Friends with benefits

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She came back then dressed in green hospital scrubs, top and bottoms. She looked comfortable, her hair dry and brushed and was smiling knowing that my eyes were glued to her breasts flowing back and forth inside the scrub shirt. My pulse rose quickly as my cock stiffened a bit in my pants. “You must like me,” she said, “or is that a big pickle in your shorts.” She had a wide grin when she said it. cheating

A true story

It was Friday night and after a long week of work I wanted some relief. Time to go to my favorite Pub, maybe play some pool and hopefully hookup with someone there or at any of the other night clubs along the street. It’s my favorite pub was across town from my small house in the flat lands of the city but I was a regular there and knew some people who might be there so it was worth driving that far.

I shaved and took a showered and dressed ... boxers, jeans and a simple black shirt. It was a warm Friday night and I knew I would not need a jacket. I arrived at the Pub at about 8 pm and found a seat at the bar.

Seconds later the bartender, knowing my preferences, slid a pint glass of my favorite brew down the bar to me. I smiled and waved hello.

There are several tables opposite the bar itself and after finishing my first pull on the pint, I turned on the stool and glanced around to see if I knew anyone there. The place was maybe half full at the time and as I turned around the bar stool my eyes were drawn to woman boldly checking me out. Her eyes at that point were directed at my crotch and the bulge in my pants. Our eyes met then and she smiled briefly confessing that yes she, was indeed caught looking. I smiled back but she was then pulled back to the conversation with the other people at her table; another woman and 2 guys. She seemed to be leading the conversation at the table but her chair was directed towards my stool and her legs were spread slightly. She was wearing very tight, faded jeans and her legs were spread just enough to give me a good look at her crotch and as my eyes rose a bit I could see that she had huge breasts encased in a tight blouse. My cock swelled in my pants. It was then that she caught me looking.

I started to look away but I noticed just a bit of a grin in her expression letting me know I had also been caught. I did notice however that her legs were still apart and perhaps a bit wider. Since it was 2 couples I assumed that I had no future with her. She was certainly sexy though, I thought.

I turned back then and took another pull or two on my pint still imagining those legs in the tight jeans opened in front of me. She was gorgeous. A very voluptuous body with lots of curves and, of course those huge boobs. She was certainly not petite and perhaps she was close to my height of 6’ feet 2” tall.

She still glanced at me at times and my eyes were still went her direction but she was mostly involved in conversations with the other woman and both men. I turned back on my stool, finished my pint and signaled for another.

I wondered if she was just playing with me. I didn’t care, cheap thrills as they say.

Later I heard the scrape of chairs being moved and the 4 of them were starting to leave to go somewhere else. Maybe it was just a tease, I thought.

However, as they went out one of the guys at the table tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a piece of paper and said, “She is a nice lady. You call her some time.” He left the pub then catching up with the others who were already outside waiting. I looked down at the paper that he gave me. All that was on it was a name ... “Lisa” and a phone number.

When I was driving home I was thinking ... When should I call her, certainly not tonight for sure but tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, next week? I finally decided on late Saturday morning.

She was home when I called and after greetings and name exchanges and a bit about each other, I asked her if she would like to go out to dinner with me that night.

“I’d love to,” she said. “However the thing is, I’m a nurse at the Hillside hospital across town and I have to work a shift at the hospital today. I should be back home by about 9:00 tonight though. Can we meet up at my apartment at about 10:00 so I can have some time to take a shower and clean up before you arrive?”

Of course I agreed.

She went on to explain that the others at her table that night her older brother, the guy that gave me her name and number and the other couple were his friends from the Midwest where they had grown up and that they were flying to Hawaii for a vacation.

Her apartment was up the hill just a bit from my house but it took only about 5 minutes to get there and another to find a parking place. I rang her door bell a little after 10:00.

She came to the door wearing a thick robe and her hair wrapped up with a towel.

“Sorry for not being ready” she said, I got home a little late. Saturday nights are always a busy times and there is a full moon tonight too.”

She laughed a bit about that then said, “Come on in but take your shoes off,” She said still laughing, “No shoes in this house.”

I noticed the place where her shoes were placed and slipped my shoes and socks off smiling at her and also stunned about how beautiful she looked. Bright blue eyes and a perfect complexion without a bit makeup.

“I will be right back”, she said, walking back towards what I assumed was her bedroom. “Not much to sit on, no money for couches and chairs yet but make yourself comfortable.

I walked around in her living room feeling my toes on the thick carpet. The place was immaculate. Several large pillows on the floor and a bean big bean bag all in front of a TV that was on a small table in a corner. There was a partial view of the city from her kitchen window. I found a spot on the floor leaned back against a big pillow and smiled at myself. There were some CD movies laying around the TV and I noticed that some were Porn movies. I liked her already.

She came back then dressed in green hospital scrubs, top and bottoms. She looked comfortable, her hair dry and brushed and was smiling knowing that my eyes were glued to her breasts flowing back and forth inside the scrub shirt. My pulse rose quickly as my cock stiffened a bit in my pants.

“You must like me,” she said, “or is that a big pickle in your shorts.” She had a wide grin when she said it.

“It’s not a pickle,” I said laughing with her. “Would you like to find out for yourself?” I said as I spread my legs a bit and grabbing my now bulging cock.

She dragged the bean bag close to the pillow I was laying against and sat down next to me and said, “Yes I do,” she but first I want to kiss you.” Her full lips met mine and her tongue pressed into my mouth at the same time that her hand groped the now the large bulge in my pants. The kiss was incredible. Lots of tongue play by both of us. The kiss ended with my lips nuzzled on the side of her neck.

My cock continued getting harder. She started massaging my bulge slowly as I nuzzled my lips along the side of her neck. She started moaning softly and whispered to me, “Ooo, it has been such a long time.” She was smiling and looking wistfully at the bulge in my pants

I moved down until my mouth reached her nipple. It was hard and erect and I sucked it through the thin cloth of her scrub shirt. She moaned again, still stroking my cock and said, “Your right, it isn’t pickle.” We both laughed and she said, “Let’s get naked. I want that cock inside me.”

I slipped my shirt off and she was out of her scrubs quickly and tugged my pants and boxers off. She got on top of me and guided herself over me and lowered herself down over my now swollen cock and slowly sat down on it until it was buried inside her. She didn’t move for a few seconds just feeling my cock filled up inside her and smiling at me. My hands went to her boobs massaging each slowly, my fingers slipping over each of her erect nipples and I could feel my cock still growing inside her. She started moving on my cock then, not in and out, but keeping it still all the way inside her and enjoying the feeling of it there rubbing up against her, as I then noticed, she had a fully shaved labia. I kind of liked it as well.

Her breasts were beautiful and I couldn’t stop admiring and massaging them and pinching her nipples. She leaned over me then and pressed her boobs into my face and I heard her say, “Oh fuck,” she said, “I could have an orgasm from just what you are doing to my nipples.”

I sucked hard on them and pinched each in turn as she started moving on top of me. Her pace started slowly and I could see she was liking every inch of movement of my cock. I met her pace and intensity pushing up with and guiding her down to enhance the feeling for both of us. It was not long however that her pace grew and grew until she was bouncing up and down and almost screaming with the joy of my cock sliding in and out of her. I grabbed her buttocks guiding my cock shaft so it was rubbing hard on her labia on each of her stroked up and down on my fully engorged cock and she screamed, “Ooo I’m coming, I’m coming.” She didn’t have to tell me, I could tell from her body which by this time was basically vibrating.

Shortly however she calmed down and her strokes slowed until she was just again sitting on my cock.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, “That ended too soon four you didn’t it.”

“No need to apologize,” I whispered to her, we have plenty of time and I besides, I enjoyed that as much as you did.”

She rose up then and my wet cock, soaked by the obvious wetness of her orgasm, slipped out.

She asked, “Can I suck your cock? I think I am in love with your cock,” She added with desire in her eyes. Before I could reply she added, “I would like to suck your cock until I can taste your cum.”

What else could I do? I said yes and my cock started swelling again.

I was still on my back when she knelt between my legs had her lips slipping over my cockhead, licking it and rubbing it over her face and her lips surrounding it. It was a beautiful sight. She started moving her head up and down softly, taking it into her mouth until it filled her mouth and she started sucking on it while still stroking the rest of my cock shaft up and down with her hand. The feeling of lying there watching her watch me while sucking and stroking my cock was a feeling I had not felt in such a long time also and I heard myself say those same words, Ooo it has been a long time for me as well!

Shortly after that I could no longer hold it back and my cock exploded with bursts of cum, one after another as I watched her swallowing and trying to keep it all in her mouth. She grinned with joy and cum on her lips.

End of Chapter 1

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