Mrs. Fletcher Chapter One Brother's Mother-in-law

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I was eighteen and almost nineteen years old, and my eldest brother was getting married. My parents gave birth to me many years later. In addition to my eldest brother, I have three older brothers. People say that my birth was purely accidental. Lesbian

I was eighteen and almost nineteen years old, and my eldest brother was getting married. My parents gave birth to me many years later. In addition to my eldest brother, I have three older brothers. People say that my birth was purely accidental.

My eldest brother only needed three helpers for his wedding, so I left without having to stay there to make people mess around. Fortunately, I really don’t want to go through the whole process of a wedding unless it’s my wedding.

The girl he was going to marry was he met when he was in graduate school after graduating from college. She is very beautiful, a charming stunner. I hope that when I go to university in a few weeks, I can meet a girlfriend who is half as beautiful as her. They were going to the rehearsal wedding that night, I think I should accompany them to see it together.

I follow my parents because I don’t have a car yet. I stayed in an unobtrusive place, people gathered together, waiting for the start of the rehearsal. I stood in the corner, thinking about my own thoughts when I heard my eldest brother calling me.

"Hi, Dave (David's nickname), come here."

I walked over, where he and the future bride were standing with a woman I had never seen before. She seemed to be just as absent-minded as I was.

"Dave, this is Mrs. Fletcher, Debbie's mother."

"Mrs. Fletcher, this is our little brother, David."

I hate that they mention me as a little brother. I'm eighteen and I'm going to college. But I was still their little brother even when I was sixty years old.

We smiled and shook hands with each other, and her tight grip surprised me. When most women shake hands with you, the hands they hand you are like dead fish, lifeless. Mrs. Fletcher took my hand as if some intention was hidden behind her tight grip. One of my teachers once said: A strong handshake shows that a person knows what he needs and will get it by all means.

Looking at Mrs. Fletcher, I understand why my brother's fiancée is so beautiful. She obviously inherited the beauty of her mother. Mrs. Fletcher is probably fifty years old, but she is not very old at all. She is wearing high heels, standing as tall as me, looking straight at me.

She was wearing a white coat, and the top was a halter with a necktie, with bare arms, shoulders, and back.

Her breasts stretched her top to the maximum, and two round nipples protruded out, as well as the dark brown color of her nipples. The coat just hung over her knee, neither tight nor loose. Even though the clothes outside, you can see her figure clearly. She has a pair of faint green eyes, and when the light happened to shine on them, those eyes were shining, and her lips were plump and round. She is well-dressed, applying powder without perfume, and when she moves around, I seem to be able to smell a faint scent of baby powder in the air.

Her hair is light brown, and a few strands of gray hair are scattered in between. She pinned them up with hairpins behind, concealing their true length.

"Hello, Mrs. Fletcher," I said politely, "It's nice to meet you."

"Hello, David. I'm glad to see you too," she replied.

Her voice is very sincere and deep, which makes people sound sexy and doesn't feel contrived.

Her voice is very similar to that of actress (Brenda Vicaro) Brenda. Victor.

"I've heard a lot about you from your brother. He has been complimenting you. When I left home to attend the wedding, I couldn't wait to get to know you this unusual little brother."

Mrs. Fletcher came to Connecticut from Florida alone to attend her daughter's wedding. Mr. Fletcher passed away a few years ago. I very much doubt that she came to see my little brother because we never met.

The four of us chatted for a while, and then my brother took them to meet other people, leaving me alone.

I can't help but stare at Mrs. Fletcher. I don't know what makes me feel that she is very attractive to me. She and the people attending the wedding celebrations greet each other, mingle with each other, and look very confident. I can't tell what makes her look so special, I guess it's the outfit that makes Mrs. Fletcher so charming.

Once she found me staring at her, she handed me a kind smile, did not raise her arm, and waved to me secretly, as if she didn't want other people to see it. She let her armrest on the side of her body and wiggled her fingers.

I smiled back and gave her a similar swing, which didn't mean anything. When I did this, she lowered her head and snickered, then looked at me and blinked at me again. I was bewildered by her behavior and almost forgot the wedding for a while.

The wedding rehearsal finally started and went well.

After the rehearsal, my parents are going to hold a small party at our house. Everyone is invited. I followed my parents back to the car. Just as we were leaving, my brother beckoned us to stop. He approached the car and leaned into it.

"Mrs. Fletcher has something to go back to the hotel. She doesn't know how to drive back to the hotel and then to our house. I think if Dave can accompany her, she won't get lost."

"Of course," my mother said, "Dave, go and help Mrs. Fletcher, okay? We will meet you both at home later."

I came out from the back seat and followed my eldest brother. He pointed to the place where Mrs. Fletcher was waiting, then turned and left to drive his car. I saw her standing with her daughter, and I approached them, when my brother drove over, we chatted for a while, and then he and his fiancee left.

Mrs. Fletcher and I were alone for the first time. She looked at me with a smile and said, "I heard that you are familiar with the roads nearby, and your brother said he would find me the best helper."

"Yes, I think I know how to get us to the hotel and return safely. All we need is a car. Is that your car?" I asked, pointing to the nearest car in the parking lot.

"No, my car is over there," she replied, pointing to the furthest car in the clearing, "follow me."

She left quickly and left me behind her a few steps. The sun was shining brightly in front of her. The sunlight penetrated her white coat like X-rays. I could clearly see the slender pair of clothes wrapped in her dress. Her legs, her hips twisted left and right, accompanied by high heels making a rhythmic sound on the parking lot floor.

I walked a few steps to catch up with her, and walked side by side with her, she looked at me and smiled when I came to her.

"I asked you to come here, Dave. I want you to help me. I feel more comfortable with you than with anyone. I hope you don't mind?"

My heart was shaken, and at the same time, I was both embarrassed and honored.

"No, not at all, Mrs. Fletcher," I said, "I won't mind, I'm happy to help."

When we walked to the car, she reached into her handbag and took out the car key.

"Would you like to drive, Dave?" she asked, "I feel a little tired after some busy schedule."

When she handed me the key, I said, "Of course, no problem."

We came to the car and she waited for me to open the door for her. When she put her left leg into the car and started to sit down, her handbag fell on the ground near her right foot. I bent over to pick up the bag. She kept her legs crossed and stayed in place with her right leg. Without moving, I had to pick up the handbag along her thigh, and my eyes couldn't help but drift away.

Her skirt was lifted high on her right leg, and it was now almost to the middle of her thigh. Due to the summer heat, she did not wear stockings, her calves were shaved very smoothly, and the short fluff on her thighs shimmered in the sun. I can see her left leg deeper, and her inner thigh looks very smooth and tight. I know if I lean a little more, I will see her underwear.

I retrieved her handbag and handed it to her. She said thank you, and then slowly, finally lifted her right leg into the car, and straightened her skirt. I closed the car door, and she looked up at me and smiled. When I went around behind the car, I felt my penis start to harden.

I walked slowly, trying to adjust myself before entering the car. I put my hand in my trouser pocket and patted my penis. I lowered my head and saw that the raised crotch was so conspicuous. I pulled the shirt out of my pants and tried to cover it. My heart was pounding in my chest, and my breathing was heavy and laborious. I took a few deep breaths and told myself to calm down, and finally went to the driver's side of the car door and got in. My penis began to shrink back to its original size, but it left moist spots. That dot was where my dick's head had been.

I sat down and she smiled at me and said, "Walking around the car for a long time, did you drop something or something else?"

My mind turned quickly and told her, "I'm racking my brains thinking about the best way to the hotel where you are staying, Mrs. Fletcher, several roads are leading there."

She reached out and touched my hand, holding it firmly, just like her handshake, her touch was very warm, I dare say it was full of affection.

"David," she said softly, "please call me Ellen, I prefer this name to Mrs. Fletcher. We are going to be a family now if you like when we are alone, you You can call me like that. You can call me Mrs. Fletcher in front of your parents and brothers. When there are only two of us, the name Ellen will make me very happy."

Her eyes locked on me tightly, I couldn't see anything else, I tried to divert my eyes but couldn't do it.

I stared at those faint green eyes, the green became deeper, and I couldn't speak, just nodded.

My mouth feels dry and my tongue seems to be swollen, as if my penis is beginning to swell again, and my body begins to tremble. I try to start the car with the key, but my hands tremble.

Ellen leaned over and held my hand, I once again smelled the baby powder she put on her body, she pulled my hand, and we easily inserted the key in and started the car together. The engine made a soft roar. Sound, I let out a long sigh.

"Are you okay David?" she asked, "I can drive if you want."

I put my hand on the steering wheel and said, "No, I'm fine, but I'm a little nervous driving someone else's car." 

As I stepped on the gas and slowly left the church parking lot, Mrs. Fletcher, oh no, Ellen, continued to snuggle me in the front seat, her head resting on my right arm.

"I hope you don't mind if I lean on you like this for a while," she said. "I want to stretch my waist. This position feels so comfortable."

Ellen leaned her head gently on my arm, closed her eyes, and stretched her legs straight to the corner of the passenger seat. When she did this, her skirt pulled up to her thigh again. She took off her shoes and threw them on the floor mat. I looked down and saw that the coat in front of her had fallen off from her chest. I could see the deeper part of her chest and her nipples were clearly visible. The pair of nipples slumped softly on her breasts, without showing a trace of sexual desire.

The weight of her head started to numb my right arm, so I lifted my arm to rest her head under my armpit. She groaned to make herself as comfortable as possible. I put my arm behind the seat, but found that it was very difficult. I slowly let my arm slide down and put it on her body. She felt very warm. She stayed in that position for a while, and then changed her position. She twisted her body so that she could lie down in the front seat. She curled up her legs to pose as a fetus. My hands were on her exposed position. On the ass.

Her head slid down from my armpit and placed it gently on my right leg. My dick immediately became rocky and hard. I exhausted all my strength to keep my right leg from shaking. Stay breathing quickly towards the hotel. The sooner I send her somewhere, the sooner I can get rid of this predicament.

Just before arriving at the hotel, Ellen got up from her position to tidy up herself. She looked at her face in the mirror and smoothed out the red marks on her cheeks, which were left by my trousers. trace.

She told me where to park, and then she was about to get out of the car.

"Aren't you coming," she asked, "no," I said, "I'll wait in the car until you come back."

"Don't be stupid," she said, "I don't want you to stay here alone. Come with me, just take a few minutes. What's wrong with you, afraid of me? I don't know how to eat people, just follow me Go to the room and after we're done, we will leave. I don't want to get a negative answer."

She smiled at me, the smile seemed so sincere that it was irresistible.

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