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Spontaneous Surprise Part 7: Conference Call

Swiftcreek   December 04, 2020   | 14609 Views
Her voice was so soft and playful. “I wanna suck your cock Daddy, and I wanna suck it right now!” she said with such a demanding tone. Luxury

It was the middle of the week and of course no response from my little cum slut. It was about lunch time and I get a phone call from her. She never calls me, so I knew something was either wrong or she may be in some type of trouble. I stepped into my office to close the door and answer. Her voice was so soft and playful. “I wanna suck your cock Daddy, and I wanna suck it right now!” she told me with such a demanding tone. 

My cock twitched like a teenager looking at a soft porn Victoria Secret catalog. “Baby, I am at work and I have a conference call in thirty minutes so I can’t come see you right now” I told her. She was not hearing that. “Then I am coming to you and I will see you in about ten minutes” she exclaimed. Luckily, it was not that busy yet and my office does not have any big windows.

She parked her car at the side entrance that I described for her, and I let her in and led her quickly to my office before anyone saw her. She knew exactly what to do as she headed straight for the generous space under my desk that was closed off on the other three sides. My conference call was on video so I was going to have to be extremely careful to act normal, but how does one do that while they are getting their cock milked?

As the call started, I could feel her rubbing my thighs slow and with long strokes. I have never had this performed on me in this environment and it tickled a little bit. I gathered myself as she began to loosen my belt and unzip my pants. My cock was already growing in anticipation of her touch. She tugged at my pants as I arranged myself in the chair to accommodate them sliding down over my knees and down to my ankles. 

I felt so vulnerable, but I trusted her deeply. At this point, my cock was fully erect. It was so hard it hurt! She then guided my cock down my thigh as he peeked out the bottom part of the right side of my briefs. She immediately put the tip into her mouth as she massaged and licked it with such care. With every time she put him into her mouth, she would put him in a little farther and a little farther. Finally, she was all the way to the fine pubes on my mound with no gagging what so ever as she pulled my briefs to the side. 

She finally got smart and just tugged my underwear down to my ankles along with my pants. She was really having a blast taking him out of her mouth and licking the shaft and then rub the underside of the head with her fingers and then her lips again. She had generated enough spit and lathered him up so much that it was running down my balls and into my leather chair.

In the middle of the conference cal,l there was a small knock on my door. I told them to give me a moment. Everyone at work knows my door is always open. Literally always unlocked. I assume that my office manager did not hear me and she just barged right in to get me to sign a check for a disgruntled vendor. I told her to bring it over and I would sign it as she could tell I was on a conference call and wanted to keep quiet as not to disturb. Little did she know that my little cum slut was stroking away under my desk with her mouth and fingers. She took the signed check and went about her way as my little slut did not waiver or get nervous during that episode.

The conference call was coming to a close about five minutes after the interruption and I felt the first twinge of my climax coming. I could tell that she could feel me swelling bigger in her mouth as she began a constant stroking of her mouth. The soft long strokes with enough detail to the tip just put me over the edge. 

The call ended and right when I clicked the button to exit on my screen my climax came over me. My eyes rolled back in my head as I had four days of build-up oozing into her mouth. She milked me good to make sure she got every drop out of me as she swallowed the last little bit. “Mmmmmmm, you have been eating a lot of sugar, baby. Your cum is so sweet today” she said as she assisted getting my underwear and pants back up on my hips. I made quick work of getting my shirt tucked in and belt buckled before someone else decided to barge into my office. As I escorted her to her car, I asked, “What are we doing Saturday?”  She replied, “just pick me up after work, it’s another surprise”………

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