A hot shower after soccer practice

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Robin is a guy from North of Sweden, moving all the way to Hustonville, KY after a guy he talked online to, Lance, suggested he would join their newly started soccer team. But Robin is in for many new experiences and will discover new sides of himself ;) This is a Reading F1lth original. Listen to part 1 on Spotify! banner2

My name is Robin. I moved from the north of Sweden to the small town off Hustonville, Kentucky. Why? To play soccer of course! It all began when I was playing FIFA on Xbox. I’ve got to be honest, I suck at it. But I like to play online and talk to new people from all around the globe. That’s how I met Lance18097.  He was way better than me, but he was so funny and easy to talk to so we continued playing games and chatting. He told me that some other guys and himself were going to start a soccer team in their hometown of Hustonville, and asked if I wanted to join, mostly as a joke. You can imagine his surprise when I applied for a Visa and got a part time job as a waiter at a seafood restaurant. I was so determined to go. I was ready for a new adventure!

Before I left for the US, my girlfriend and I had a huge fight and it ended with us breaking up. Neither of us were ready for a long-distance relationship of that magnitude and it got ugly. In all honesty, it was the best case scenario for me, a new country and newly single.
When I arrived at Lexington Airport, Lance was there waiting for me. His sister was with him and they had even made a sign for me that read “Robin Eriksson, All-Star Soccer player”, with glitter and everything.  Lance’s sister was cute. She had the typical goth make-up, a nice curvy body with perfectly round breasts showing from her tight little dress. Lance was wearing a leather jacket with a pair of worn out jeans and a plain simple t-shirt. He had a fresh buzz-cut, and was surprisingly pretty buff. He was tall too, I’d say about 6'3. His deep teak wood eyes were beautiful and he had a nice smile.
    “Dude! So nice to see you.” Lance said, reaching out with a firm handshake.
    “Hey, I’m Veronica! Welcome to the states.” She gave me a warm hug, pressing her huge, juicy tits against my chest. I had to focus to not get hard. They drove me to the motel I would be staying at until I found an apartment. The whole place was pretty run down, but the bed was comfy.
    Night came and I started thinking about Veronica’s big ass, soft tits and her nice thick hips. Another thought slipped into my mind. I started fantasizing about Lance. His big brown eyes, and imagining how good he would feel in my mouth. I was hard, picturing him looking down at me and smiling while I licked and sucked his cock. I couldn’t help it and began stroking myself. I came, like never before.
Two days later it was time for our first soccer practice. I had a hard time looking Lance in the eye after yesterday’s...and the day before that’s... fantasies.  He looked even hotter in shorts and his all-black training sweater.
    “What’s up, man? You seem off.” Lance said.
    “No. I’m fine. Just had a weird dream.” I lied, trying not to blush.
I played striker with Lance and some other guy called Tony.  I was surprised by how well we worked together. Tony was a bit shorter than me and Lance. He was skinny, but had a nice bubbly ass.
    Geez, man. Get a grip. I said to myself.
Coach Smith was really happy with the very first training of the Hustonville Warriors.
    “Great training! See you guys next week. Now, hit the showers. Y’all stink!”
Smith was a guy that liked to crack jokes.  The three of us decided we weren’t done yet, so Lance asked Coach if he could have the key to the locker room.
    “Fine, but no funny business. If I see any graffiti or vandalism you’re off the team.”
    “For real, Coach? Is that what you think of us?”
    “You’re a great guy, Lance. But I don’t trust Tony and I don’t know this new guy, the Swede with the girly name. Keep an eye on them.”
Lance just laughed and promised we would behave. We continued playing, kicking the ball between us, dribbling and shooting penalties.
    “I really need a shower now, and you need it even more, Robin. You smell like rotten shrimp.” Lance stated.
    “Thanks man, it’s from work.” I mumbled.

We went into the locker room. Tony started messaging someone on his phone. He had a big smile on his face.
    “Hey, lover-boy, who are you writing to? Lance asked.
    “Oh, maybe you know her. She’s called none of your fucking business.” Tony said. He pushed Lance playfully.
Lance removed his shorts. Finally. He wore a pair of grey boxers and they were perfectly fitted. I could clearly see his huge bulge. I couldn’t help but stare.
    “Dude, my eyes are up here.” Lance said, laughing.
I blushed. There were 8 showers, 4 on each side. I went to the shower directly across from Lance.
    The warm water felt good on my body after training so hard. My muscles were sore and I had received a pretty brutal tackle on my ankles by a guy named Jeff. He didn’t mean it and apologized, but it still hurt. Lance turned around and my eyes immediately noticed his tight, toned ass. It was perfect. I tried not to get hard but it was impossible. I watched as Lance started stroking his huge cock. Aside from my own, I’d never seen a hard dick in real life before. I’d seen a few while watching porn, but Lance’s was definitely bigger than what I had seen. I bit my lip, my cock was throbbing.
    “You wanna come over here?” Lance asked, looking me straight in the eyes. I blushed again, and slowly made my way to his shower. I was worried Tony would see us. Lance grabbed my ass with his big, rough hands, pulled me closer and soaped up my erect cock as we kissed. His tongue was gentle on mine, and he tasted exactly as I imagined.
    “Suck it.” Lance ordered.
I’d fantasized about this for the last 2 nights, but in my fantasies I couldn’t even imagine his cock being as big as it was. Would it even fit in my mouth? I started licking and kissing the tip. I traced my tongue down his shaft and looked up at him, excitedly but nervous. The water glistened against his body. He smirked and grabbed my head, pushing himself deep in my mouth, caressing the back of my throat. Damn, I could almost take all of it. He felt so good.

I was surprised when Tony came in. He stood beside me naked, stroking his dick. It wasn’t as big as Lance’s but thicker.

    “Room for one more?” Tony asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. He started sucking my pulsing firm cock. He liked doing it fast, almost daring me not to cum. He wanted it though. It only took a minute or so of Tony’s hot mouth gliding back and forth over me, and Lance’s cock filling my mouth before I couldn’t hold out anymore. I gave Tony my thick load, moaning hard against Lance’s dick. Lance thrust harder and a little faster each time I moaned. Tony seemed surprised but continued sucking me and swallowed all of it. When he was done licking every drop from me, he looked up with a big smile.
    “Damn, I don’t know how you guys do it in Sweden, but here it’s common courtesy to give a heads up before cumming.”
I stopped sucking Lance’s enormous cock to reply.
    “Sorry.” But I didn’t really mean it. Tony and I started taking turns stroking and sucking on Lance. We both enjoyed every moment of it. It made me feel so dirty and I loved having it down deep in my throat.
    “Fuck, I’m about to cum.” Lance moaned.
    “Do you want it? Or should I take it?” Tony asked, quickly jerking himself off.
    “Haha, such a gentleman.” Lance laughed while on the edge of blowing his load. Before I could answer, Lance forced my head down. He thrust once, hard against the back of my throat and grunted as I swallowed his hot cum. It was more than a mouthful and just kept coming, but I didn’t complain. I looked up at Lance, his eyes were closed and his head was tilted back, clearly enjoying my mouth. Tony was stroking his fat cock and came all over my face at the same time. Lance pulled out and leaned over, licking Tony’s load off of my face and kissing me, hard. Tony went back to his shower, humming happily. Lance and I stood close against each other, sharing the water and soaping each other’s bodies. I rinsed off, stepped out and wrapped a towel around my waist.  Lance winked at me and I smiled.

    “So same time next week?” Lance asked.
    “Yes, definitely.” I replied.

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