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I lifted her blouse over her head, and unloosened her bra. "I need to feel that monster now! Jami, I need you to fuk me like it's no tomorrow. Like its the end of the fukking world."she said looking at me with a powerful intensity in her eyes. Without thinking twice about it, She began peeling off my clothes and I eased onto the bed. Diamond was sucking eagerly on my neck. I lightly pinched her clitoris and she yelped," Ewwww! Fuk, that felt good!" "I want that big buck in me right now!. she quivered. I stood up on both feet--butt assed naked with my eighth wonder rising like the morning sun. "Will this fit you properly?" I asked. "Fuk yeah! She said biting her lower lip with evil lust. She fell onto her knees on the side of the bed and ... Lesbian

I was 70 plus miles away from Sacramento, in the Bay Area. My home sweet home. I had just gotten out of a very stressful relationship, and I really needed some "me time", some time just for me-- somewhere far away. I no longer cared for doing the relationship thing anymore. I was sickened, disgusted and burnt the fuk out! I had come to the conclusion that--the shyt just wasn't for me.

It was a friday night, everybody was gathered at the sideshow. It was exciting. The whole red light district was crowded, with everything from Oldschool mob chevy's, Box Chev's, Cutlass Supremes, 76' Coug-nuts, Mercedes-Benzs and every luxury vehicle you could name. All of them were pimped out with thick candy-coated paint jobs, Lamborghini doors, and chromed out rims.

Honey's were out campaigning in full force. Most were dressed provocatively in short booty-hugging skirts with expensive hair, toe and nail jobs. Now don't get me wrong, they all were super sexy--but there was one who stolen my attention away from everyone else.

She was only 5' foot 6 inches tall.

She wore a cream colored cashmere scarf with a deep wine colored blouse, she was rocking the shyt out of a long white--- silky Chanel skirt, along with a pair of burgundy four inch heel Jimmy Choo's. She was INCREDIBLE! And oh yeah! She was HOT! Really fukking hot. She wore her hair pulled up, exposing the most sexiest caramel-colored skin that no imagination could even begin to think of.

Around her neck hung a thin silver necklace with a tiny pink crystal teardrop pendant, that seemed to snuggle comfortably between her juicy 34D sized breast.

She looked over at me with these sexy Medusa-type come fuk me eyes, because as soon as she did -my dick turned into solid stone. I succumbed--I couldn't resist. I had to obey. I walked over to her displaying my charming smile.

"Hi. I'm Jami." I said to her. "Hello. Nice to meet you Johnny." She replied.

"No! Jah-me. Its Jami" I grinned.

"Oh shoot! Jami." she said, slapping her hand over her mouth with a sweet girlie chuckle.

"Thats really unique. I never known a male name to be so attractive." She extended her hand and said, "I'm Diamond."

"Then it must be true!" I hinted.

"What's true?" She asked taking the bait.

"The name Diamond. Because there isn't a person, place, nor thing around here-that can outshine you." I said sincerity and with conviction as I grabbed and held her hand.

She giggled. " Thanks! You are really, really sweet." She said looking bashfully at her pedicured feet.

"How do you know? I don't recall myself allowing you taste anything." I flirted in a smooth and mellow voice.

At that moment, the odor in the air had gotten too intense to breath, because of the heavy tire smoke. A youngsta in lion-yellow colored Mustang was spinning the rear end of his car, in a tight donut pattern on the asphalt. The rear end of his vehicle was spinning around, and around; whipping up a prodigious cloud of white smoke.

There was a second vehicle doing fish tails while another was spinning his tires- burning rubber while sitting still in one place. He then eased off the brakes; smoking up the parking lot and ultimatelybegan swinging his vehicle into a figure eight motion.

The teens went wild, cheering for him and toasting eachother with Siroc.

Weed smoke was every where.

Diamond looked at me and pulled me in closer to her and said, "Jami, I don't want to be here. I wanna go. Can you take me somewhere?"

I nodded. "I live by near by the Square in downtown. Thats where I wanna be." she informed.

"Sure. No worries." I said.

"Let's go! I'm parked over here." I said pointing to my car.

I was driving a four-door silver 2016 Jaquar XE with black racing stripes.

Her place sounded a whole lot better than inhaling burnt tires around a lot of wild and excited teenagers.

She gave me the address, which I immediately locked into the GPS. We talked the 15 minutes it took to get to her place. We finally pulled up in front of her house. It was nice. The view overlooked the San Fransisco Bay. You could smell the ocean scent and see the lights coming from the Golden Gate Bridge.

The city skyline looked amazing! It was eye candy, just like Diamond.

"Jami here goes my house key. Would you mind going inside and taking a look around for me. My ex-boyfriend has been having some issues about letting go. I don't think he would break in--but I just don't feel comfortable going in there alone. Would you mind staying inside with me for a little while?" She pleaded.

"Is he with the shyt!? I don't need no j-cat tryna get tough with me right now-I got enuff food on my plate." I said in a serious tone.

"Hell no! You a man and that fool is a wienie. He only gets hot-headed with females. Hell no-He's a poodle! That coward ain't going to do shyt." she said her voice filled with contempt.

I laughed at her comment, and grabbed her by the hand and set it on the belt loop of the rear of my jeans.

"Come on baby." I said and led the way inside.

After conducting a thorough search of all the rooms, and checking behind the premises-- she seemed to feel a lot more secure. She looked at me with this lingering question in her eyes. I took hold of her hands, and placed them gently into mines. I stared deeply into her amber eyes.

"What other services would you like for me to do?" I asked.

"I want you to stay, Jami. I feel really comfortable and safe with you. I just need you to be here with me." she coo'ed.

I pulled her body in closely to me. I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She pulled back and looked at me with mock indignation. Then rammed her tongue inside my mouth, kissing me back ferociously. After a few minutes of tongue war, she grabbed the front of my pants and yanked me into her bedroom.

"Jami, I need to feel a big dick. I want you to rupture my fukking insides." she said with a heaviness in her voice.

She walked over to the bed stand and grabbed a remote. She pushed a button that dimmed the lights in the room and suddenly, the sound of soft jazz infiltrated our atmosphere. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a prescription bottle full of green leaf.

"Show me your blunt, and I'll show you mines."she said wiggling her eyebrows.

We both laughed. She took out a cigar and surgically split it down the middle using her thumb nails. Filled it and twisted it evenly.

She then lit the stick. Inhaled deeply and began coughing uncontrollably.I grabbed the stick away from her and took a long drag of it myself, and set it down in the ashtray by the bed. I leaned my body into hers. I reached my hands in back of her and cupped her voluptuous ass in my hands and squeezed them tightly. Imagining my dick was already planted between her sweet soft cheeks.

I lifted her blouse over her head, and unloosened her bra.

"I need to feel that monster now! Jami, I need you to fuk me like it's no tomorrow. Like its the end of the fukking world."she said looking at me with a powerful intensity in her eyes.

Without thinking twice about it, She began peeling off my clothes and I eased onto the bed. Diamond was sucking eagerly on my neck.

I lightly pinched her clitoris and she yelped," Ewwww! Fuk, that felt good!" "I want that big buck in me right now!. she quivered.

I stood up on both feet--butt assed naked with my eighth wonder rising like the morning sun. "Will this fit you properly?" I asked.

"Fuk yeah! She said biting her lower lip with evil lust.

She fell onto her knees on the side of the bed and immediately slapped her mouth over my dick making slurping sounds, as if she was sucking a "Missile popsicle". She was jotting her head backwards and forwards. She was sucking me violently. It was as if my dick was made of the same ingredients as a grape-flavored tootie roll pop.

"Damn Jami! Mmm--Mmmm--mmm.

This is some sweet...MMm...ass dick, baby,Mmm.

Fuk yes I said you was sweet damn it.

MMMmm. And Mmmm... I knew I was right." she said sucking and smacking on it loudly between her words. "Jami, you have to fuk me good." she commanded.

Diamond laid backward across the bed. The moisture on her shaven pussy glistened in the dim room light. It made her pussy twinkle. Sort of like her name--Diamond.

Oh fuk! I was going to enjoy this woman all night.

"Come and fuk inside my mouth!" she demanded.

She was rubbing her pussy like she was trying to start a camp fire between her legs. She sure succeeded in to that, because she was burning with sexual heat. I grabbed her wet hand, slid her fingers in to my mouth, and slowly sucked the juices off.

"Ewww Shyt! That turns me the fuk on!" she said.

I spread her lips apart and darted my tongue inside her flesh.

"Ahh. Ahh. Eww yeah. Oh shyt. I'm gonna nutt." She said. Her pussy began to constrict as a guttural like scream escaped from her throat.

"Yeaaaah! Ewwwwwww shyt!" "Ew baby I need that burrito stuffed in me right now! Punish this shyt, Jami." She commanded.

"Okay! Here comes the bride." I warned.

I walked behind her and seared my hot lead into her fuk hole.

"Oh Jami, hold it!

Shyt! It freaking hurrrts-fuk it!

Drive it in. Fuk it. FUK me!.

Oooohhhhh whew-hahh-whew-whew- fuk yes!

You BIG-- donkey dick--MUTHA FUKKA!" She blurted out.

I could feel her pussy squeezing tightly like a Boa constrictor around my dick, I could barely pull back. Her pussy was so tight she felt like virgin. I was drilling this dick into her ruthlessly without any remorse. I was in her as deep her pussy would go. I yanked her hair, and began burrowing myself into her deeper, faster, deeper, harder, and faster.

Making her ass cheeks sound like a thousand face slaps, as I buried my dick into her fiery cave. Yanking her head back by her hair every time thrusted into her. My spear was driving deeply into her flesh. I took my other hand and I slapped her ass cheeks harder!


"Aaaaahhhhh!"she screamed. "Ewwww! You--You--sweet dick mutha fukka!" She shouted.

When she came it felt like the room shook!

"I going to fuk all the wind out of you." I said preparing her for the moments next to come.

I pulled my horn out her swollen pussy and turned her over so I could swallow some more of her fresh pussy down my throat. I licked her pussy like a cat licking a bowl of milk. She shoved my face hard into her sugary pussy and it tasted like raw honey was in my mouth. She pushed my face even harder into her.

"Sop it up daddy! Ewww! Fukking hell yeah! Sop those biscuits daddy! Ssswheeew! Sizzz." she sang.

I must have sucked her pussy it was Jello. I was licking her cunt like it was "Cream O' Wheat".

"Mmm baby! You got some candy." I purred. Oh Jami, Jami, Jah-meeeeee! Don't stop. Lick it up, baby!" her voice lifted.

"Sizzz! Eww, that feels great!" she crooned. " Oh yeah!" I said darting my tongue in and out her intoxicating flesh.

I stopped. She lifted her head up and looked at me in a daze. I grabbed her hair and dragged her over to the edge of the bed and popped my dick in her throat. I grabbed her head with both hands and started pumping into her mouth slowly but forcefully. With each thrust I could feel her warm tongue stroking vein underneath my dick.

"Ohhh, fuk Diamond. Your mouth is on bling! Suck it! Oh FUk! Suck--my diiiiick" I said as strolled my dick over her tongue. "Now its desert time. I want your ass sticking up and your face down."I demanded. I watched my dick slowly disappear into her good stuff.

Her head was buried into the pillow. I began pumping dick in and out of her, going back and forth like a Lumber's saw. While I was destroying her pussy with my casual weapon, my thumb was now pressing into her ass hole. I sunk it in when I pulled it out, it made a sexy 'smack' sound. "Oh fuk yea. Do it. Crack my ass open." She said in horny voice.

I pulled my dick out deliberately and slowly. Her pussy was so wet it sounded like someone smacked on a piece candy.


I held my dick in my right hand began beating it like a drum in the palm of my left. I circled around Diamond like a lioness circling her prey. Her eyes followed the sound of my dick slapping against the palm of my hand. Then finally, I stopped and stood behind her still. Her body quivering with anticipation. It was drenched with sweat and so was mines. When I slid inside her ass it was so fukking wet it easy getting in.

"Damn iiit. Ohhh I'm fukking in love with this dick." She said as her body collapsed over the bed. Her body stretched flat-out on the bed, making her ass hole grip me tighter. "Damn you are fukking punishing me!. she cried. "Damn your asshole feels like a fist around my dick!

"Ahhh yeah! Fuk, this ass is gorgeous!" Her asshole felt so good. I began to loose control and was speeding up. Her love hole was burning hot. Inner and out her, faster, harder, sinking deeper, and jabbing faster. My eyes began to roll back as I shuddered and poured my milk into her cavity.

Then suddenly, we heard hands clapping in the background ,coming from the other side of the room. "Bravo! Whoo hoo! Bravo!"
We looked back around and there was a shadowy figure sitting in the chair at the corner of the room, smoking on a bud stick.
I looked in the ash tray. The blunt was missing.
Her ex-boyfriend.
"Mutha fukka!"

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