material" I replied, a little surprised at how forward she was being. "well, you'll have to wait to fine that out, and the longer we stand here chatting, the longer you'll have to wait" she giggled.
We arrived at her house a few minutes later and went inside, "have a seat, I won't be a minute"she said, pointing to the red leather couch. I sat down as she disappeared through one of the other doors, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed, having gone to the loo in her panties, she was obviously going to get changed.
A few minutes later and she re-appeared, carrying a couple of glasses of lager, and, still wearing her kinky red outfit, she even had her boots on. She placed the drinks on the table, "Sorry, I need to slip out of these" she said, unzipping the jacket, then after removing that, she reached round and unzipped the skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor!
She stood in front of me wearing only her undies and the long red crotch boot, and to my delight heher bra and panties were also made of red PVC, she was certainly co-ordinated with her clothing. She sat alongside me and we chatted as we drunk the lager, then she asked me to stand up, I got up from my seat, she swung those long booted legs onto the couch and spread them wide open, "well, how'd you like to make my panties even wetter"? she purred seductively, hell, I didn't need asking twice and in seconds my jeans and undies were around my ankles, she pulled the crotch of the panties to one side and I went to mount her, I was really going to enjoy this.
I was literally about two inches from putting my hard cock into her moist love tunnel when I felt a blow to my head! I jumped suddenly and looked down, I was lying in my bed at home, my wife alongside me, "sorry love, I rolled over and hit you with my arm" she said appologetically, adding, "I didn't mean to wake you"
I reached over to the bedside cabinet, took a cigarette from the pack, lit it and burst out laughing, "what's so funny"? she asked, giving me a quizical look, "and how come you're smoking, normally you only do that afterwards"
I took a long drag on the smoke and sighed, I know when we got married she told me she'd know if I was ever unfaithful, but bloddy hell, I can't even dream about it without her knowing. I stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray, rolled over and went back to sleep.
And just in case you're wondering, no, I didn't get back into that dream. lol 
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