Pouring sperm- pt. 6 second Anna

Metalhorsie   June 29, 2022   | 9436 Views
In a couple of weeks, when I came again, it was standard to fuck her hard, and I also drove my cock into her ass. Not only did she not moan or groan in pain, but she also stretched her ass cheeks and made her hole available for fucking... Luxury

A couple of years of jerking off and playing around in different ways, I even tested if I could cum from just riding a dildo. Yes, I can, in fact Monika and Teresa have already shown more than once that they can fuck me so hard that my ass is almost torn apart and I cum…

Finally, quite by chance, from the Internet, a girl comes along who lives quite far away. The first time we met there was a lot of talking. Of course there was quite a lot of alcohol. I didn’t even know when and suddenly my trousers and briefs were pulled down to my ankles and my cock was sucked by her hungry mouth. A short while after that I drilled into her cunt with my fingers, she was getting wetter and wetter and after a short time of play I just drove my hard cock into her cunt.

In a couple of weeks, when I came again, it was standard to fuck her hard, and I also drove my cock into her ass. Not only did she not moan or groan in pain, but she also stretched her ass cheeks and made her hole available for fucking. Without any whimpering she took successive shots of cum in every possible way: she swallowed greedily when the cock finished in her mouth, took it deep in her cunt very eagerly, and did not mind when I poured the cum in her tight shapely ass.

Not only did she not hold back on anything I wanted to try, she encouraged me to grab her by the neck and choke her as I fucked her like a submissive bitch. However, strangling was not my game.

Of course she also had a toy of her own, which we also consumed if there was a two-hole descent, but the dildo was in her cunt and my cock was tearing up her asshole.

One of the next arrivals, as standard, we lay on the couch and watched a movie, which very quickly turned into rough caressing and after a while rough fucking. This time she surprised me quite a lot as she was much more active than usual, so I was lying on my back with my cock standing up, eager to be fucked and my legs bent at the knees. For her licking the whole of my cunt and sucking my balls was no problem at all, she also really enjoyed going down and intensely licking my cunt just as much as I sometimes did for her before I put my cock in the bum hole. This time she surprised me by playing with my asshole a lot more and suddenly I felt something invade my sphincter. At the same time my hard cock was wiggling in her mouth, making me not too keen to interrupt her caresses, which were really professional level. The drilling in my ass from the inside was getting stronger and stronger so I assumed that she must have started to ride me with her dildo, which we had played with at her cunt earlier. However, it was too suspicious because at times I felt and like a slight wrenching pain in my asshole. I didn’t manage to enter any of her orifices except her throat as I lowered myself down and she sucked my cock while kneading my balls. When she had milked me of all my ejaculate she rose from above my cock, let it out of her mouth so that it fell soft and slimy on my thigh, let my balls drop from her hand which she had started to knead them quite firmly a moment before ejaculating, and I felt a strange sensation like a jerking from inside my ass. Then I realized that it wasn’t a dildo, she was riding my prostate with three fingers of her other hand. Once she had milked me and her hands were free again, and she climbed on top of me, and perched on my face, and I started licking and fingering hard and her shaved cunt and ass. In no time she started moaning loudly and squirming over my face. When she reached and flaccid she came down over my face and started kissing me. For the next time in my life I was given my own cum to taste in the kiss.

I take a shower and she just walks into the bathroom and sits on the toilet. She has no inhibitions about taking a piss in front of me, and when she’s done she comes up to me and starts sucking my cock. It seems a bit kinky, but she doesn’t know any secrets and likes to do something kinky which doesn’t necessarily have to involve fucking. When I am in the bathroom to brush my teeth, she often comes in too and when I bend over to make up my face or rinse my mouth I often feel her grab my balls from behind and start to knead them, which of course makes my cock hard in a moment. She pushes herself up standing firmly against the tub and is ready to fuck her standing up. She has no problems and is not even afraid of infection to put my cock alternately in her cunt and in her ass and of course cum in either hole. In the same way that she pees in front of me and is not ashamed of it, she can sometimes enter the bathroom as soon as I enter and when I want to pee she grabs my cock herself and holds it while I pee. Strangely enough the moment I finish she leans over and starts sucking it for me. She doesn’t mind that she can get a few more drops of what is not sperm, which she soon proves is not taboo for her. And one day when we are bathing together she tells me to lie down in the tub. She stands with her legs slightly apart above my head, bends her knees slightly crouching down and starts to pee on me, the stream hits my chest and a little on my dick, and by the time she is almost finished she is peeing on my face. Then when she has finished she lowers her cunt to be licked. This is the kind of fun I could never expect from her. Moments later she takes a shower and rinses everything off me, she soaps and cleans me herself so that there are no marks or smells. When we get out of the tub and bathroom she climbs onto the bed, stands on all fours, pushes her ass out hard, spreads her clit tightly with her hands and says to me “now for being naughty in the tub, fuck me hard in any hole you like”. Without much hesitation I grab the erect cock and drive it into her slippery cunt, and after a couple of strokes I slide my cock out and when it’s all in mucus I apply it to her tight sphincter and begin my standard deep asshole fucking. Without any interruption or swapping of holes, I just fuck her asshole hard until I cum, but this time not too deep. After I cum I pull out my dick, climb on the bed myself and give it to her to lick, which she does eagerly and greedily. Anne is standing over the toilet seat with her back against it. She opens her buttocks again and I see my cum flowing out of her hard fucked asshole.

After a few months of such rough weekends we broke up, although after another few months we got back together a couple of times. Of course, each time I fucked her hard in all her holes, and she didn’t stop, each time I fucked her with my fingers. One time she said she had removed four fingers from my ass, which scared me a lot and I said I didn’t want her fisting me in my ass. She replied that she was not ready for such games yet, after which she lay on her back, spread her legs and said that I should do to her the same finger as she had done to my ass. After a short drilling session I added a fourth, at which point she slid her hand away and added my thumb to the palm of her hand so that I could insert it as deeply as possible. I couldn’t get my hand all the way in, but I started fisting myself anyway. Then, in standard fashion, she stood on all fours and was ready to take my cock in her ass, which of course I gladly did with a final fizzing in her mouth. That was the last pass to her because we had a fight again and I had found a very polite girl…

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