My first temptation

GPguy   October 10, 2021   | 15202 Views
It was an innocent leaving work party, she had her work mates there and. I was her boss. She was 9 years younger and was moving away, about a one hour drive. I didn't expect that she… banner2 It was an innocent leaving work party, she had her work mates there and. I was her boss. She was 9 years younger and was moving away, about a one hour drive. I didn't expect that she had a crush on me but I knew than a couple of other girls did and I often flirted with them, often tempted to start a romantic fling, even though I was married with 2 kids.
Gail was a surprise to me, and her disclosure had me horny in an instant. We were alone talking in her bedroom with her laying on her bed. It was way too easy to grab her and give her a passionate kiss, grab her breast then reach between her legs. She was wet and I so very much wanted to add to that. A room filled with co-workers , just outside her bedroom door, kept us using constraint but I got several kisses and 2 fingers as deep as possible into her for several minutes. I wanted more, much more. I settled for going home, and screwing my wife for a few hours that night. 
Work the next day was not as usual. Gail was to still be working for another month and we were kissing at every chance. I pulled on her nipples as well as rubbed her pussy as often as possible. The pay off was a couple of days later with me fucking her in the front seat of my car. Her pussy was so tight and wet. I needed much more and I made a plan to get it.
My affair with my much younger co-worker was also giving my wifes pussy a lot of extra attention so when I asked to go fishing alone for a few days, she thought nothing of it. I wanted to give Gail a good and proper fucking and I figured a weekend campout would be the place to start.
Everything was working out and I brought everything needed to make this work out. I figured 6 condoms would be plenty . It wasn't . Thank God she was on the pill and every bit as horny as me as I put 2 more loads into her amazing tight wet pussy before we fell asleep . The morning sun was bright and hot when we awoke. Too many people had joined into the site and my young love was in no way quiet at taking my cock with it's large mushroom head. I really wanted to just fuck her all day, but we were only an hour from home and I couldn't chance seeing someone that knew us. 
I did manage to fuck her one more time before taking her back to her apartment. As amazing as her tight wet pussy was, I managed to find one tighter.
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