The Sex Story that Leaked

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I would usually spend my Saturday night sitting at home, eating leftovers, binge-watching my favorite show, and going to sleep at eleven. However, this Saturday night was going to… banner1

I would usually spend my Saturday night sitting at home, eating leftovers, binge-watching my favorite show, and going to sleep at eleven.

However, this Saturday night was going to be different. My roommate and close friend, Katy, convinced me to go out to a party. 

I was reluctant because I had a boyfriend and she told me that this party could get pretty intense (which it did). I finally decided to go when my friend said that ‘I didn’t have a life’ (which is pretty true), and that I needed to explore more.

It started at 9 PM and went on for the whole night. I was excited to finally go out and do something. The dress code was sexy, which was fine with me, because I have a curvy body that I didn’t show off nearly enough.

Me and my friend met up outside of my apartment.

I was wearing dark green booty shorts and a fishnet crop top which casually showed my push-up bra (which my boobs were exploding out of due to its tightness). My hair was down and curled, and I wore black high heels.

My friend Katy wore a miniskirt, just a bra, and flats. Her curves were expressed perfectly.

As we drove, Katy said “We’re both having sex tonight.” I nearly choked on air. “What?” I asked, shocked. “You never have sex with Brian (my boyfriend).” She said obviously. “We had sex… a few times.” I tried to defend us. But she was right. We only had sex twice, and as good as those times were, I needed more.

The party was held in a girl named Alexa’s house. She was Katy’s old friend from high school. Her house was really big, and the party was mainly held in the basement.

As we came in, we saw people talking, laughing, eating, and some were making out. 

This party was raging, and it was only 9:30.

At first, the party was awkward and boring. We sat with a few drinks and occasionally exchanged a few words with other people.

But then, a drunk girl shouted “Let’s play spin the bottle!” And it all started.

The bottle spun and soon pecks on the lips turned to make-out sessions and clothes flying off.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Alexa yelled, “Find a room!” And they did.

It was my turn. The bottle spun and landed on Alexa’s totally hot brother, Jack. He was tan, with messy brown hair, blue eyes, and amazing cheekbones. The kiss was great. It wasn’t a peck. Actually, it turned into something more. As I was kissing him, I couldn’t imagine that it was me. It didn’t feel like me.

Soon enough, we were on the floor, and I was on top of him, and his hands were on my ass, and I was massaging his cock through his jeans. He was moaning, and everyone was ‘ooh’ ing and ‘aah’ ing. I could see Alexa looking shocked and weirded-out in the corner of one open eye, and Katy was looking amazed.

“Get out!” “Find a room!” “Not here!” We heard shouts around us.

I was so enjoying the feel of his lips on mine, and his huge cock, that I ignored them. After a minute, he sat up and we both stood up shakily. He pulled up my booty shorts so that my butt cheeks were hanging out. All the boys and even the girls were watching, staring. I felt so cool and loved the attention. I spun around and he found a chair. Then I sat down with my nearly-naked ass down on his jeans and started wiggling and shaking my ass on him. Everyone gasped and some catcalled.

It was like that for a few minutes then he spun me around again, stood up, and soon his lips were around mine again, and we were leaning back and forth, touching each other. He grabbed my boob and I moaned loudly, his tongue in my mouth. Everyone started screaming and gasping.

Katy finally realised that she should help me and she grabbed both of our shoulders and guided us to one of the bedrooms, throwing the door open for us. We entered, still kissing. Oh no. There was already a couple there, fucking eachother right in front of us.

“Shit.” Jack muttered and we entered the next bedroom that was (thank god) empty.

We slowly got onto the bed, him under me.

“I don’t know who you are.” He said looking into my eyes. There was a pause. “But you’re hot as hell.” 

I started to laugh, but his lips were already around mine and his hands were on my booty shorts, pulling down, down, slowly.

I moaned to encourage him as I threw off my heels. The shorts were at my knees now, my ass and pussy showing. I tugged at the waistline of his jeans to signal him to take them off. As he took off his clothes, I threw off the shorts, and started undoing my top. I slipped it off, leaving me in my bra, which I also undid, and soon we were both naked. I examined his huge penis with delight as it slowly entered my body. I screamed at the sensation, and bounced on his pelvis so his penis could go in deeper. 

The sex was amazing. I felt tingles everywhere; my ass, my vagina, even my stomach. 

At some point we were sitting on the edge of the bed, my back and ass facing the door, his penis still inside of me, when we heard the door open. We didn’t even care because of the state we were in. We heard giggles and a ‘ping’ followed by gasps as me and Jack fucked eachother. The door closed quickly.

After we were done humping, we got dressed and went back out. It was around three AM. The rest of the night was awesome.

The next morning, I woke up with a hangover and memories of the night. I opened up my Instagram and saw around 240 messages. I was shocked because I didn’t post videos. I looked at the messages and saw that EVERY SINGLE one of them was a video shared. And they were all the same video. I clicked on it to see it. And it was me. And Jack. Having sex. I screamed. How could this have happened? The girls inside out room probably recorded us fucking eachother. Oh my god. It had over a million views. I reported it and it got deleted immediately, and thank GOD Brian didn’t see it. 

Anyway, that was my sex story. I hope you enjoyed it!

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