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Lakshmi   October 18, 2021   | 11676 Views
This is the continuation of the earlier parts and from now on she has a new dream and ambition in life. to know in detail about her dream and the things she was ready to sacrifice to achieve her dreams will be explained this narration. She is now a cock hungry slut who knows to use her pussy to make men her slaves. banner1
This is the fifth part of my narration MY MOM'S ILLICIT AFFAIRS which describes the sexcapades of my mom. Please read the earlier episodes if you are a new reader for a better understanding of the events. I was overwhelmed with the response that I have received for my earlier posts and am grateful to all those who responded. I expect your similar support in this episode too.

This is the continuation of their conversation from Part IV. Many events happened that night which require a lot of explanation. Hence I divided the events that occurred that night into 2 parts. They just finished the first round of sex and they both were lying on the bed in post-coital bliss.

He had ejaculated his entire load into her pussy and slowly moved apart and lied on the bed. Both of them were sweating even with AC on. She then came and lied on his chest and kissed him on his lips and told him "it was wonderful dear; you really show me heavens of pleasure each time you fuck me." He was happy to hear this and asked her "Really your husband was not able to satisfy you? What a fool he is to leave behind such a tasty and juicy pussy?"

"This is the kind of sex that I wanted in my life but was disappointed since the initial days of my marriage itself. By the time I have my body heat turned on, he would have ejaculated and collapsed on my boobs. I was never even half satisfied with that idiot as I am with you. Let him be there and work hard so that we can fuck whenever we want in his money" she said. He said "You are a naughty devil" and kissed her on his lips.

My pussy was dripping wet now and I again started to stimulate my clit putting my hands into my panty. It was feeling so great to stimulate myself watching her in action. Within minutes, I got another orgasm and this time I felt my pussy extra wet and I felt like I might have squirted a bit. I felt really satisfied and was watching what she was going to do next. I knew it was not right and needed to stop them, but something inside me was inhibiting me. It may be due to the fear that it would destroy my family or maybe the devil in me wanted to enjoy the scenes. Anyway, I didn't move a muscle to stop them.

This time kiss was long and could see them exchanging their saliva. She was enjoying it a lot and she was moving her hands on his cock as they were kissing. After nearly 2 to 3 minutes of kissing, they broke the kiss and lied on the bed. She was lying on his chest and looking into his face while he was lying tired. She then asked him "How was the shooting this time?" He replied "It went fine and I also have a surprise for you. But you should not object to doing it. I am going to make one of your dreams come true soon. "

She was surprised to hear that and asked him what it was. He then told her to promise him that she won't deny his proposal. For which she said "You know me right, I will do anything for you my darling. Don't you remember all that I did with your friend Mathew in Ooty to make your fantasies come true? So don't worry about that." He kissed her hearing this and played with his fingers over her pussy.

He continued "during my shooting last week, I met and became close with the famous film director Mr. Sachin (name changed). He is planning to do another web series soon and casting was going on. That is when I remembered about you and showed him your photos. He seemed to be impressed with your looks and told me that he will have to conduct a screen test before confirming. He also promised me to give you a good role in his upcoming movie if you successfully clear the screening test."

She was really happy and excited to hear this and it was very evident in her smile. It was always her dream to act in movies and I guess that it was that what made her so excited. She then gave him another kiss on his lips with her boobs resting on his chest and was stroking his cock. She then broke the kiss and was thinking about something. He looked at her and asked, "What are you thinking baby?" She replied "I was thinking about how I would convince my ass husband to let me act in movies. He is not at all interested in me acting in movies."

He then told "you have promised me that you won't object to my offer and with a lot of difficulties I convinced Sachin sir to consider you for a screen test. So you somehow need to convince him or else, you need not tell him anything now and can tell him if you once successfully clear the screening test." She also agreed to that and he then asked "But then what will we do with Lakshmi? How will you avoid her from coming?"

She then said "That is a problem. By the way, where will the screening test be happening and will it be possible for us to return the same day. Mainly because that fool will call me to talk with Lakshmi and if she is not with me then that will create a doubt in his mind. So will have to somehow convince her and take her also along with us. That I will manage and I know very well how to keep her mouth shut."

He then told her that they need to meet him in his resort which was quite far from our place. He also told her that he will be there only till the next weekend and so need to make arrangements soon. She said she will do that and he also said that she needs to look dashing and need to carry a few modern dresses as well as traditional dresses when they go to meet him. She asked him "What all dresses should I take dear?"

"I suggest you do some shopping before going on for that screen test. You can wear that chiffon black sari when we go to meet him. You also need to carry different types of dresses like salwar, t-shirts, jeans, skirts, mini skirts, nightdresses, etc. We need to do our best to impress him and making a debut through his movie is a dream come true for any newcomer. You need to look sizzling hot when we go to meet him and he should not be able to reject you" he said.

"Ok, dear. But I don't have a mini skirt and have also never worn such dresses before as he doesn't like me wearing sexy dresses. So I doubt whether I will be looking good in such dresses" she said. "Trust me, dear, you will be looking awesome in that. You know that I will always select the best dress for you. You were even shy to wear that sleeveless top when I gave but everyone seeing praised your looks know. You have such a great body" touching her milky white flat tummy.

"Thank you dear; if you are free we can go to town and do all that purchase together. So that you can choose the right dress for me" she said. He was ok with that and told will come near home and call her tomorrow by 11 am. He then said to her "that looks alone will not be sufficient as many youngsters will be ready to do anything to bag this offer. So we must be prepared to impress him through your skills also."

"You need not worry about that as I have my ways to convince him and will do all that is required to get this role. I am willing to dance, sing or act as he says" mom replied. What he replied after that was shocking for me. "You not only need to do all that sometimes you have to go that extra mile to convince him. You must be willing to satisfy him like you satisfied Mathew when we were in Ooty. I will move out and at that time you do your tricks because all the new actresses who are giving auditions will be teenagers or early 20s so we must do our best to get this opportunity."

"Ok dear, I do understand what you are telling. But will he consider me as a cheap slut if I try to seduce him? And there will be many people along with him know? How will I convince him to get into bed with me?" she asked. "You need not try to seduce him and all. He is a womanizer and will be trying his best to get into your pussy. You just need to act like his innocent fangirl and allow him to be with you and cash on when you get the right opportunity. Moreover, since it is his resort there won't be many people and mostly he and his assistant only will be there" he said.

She then said "In that case, I think I will manage and do all that is necessary to make the maximum out of this opportunity as you know how badly I wished for a chance to act in a movie. It was my dream from childhood to be a movie actress, but neither my parents nor my husband was supportive. At last now, I have got someone in my life who works hard to make my dreams come true. That is why I love you so much and willing to do anything to satisfy you" and continued to kiss him stroking his cock.

He said "You are a talented person and your talents and beauty should not be wasted within the four walls of this house. I will take you out and make you explore the world. But don't ever leave me once you become a great actress." She was very pleased to hear this and went down and kissed him on his cock and started to suck him again. "You don't worry about that my love. Wherever I go, I will come back and would love to be between your legs sucking your lovely dick. No one in my life has given me pleasure like this and whatever I become I would always be your slut."

I was feeling really bad hearing all this and couldn't imagine how she could turn into such a whore. She was praising him lying between his legs and is considering it as a blessing to be with him. She was now totally changed and he re-ignited her dreams of being a film actress instead of a conservative housewife. She was now ready to compromise and get intimate even with a stranger to achieving her goal. She then sucked his cock for another few minutes and came and lied next to him.

He was now ready for another round and he made her turn and started to spread her ass cheeks was going to fuck her asshole. He slowly started to push his cock into her hole and unlike before it was now easier for him to penetrate. She was making all sorts of moans while he slowly started to pump her ass. She was now moaning "Wow... dear, fuck me. Fuck my ass and rip me apart. It feels so good baby. Don't stop darling." He then slowly inserted her entire cock into her ass and was fucking her.

He then was pumping into her ass and the sound of his balls hitting her ass cheeks was again audible and was making me horny. It looks like she is now used to getting screwed in her ass by him as she was enjoying when he was pulling her hair while ramming into her ass. This continued for another 15 minutes or so and I think she had experienced another orgasm. She then was lying on her bed and he suddenly took out his cock from her ass and asked her to suck it clean.

She then without any hesitation took his cock into her mouth and started to lick it from top to bottom. She then gave him another blowjob and this time she was stroking his cock while sucking him and it was clear from his expression that he won't be lasting much longer. The pace of her sucking increased and almost the entire cock was by now inside her mouth as he was pushing it into her mouth holding her head. Suddenly he told he was cumming and ejaculated into her mouth and she was swallowing each drop of it.

They then collapsed into bed and were now hugging each other and slept off now lying naked covered under a blanket. Time was now about 2 am and Sheela had already left back to her room. I then slowly came back to my room and lied on the bed thinking about everything that I saw a few moments back. I then removed my panty as started to finger my clit lying on the bed and within a few minutes, I had a great orgasm. I slowly dozed off to sleep and suddenly woke up at around 4.30 am hearing a cell phone ringing.

It was my mom's phone alarm and hearing this she woke up and was then waking him up as it was time for him to leave. The bedroom door was not locked even now and I could see them through the gap through which Sheela was enjoying their action. He then woke up and got himself dressed while she was lying on the bed with her legs spread. He then quickly came between her legs and sucked her pussy for a few minutes and she was pushing his head onto her pussy moaning.

After some time, she told him "It is time for you to leave now baby as Achan (grandpa) may wake up any time now. You can come back whenever you want and enjoy my body. Moreover, when we go to meet Mr. Sachin this week we will tell something and plan one or two days extra for us to enjoy." He laughed hearing this and said "You are such a naughty bitch and always want your pussy stuffed with a good cock. You are highly inflammable and can never be satisfied."

She then smiled sheepishly and said "my perspective towards life completely changed once I started to have sex with you. Now I feel that I was wasting my life earlier abstaining from all these pleasures of life. But everything changed once I started to submit myself to you. Before many nights I had to satisfy myself by masturbating to reduce my lust. I had even used a carrot to satisfy myself. But now I feel like a more complete woman."

He then kissed her and got ready to leave. That was when she noticed that the bedroom door was not locked and she said to him "baby, you were so impatient today that you didn't even bother to lock the door. Just imagine what would have happened if Achan or Lakshmi sees us in this condition?" He said, "Sorry darling, I was so eager to be with you as we have not seen for a few weeks now and even forgot about everything else when I saw my princess."

She pulled his cheek in a naughty manner hearing this and then got up from bed to wear just the robe over her naked body. The robe was just covering her thighs and was well above her knees. He was now hugging her around her waist as he was moving towards the door and kissed her on her lips. Then he went out through the back door and jumped the courtyard wall and I could hear the sound of his bike starting.

She then came back and on her way to her room, she just opened my door to check on me and I acted as if I woke up hearing the creaking sound of the door. I then asked her "Hi mom, why didn't you sleep till now?" to which she replied that "I heard some sound outside and was just checking what it was. It was some dogs running around. You go and sleep dear." I then asked her "Wow, is it a new dress that you are wearing? So you also have such sexy dresses that you were hiding from me? Is it comfortable to wear?"

"I just bought it online as Lissy (her friend) suggested and she said it was very comfortable to wear in summer. It is indeed comfortable and will also buy you some dresses like this if you liked it" mom replied. She was uncomfortable in front of me and covering her robe in between as she was aware of her standing in front of me without any inner-wear. She didn't want me to know that and quickly finished the conversation and went back to the master bedroom.

Then I too went back and slept and woke up late as I was tired. In the morning when I woke up everything was normal and my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast with Sheela and greeted me when she saw me. She then served us breakfast and after some time she told us she needs to go to meet her friend Lissy and told will be having lunch with her. I understood that she was going to go shopping with him and wanted to avoid me. So I didn't compel her to take me also with her.

She then left home by 10.30 am and went shopping along with Suresh uncle. She then came back by evening 4.30 pm with a lot of shopping bags in hand and I asked her did she go shopping. She told yes and handed me a cover with a nice top and skirt. She looked really happy and she directly went to her room. She then took her towel and went to get fresh. I then slowly went inside her room and opened the shopping bag to see what all dresses they have purchased.

I was shocked to see a lot of new dresses. She never used to buy these many dresses at a time and when I looked inside there were some sleeveless tops, t-shirts, miniskirts, fancy lingerie, and sexy night dresses. I then kept everything back in place and left before she came out of the bathroom. She then came to my room and told me "hey dear, I know you are having a very boring time sitting all alone on this vacation. So I have arranged a trip for you so that you can enjoy yourself for a few days. Are you happy now?"

I understood her plans and thought in mind that I know who was actually enjoying on my behalf; but acted innocently and said "Wow mom, I am very happy as I was bored here and a trip would be fantastic. But where are we going? Are we going with Suresh uncle itself?" She said "yes baby, he only promised to take us out when I told him that you are sitting bored here. I think he cares for you a lot and this time we are going to another place and it will be a pleasant surprise for you. But you should do one thing if you want to enjoy it?"

I became curious and asked "what should I do mom? I will do as you say." She was very happy to hear that and she said "You must convince your Grandpa and dad that you have to attend a 3-day career guidance class which will be in Chennai and would be a great help for you. You can say that travel and accommodation are arranged by the school and will be back in 4 to 5 days. Also, tell your dad to send some money for our stay and travel."

I then understood that she was using me to get approval and money from dad so that she can enjoy herself a lot in the next few days without much tension. But the devil in me wanted to see what this bitch was upon me and told her that I would manage that. She then told me to tell you that we are going this Saturday evening and would reach there Sunday morning and there will be classes from Monday to Wednesday and would return home by Thursday.

I was very excited to hear that and knew that I would see a lot of fucking in the coming few days. Then I went and packed my bags and also took my handy cam with me so that I could record them in action if possible. I had a few plans in my mind and wanted to collect as much evidence against her as possible. Then I started to watch her closely and see how she is planning to tell me about her audition for acting in a movie.

The incidents that happened over there were really unbelievable for me. She has now transformed completely into a whore. She was willing to do anything to get that offer. All the incidents that happened over there will be elaborated on in the next parts of my story. As always my next post will be based on the response that I receive for my current submission. You can mail me your comments and suggestions at
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